Dinner and Drinks

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(Based on an actual situation)

I had known Diana for over four years, since my husband came to the university here. We’ve always been friendly in a casual way, never close. We see each other about once every other month, mostly faculty social events involving our husbands. Mine is a bigshot professor, hers is the dean of the college and though they’ve become pretty good friends over the years, we’ve never socialized as a foursome. I was at Diana’s home when it happened, or I should say “we” were at her home, my husband and myself. He had been awarded a large project and was leaving on the first of many trips to come, and the dean was throwing a party in honor of his group. Diana was a former English professor in the college, but had left teaching to focus on her own writing, which she now did full time.

Since my husband achieved this notoriety, everything, it seemed, was about him; the publicity, the parties, the phone calls, etc. It wasn’t that I was jealous, after all, I had my restaurant (and all the hype, friends, and enemies that goes along with that enterprise), my cookbooks, my television shows in Europe. I had more than anyone could want. But Europe… where last month I met a man who changed my outlook on the human body and reinvigorated a long-lost desire and thirst for unorthodox but tasty sexual practices. I loved my husband, but in all honesty, he hadn’t paid a lot of attention to me or to us for six or seven months, his writing, his projects taking up his focus. I think I was bored at his simple taking everything for granted, such as our love and respect. I know it will return, just now I was feeling a bit sidelined. That’s probably why I had that affair in Germany. But that affair I’m afraid won’t end. I have plans to meet Red next month on a business trip to Florida. I know I shouldn’t go through with it, but the experience with him was like a drug, I cannot forget it or ignore the pull to continue our explorations.

Nevertheless, the guests were all downstairs and out on the deck of Diana and her husband’s fabulous home. Most were grouped around my husband, his graduate students in conversation led by the dean with his “take-all” attitude. Glasses of wine in hand, about 30 people were having an exceedingly wonderful time.

I wasn’t. I was alone in the dining room, picking at a bowl of cherries and working on my third vodka. There’s no doubt about it, I was somewhat drunk. He hadn’t even tried to find me in more than an hour. I had chit-chatted with everyone I knew for most of the time, but I was bored and actually wanted to get to the restaurant, it was close to 8 o’clock on a Saturday night and I should be there, I thought. I kind of wanted to find Diana since I thought she would co-miserate with me though she played the perfect hostess. I had just seen her last week at a ridiculous department formal lunch with some fancy people and we sat near each other. When the conversation got too thick, she rolled her eyes at me, kicked me under the table and we pretended to follow. It was the first hint that Diana and I could be closer, if someone made the effort. I had hoped she would invite me to lunch alone soon; I was too shy to make the overture first.

My vodka was reasonably fresh, this third tumbler. I had started with two glasses of white wine and some tasty appetizers being passed around, but other than that, no real food. My head was swimming perhaps more than I admit. But I really had to pee. I think that’s how it all started. I had to pee. I knew their house as we’ve been to dinner there twice with other people and once her husband proudly showed off the property and their art collection. I went to the downstairs guest bathroom and it was occupied. I didn’t want to wait, and no one was around so I decided on going upstairs to the master bathroom I remember seeing. It was fabulous; huge and airy, a marble tub I recall and a day-bed/lounge in front of the tub to lay on and relax after a bath and read in privacy, lots of mirrors and wonderful fixtures in steel and glass, very modern and opulent. I remember that day-bed, light cotton or something like that. I had always wondered what it was used for… reading? Sex? I went up the stairs very quickly, trying hard not to spill my drink, opened the door and went in, locking it behind me.

I stood in front of the sink and stared at myself in the mirror for a long time. Here I was, I reflected, mid-forties, still beautiful, dirty blond hair, good figure, tight legs and arms, small but firm breasts. I took a sip of my vodka, put it down, and rubbed my hand over my breast, covered by my cashmere sweater. I’m really attractive, I believed, no wonder Red wanted me so badly, who wouldn’t? What’s the matter with my husband?

Truth be told, I was pretty horny. I pinched my nipple gently through the sweater. I thought of Red again, the things he did to me, to my ass especially. Because of him, I was now able to stretch my precious back hole wide enough for a fist, his fist. I actually didn’t know if güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that was true, I hadn’t tried it yet, but since Germany, I had been putting things in there almost daily to open it wider. I loved my ass now, I loved the tastes it produced.

My urge to pee was getting worse but I kept staring at myself in the mirror, my memories going rapidly. I deftly let my panties slide to the ground under my skirt and then dropped the skirt too. My fingers danced lightly over my pubes and I teased the lips up and down several times. My thoughts had gotten me wet. I wanted to frig myself, to masturbate in the forbidden aloneness of the dean and his wife’s private bathroom. Why not, I asked myself, it’s locked, no one knows I’m here, no one’s apparently missed me yet, and no one’s knocked at the door.

I put my middle finger gently in and went deep, moving it high and around. Next went the index finger. Together I began whipping up a cunt froth ever so slowly as I ground my hips into the counter. I was afraid I might make a noise, so I slowed down. I pulled them out and tasted them. Long strands of pussy wetness coated my tongue. My body shivered with the anticipation of a luxurious come if I could rid myself of the fear and relax.

I moved my wet finger around to my brown hole and stuck it in. It went in easily. My recent playing had left my ring loose enough to push into with ease, especially for one finger. I wiggled it for a moment and brought it to out to my nose, inhaling my sacred scent. I loved my shit scent when it was strong. I gently licked the finger, still clean, but flavored slightly. It was sumptuous. I took another drink and now I knew if I didn’t pee, I would wet their expensive tiles right there. My bladder was all but screaming. I picked up my drink and walked over to the toilet, which was situated with a matching bidet in the far corner of the long room, behind a low half-wall that separated it from the main part of the bathroom. I was going to sit and pee, drink my vodka, frig myself slowly, and lick my wet tasty fingers off before returning to that dull party. I rounded the wall, eyes half-closed in a dreamy state, walking to the toilet ready to put my drink down.

“Hello Carla.”

Diana was sitting on the toilet, looking up at me with a devious, all-knowing expression on her face. Her panties and skirt were tossed on the floor as well.

I was shocked, I was embarrassed, I was intrigued. I didn’t know how to respond. My mind raced to find the best thing to say. Her face revealed that she had witnessed everything that had happened since I had ocked the door.

“Please forgive me, Carla. Don’t be shocked. I heard the door open, saw you come in and was about to say something but then you started to look at yourself in the mirror. I thought you were going to fix your hair or something and leave and never notice me. I couldn’t say anything after you dropped your panties. Please don’t be embarrassed, please.”

She too had a drink in her hand, golden, probably the bourbon she was fond of. She put it down. Here I was, standing over the dean’s wife, both of us bottomless. I put down my drink, afraid that my nerves would cause it to fall and shatter.

I don’t know if I was shocked or subconsciously expected it, but as I was stammering for something to say, she gently reached out her hands to me and my head automatically lowered to meet them. She drew me to her and kissed me languidly for a long time. It was as if it was the most natural thing in the world for us to do. I had never had sex with or even kissed another woman. She tasted fresh and feminine and complex. Her breath was warm, the alcohol mingling with the mouth flavors, deep and spicy. This was a far cry from some footsie under the table at a faculty luncheon.

I broke the kiss for a moment. “You saved me from saying something more embarrassing than I feel,” I said.

“Don’t say anything,” she whispered, and resumed our mouth mating. She then pulled me delicately onto her thighs so I straddled her on the toilet.

“Oh, Diana,” I spoke, I… I don’t know what to… I have to pee.”

“Not yet, love,” she responded, and slipped one hand between our legs while darting her tongue back down my throat.

I expected to feel a gentle finger enter my cunt and waited with fire. Needless to say, my horniness was raging, my body was electric and I was open to anything. The finger never entered me. Instead, she pulled it back up and slowly inserted it between our desperately coupling mouths, letting us both lick and suck it.

It was covered with her bowel smear. I sensed it immediately when she brought it up. The nastiness and the unspoken secrecy we shared was too much and I began eating her mouth, her face, and her finger. I sucked it clean.

“Carla, I saw you diddle your ass over there by the mirror and then taste it. I have never seen anything more sexy than that, than you.”

And she once again foraged my mouth with her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tongue searching for the remains of the treat she just offered us.

Diana was wonderfully attractive herself, a little larger than me, reddish blond, elegant features, well-kept, and a great body. Her green eyes were warm and inviting. I kissed her nose. She gently pushed me away and raised herself. As we stood, we each bent down to retrieve our drinks and I peered into the bowl where a small single turd floated. She led me over to the luxurious day bed near the tub and lay me down on my back, opening my legs.

“Is that what this is for?,” I asked, referring to the day-bed.

“Perhaps, but I’ve never done this before, Carla. I’ve been with other woman, but that was a long time ago. It’s been ages. I knew somewhere deep inside you would be the one. Don’t move, sweetie,” she teased, and knelt at the base of the bed.

She licked me gently, first around the lips, taking the strands of hair between her teeth and caressing my round buns, bringing my pussy tight to her mouth. She probed my cunt with her tongue and found my clit, circling it for a minute, causing a tingling and tickling sensation that made me crazy. I wanted her in my mouth, but she was far away. I gyrated increasingly into her face as she brought me closer to heaven. I bucked slightly and her tongue picked up the pace. My movement became fast and strong and suddenly I felt a finger pushing my anus. In it went, easily. Deep penetration and she synchronized her tongue and finger thrusts until I began repeating, “Yes, yes, oh, yes, yes,” and spilled my my wetness into her mouth, my orgasm fierce and fiery. I shook my pelvis with her face in me, I ground into her hard, not thinking I might hurt her. I know I felt the tip of her tongue all the way in my core. She lapped and lapped as I wailed softly but freely.

“Shhhhhhhh,” she whispered between licks.

My breathing was rapid and I was moaning. Without thinking, my tortured bladder just released. A spray hit her forehead and she quickly positioned her mouth to gather my stream, her finger still deep in my rear. As she pushed into my rectum, my pee shot into her throat, some slopping over her cheeks and down her blouse.

“More, Carla, empty yourself in me, please, love. Aahhhh.”

I wanted her to drink me, I wanted the thick cum that I love to swallow from men, the sweet gunk I took from Red and I concentrated on that as I clamped my quivering vulva onto her lips. With a final push, I squirted the last of my liquid into and onto this amazing new friend.

She gasped, “Ohhhh, it’s sweet, so sweet, I knew it, mmmmm, I want to chew you love, please… stay open… ohhhhh.”

Her tongue darted within me and slurped the sides of my vaginal flesh. I stopped breathing for a second as I caught my breath and dropped my head back onto the bed pillow beneath me. My chest was heaving, my pussy was drenched and quivering, I felt it hot down there, her face still pressed to my curly hairs.

“Jesus Carla, you’re a fountain. MMMMM.”

She slowly pulled her finger out of my asshole and my anus shrank a little. I rested for a silent moment as she got up off her knees, her cheeks and chin glistening and a sensual expression on her face. All I could think of was how I could satisfy her in return.

I thought to myself… I’m going to eat cunt, I’ve never done it, will she be disappointed… but I was so relaxed in the afterglow, I also didn’t want to move, I wanted to be coddled. I gelled deeper into the soft cotton of the daybed, finding a pillow that fell on the floor beneath me. I put the pillow that had fallen to the ground under my head and closed my eyes, dreaming of what just happened. I heard Diana’s breathing slow down and she whispered, “lovely, so lovely.” She was now standing over me, her mouth sensually licking the finger from my behind. One of her tits, the nipple solidly sticking out, was hanging out the side of her blouse. I knew she was coming to me.

With my eyes closed, I felt her face near mine as our lips met once again. I could kiss this woman forever, I thought. The party downstairs was far from our minds, really far away. Our tongues danced and tangled as I tasted the generous remnants of my urine on her teeth and tongue. I even tasted a slight shit flavor, either hers or mine. I licked her nose, her face, I tongued her ear, which got a big purr out of her. I kissed her throat and let my hands fall to her waist. As I took my first breast in my mouth, I stroked my first cunt hair. Both were more than pleasureable. Her sighs verified my intentions and bolstered my confidence.

I began chewing and nibbling her tit and she thrust it into my face, holding the soft breast. My middle finger found her gash warm and wet, and went in. I knew the geography so well from my own lifetime of frigging but I lightly moved, not knowing her rhythm yet. As I dug into her, her body moved over mine and we locked together in a güvenilir bahis şirketleri lover’s embrace, our mouths meeting again in a languid wet kiss.

She suddenly moved off me and gently placed my head back down on the pillow and closed my eyes with her hands. I felt her weight shift over me and before I knew it, I felt a hand on the inside of each knee pushing them apart. She was sitting on my chest facing my feet, setting her full nakedness on my cashmere sweater. Eyes still closed, two fingers entered my cunt at once, the hole well lubricated and waiting. She bent over, I know it because I felt her breath on my belly as her face went lower.

I knew it would happen, only I didn’t expect it right then. I don’t know why, it seems logical, I just didn’t expect it. As her face returned to my nether pussy lips, her cunt brushed my mouth, it was the obvious position. I did the most natural thing and kissed it. I didn’t even think of what I was doing. I’m sure that was her intention. I kissed lightly at first, taking in the feminine odor and feeling the light reddish hairs on my lips. It quivered as I brushed against it. My kisses turned deep and long. I began exploring her folds, first left, then right. The taste was exquisite, like freshly plowed fields, deep and rough smelling, like tomatoes, plants with a brine in the mix. It was sexual, I knew I’d never stop and probably never get enough. I licked and licked. I needed a drink of her.

She met my excitement and ground her pelvis into my mouth, now in circular motions. I tried to find her cervix, to get way inside her. She now had three fingers in my cunt and her thumb was pressing my clit hard. I darted my tongue in and out in rapid motion before I raised my hand up and put an index finger in her waiting ass.

Her ass was perfect, round, and fresh for a woman her age. It was soft at the rose and still smeared quite brown with some pink showing. I thought it was the most sexy hole I had ever seen, which wasn’t many. My finger went to the first knuckle easily.

“Go ahead love, go in me, take me,” she said.

I pushed harder to the hilt and wiggled with her slight bucking. My mouth was learning the true taste of a gourmet vagina and my finger was diddling her ass. I was pleasing her, I was. I felt a hard clump in her bowels and pushed into it, sensing the firm texture. I moved it around her rectum and she gasped, “ooohh, please take it Carla, take it…”

With a hook motion, I pulled out and her beautiful turd was on my finger, small, dark, and hard. I passed it under my nose, smelling its earthiness. This truffle was from my new love Diana, and I did at once love her, no doubt about that. I tasted it, putting it on my tongue and savoring the richness.

“Diana, your insides are in me, I’m in love, in lust, oh is that amazing,” I whispered to her.

I chewed and swallowed most of the small morsel, my saliva slowly liquefying the clay to trickle down my throat. My mouth now went to kiss her bud. There was no pretense or inhibition now, my tongue circling the pink tunnel. It felt the light hairs circling it. My finger motion had stretched it a little and it begged my entrance. I licked the ring and shot in the hole deep, trying to find her inner scent. The flavor was a fleshy mix of earth and the tomato scent and shit, her tasty mud. I began pulling her cheeks apart to gain better access. The thick of my tongue was in her bunger and thrusting around.

She moaned and her pitch rose. Although her face was buried in my crotch, she was concentrating on what I was doing to her. My mouth sensed her actions as her bowel began filling up and pushing into me. Her rectum seemed to balloon as her stomach changed positions. A long vibrant flutter sounded from Diana’s ass onto my nose and I drank in a pure solid smell. The thick, thick scent filled me and I stuck my nose as deeply into her ass as I could, as far as she could take me. I didn’t want to lose any.

While others might associate a fart with the stink of sulfur or the distaste of rotten eggs, my excitement and utter comfort with her body caused my chemistry to sense this as perfume, as an olfactory rarity; in fact the sensation might have caused me to come on the spot with its intimacy.

I actually felt the wind pass into me, her wind.

I’ve tasted my own shit for years, smeared on the vegetables I frig my ass with in my office after-hours. I’ve licked them off, I’ve experimented in private eating cabbage and kale just to produce thick unending ass blasts. And I’ve inhaled them in my privacy. Since Red a few months ago, I’ve been working on stretching my treasure hole to accommodate my fist, and hopefully one day, his, so the pain and humiliation I felt in Germany when I met him will be a thing of the past. There’s nothing so close as being able to fully feel the insides of your lover.

Diana’s smells and her tastes held no objectionable thoughts, only loving ones. I couldn’t wait to sample them. Having trained myself so long and well on my own body, I felt ready for another, especially another woman. I actually never imagined it would be with another pussy, I never thought about it, but now it was happening, I couldn’t imagine it being any other way. I craved her and wanted more gas, more of her substance.

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