The Farmer’s Daughter

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My first job when I was 18 was working on a farm in South Uist. The farmer was a friend of my dads and hired me real cheap by giving me a place to live as well. I took the job as much to get out of the house as anything. One of the perks though were Mr. Johnsons three daughters. Colleen was the oldest being a year older than me. As in most small towns South Uist was a very conservative community and the Johnsons were very religious and strict however they were also very loving and fair. They all worked hard on the farm and were very close.

Rules were set and if you broke them they got spanked or paddled. a close eye on us. Now believe me there was enough hugs and encouragement from both parents for all the kids. They just believed if you misbehaved that a spanking was the best way to ensure that you learned a lesson. Afterwards it was forgotten and life went on.

Collen was smart, quiet, and all curves and dark hair. As smart as Collen was she was also naive and her friends talked her into more trouble than she ever would have found by herself. A typical farm kid she had her own dirt bike and on this day was supposedly down with her friends swimming in the creek. Her friends wanted to go to the local store so she took both of them on her bike and down the road they went. Now this was a big no-no in her fathers’ eyes. First they had to ride the road to get there, something she was forbidden to do. Second she had 2 girls with no helmets on back with her, another one of her fathers forbidden acts. But what set events mersin escort in motion was one of her friends stole a pack of cigarettes and the owner who was stocking the cooler saw her, but they left before he could catch them.

We had just finished unloading the third wagon of hay when the phone rang and Rhu ran into the milk house to answer it. When he came out there was fire in his eyes and he sent me up to bale some more hay as he tore out of the driveway in his truck. Not knowing what was going on I hauled one wagon to the field and brought back the only full one while and started baling. It took me over an hour to finish and I was hot and itchy I took off my shirt and used the hose in the milk house to cool off and wash quickly. Then I headed to the house to get another shirt and use the bathroom. Their mother and the other 2 girls had gone shopping and I was alone as I headed to the cellar where my bedroom and bathroom were. Both rooms opened into the laundry area. I used the bathroom and was about to put on my shirt when a slamming door and Rhu’s angry voice caused me to freeze. I was about to leave when Collen came down the steps with Rhu right behind her. Now the bathroom was unfinished and there was no trim around the door so I had a clear view of what was about to take place. I leaned back into the shadows not wanting to get caught.

It seems he had found her with her friends and they were smoking and trying to get Collen to try one. She had just taken her first kocaeli escort puff when Rhu arrived in his truck and saw her. From what I was told later all hell broke out then. He sent the other girls home with the promise that he would be talking to their parents, loaded Colleens bike in the truck and took her back to the store to apologize, and pay for the cigarettes even though she hadn’t stolen them. Then came a ride home in which he let her know as soon as she got home her bare bottom was going to get the paddling of her young life. I know she protested that she was too old but Rhu was implacable. As long as she lived under his roof she was subject to his discipline no matter if she 9 or 90.

Rhu had a very deep voice and he lectured her as she stood there sniffling and I noticed her hands kept touching her rear. He finally sent her to get the paddle from the closet by the washer. She slowly went to get it as Rhu pulled a quilt drying rack out from the wall. It was waist high and had a bedspread on it. I wondered what was up now. He took the paddle from Colleen as she came back and just pointed at the rack. I could barely breath and dared not move as she stood in front of it and undid her cut-offs. I had often fantasized about her firm round ass and now not 4 feet away she was peeling her tight cut-offs down right in front of me. They fell to her ankles and she kicked them away and with a sound halfway between a whimper and a sob she stretched herself over the rack.

“Colleen.” samsun escort he said sharply “get those panties down!”

I almost died when she reached back and peeled those pink cotton panties down to her thighs. He stepped up to her and placed one hand on her back and tapped the paddle across those lovely cheeks. He raised the paddle and time froze for me then. The imagine of her perfect round bottom framed with the thin rope of her panties, shivering a little in anticipation of the raised paddle seared itself into my brain and sealed my fate.

SMACK…. her cheeks jiggled on impact, the sound was loud in the room. Again and again the paddle fell and he lectured her but I have no idea what he said. The image of her getting paddled and her howling sobs took all my attention. She was kicking now and all her secrets were bared to me, my first view of a woman’s sex. It seemed to go on forever but probably was only a few minutes. Her bottom was purple when he finally stopped and hung up the paddle. She just lay there draped over the rack grabbing her cheeks and giving me in doing so an even better view.

Rhu pulled her to her feet and hugged her till she had quieted down some. Then he led her to a corner and went upstairs. I waited a minute and tried to sneak out to the outside through the cellar entrance but she turned and saw me. A look of terror came over her and she began to sob again. I froze for a minute but went to her quickly and hugged her. She squeezed me tight for a few seconds and then told me to go because if Rhu caught us he’d probably paddle her again. I went to the barn where Rhu was looking for me and we went after more hay. Needless to say I was a changed man at that point. I spent the rest of the summer and saw Colleen get paddled again!

Colleen never mentioned it again but it is a memory I hold dear.

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