A Twisted Web We Weave Ch. 01

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We just left the café, about to part our separate ways. As we said our good byes and went in for the traditional hug, I quickly turned my head to face hers and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She jerked back in surprise as I looked into her hazelnut eyes, trying to determine if I made a mistake. Quickly, with her one hand still around my back in mid hug, she took her other hand and placed it on the back of my head, pulling me forward to where our lips met once again. Only this time with more aggressiveness and filled with desire. As we continued our kiss, standing at the exit of the café, our tongues exploring each other’s, my hands exploring her back over her business casual blouse, the world came to a halt. She sucked in my bottom lip and bit on it as we slowly broke away from our kiss. Our eyes darted back in forth, as our breathing remained heavy. I took time to notice every detail of her face, as if I didn’t already have it memorized. Her auburn hair, shoulder length and wavy, was partially covering her lightly freckled cheeks. I used this as an excuse to move her hair away and tuck it behind her ear, as I caress her face, she leaned into my hand. Each of us wondering what this means, and what our next move was going to be.


I awoke in a sweat trying to remember where I was, hearing a constant chirping. I turned to my right and my alarm clock was informing me what I just experienced, was unfortunately a dream. However, my manhood was standing at a complete attention, wanting the dream to continue. I rolled over onto my back and closed my eyes, trying to take in what I just experience, when I hear a new sound…a light snore. I look to my left and see my beautiful wife, Melissa, still asleep as peaceful as ever. The only problem was she was not the woman in my dream.

The woman in my dream was Emma, our next door neighbor. I first ran into her a few days after we moved into our 2 story, condo style townhouse. She is 5’3, 22 years old which, and she has the cutest button nose I’ve ever seen. My name is Zach, I’m 5’5, 32 years old, blonde hair with blue eyes, and while I normally over look someone as young as she is, she had a body to kill for, therefore she caught my attention.

We’ve known each for a few months, however it was only recently when I started to have vivid dreams of her. I believe it all started due to one cool spring night, when my wife and I had our 2nd floor Master Bedroom window open. Since we lived in the same townhouse, I expected Emma’s layout to be very similar to ours, just mirrored, meaning her bedroom shared the same wall as ours. However, it was made with good quality construction because we could never hear her in her room, and I never paid attention to what she was up to. This night was different though, as a noise woke me up from my deep slumber. As I was coming to, at first I thought one of my kids down the hall was in pain or crying. I tried to strain to hear better when I recognize a faint moan coming from my left. I looked over expecting Melissa to be awake, but she was out cold. The noise continued and then I heard the male counterpart. The only thing that made sense was that Emma’s bedroom window was open as well and Ordu Escort she was with some guy, who I presumed was her boyfriend.

I continued to listen as her moans got louder and deeper. I can hear her male counterpart groan as well and the squeaks of a bed frame. I instantly became aroused and soon, my right hand found its way to my manhood and started to stroke it lightly, trying to find their rhythm. I heard their pace pick up and Emma crying out “Oh my God, YES! Right there, don’t stop!”. It was then followed by the unmistakable sound of an orgasm hitting her hard. I was on the edge of cumming myself, but I didn’t want to risk making a mess in our bed, then having to explained that to my wife the following morning. So I waited until I knew they stopped, and went to our adjoining Master Bathroom. I assumed our bathrooms also shared the same room, so after I got myself off, cumming into the toilet, she would hear me flush. I went back to bed, trying to see if I could hear anything else. The only noise that greeted my ears was my wife light snores and the sounds of crickets outside. After that incident, I couldn’t look at Emma the same way again. I had to know what she looked like under her clothes, and what kind of freak was she in bed.

It’s been a few weeks since Emma I ran into each other, and even longer for it to be nice with the windows open again. One afternoon, I got home later than usual, due to a work meeting running passed its designated time. As I pulled into our lot, I noticed that Emma was walking up to her door. I quickly got out of my car and walked to my door as well, making sure to call out “Hi” to her. She turned, smiled, and wave before entering her townhouse.

I entered my house and started to open our windows, as it was cooler outside. My wife sleeps better when the windows are open, so I wanted to make sure she was comfortable. The fact that I may have another chance at hearing Emma’s overnight activities was just an added bonus. Melissa wasn’t home yet, as she was taking our two kids to her mom’s house overnight, since it wasn’t a school night. I had dinner in the oven, making her favorite: steak and baked potatoes. My goal was even if Emma didn’t get lucky tonight, maybe I will.

The baked potatoes had 15 more minutes in the oven, and I just threw the steaks on the grill, expecting Melissa to be home any minute. She loved her steaks rare, so I didn’t want it on too long, but didn’t want it to cold either. I went to the dining table and lit two candles for us to eat by. No sooner than the second candle was lit, did Melissa walk in the front door.

“What’s all this for? And what are you making?” she asked as she look around, smelling the potatoes in the oven, and see the smoke coming from the grill.

“Oh, I just thought I would treat you to a nice candle light dinner. I have the steaks on the grill and baked potatoes in the oven.”

“Hmm. What do you want?” she asked suspiciously.

“Nothing at all. It’s not every day we have an empty house and I thought I’d just treat you to dinner.”

“Uh huh. So you expect me to believe you don’t want anything in return” she said flirtatiously as she came up to my Ordu Escort Bayan back, rubbing my shoulders, lightly kissing my neck.

“Well…I am sure you can find a way to thank me later” I smiled back at her as I walked to the deck to remove the steaks from the grill.

We sat the table, enjoying small talk about each other’s day, finishing our dinner. Soon, we collected the dirty dishes and placed them in the sink. After all, we didn’t have to clean them tonight. We made our way back to our bedroom, each of bringing a candle with us.

I placed my candle on my night stand, turned around and found Melissa had already done the same. I walked around the bed and up to her back, massaging her shoulders and neck.

“Mmm…that feels good” she moans as she lowered her head.

I removed her shirt, spending several minutes working on her muscles, gently encouraging her to lay stomach first onto the bed. I took some body lotion next to her side of the bed, and unclasped her bra. She lifted herself up enough to remove the bra and repositioned herself laying back on her front. I slowly started to work the lotion into her back, as she quietly moaned in enjoyment. As I straddled her backside, I leaned forward and started to nibble her earlobe, slowly sucking it into my mouth.

“Mmmm baby…you have no idea how good that feels” she purred.

She turned her head and kissed me deeply as she pulled my head and the rest of my body off of her back. With ease, she had me on my back as she broke our kiss and sat up. I quickly removed my shirt as she started to undo my belt buckle and pants. I lifted my butt up and she swiftly removed my pants. She stood up, and removed her pants, leaving only her panties on. She climbed back onto the bed and straddled me, passionately kissing me. Her hard nipples poked my bare chest as she breathed heavily. I reached up slowly playing with her boobs, grabbing them firmly as she moaned into my mouth. With one hand holding onto her left boob, I took the other hand and lightly squeezed her right nipple, causing her to bite down onto my lip in pleasure. Feeling my cock against her butt checks she reached behind her and slowing stroking it through my boxers, finding the opening of my boxer fly. She pealed herself off of me and slowing planted kisses along my neck, chest, working to suck on my own nipple. She continue to move down, kissing my belly and worked on focusing her attention on my cock, which now was fully erect and meeting her at her lips.

As she slid off and stood at the foot of the bed, she repositioned me so that my legs were now off of the edge of the bed and removed my boxers. She took my cock by hand and ran her tongue up and down the length of the member. Using her forefinger and thumb, she mimic the motion while her other hand enclosed around my balls, giving them their attention as well. As I laid my head back, enjoying the sensation, I noticed my cock started to get wetter. I looked down and Melissa has gracefully opened her mouth and started to suck on the head of my cock, making sure to lick the base and up to the head. Slowly she continued this until I was completely in her mouth. I watched as Escort Ordu her head bobbed up and down gaging on my hard member, which she knows turns me on even more. As I felt my cum building up, I motioned her to stop and to come join me on the bed. She took the hint and kissed her way back up, but not before giving me a final kiss on my mouth using her tongue, and gave my member one last hard squeeze, which now I bit her lip in return. She smiled sinfully as I laid her onto her back and started to work my way down her body as well, making sure to stop and suck on her large hard nipples in return.

She moaned out in pleasure as she placed both hands into my head, massaging my scalp and holding me at her nipples before allowing me to move further south. Once freed of her grasp, I continue to work my way down, hooked my thumbs into her panties, pulled them off and was greeted by a freshly shaven pussy, which I only assumed she did earlier in the day. I kissed her on her inner thigh, never moving my lips off of her skin, as I worked slowly closer to her dripping wet pussy. I took her outer lip and sucked it into my mouth, carefully avoiding the use of my teeth. I turned and treated the other lip with the same respect as I looked up at my lovely wife, as she placed her legs over my head and around my back. She again took her hands and positioned them on my head, forcing me to have no choice but to lick and suck on her wet hot pussy. As I continued to lick and suck all around, I used my thumb to work on her clit, bringing her moans to a loud grasp and scream of pleasure. I could feel her pussy getting tight as she started to hump my face. In no time at all, her legs have closed tightly around my head and my face was drenched from her wetness. Melissa was still screaming out loud from the orgasm that she just experienced and took her a few minutes to get her breath back. I was able to finally release her death grip she had on me and made my way back up to her giving her a hard kiss, making sure she could taste herself on me.

As we were kissing, I could swear I still heard moaning. Thinking it was the ringing in my ears from the pressure of her legs, I heard a gasp and a faint vibrating. Emma was getting off from hearing us and was using a vibrator! This renewed my fire as I grabbed my rock hard cock and lined it up with Melissa’s wet pussy. She spread her legs and wrapped them around my back side, forcing me to slide all the way into her. I slowly worked on building up a rhythm of moving in and out of her, but she had the control, as each time I pulled out, she tighten her squeeze and pulled me in deeper. Eventually she allowed me to thrust in and out of her, but at a faster rate of speed. She then forced me to thrust back into her hard, as she grabbed my hair and screamed into my mouth. I could feel more of her juices leak around her pussy as I continued to thrust in her. Hearing her scream, feeling her juices, and knowing that Emma was getting herself off sent me over the edge and I dumped every last seed I had into her pussy. I swear I heard a scream come from outside.

As we lay together, heavily panting, I was still in her. I could no longer her Emma. Melissa slowly pushed me off of her and had me on my back once again. She slide to the edge of the bed, took my softening cock, and licked the remaining juices off of me. She got off of the bed, walked towards the bathroom, and looked back at me with a wink before closing the door.

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