The “One Night Stand”

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Dan has had a thing for Jenna for a long time and he wanted to ask her to do something with him for a long time. Knowing that Jenna won’t do anything with him or go on a date because she knows he has a girlfriend he decided to invite her to a party that way it’s not just the two of them.

Dan called Jenna up and asked, “Do you wanna go to a party with me tonight?”

“Sure,” she said, “what time are you gonna be here?”

“I’ll pick you up around 8,” he replied.

“Ok sounds good,” Jenna said, “I’ll see you then.”

Dan arrived at 7:50 to pick Jenna up. As she was walking to the car, Dan couldn’t help but stare. Jenna was wearing these tight jeans that showed off her nice curves. As his eyes moved up her body, Jenna had on a v-neck shirt that showed plenty of cleavage. As she got into the car he couldn’t stop staring.

When they arrived they both walked inside. Music was blaring, people dancing and there were kegs all over the place. Dan got Jenna a beer.

Jenna found a couple people that she knew and started talking to them while Dan was talking to his friends. Dan and Jenna kept looking at each other flirtatiously across the room. Dan’s friends looked over to see who Dan was looking at. Jenna, seeing all of them looking, started blushing.

After a couple beers Dan leaned towards Jenna’s Anadolu Yakası Escort ear and asked “You wanna dance?”

“Sure,” she said smiling.

Grabbing Jenna’s beer, and setting it on the counter. Dan grabbed her hand and led her to the area where everyone was dancing. Jenna began grinding against Dan. Dan’s friends started hooting and hollering because he finally got the balls to ask her. Jenna turned around to face Dan, as she did Dan grabbed the back of her head and began kissing her. Jenna tried to push him away. She finally gave in as Dan backed her against the wall. He began kissing her neck, slowly kissing up to her ear.

Whispering, “You wanna go some where private?”

Jenna grinning, “Let’s go.”

Jenna grabbing Dan’s hand, leading him towards the closest room, which ended up being the bathroom, walked in and slammed the door shut. Pinning Jenna with her hands above her head with his left hand began making out with her as he began sliding his right hand up her side, sliding it under her shirt, slowly sliding it up her side, towards her tits.

Jenna began moaning, “Mmm, I want you to fuck me.”

Still kissing her neck as he slowly rubs her nipple, “You do huh? What about my girlfriend?” He replied.

“Who gives a fuck, I want you to fuck me now,” she demanded.

Letting Bostancı Escort Jenna’s hands go, he pulls her shirt off over her head, Jenna starts to unzip Dan’s jeans. Getting on her knees she yanks his pants down. Grabbing the edge of his boxers she slowly starts sliding them down, looking up at him teasingly. Dropping them to the floor she grabs his cock, slowly licking it with the tip of her tongue. Grabbing his cock she begins stroking it up and down as she sucks his head.

Dan not being able to stand it anymore grabbed Jenna and pulled her up to him. Jenna unzipped her jeans, dropping them around her feet, sliding her undies down, stepping out of them. Sitting on the sink with her legs spread, Dan stood between them. She grabbed the back of his head pulling his face towards her as she began kissing him. Dan slowly sides his hand up Jenna’s leg, sliding it up her inner thigh. He slowly begins fingering Jenna, making her gasp.

“Oh god, I want you in me now,” Jenna demands.

Pulling Jenna off the sink he turns her around. She bends over the sink, sliding his cock in her tight pussy. Dan grabs her hips and starts thrusting into Jenna, pulling her towards him with every thrust.

Jenna begins moaning loudly as Dan thrusts harder and harder, Jenna looking in the mirror Erenköy Escort at Dan as he thrusts faster and faster.

“Fuck me harder,” Jenna moans.

Slamming into Jenna harder and harder as he pulls her into him harder, making her moan even louder. Dan slams into Jenna harder, making her whimper. Dan keeps slamming into Jenna even harder, and faster.

Jenna moves her hand towards her pussy and begins rubbing her clit, making her moan even louder then before.

“Oh god Dan, I’m so close, don’t stop,” Jenna moans.

Dan becomes even harder hearing that, grabbing her hair and pulling on it as he slams into Jenna harder replying, “That’s my good little whore, cum for me baby, cum all over my cock.”

After hearing Dan call her that it makes her completely horny.

Jenna begins screaming, “Oh fuck me Dan I’m cumming.”

“That’s my good slut,” Dan replies, slamming harder and harder into Jenna as he cums deep inside her.

They both clean up, Jenna fixes her hair, and then they leave the bathroom. Dan’s friends all give them a look knowing what happened in that bathroom. Dan joins his friends again, and Jenna joins hers, pretending nothing happened, but neither of them can keep that grin off their face.

After the party ends Dan drives Jenna home.

“So,” Dan says “You wanna get together again sometime soon?”

“Of course I do,” Jenna replies flirtatiously.

Jenna then leans over, kissing him hard, grabbing his crotch with the palm of her hand.

“I’ll see you later,” she says as she gets out of the car, leaving him wanting more.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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