Brought Down to Serve Pt. 03

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There was a brief moment of silence, of pure unadulterated terror for Olly, before the crescendo of hysterical laughing broke out. Steph clasped her hands to her mouth in complete astonishment, Kate looked Olly straight in the eyes, laughing AT him, and Sophie stood there giggling with happiness, her arm fixed on Olly’s naked shoulder in case he thought to make a run for it. The girls had always warned her off this ‘obsession’. She would now show them it was Olly who was obsessed – obsessed with her! He had declared his love and offered himself entirely to her.

“So what the fuck is this?” Said Steph, standing and taking a step forward to scrutinise Olly’s athletic body, with only his briefs hiding his modesty.

“He came around an hour ago beset with passion, he’s declared his love for me!” Sophie forcibly turned Olly’s head and gave him a deep kiss, her arms went behind him for a quick feel of those rock hard buttocks.

“Aw!!” The girls clapped in celebration for Sophie, as she generously accepted the applause, grinning ear to ear.

“So why…” said Kate, leaning upon his shoulder “is he in this state of undress?” Olly twitched with fear, Kate’s incredible looks were now a source of fear and Steph’s piercing gaze didn’t look particularly friendly either.

Sophie recounted the tale:

“I couldn’t stop him! He ripped his clothes off right in front of me and begged that I accept him as my boyfriend. I just about convinced him to keep these on” she pulled his briefs out and let go, slapping painfully back into his cock. “To keep just a LITTLE modesty.”

The two girls broke out once more into outrageous laughter at the vision of Olly manically stripping off his clothes before a startled Sophie and begging for her affection. Olly couldn’t quite believe it. He was about to protest at her tale of him wilfully submitting but…she was telling it with such confidence, had it actually happened that way? He recalled arriving here full of lust, and then removing his clothes before her, and he had screamed his love for her…his head was dizzy, he could no longer think, and resolved to remain silent.

“But why stop there?” Said Steph, growing in confidence. She had never liked the way this brat had led her friend and flatmate on, “take his pants off him.”

Kate bent down to unashamedly inspect his little bulge. “Doesn’t look like there’s much there. So what’s all the fuss about? Take them off him Sophie!” With this she poked at his groin. Olly dropped his head in humiliation, these two were determined to expose him. After all he had done for Sophie, they were going to unveil him anyway for the little dick he was! Their goading grew more vocal and more intense, to the point when Kate put her hands around his briefs, ready to yank them down.

“Stop!” The two halted their teasing immediately as Sophie demanded.

“He’s mine, not yours, he does what I say. I ALONE!” Kate was impressed with this new found confidence in her girlfriend, clearly she had all in control, and Olly well under the thumb.

“You’re the boss.” Steph conceeded, leaving the pathetic figure alone in favour for the bottle of wine on the counter.

“Oh Olly will get that. Sit down girls, I want to hear all about your evening.” Steph and Kate threw a confused look at each other but did as Sophie asked, sitting on the couch with her.

“Olly, be a good boy and open the wine. Then pour. Then that pasta needs cooking and whilst we eat you can clean the toilet.” Steph guffawed at Sophie’s outrageous requests, but all the girls broke out squealing when Olly merely turned around and followed his orders. Sophie sat back and laughed.

“He loves doing the chores for me!” She said with a grin, reality was now hers to fashion “He begged and grovelled to let him do it! He wants to be my house husband in the future.” Kate and Steph watched on in amazement. Clearly the boy was besotted with Sophie and would do anything for her. “Where can I get a man like this?” said Kate.

“If you’re nice to me I might just help you.” Sophie giggled, even the girls were looking up to her. In the past Kate had always had the pick of the boys, but she wasn’t the one with an obedient male servant, willing to do anything for her. As Olly walked back to the couch with the bottle and three glasses he felt three pairs of eyes devouring his near naked body. Reaching across to hand Kate a glass, Steph gave his arse a hard slap “on with it you stupid boy!” Olly looked to his mistress for redress but she merely laughed in his face.

“Oh do get on with it Olly! Stop flaunting or I’ll have those pants of you so fast…”

With this threat Olly now understood his position. That evening he dutifully went about his tasks as the girls went through three bottles. The sexual lust he had briefly shared with Sophie had now disappeared. There was no longer any hint of eroticism or desire in her tone, she simply commanded him as he went about his list of tasks. On serving the girls dinner, Sophie pointed denizli escort him to the bathroom. As the severely intoxicated girls toasted Sophie’s success, Olly fell to his knees before the toilet bowl. The tiled floor was cold and Olly shivered as he tried to make sense of his position. In what must have been less than an hour he had gone from anticipating sex to a half-naked underling, serving the girls he had once looked down upon. He felt hate grow inside him for Kate and Steph. While he hoped Sophie did this to him out of love, these two bitches seemed to cruelly revel in his downfall, and seemed determined to push it further. How they had started to order him about and threatened to take his pants – and with them what was left of his dignity! That was only for his mistress. That beautiful girl who was both his entrapper and his saviour. He only had to serve her and the pictures would remain their little secret forever. He felt a shadow upon him, she stood in the doorframe, frowning at this lazy boy.

“You’re not doing what I asked. When I order – you do! Honestly Olly! How is this relationship ever going to work unless you do what I say?! Do I need to rob you of those pants to make you see sense?”

Her voice was near hysterical, Olly was petrified, he couldn’t let Kate and Steph see his poor little penis, he’d die of the permanent humiliation, they would never let him forget it and ensure everyone knew he wasn’t the man he proudly posed to be. Desperate to please his mistress, he crawled towards her and began to kiss her feet.

“PLEASE forgive me mistress?”

Sophie was so irritated, why did he have to make everything such a chore. Why would he try to disobey her like this?

“Go get your clothes, I’m so angry I done with you for tonight, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

As Olly hurriedly changed on Sophie’s doorstep (Kate had forcibly refused to allow him to dress in the flat) he was overcome with remorse. He had angered his mistress. He bitterly regretted not throwing himself into his cleaning duties without hesitation. Then he wouldn’t have disappointed her. On returning home Olly immediately shed his clothes. Kneeling naked down beside his bed, he fantasised over kneeling before Sophie and kissing her shoes, barely ten strokes in and he erupted with ecstasy. It was even better than last night’s wanking session, Sophie had awoken a new level of desire in him. He tried to sleep but Sophie’s gorgeous body filled his mind with both lust and guilt.


Tessa noticed something odd in Olly the next day. He made no attempt to boss her about and shuffled around meekly as he went about his work. Even Marie had remarked on her employees’ strange behaviour and had asked him if he needed to go home sick. Tessa didn’t care what was wrong with him, she preferred this docile version to the usual chauvinist she had grown to hate. As the doorbell rang, Tessa went to open it.

“Hi Sophie!”

Olly twitched at the name. Looking towards the door he saw Tessa, chatting away to his mistress. He didn’t quite know the extent of their acquaintance but it filled him with dread. As Sophie marched into the small office, Chiara and Marie went over to greet her. Their quiet little office rarely got visitors, it was only a small business, Marie had left a larger management consultancy to form her own, Chiara and Olly were her only permanent staff and Tessa held the only internship offered. As the girls kissed cheeks and exchanged pleasantries Olly sunk low into his desk chair. Why was it women always seemed to have some secret affinity with each other? Why had Sophie come here? Surely she wasn’t going to make an example of him in front of the female staff? His neck twitched as he fiddled with his scratchy collar, he longed to take it off.

“Aren’t you going to greet me darling?”

Sophie’s words confused the girls, were Olly and Sophie dating? Stumbling to his feet, Olly slowly walked over to her, all eyes on him. He stopped before her, unsure as how to proceed. She wasn’t going to make him kiss her shoes right here in the office – was she? Sophie leant in and kissed him. Deep and long, just so there was no confusion from the girls that he was hers. Tessa exhaled in surprise. Olly was always acting the macho bachelor but in actual fact he was Sophie’s boyfriend! Marie smiled at the loving sight, from what her friend Hilary had told her, Sophie was a lovely girl, she seemed like she could get Olly to settle down.

“I hope you don’t mind Marie, but I was wondering if I could whisk Mr. Big here away ten minutes early?”

With Marie’s permission, Sophie took him by the hand and led him out the office. Marie shared a puzzled look with the girls, Sophie certainly seemed to know how to handle him. Tessa considered if Sophie’s nickname for him – Mr.Big – had a hidden meaning…

Olly sat silently, holding hands with Sophie on the train home. She was gazing out the window, smiling happily. Was she planning a diyarbakır escort repeat performance for her flatmates again?

“Will, will they be there again?” Olly was scared to ask Sophie a question, but his quivering dick demanded to know what ritual humiliation they had in store for him.

“Oh we won’t be going back to mine, Hilary’s invited us both over.”

Olly’s heart sunk at the news. Hilary! He had completely overlooked his last dealing with Hilary since Sophie had taken over his thoughts entirely. It was that wicked bitch that had arranged all this in the first place. He brooded on his situation, recalling her hurtful kicks, her forced photo session, her demand that he crawl for her. Hilary had forced him into this state of submission. Feeling sorry for himself, sick of it all, he tried to wrestle his hand free from Sophie’s but she merely grabbed him tighter. She threw him a look of annoyance that instantly quashed any thoughts of resistance on his part. Olly bitterly noticed that Sophie didn’t look anything as good as she had last night. She was wearing a rather frumpy sweater and a long checkered skirt. Though the heels remained. And yet despite her now dowdy appearance, still Olly felt attraction to her, he wanted to forcibly strip her down, turn her over and fuck her hard from behind, where he’d be in charge.

By the time Sophie had dragged Olly to Hilary’s it was getting dark. On answering the door Hilary embraced Sophie with a long hug, beaming with happiness at her buoyant young protégé. As she turned to Olly her faced turned to one of menace.

“I knew you couldn’t resist her!” Hilary and Sophie sniggered as Olly looked to the floor.

“Please go through Sophie, tea will be served shortly. Olly stay there.” She said it as an order, not a request. Olly couldn’t believe the presumption made upon his mistress and yet Sophie went along with it, with a kiss to the cheek, she abandoned Olly to this tormenter.

“Now boy. I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two. First things first, don’t you dare come into my house wearing a power suit. Take it all off right now.”

She stood there, hands on hips, fully expecting Olly to get naked on her front-door step. He considered calling to Sophie for help, but Hilary’s ice-cold stare filled him with dread. The last time he’d resisted she’d taken everything from him. Every shred of dignity! And she had taken it with ease. He knew he couldn’t compete with her. Slowly fumbling with his clothes, he felt utterly dejected. As he removed his shoes he stood there, shoulders slumped, stark naked in front of this imperious woman, right on her doorstep where anyone might see. Hilary took a moment to grimace at that impertinent little cock before kneeling down and gathering up his clothes. She casually threw them into a bush nearby. “You can retrieve those after you leave.” And with this, she grabbed his ear and marched him into the house and through to the kitchen.

“Here’s the pot, get a tray and serve us.”

Olly newly awakened subservient nature took over. At least when he was working for them the women generally left him alone. Arranging the cups and the teapot onto a tray, he dutifully took it into Hilary’s salon. The two of them were sitting on the couch, transfixed on some folder between them. Despite his hands shaking, Olly managed to place the tray down onto the coffee table, and stood patiently for further orders. Sophie caught his eye, and glanced to the floor with annoyance.

Sensing her intention, Olly fell to his knees, head down before his mistress.

“Do you want a peak Oliver?”

Hilary pushed the folder before him. The nightmare returned to him as he gazed upon Hilary’s own photos from that fateful day. His naked state, enshrined for eternity in various demeaning postures.

“I think it’s some of my best work. I wanted to title them ‘vulnerability’ for an exhibition but your dear mistress here has persuaded me against it. For now.”

Olly looked up slavishly to Sophie, he wanted to thank her for protecting him from Hilary’s proposed public humiliation of him, but he struggled to speak the words. Sophie ruffled Olly’s hair with a smile, and with her foot gave his penis a playful little push.

“Which reminds me.” Said Hilary “I have a present for you both.”

Sophie’s eyes betrayed a moment of doubt as she quickly looked to Olly. He in turn looked to his mistress for guidance. Did she know something about this? Sophie’s look for him was almost of sympathy as Hilary returned with a little box complete with a bright pink bow.

“Now I know this is a big step for you Sophie but it will really help young Oliver here. I suggest you do it for him.”

Olly was completely lost, was Hilary actually doing something to help him?

As Sophie opened Hilary’s present, she shuddered and gasped with what she found. From his position on the floor, Olly struggled to see inside. Slowly holding out the box before him, antalya escort Olly nearly burst into tears.

No. Please NO NO NO! Within the box was a small steel cage, complete with a small padlock. Hilary smiled at the scene. It was one of delicious pleasure, seeing the stupid boy slowly realise what his future entailed.

“All loving relationships should start with this if they are to truly last. Men can’t control their base desires so it’s only right the female in the relationship takes charge. Both of him, and his penis. Think of how tranquil your lives together will be. Oliver will never cause an argument, nor disobey you, because you now own him entirely. He will, cook, clean and serve. Oliver, think of the happiness that you wearing this will give your mistress. Think of the relief of never having to worry about your micro-dick ever again.”

Olly couldn’t believe he was hearing this, he looked to Sophie for some sanity but was shocked to see her looking bright-eyed at him.

“Well Olly? It would prove your love to me. You said you loved me, don’t you want to prove it? So you will put it on yes…YES?”

He was now sobbing as he desperately shook his head. Hilary had first stripped him of his clothes, know she was going to lock him into chastity, and into life-long servitude to Sophie. He would not allow it.

“How dare the boy!” Hilary was teething with anger at his ungratefulness. She was offering him the chance to secure his love forever in a very permanent statement of submission. She had even gone to the trouble of finding an extra-small cock cage to fit his soon to be worthless dick.

And now Sophie began to tear up, pulling Olly up to her she looked him in the eye.

“You said you loved me! So why would you refuse this Olly? Don’t you want me to control you forever? Hilary says quite a lot of men are now wilfully surrendering themselves to stronger females. It’s not a big deal! It’s not like it’s a lot to ask!”

Olly scoffed at the incredulity of the statement! Why on earth would he want his cock locked up? He’d spent most of his recent free time wanking furiously; Sophie made him so hot, how would he survive a lifetime under her without regular release.

Sophie pushed his head into her ample bosom as she made soothing noises, stroking his hair: “Just try it on my love. Please, for me. Just see how it feels. And if you don’t like it then maybe you can take it off yes?”

Hilary had lost all patience for this. Olly had already submitted to Sophie, he couldn’t be allowed to go back on what a modern relationship required; total male submission and acceptance of female authority. Smashing the coffee table aside, she stood and grabbed Olly’s hair. With her other hand she grabbed his balls and squeezed so hard Sophie was terrified she was going to rip them off.

Speaking into his ear, Hilary told him how things would be, “I’ve had enough of this little macho! You ARE going to be locked into chastity and you are going to thank your mistress for doing it! You’re embarrassed? I DON’T CARE, you do not have the right to be embarrassed. That little cock no longer belongs to you, it belongs to Sophie. You resent us for this? You should be grateful that we have relieved you of this embarrassment of yours.” With this final upbraiding of Olly she threw her foot into him. God it felt good to bring down this arrogant boy! Perhaps she’d ask Sophie to let her take her frustrations out on him from time to time. There were further depths of humiliation she longed to inflict on this boytoy.

Affording him no time to recover, Hilary grabbed him by the hair and dragged the quivering wreck before Sophie.

“Now Oliver. Do not try me again. BEG Sophie to take you into chastity. Beg her accept this pathetic cock of yours.”

Sophie sat mouth wide open as Hilary firmly held her love in place before her. When Hilary had revealed this plan to Sophie she had considered it a step too far, but if Olly actually wanted it, if he were to actually admit to it…

Olly wriggled with pain as he felt Hilary behind him shove her fingers up his arsehole.


Sophie kissed him on the forehead, “yes what is it you want honey?” she began to massage his penis slowly, he gasped with pleasure as she began to rhythmically stroke his limp cock.

“Please do it! I’m – I’m yours, take me! Please Sophie!” Olly no longer knew what he was doing, the pleasure from Sophie was coupled with the sensation of Hilary’s invasion of his arse.

“Very well.” Sophie locked lips with Olly and stuck her tongue deep into his mouth. He groaned in pleasure as he felt Hilary remove her fingers from his arse. He clasped onto Sophie’s tits revelling in feel those firm beauties. He felt his cock twitch as it was harshly massaged. It was being pulled, he felt cold metal against it.

And then heard a click.

Sophie immediately stepped back and looked down towards her prize. Olly looked puzzled as he saw Hilary kneeling before him grinning with victory. His little dick had disappeared. It was now locked away in the small steel cock cage. He howled in disbelief as Sophie stood before him, in obvious delight over what this meant. He had devoted himself to her utterly! It had been his choice, Sophie hadn’t forced him. He had actually wanted to surrender his penis to her.

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