The Experience Ch. 03

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***And we’ve reached Part 3 of what now looks to be a five-part story. Emma begins to really let the experience wash over and excite her here as she becomes comfortable playing along in the game. Let me know what you think in the comments and stay tuned. Some real excitement will be coming in Part 4 with the big climax in Part 5! (Again, don’t forget to start with Parts 1 & 2 if you haven’t already!)***


It was her second day inside and Emma was touching herself. She’d been planning on trying to wait longer, but the sensation of being locked up and confined was already turning her on. So far she’d kept pretty much to herself. During the exercise period on her first day she’d simply walked around the yard outside while during the five hours she was allowed to spend in the common area of the cell block she’d picked up a book from the small library and read.

Part of her was also planning. She was figuring out how to go about the game she had involved herself in. Part of the agreement was to make sure not to shatter the illusion of the experience for the other customers and to allow her ‘character’ to take over and always reference the experience as “doing time” and the staff members as “guards.” She’d been given some materials to study as to how to go about this, but it would take some getting used to.

She’d slept wonderfully during the night. Lights out had been at ten pm and she’d enjoyed a breakfast only a couple of hours ago. But she was feeling aroused by the environment which was incredibly well designed and had her hand down her pants at the moment, rubbing herself, sliding her finger in and out of her slit.

She felt a small explosion inside of her and held a washcloth that was part of her toiletries to catch the fluids that flowed out of her. She tried to calm her breathing as she heard a guard approaching adana escort her cell door. The male guard whose name was Mike unlocked the door.

“Common area time, 27469,” he said. “You can move about the common area of the cell block now.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied.

She stood up and ventured outside of her cell and approached a couple of other women who were already setting up a game of checkers. She sat down at the table next to them.

“You’re the new girl,” said one of them. “You got a name, honey?”

“Emma,” she replied.

“Well, Emma,” she replied. “I’m Darcy. This is Kellie.”

Emma nodded a greeting to both of them.

“You’ve been here a couple of days now. Been keeping to yourself.”

“Getting the lay of the land,” Emma replied.

“I’m sort of the old-timer here,” Kellie replied. “I’ve been here twenty four days. Getting paroled at the end of the week. Not my first time here, though. Probably won’t be my last.”

“You’ve been in before.”

Kellie grinned and nodded.

“Sort of become a tradition for me. It’s my second time. I can tell you’re a first timer, though.”

“What about you,” Emma asked Darcy.

“First timer, as well, but I’ve only been in a week. I’ve got another three weeks on my sentence.”

“She learns quick, though,” said Kellie. “She already knows the guards here will throw you into solitary for whatever reason they can find.”

“Is that a fact,” Emma asked. She glanced around at the six guards stationed around the area. Two male, including Mike, and four female. Ms. Willis wasn’t among them. She turned back to the table where Kellie moved her checker to Darcy’s back row and got a king.

“I wouldn’t start out by trying to get tossed down there, though,” Kellie said. “Chances are eskişehir escort you’ll be sent there at some point. Almost all the girls are, but I’d spend a few days up here getting accustomed to it all first.”

“Is that what you did?”

Kellie laughed. “Me, I did, yeah. Darcy though got herself tossed down into solitary on her third day here. Hasn’t happened since though. Like I said, she learned quick, but she did it the difficult way.”

Darcy shrugged. “What can I say?”

“So what are you in for,” Kellie asked her.

Emma thought about what they’d documented in her file as her ‘crime” for being sent here.

“Breaking and entering,” she said. “Attempted burglary. I pled guilty and they gave me thirty days. What about you?”

“Assault,” said Darcy.

“Same here” said Kellie. “Assault with a non-deadly weapon.”

“Have either of you had a conjugal visit,” asked Emma.

They each nodded.

“Not as much as we’d like,” Darcy said. “So, a couple of times, we’ve had to improvise.”

“How do you mean?”

Kellie glanced around to see if the guards were looking in their direction. When she spotted a free moment, she leaned across the table and kissed Darcy on the lips. Darcy kissed her back. Kellie sat back in her chair, not prolonging it so as not to attract attention from the guards.

“We’ve slipped into one of our cells sometimes during these hours,” Darcy said. “Though, personally, I think Kellie is a bit more paranoid than she needs to be. I think the guards enjoy the show.”

“The men, yes, but the women will toss you…”

“Down to solitary?” Emma guessed.

“She’s a quick study, just like you,” Kellie said to Darcy.

Emma grinned.

“Want to see how quick of a study I am?”

She picked up one sakarya escort of the checkers that was off the board and bent down and set it on the floor and then flicked it across the clean surface and it landed right in front of Mike’s foot. He looked down at it and then up at her. He marched across the floor to her.

“Pick it up, Cargill,” he said.

She looked up at him innocently.

“Pick what up.”

“The checker!” He pointed.

She followed his finger then looked back up at him and grinned again.

“It’s not mine,” she said and turned back to the table.

“Pick it up, now 27469! Move it!”

She didn’t even turn to look at him this time.

“Pick it up, yourself,” she said.

She felt Mike lift her to her feet and pull her arms behind her back and handcuff her. He bent down and locked a pair of leg irons around her ankles.

“That’s it, Cargill. You’re spending a day in solitary.”

Emma grinned at her fellow inmates.

“See you tomorrow,” she said as Mike led her away. Her waling was stilted due to the application of the leg irons, but he walked her down the cell block and through a second secure door. On the other side of the door were five more cells, though these had solid non-barred doors.

“I take it this is your way of telling me I don’t have to pick up the checker,” she said to him stoically.

He chuckled.

“This is solitary,” Mike told her. “And these rooms are soundproof so if one of those other bitches gets sent here, you still can’t talk with them.”

He pushed her into a cell and then bent down and removed the leg irons.

“You should probably frisk me before you leave me here,” she said to him.

He did and she felt his hands move over her body the same way Ms. Willis’ had the day before. Her body tingled as she was felt up. Mike’s hands were stronger and firmer than Ms. Willis’. When he’d finished, he removed the handcuffs and closed the door locking her in the room. She looked around. There was a cot inside the room, nothing more. She laid down and put her hands behind her head and smiled to herself. It wasn’t long before she was touching herself again.

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