Succubus Summoning Pt. 04

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“I-If you want to leave, we can. I’m not going to make you do this!”

“It’s not my first time dealing with older demons, you know.” Thomas flashed a smile. “How bad could your parents be, anyway?”

Nymira fiddled with her own fingers, looking firmly down at the rough stone floor. Her round cheeks puffed into a concerned pout. “I’m serious. They’re not like human parents. I don’t want you feeling… uncomfortable.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

Thomas ruffled her short, hazelnut hair, and she whined like a small kitten. Truth be told, he was nervous as Hell. Appropriate, given where his fiancée and her parents lived. He looked up at the imposing wall of chiselled granite, the stone the colour of half-dried blood. The wall tore its way through the winding, stalactite invested caverns like someone had mashed a bunch of game models together. Hell echoed with the screams of the damned. It stank of sulphur, salt and sweat. Even the air itself seemed malevolent: as if it were trying to claw its way down your throat and burn your lungs to ash.

The effect was ruined somewhat by the quaint wooden door that looked like it should be behind a white picket fence.

He tugged at his shirt collar. Thomas had dressed in his best smart casual—jeans, button-down shirt, even freshly shaved— and he had no idea if he would be under- or overdressed. His experience with the denizens of Hell tended to focus on the Second Circle, which skewed his perception a bit. Appropriate attire down there involved copious amounts of nudity. Er, up there? This was the Fourth Circle, after all.

Realising he was stalling, Thomas gave Nymira another reassuring smile. She gave him one back, hers always looking like she knew a dirty secret about him. Hell, she probably did. Her rounded face and cute hazel bob of hair were deceptive: her eyes burnt with mischievous hellfire. A roman nose and point ears contrasted sharply. And her stubby little horns poked up and told the surface world exactly where she grew up.

Even for a succubus, she looked young; barely into her twenties, maybe a few years shy of him. Her fashion sense matched. She’d picked out a cute little punk number: striped stockings, a tartan skirt and a sleeveless top and complimenting collar. Still, if that’s what she was wearing down here, then his outfit almost certainly fit the bill. Thomas took a deep breath and knocked three times.

“Just a minute!” Sang a beautiful voice from the other side.

Thomas shifted on the balls of his feet. He could faintly hear a woman humming from inside the house. He turned to Nymira, his mouth open to ask her if he needed to know anything else when the door burst open. A wave of heat and floral smells washed over him: like the physical embodiment of a blown kiss. He shook his head to clear it of the inevitable succubus-induced lust. “Hi, I-“

“Nymira!” The demonic woman bounded right past him, scooping up Nymira into her arms. Or, more accurately, her naked chest. Like all the other succubi Thomas had met she wore nothing to cover her hourglass frame. Unlike the others, Nymira’s mother actually looked older than thirty. A very fashionable, beautiful older than thirty: a soft, almond-shaped face accented by winged black eyeliner, full pouting lips and framed by sweeping black hair that half-covered her face. Jessica Rabbit sprung to mind, though the only red here was her bright scarlet skin.

Nymira squirmed. “Mom! Stop it!”

“It’s been so long since your last visit! How are you doing? Are you eating well? Getting enough souls in your diet?”


“Um… hi.” Thomas waved at her.

“Oh!” The woman released Nymira and turned to face him. “Oh, you must Nymira’s little human boyfriend. Thomson? Um, no, sorry…”

“Thomas.” He smiled and tried to keep his eyes locked with hers. Red and yellow ringed irises looked him up and down like she was picking out a new pet rather than her future son-in-law. His gaze briefly flicked down to her neck and the only scrap of fabric on her body. A thick, black leather choker ran around her slender neck, draped in small silver chains and a heart pendant dangling from the front. He was surprised it didn’t have ‘slut’ printed on it.

She mimed a curtsey despite not having a skirt. “I’m Daemeli, but you can call me Mom if you like. Or Mommy, that’s what most of your kind call me.”

“Mom,” Nymira hissed, “Don’t talk to him like that.”

“Hmm? But they do. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely adorable!”

“It’s alright, Nymira.” Thomas said.

She pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. Daemeli -‘Mom/Mommy’ having been forever perverted for Thomas by the internet- flashed him a perfect white smile. Thomas thanked God for it; it gave him something to focus on besides her intense, demonic eyes. The last thing he wanted was to find himself staring at the way her ample chest gently moved with each subtle movement of her shoulders or the way her hips moved when she shifted her weight from leg to leg, or how the spade-shaped mecidiyeköy escort tip of her tail seemed to idly caress her smooth thighs…


“Ah, where are my manners? Come in, you two, it’s boiling out here!” Daemeli ushered them both inside. Thomas tried not to yelp when her hand squeezed his arse through his jeans.

The front room looked surprisingly ordinary and domestic at first glance. A broad, open mix of a dining room, living room and kitchen all in a modern style. Sleek steel counters and tables topped with black glass or granite dominated half the space, flanked by tall leather chairs. A little fireplace jutted from the far left wall, encircled by two large couches, and stared down a set of double doors into the rest of the house. But the more Thomas looked, the more he was reminded of where exactly he was. Display cases pressed against the walls held sculptures half erotic and half horrific. Kitchen knives forged from warped, black metal hung on cruel hooks. The material used for couch and chairs looked more like reptilian scales than simple cow leather. The floor, a simple wooden herringbone pattern, groaned like the soft whimper of punished sinners if he pressed just hard enough. Even the lights, little round bulbs in plain metal cones, gave off an unearthly glow. He realised why when one of them shuddered: they were souls trapped in frosted glass.

“Your father’s going to be late back from work today,” Daemeli said over her shoulder. She pulled a white, frilly apron off its hook and tied it around herself. Somehow, it made Thomas even more hot and bothered than when she was naked. “Make yourself at home, Thomas. Just watch out for Spot, he’s a little nippy when it comes to humans.”

“Nippy?” He raised an eyebrow.

He got his answer when a cacophony of barking leapt off one of the couches and rushed towards him. Thomas jumped back just as a three-headed Jack Russell Terrier snapped at his ankles. It glared up at him with all six yellow eyes, its mane of snakes writhing like an angry octopus. It barked sharply with its middle head, the other two snarling.

“Spot! Down, boy!” Nymira pointed down at it.

Spot immediately dropped onto his hind legs, his tail wagging as all three heads turned to her.

“Who’s a good little puppy? You are!” She knelt down and scratched the chins of the side heads.

Thomas reached down to pet the middle head. It growled, and he took a sharp step back. “So that’s what you meant by nippy.”

“He’s just a little protective of Nymira. We’ve had him since she was small, and the poor thing never left her side.” Daemeli tossed a knife from one hand to the other and brought it down on a hunk of… something with a sickening crack. “Most demons would call their hellhounds something like Kerberos, but our little girl was so insistent we go for a more ‘human’ name.”

“Mom…” Nymira rolled her eyes.

“It’s no wonder she ended up with you, you know. She’s been all over human culture her whole life! Honestly, we’d kind of hoped it was a phase. You know, the kind of thing you grow out of once you get into college…”

“Mom, stop.”

“But then she met you and told us she’d made an immortal pact and, well, we were shocked at first.”


“Oh, sorry, dear. It’s just… a little unusual, you know? Not that we’re not happy for you both, of course! We just expected you’d find a nice incubus, or maybe one of those pit fiends you were always ogling in High-“

“For Lucifer’s sake, Mom, stop!” Nymira’s cheeks flared almost as red as her mother’s skin.

“Don’t you use that language with me, young lady.”

“It’s fine. Really, it’s okay,” Thomas said quickly, “It’s not exactly common where I’m from either.”

“It used to be, back when more of you were playing around with salt circles and the like.” Daemeli sashayed around the kitchen, her bare arse almost hypnotic. “Though, I suppose that was less ‘marriage’ and more harems. You’re lucky it was our sweet little daughter you summoned. I used to eat up cute morsels like you every day.”

“Eat up…?”

“Well, not literally, of course. That’s a different department. But I could suck more souls out of mortal cocks than anyone else in my prime. Oh, those were the days… so much sex, so much feasting. Mmm, and the thralls to keep you ticking over…”

Nymira whined. “Mom… they don’t talk about stuff like that up there.”

“Still? Ugh, somethings just never change, do they?” Daemeli rolled her eyes.

“You said ‘used to’, right? So, what do you do now?” Thomas ran a finger over the glass table top. He hissed as the edge left a small cut on his thumb. Was that obsidian?

“Oh, I work in the back offices now. Not much call for an old woman like me on the front lines. So many are into ‘younger’ girls. And, of course, we brought in all those cute boys as well. At least they help the hours go by faster.” She chewed her bottom lip and chuckled to herself. “Ah, sorry, dear. My department is the one that vip escort istanbul stops you from finding that perfect porn video. You know, the one you found a year ago and haven’t seen since?”

“This really is Hell…” Thomas muttered.

Daemeli smiled. “I guess you won’t need to be worrying about that now though, will you? Not with my adorable slut of a daughter.”

“I, um, well…” He’d prepared himself for her to be forward— succubus, duh -but not that kind of forward!

“Don’t be shy! I was so worried about her grades during her first semester, you know. So good on the theory stuff, but absolutely awful on practical. The counsellor said it was just nerves, so we tried to get her some real practice. But she just couldn’t bring herself to ride any of the studs we brought her! Some of them were prime human meat too. Not that it went to waste, of course. I’m not picky when it comes to leftovers.” She almost purred the last couple of sentences. Thomas got the distinct impression that if things didn’t work out, he was top of Daemeli’s menu.

Nymira grabbed him by the arm and yanked him towards the double doors. “I’m going to show Thomas the house now, okay, bye!”

“Have fun, you two! But not too much. Dinner won’t be much longer,” Daemeli blew them a kiss.

Thomas could barely get in a goodbye wave before Nymira shoved him through the doors and into a spacious, carpeted corridor. She slammed the blackened wood behind them. Thomas stood dumbfounded for a second before Nymira buried her red face in her hands.

“Urgh…” She groaned, “I’m so sorry about that!”

“About what?”

“You know, the whole…” She fiddled with her hands. “Phase thing? Mom and Dad never really saw my interests as anything but dumb teenage stuff. Um, not literally teenage, since it was for a few decades, but… I just didn’t want you to think they thought you were kind of a dumb punk thing or something. I mean, I guess they do, but, I-“

Thomas kissed her forehead. “Nymira, I’m a demonologist. That’s not exactly mainstream either.”

Nymira pouted, but let Thomas hug her close. “You’re not mad, are you?”

“She literally devours human souls. I’m just glad she’s not talking about me like I’m a packed lunch.”

“Or an oral slave.”

“That’s your job.”

Nymir whined and buried her flushed face into his chest. He scratched behind her little horns and smiled as she squirmed against him. For a succubus, she really couldn’t handle anything lewd. Well, the actual lewd stuff wasn’t a problem once they got into it. But the lovey-dovey romantic stuff? It was like showing fetish porn to a convent.

“So… a tour of the house, right?” He said.

“You actually want one?

“It’s not every day I get to see the inside of a demon’s house.”

Nymira pointed to each of four doors in turn. “Bathroom, stairs to the basement—that’s where Dad’s office is. Oh, and Spot’s den, as well as the sex dungeon.”

He shouldn’t have been surprised by that, and yet…

“Um… that’s my parent’s room, probably best I don’t show you that… and then my room. My old room.” She took a short breath. “I still have to get used to that.”

“Didn’t you have board in… college? Is that what you called it?”

“More, um… training. But I used to call it that around my parents because, I, uh…” She fiddled with her tartan skirt.

“It sounded more human?”

“Sh-shut up!”

He ruffled her hair, and she made that little kitten noise again. Thomas reached for the door.

“Wait! W-we don’t have to go in if you don’t want to.” Nymira grabbed his hand.

“Because I don’t want to, or because you don’t want me to?”

She pouted. “It’s just… you know. ‘Teenage’ girl things?”

“Are you worried I’ll find your dildo?”

She smacked him on the arm as he laughed.

“Now you’ve got me curious,” Thomas said, “What kind of posters does a young succubus put on her walls? Like, a demonic boy band? Pin-ups of archangels?”

She just fiddled more, nervously glancing from the doorknob to his face. Thomas relaxed his hand, pulling away from the door, and she sighed with relief.

And then he flung the door open anyway.

“Oh… my God.” He muttered.

Nymira covered her face. “No…!”

“You were a weeaboo?”

‘Weeaboo’ was putting it lightly: posters plastered the walls of the room each one bearing the face of some pretty anime boy. Or a girl in a few cases, though Thomas couldn’t tell if those pin-ups were meant to be titillation or inspiration. A long desk pressed against the leftmost wall overflowed with little plastic figures perched between various sextoys and vibrators. The size and style of some of them filled Thomas’ head with a mix of fascination and dread. A queen-sized wrought iron bed poked out of the opposite corner, sheets lovingly pressed and straightened.

Thomas took a tentative step forward, the wooden floor making the same moaning as the one in the front room. “It’s like an otaku’s wet dream sarıyer escort in here.”

“Shush…” Nymira stared down at her feet.

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean to…” He scratched the back of his head. He looked up at the ceiling and found the most enormous collage of hentai he’d ever seen. “Did you… use that?”

“Um… maybe. Might have taken some i-inspiration too…” Nymira shuffled awkwardly.

“Wow. Uh… kinky. Did you ever practise that one face?”

Nymira rolled her eyes back and stuck her tongue out in a parody of pure pleasure. She snapped back and giggled. “Sorry. It’s stupid and silly.”

“Thank fuck I got you first,” Thomas breathed.

“H-huh?!” She covered her face. “No!”

His heart rose right up in his chest. God, he loved when she was embarrassed. The cutest little noises… He peered around the room again, hoping the second pass would let him process things a little easier. Thomas spotted something poking out from a gap beside the bed. Before Nymira could stop him, he reached over and plucked it out.

“A body pillow? Wait, is this Joker, from Persona?”

Nymira snatched the long, printed pillow off of him and hugged it tight against herself. Her glare lost a lot of its fire thanks to the blush turning even the tips of her pointed ears bright scarlet. “It’s called a dakimakura! And there’s nothing wrong with having one!”

Thomas cocked his head. “Wow, the art on that pin-up is really good.”

Nymira squeaked and turned the pillow around, so the ‘safe’ side faced him. A futile effort at modesty, considering the forearm-sized neon horse cock sat on her nightstand. Thomas sat back on her bed, half expecting the mattress to be made of masochists, and tried to pick out the anime he recognised.

“Some of these are really old. How long have you been into it?”

“A while…” Nymira put the body pillow down by the bed and sat next to him. “I had a lot of time while I was in coll- um, training.”

“I guess the toys are all part of that?”

“K-kind of. Sometimes I had to use school equipment because I couldn’t practice by myself.”

“I thought I was your first…?”

“Oh!” Nymira blushed. “Y-you are, I just… I meant bondage stuff.”

Thomas blinked. “What kind of equipment?”

She fiddled with the sheets. “All sorts. Every kind. I had a lot of time to practice.”

He clicked his tongue. For an easily embarrassed girl, she had a lot of kinky surprises. He gently pried open the nightstand’s cupboard with his foot. He kind of wondered if a pair of handcuffs would fall out. Instead, something small and brown flopped onto the floor. Thomas reached down and picked it up, turning it over in his hands.

A teddy bear? An old one at that, its fur matted in places and its little bowtie faded.

Nymira gasped and took the bear from him. “Teddy! Oh, I was so worried they’d found you and thrown you out!”

“You keep a teddy bear hidden in your dresser?”

She hugged the bear close, resting her chin on its battered head. “They’re not something demons are supposed to like. Human girls collect stuffed animals and hide their sex toys, but succubi…”

“Do the opposite.”

She nodded. “You don’t think it’s weird, do you?”

“The sex toys or the teddy bear?”


Thomas smiled and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “I think they’re adorable.”

“Sh-shush!” Nymia pouted. “Succubi aren’t adorable!”

“This one is. And I love her for it.” He pecked her lips.

Nymira melted into a quivering little ball in his arms. She buried her face in her teddy bear and refused to look at Thomas for a few seconds, before mumbling. “I love you too.”

A door opened and closed in the distance.

“Sweetie, your father’s home! Dinner will be ready soon!”

“Well… here comes the next hurdle…” Nymira stood up and put Teddy back into his nightstand. She gave him a little wave before closing the door. “We’ll come back for you.”

“Shouldn’t be too hard to sneak him out.” Thomas said. His hands shook a little, so he curled them into fists. This was the part he’d been dreading: Nymira’s father. He took a deep breath and followed behind Nymira. His thoughts raced, looking for alternatives or escape routes. What kind of nightmare waited for him in that front room? A blindingly handsome incubus, or a twelve-foot tower of satyr muscle?

The last thing he’d expected to find was a lawyer.

Nymira’s father stood just above six foot tall, wearing a perfectly tailored three-piece suit. Everything about him screamed salesman, right down to the way his yellow eyes appraised Thomas like a used car. His black hair had been slicked back, and it shined like a coat of oil. He flashed the two of them a brilliant white smile as they walked in, opening his arms wide to give his daughter a hug. If it hadn’t been for the pair of stubby horns on his forehead, almost identical to Nymira’s, he would have passed as entirely human.

“Hey, you must be Thomas, right?” The suave demon extended his hand. “Jhorath, Fourth Circle.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Thomas took Jhorath’s hand. And almost screamed as the demon’s fingers crushed his.

“Oh, sorry about that, champ. Force of habit.” A knowing smile plastered itself across Jhorath’s face.

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