Becoming Anya’s Toy: Ch. 04

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Plot: Anya locks Mike in a chastity device with the help of a cute sex shop employee.

Themes: Chastity, light public humiliation, femdom

A quick word from the author:

-You can read this chapter standalone. Of course, reading the first three chapters is better.

-Constructive comments are always welcome (on this chapter, or suggestions of what you want to see next)

We drove silently to the sex shop Anya phoned less than thirty minutes ago. She still looked extremely pissed at me for breaking my promise of not touching myself behind her back. I felt guilty for it and fully aware that any explanation I would give would make my case worst. I was also surprised at her decision to get me a chastity device. Logically speaking, she wanted me to stop touching myself; a cock cage would do the job. But she also knew it was one of my fantasies. It almost felt like I was getting rewarded for doing something terrible. So here I was, torn between excitement and guilt. Anya’s words were echoing in my head: “If you don’t stop wanking by will, you will by force.” I felt my cock twitch.

We parked nearby the store. Before leaving the car, Anya broke the silence: “I’m so mad at you. I can’t believe you would betray my trust. It has been twice in two days, all because of your inability to control your impulses. You will stop disobeying me. Am I clear?”

“Yes, mam!” I said with a wink, trying to ease her anger.

She wouldn’t have it, “I am not joking, Mike. It didn’t escape me that this is part of your wildest fantasies. Still, this isn’t a reward but a punishment. I’m doing this for us. If you can’t curb your addiction, I’ll handle it. Plus, I’m almost certain that once you don’t have access to your cock at will, it should hit very differently than what you had in mind.”

I felt a knot in my throat and said, “I’m keen on trying. I would even be lying if I said I wasn’t excited, but how long will you keep me in there?”

“For as long as I think is necessary,” she answered while exiting the car.

I followed, apprehensive of how it would go in the store. We had never been inside but had passed by often over the years. It wasn’t exactly an old kind of sex shop with the shady bunch of older men browsing the DVDs section; more like a modern and slick concept. I felt my heart beating like a drum as we were heading in.

Aside from the cashier clerk, the store was empty, which gave me some relief. They probably didn’t get many customers because she looked absorbed in her book. When she finally looked up to welcome us, I noticed she was pretty cute: Asian-American, with high cheekbones, thick-frame glasses, and a warm smile.

“Hi! Anything I can help you with today?” She greeted.

“Hi, we are just going to browse for a bit,” I answered, instinctively wanting to keep the purpose of our visit a secret.

Anya had other plans. “Hi, yes, actually, we could use your help!” she said, smiling. “I called you half an hour ago. I assume it was you on the other end?”

“Oh, yes, it was! My name is Vicky.” Her voice was energetic, and she seemed happy to get some distraction from her reading. “You were asking about chastity devices, right?”

I felt my cheeks flush. So much for discretion!

“Yes, any recommendation? I have to say I do not know much about it”, admitted Anya.

“Of course! I assume it is for you?” She told me.

I avoided her eyes and sheepishly looked at my feet. “Hum… yeah, it is.”

“I see! Well, let me show you around!” she said, motioning us to follow her in the more “BDSM” part of the shop. She stopped in front of a shelf full of various chastity cages; they seemed to carry many colors, materials, and sizes. The situation felt a little surreal. A few days ago, this was one of my biggest secret turn-ons, and now we were standing in a sex shop to discuss which one was the right purchase. I didn’t feel ready. It was like a dream in which I was driving a car and trying to break, but it kept accelerating instead.

Seemingly oblivious to my embarrassed look, Vicky continued: “As you can see, we carry many brands. It can be confusing if it is your first time buying one. I can help. May I have some context on how you intend to use it if that’s not indiscrete, of course!” She said with a mischievous smile.

“What do you mean exactly?” my wife replied, looking slightly puzzled.

“Well, is it for short or long-time wear? What features are you looking for? Some want it to be very breathable; others look for something impossible to escape from, or something very discreet, and so on!”

At first, I was relieved I didn’t have to answer that as Anya started talking. Until I heard what she said, that is. “My husband doesn’t seem to control himself; he touches himself too much for our liking. So we are looking to curb that bad habit.”

I elbowed her. “Anya! That isn’t necessary!” I whispered, embarrassed. Lowering my voice was useless because Vicky could hear just as well.

“Oh, that’s ok! I’m not here to kink-shame Bayan Eskort you! I see all sorts of things here, and your secret is safe with me!” She said, trying to ease my awkwardness. Addressing Anya, she continued, “So, it seems that you need something built for medium to long-term wear. I’d recommend something discreet, light, and breathable. This material works best”, she explained while grabbing one of the devices and showing it to my wife. “This is one of our new models with an anti-pull-out feature, making it almost impossible to escape.”

Satisfied, Anya smiled, “That sounds perfect!”

“I know, right?” Vicky replied, “We can’t trust men when it comes to this; you know how they can be!” She giggled.” Now, for the size: I do not want to be too technical, but we need something that wraps around his manhood nicely. Not too tight, but not loose. We carry three sizes: large, regular, and small.”

“We will go for the smaller-sized one!” Instantly replied Anya, followed by a nervous laugh, as I felt my heart drop.

Vicky looked surprised for the first time, “Are you sure? We usually recommend going for the regular one and adjusting if needed. You wouldn’t want the chastity device to be too tight, especially if worn for a few days.”

“I still think small is best,” Anya said with a wink.

Worried it would be too tight for comfort and out of pride, I interjected, “Maybe we should consider both sizes, just to make sure?”

“Should we describe to Vicky how measuring you went yesterday?” my smirking wife replied.

” Mmm. No. We can try small; I guess, ” I shrugged l, defeated and looking down again.

As a good salesperson, Vicky did her best to lighten the mood. “I see you came prepared with measurements! That will be very helpful!” She said, giggling. Then talking to me directly, “And you know what they say, it’s not the size of the tool that matters, but rather the way you use it!”

Both of them giggled. The knot in my throat prevented me from saying a word.

“Anyway, picking the right size is always a little challenging. We have some fitting rooms at the back of the store. Would you like to try it on?” She told me like we were talking about a shirt.

“That would be very nice! Thank you! ” Replied Anya. My heart dropped.

Vicky handed me the device they selected for me. It fitted in my hand easily and was lighter than I thought.

“Would you mind if I go with my husband in the cabin? I’m intrigued about the way it works! ” Anya asked.

“Not at all! Plus, you’ll be the key holder. Soon enough, this device and its contents will be your property!” Vicky joked.

At that mention, and for the first time since we entered the store, I felt my penis swell.

Vicky showed us around, and Anya and I entered a small but clean fitting room. “Let me know if you need anything,” She said as she closed the curtain.

Anya and I stood facing each other in the cabin, the chastity cage in hand between us. I wasn’t sure what to do, but she took the initiative as usual. Grabbing the device and very curious abt it, she inspected it closely.

The key had been left in the lock. Anya twisted it open and put it on the little shelf beside her. The cage easily split into two parts: a base ring to place around the scrotum and the enclosure to cover the penis. Focused, Anya put it back together, then took it apart again.

Looking back at me, she giggled, “Looks like you will be all cozy in there! I find it quite exciting.”

I was relieved that her hostile attitude toward me seemed to start lifting. She pushed on my chest, forcing me to step back. My shoulder blades banged against the fitting room wall. Anya dropped to her knees, dragging my pants and underwear to my ankles simultaneously. She looked at my semi-soft cock, hanging in front of her face, thinking about how the chastity device should fit.

“Hold that part,” She said, handing me the cage and keeping the base ring. “And don’t move! I have no clue what I’m doing!” She giggled.

She quickly drove my penis through the ring, then started to work on having my balls pass through the ring as well. Fitting it all proved more challenging than it seemed, and she had to force a little while twisting the ring back and forth. I grunted, more out of fear of her hurting my balls than out of real pain. My dick was starting to harden because of her touch. She looked like a nurse doing her job; it looked like it was just business to her. She paused to inspect her work. The ring was well in place, tight around the scrotum. The lock was ready to welcome the cage part right above the base of my shaft. The tightness of the ring, and probably the situation I was in, made my penis swell faster.

“Mike! Stop getting hard!” Exclaimed Anya, “Give me the other part, quick!”

“Like I can control it!” I replied, handing it to her. She tried to fit my almost fully erect cock inside. It couldn’t welcome the girth and length of a hard penis, even mine.

“See, maybe the smaller Anadolu Yakası Escort size is simply too small!” I suggested.

“Don’t be silly. It’s because you are rock-hard! I can’t believe this is turning you on. Come on, focus, get it down!” she requested.

“I can’t! The ring is making me hard, and I didn’t cum for two days! I’m just so horny,” I replied. Then I saw my golden opportunity: “Maybe you would have to make me cum before I can get in there. It would be way easier. Let’s buy it, go home, and get to it!” I said while doing my best possible seductive smile.

“You would like that, wouldn’t you?” She replied. “We are not leaving this place without your dick locked up in this device, Mike. I cannot even believe you’d think it is an option. Remember why we are here? Because you couldn’t stop jacking off!”

Disappointed, yet my penis now fully erect at the thought of being inside the cage, I pleaded: “How about here? Jack me off here; then you can fit the cage on! Please, Anya! I need it so bad.”

“Did you not hear what I said? No cumming until I say so. Plus, I’m not giving you a handjob here; it’s gross!” She said, ending the discussion.

We must have been getting louder while arguing. Vicky asked from the other side of the curtain: “Is everything alright? How is the fit?”

“Coming out!” Anya replied. She pointed her finger at me, motioning I should stay put, and moved the curtain just enough for her to slip out, then closed it again once on the outside.

I was left alone in the fitting room, my pants down and my cock rock hard. Resisting the primitive need to masturbate furiously, I switched focus to what was happening behind the closet.

Anya cleared her throat and said, “It’s a little embarrassing, but we have difficulty fitting him inside the cage.”

After two seconds of silence, Vicky giggled, “Oh, I see! It sounds like you have a very naughty husband!”

“That is the reason he needs this device. He needs to learn some discipline,” Anya replied, “Anything you’d recommend to help it fit?”

“Well, I think some lube would help slip it on, but you’d still have to force it, and success isn’t guaranteed,” Vicky said like I was her science project. “Oh, wait! I have an idea! Wait for me here”. I heard her walk further toward the back of the store and open a door.

She returned a moment later and said, “I am pretty sure this will do the trick!”

Anya exploded in a laugh, “Oh my god! He is not going to like this at all!”

Vicky giggled, sounding satisfied. “I’ll be in the front. Let me know how it goes! I’m quite curious.”

Anya returned to the fitting room, pushing the curtain aside using the huge bowl she carried with both hands. I jumped on the curtain to close it back, afraid Vicky or a customer would see me naked and hard.

“Courtesy of Vicky!” exclaimed Anya.

I looked in the bucket. It was filled with ice cubes and water.

“What the..? You are not thinking about using that to make me soft?” I whispered, distressed. This was getting out of hand.

“Of course we are! That should do the job of shrinking it enough to fit,” she replied, clearly amused by the look on my face.

“Anya, this is going too far! Come on now!” I protested.

She lost her smile and snapped, “May I remind you why we are here for the tenth time today? You are going in the cage; no discussion. Now, take a deep breath!”

Without warning, she placed the bowl under my genitals and raised it. I jumped at the feeling of the iced water submerging my balls and the lower part of my penis. The remaining portion stood erect outside the water, like the titanic ready to sink.

“Oh my god, it is fucking cold!” I screamed.

From the giggle I heard outside, Vicky hadn’t missed a beat about what was happening in the fitting room. I would have blushed if my body didn’t have a more pressing issue.

“Look!” Anya said, “It’s already working!”

She was right. My erection had started to calm down. To my disappointment, it was even deflating rather quickly. After a minute in the ice, I was completely soft. My wife made sure to wait another while for good measure.

“That should do!” She said, satisfied. I couldn’t feel anything aside a phantom grip of coldness. “Look at it,” She giggled, “the mini-penis!”

Wasting no time, she grabbed the cage back in one hand. Her other one guided my numb cock inside the tube. I was so small from the cold that it swallowed it all effortlessly this time. Both parts of the chastity device came together in a clicking sound. Anya took the key she had left on the shelf, inserted it into the lock, and twisted it. Then, she tucked it away in her pocket and took a step back, admiring her work.

“Et voila! I told you the smaller size would fit like a glove!” She said. “Come on, pull your pants up now!”

I felt weird. While the cold still prevented me from feeling much, the sensation of the chastity cage trapping my penis was already very real. I could not believe Pendik Escort how quickly Anya solved the jigsaw puzzle. I bent down and pulled my underwear and pants back up, relieved to get some cover. Once done, Anya opened the curtain wide, and we exited the fitting room.

Vicky was waiting far enough not to seem to pry but close enough that she heard everything. She seemed very amused, a large smirk across her face while staring at me. “So, how did it go?” She asked, knowing the answer to the question.

Anya replied, beaming: “It fits like a glove! We are taking it.”

“I’m glad to hear. This way, please!” She replied, showing the cashier.

She sat behind the counter while I was facing her, feeling a new wave of blood striking my cheeks. After she announced how much it would cost us, they both looked at me, waiting. I realized they both expected I would pay.

“Oh, sure. Here you go!” I stuttered while taking my credit card from my pocket and swiping it inside the machine.

“Thank you for the nice gift, honey!” Anya said jokingly. It made Vicky giggle some more. The bond they had formed in the last twenty minutes made me feel once again like an outsider. I was embarrassed that we all knew I didn’t have access to my cock anymore unless my wife agreed.

“Alright, have fun, you two! Come again if you need anything!” Vicky said while waiving us goodbye with her cutest smile.

We were back in the car on our way home a short moment later.

“Happy?” I asked.

“More than you think!” She exclaimed, smiling at me.

I was glad we were on better terms.

“When do you plan to, you know, release me from it?” I ventured.

“I didn’t decide yet. Long enough to make sure you regret what you did!” She said, waving my comment with her hand like it was a silly question. “I had fun. That was kinky! You should have seen your face the whole time.” She chuckled. “How does it feel?” She asked, curious.

My level of sensitivity was back to normal. It felt strange. Tight but not uncomfortable. Still, it was impossible not to think about the sensation between my legs at all times. I figured it wouldn’t take long before driving me crazy.

“Tight,” I answered.

“Good!” she said while taking the key out of her pocket to admire it. “It is kind of mine now. I like it!”

We parked home a few minutes later. Once in the lobby, an awkward silence settled for a few seconds. I could feel a sexual tension in the air, the kind I felt when we first started dating.

Looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes, Anya said, “Are you going to come and kiss your wife?”

I didn’t need more than that. Rushing toward her, I pushed her against the wall as she let a whimper of surprise out. Kissing her neck aggressively, my hands explored her body in a rush. Quickly, I felt her breathing getting heavier. Her hand pulled my neck closer; the other reached for my crotch. She grabbed the hard bump on the chastity cage. She was taking what was hers. My penis had started to swell uncomfortably inside its prison. Impatient, I lifted her skirt and reached for her panties. To my surprise, they were drenched. It was both hot and surprising. Had our time in the sex shop turned her on that much? It made me strain harder inside the cage.

Anya pushed me away. “In the bedroom, now. I’m so horny for my caged boy!” She said, giggling.

I followed her up the stairs; and would have climbed one thousand floors if necessary.

Once in our bedroom, Anya sat on the edge of our bed and ordered: “Clothe off! I want to inspect what’s mine!”

I obeyed, tossing all my clothes in the corner quickly. Here, I stood fully naked, cock trapped in chastity, arms hanging awkwardly on the side, for Anya to observe. The contrast of my nudity with her still fully clothed, on top of the chastity device, made me feel more vulnerable than ever.

“Is this everything you ever dreamt of, Mike?” She asked.

Unsure what to say, I replied honestly, “It pushes a few buttons, and it’s a little overwhelming.” While I could guess the answer from how wet I had felt Anya was, I couldn’t resist but ask self-consciously: “How about you? Do you find it hot?”

“I find the power it gives me over you… intoxicating!” She replied with a smile.

“What do you mean?” I said.

“Well, without me, you can’t do anything! You cannot even get hard!” She giggled. “How long should I keep you in there?”

“Not too long. Please. I’m so horny for you, Anya!” I said, with a sense of urgency in my voice.

“Isn’t it the point? How do you think you will feel after a week in chastity?” She replied.

“A week? Oh no, please, not so long!” I pleaded.

“I find it so hot when you beg, honey!” She replied sensually. “What would you do to be let out and fuck me?”

Feeling more and more desperate, I answered, “Anything! I’d do anything.”

She lifted her dress, revealing the sight of her panties. The sizeable wet stain was impossible not to notice. With the other hand, she started to rub herself over the panties. “That makes me feel so naughty!” she said. “On your knees, chastity boy!”

She bit her bottom lips, watching me obey instantly. “What if I like having you as a horny and obedient husband so much that I never want to free you?” She teased.

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