A Night to Remember

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Hannah slowly moved her hips in circles as the strains of music poured out of the speakers to her right. The other girls she was dancing with were all doing the same. Garry had sent her out here with a mission and she was going to do her best to complete it. Knowing that she was naturally shy he had chosen a sexy, blonde- haired girl for her to target.

Fuelled on by the mixture of a few glasses of bourbon for Dutch courage and the fact that he was watching, Hannah slowly made her way towards the other girl. She was beautiful. Hannah watched entranced as she expertly moved her ample hips sensually to the music. By now Garry was giving her encouraging looks and she knew it was now or never. She placed a hand on the other girls shoulder and turned her around to face her. Her green eyes lit up as she looked Hannah up and down, taking in her long red hair, small pert breasts and thin waist.

“Hi I’m Hannah,” she said as she introduced herself.

“I’m Tracey,” the other girl replied.

At that they started dancing, apart at first, then as the music got faster closer together. Shooting a nervous look over at Garry, Hannah concentrated on timing the movements of their hips. Pretty soon they were grinding their pelvises together and rubbing their breasts against each other. Tracey had amazing tits. They were small but firm and it wasn’t long before Hannah could see her nipples trying to poke through the fabric of her shirt. When the song ended Hannah thanked Tracey and went back to where Garry was sitting. As there were no available chairs she sat on his lap. She turned in shock to face him as she felt his hard penis underneath her.

“Well you cant expect a guy to watch that and not be affected can you?” He whispered in her ear. His warm breath against her ear sent tingles shooting all the way down to between her thighs. Looking up Hannah saw Tracey approaching. She stopped in front of Hannah and leant down, giving Hannah a full view down her shirt at her pert breasts. Her breath catching in her throat Hannah looked up and found Tracey’s mouth only centimetres away from her own. Tracey brushed her lips against Hannah’s and said,

“I don’t believe you’ve introduced me to your friend Hannah,”

“Oh sorry this is Garry, Garry this is Tracey,” stuttered Hannah finally finding her voice.

Tracey leant forward to whisper in Garry’s ear and Hannah was acutely aware of Tracey’s breasts brushing against her own. Leaning back Tracey grinned wickedly at Hannah. She moved her hand up and brushed Hannah’s fringe out her face.

All of a sudden Tracey pushed her lips against Hannah’s.

Hannah was shocked at first and her mind was reeling. She had never kissed a girl before and wasn’t sure how to react but after a few seconds she eagerly returned the sweet, sensual kiss.

Tracey’s tongue slowly penetrated Hannah’s lips and she parted them eagerly. She let out a soft moan as she felt Garry’s already rock hard cock twitch with excitement beneath her.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Garry asked mardin escort hoarsely, pulling them back to the present.

Shyly Hannah nodded. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She had just experienced her first kiss with another woman and she also couldn’t believe how erotic she found it. Her pussy lips were drenched with excitement.

After making their way to Garry’s car the two girls found themselves sitting in the back while Garry adjusted his rear view mirror to keep an eye on them. Halfway back to his house he glanced up and nearly drove off the road at what he saw. Hannah was sitting leaning back with her legs open and her beautiful shaved pussy in full view of him while Tracey slowly played with one of her exposed breasts. He noticed that one of Hannah’s hands was buried in the folds of Tracey’s skirt and the thought of what it could be doing almost caused him to moan. Slowly Tracey moved her hand down Hannah’s body to the top of her pussy. Moaning Hannah raised her hips off the seat to meet Tracey’s hand. Her finger slipped easily into Hannah’s already dripping pussy. Looking into the front at Garry, Hannah noticed he had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking it up and down.

As soon as they were inside Garry’s house, Hannah and Tracey proceeded to slowly undress each other, exploring each others bodies as they did so. Hannah felt Tracey’s hand on her breast and felt her pulling and squeezing her already hard nipples. Lowering her head she took one of Tracey’s nipples in her mouth and began sucking and nipping at it. Hearing Tracey’s moans of pleasure, Hannah slowly ran her hand down Tracey’s smooth stomach. Tracey drew a sharp breath as she felt Hannah’s hand on her smooth pussy.

Feeling left out Garry put his hands on either side of Hannah’s face and lifted it to his. After kissing her deeply he slowly pushed her head towards his bulging pants. Looking at Tracey they both kissed their way down his body, stopping to tease him at the waist of his jeans.

Hannah unzipped Garry’s pants. As his throbbing penis sprang free she heard Tracey gasp at the size. Hannah smiled to herself knowing exactly how the other girl felt. She had had the same reaction but now prided herself on knowing exactly how to handle Garry’s huge penis. Tracey quickly moved forward to take the head of it into her mouth while Hannah slowly licked her way up and down his shaft. Looking down Garry could occasionally see their lips meet around his cock and the sight almost bought him to orgasm. Tracey was struggling to fit all of Garry’s width into her mouth so Hannah slowly leant down and whispered to that she would show her how it was done.

Grasping his cock in her hand she swirled her tongue around the swollen tip, stopping only to give Garry a cheeky grin. Slowly she started to slide his cock between her lips and into her mouth, inch by inch. When she was almost at the base she pushed it as deep into her throat as she could. Garry gasped as his entire length was sucked into Hannah’s throat. Looking marmaris escort down he could see her mouth was against his pelvic bone. He roughly pushed her away as he was about to come and didn’t want the fun to end just yet. He went to the kitchen to cool off for a minute or two and arrived back to the lounge room to find the girls gone. He smiled as he followed the trail of clothes to the bedroom.

Opening the door he saw Hannah lying on top of Tracey and kissing her passionately. The hadn’t noticed him in the doorway so he moved around behind them to get a full view of both their pussy’s only centimetres apart. The sight almost made him cry out so grasping his cock in his hand he slowly rubbed the head of it against Hannah’s swollen lips. He heard her gasp in surprise and then pleasure as he rubbed it against her.

Hannah felt Tracey tense up and then cry out as Garry did the same to her. He slowly teased both sets of lips open with his fingers relishing in their little squeals of pleasure. He lowered his head and licked first one then the other, running his tongue up and down their drenched lips. He inserted a finger into each of their pussy’s and curled them over to stroke their g-spots. The reaction was amazing as both girls cried out in pleasure. Unable to take it any more Garry got up on his knees and positioned himself behind them.

Slowly he inserted the tip of his cock into Hannah’s wet pussy. She lifted her head and let out a soft moan that Garry knew all too well. He thrust his entire length into her warm pussy and then withdrew, doing the same thing to Tracey. He alternated between the two for a while until, forgetting where her hands had been, Tracey covered her mouth to try and stifle her screams of pleasure. Her eyes widened as she smelt Hannah’s juices on her fingers and she groaned softly, wanting to taste them straight from the source.

Sliding out from underneath Hannah, Tracey pulled Garrys thick penis out of Hannah’s wet pussy and laid her on her back, spreading her legs apart. Hannah’s thighs were glistening in her own juices and the sight turned Tracey on more than she thought was ever possible. Sliding two fingers easily into Hannah’s wet slit, she lowered her mouth and tentatively licked along her smooth pink lips. Hannah shuddered in pleasure. She had never felt another woman’s lips on her pussy and was amazed at how much she liked it. Tracey turned so her pussy was over Hannah’s face. Hannah stared up at her moist pussy lips and could smell the sweetness of Tracey’s swollen pussy. She rubbed her fingers against the other woman’s drenched lips, finding her clit and rubbing it.

Tracey’s muffled moaning was enough to turn on Hannah to the point of almost coming. She grasped Tracey’s ass cheeks and pulled her pussy down onto her face. Out of the corner of her eye she glimpsed Garry watching with his dick in his hand and this was enough to finally tip her over the edge. She raised her head and let out a long moan of pleasure as the delicious warmth of her first orgasm nevşehir escort for the night washed over her body.

Hannah laid back and watch as Garry pulled Tracey off her and laid her down.

“You owe her an orgasm.” he said with a grin.

Hannah got down on all fours and thrust her tongue into Tracey’s soaking pussy. Gasping she felt Garry enter her from behind and start thrusting into her gaping slit that was still quivering from her last orgasm.

Tracey’s hips were bucking wildly against Hannah’s face as her body was racked with pleasure. Hannah knew she was coming and thrust her fingers into her swollen pussy as deep as she could. Garry let out a deep groan at the image of his girlfriend making another girl come. They had fantasised about this for months and now it was finally happening. Garry felt his orgasm rising and, unable to stop it, he grasped Hannah’s hips and drove his cock as deep into her pussy as he could. Hannah felt Garry’s urgent thrusts and tightened her muscles in the way she knew would make him explode. As he came he let out a deep grunt of satisfaction and collapsed on the bed beside them, breathing heavily.

After lying there stroking, kissing and touching each other for a while the girls climbed on top of Garry. He looked down to see them running there tongues up and down his shaft and his cock was rock hard again in no time. Hannah moved Tracey so she was above his cock and pushed her down. She cried out as Garry’s cock penetrated her tight pussy. Motioning to Hannah, Garry pulled her over his face and down onto his waiting mouth. She shuddered with pleasure and ground her hips against his mouth. His tongue flicked in and out of her pussy and rubbed her clit while Tracey rode his cock like mad. Reaching out Hannah grasped one of Tracey’s erect nipples in between her fingers and squeezed it. Tracey screamed in pleasure. In return she reached her hand down and started to rub Hannah’s clit. Garry felt Tracey’s fingers against Hannah’s pussy as he licked it. Knowing Tracey was pleasuring Hannah as well turned him on more than he already was. He moaned, his pleasure muffled by Hannah’s pussy.

Tracey was the first to come. She could feel it building up as she rode Garry’s huge cock. It was going so deep inside her and she felt as full as she ever had in her life. She screamed as she came and Hannah’s hand quickly moved down to rub her clit, extending her orgasm. She collapsed in a heap as Hannah started moaning and fervently rubbing her pussy against Garry’s mouth. He pushed her off and quickly moved her on top of his cock. Thrusting in and out as hard as he could he looked up to see Tracey and Hannah kissing, their tongues rubbing together. Garry and Hannah came at the same time, panting and crying out.

After that they all lay in a sweaty, panting heap until they one by one fell asleep from pure exhaustion. The next morning Garry woke up worrying about who he would wake up hugging and hoping it would be Hannah. He finally opened his eyes to find the bed empty and his arms around a pillow. He got up and made his way towards the bathroom. He could hear the shower running and giggles coming from behind the door. He pushed open the door and grinned at what he saw, his cock hardening straight away.

But that’s a story for another time…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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