Fantasies of Katrina: Introduction

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Kat and I have been working together for many years in the same little out of the way coffee house. She was younger than I, although not that much. She has brunette hair, and a Rubenesque kind of almost pear shaped figure, with a beautiful rounded butt. She is not one of those knock down gorgeous girls, but something about her always made me stir. Any time I am close to her, there is a aura that hits me, giving me a rush of instant excitement. When we brush legs or her breast rubs against me, my cock stirs and begins to leak in preparation for what is not to come. Unfortunately for me Kat is happily married, and her other half is not very receptive to her even talking to other men.

I know she is a natural brunette due to an incident that occurred several years ago. Kat had been doing something at home, took a huge plunge, and wound up with a huge hematoma on her butt cheek. She was quite concerned about it, and considering my medical background, asked me if I would take a look. I told her I would only do so with another female present. This was arranged, and we retired to a back room to do the diagnosis. I assured Kat that I could be professional and was used to seeing women’s posteriors during my work. This was indeed true because I had seen thousands of them. But they weren’t this one. They weren’t the butt that I had attempted to visualize in so many beautiful fantasies. Unlike most women of her age where their butts have become flat, Kat’s was still round and beautiful.

When we arrived in the back room, Kat nonchalantly turned her butt toward me, undid her pants and slid pants, panties and all down to her upper thighs. As her beautiful round globes came into view, it was as though I had entered a time warp and time slowed to a crawl. As I watched her pants creep slowly down over her ass, as more and more was exposed, I had to take in a slow deep breath and gain control. It was very important that my excitement not be visible to her or the other woman in the room. When her pants finally came to rest on her upper thighs I was in heaven. As I bent down to get a closer look at where her injury was, here I was face to face with a dream come true. I was only inches away from something so exciting my heart was racing. How I wanted to lean forward, and plant gentle kisses all over every square inch of that beautiful ass.

I longed to run my tongue lightly up and down it’s crevice breathing in the aroma, feeling the hairs tickle my tongue, and tasting the sweet spicy flavor. But alas I had to maintain my decorum. The poor thing did have a very nasty bruise. In order to fully comprehend the extent of her injury, it required me to touch the afflicted area. With all the aplomb and control I could muster, I informed Kat of this, and she granted permission for me to examine her further. I proceeded to knead her ass cheek to see how hard and deep the bruise was. It took every ounce of control that I had, and some matronly training we shall get to later, to keep this on an appropriate level. I ascertained that she had a deep hematoma, but no other serious injury, and informed her it would go away with time. Unlike my anxiety over not being able to really inspect her. She pulled şahinbey escort up her pants, thanked me and we went back to work. It was not easy finishing the day with the picture of her glorious bare ass dancing through my thoughts.

I guess it’s time to talk about me for a second. I am a little off center sexually. This is derived from both life experiences, and influence from my mother. My mother drilled into me an almost unhealthy respect for women, that does not allow me to act like a normal man. It is painfully difficult for me to make any first moves where women are concerned. It is almost to the point of cutting my arm off, rather than touch them until it is made perfectly clear to me that it is alright to proceed. I have to be almost hit between the eyes with a two by four to make any move at all. This came into play later with Kat and I.

One day we were cleaning the bathrooms in the Coffee House. We had been kidding around a lot that day. I usually make some comment about following her or offering assistance when she says she has to go pee. On this particular day I had made a comment while we were cleaning about locking the door, and messing around. I wanted to sooooooooo bad! Then the bomb dropped. Her reply was “It’s your move”.

Now, I don’t know to this day what she would have done had I locked the door, took her in my arms, and kissed her deeply. I don’t know if she would have been turned on, or knocked me out. But I froze. I was in the slow motion time warp again. I was so excited, and wanted to touch her so badly I could just explode, but I froze. Every fiber in my being was screaming lock the door you jackass, take her in your arms, kiss her deeply and slide your hands down and knead those luscious globes for real. Work as hard as you can to give her the satisfaction you want so badly to give her.

But through the agonizing seconds, I could only think of my mother. “Respect women”, “Treat them like Ladies”, “Don’t take Advantage of Them”, and worst of all “Never Monkey with another Monkey’s Monkey”. That was moms way of saying don’t fool around with married women. Mom was very big on the sanctity of marriage, and I have since never fooled around with married women. It has occurred due to them lying to me, but I broke off the relationships instantly upon finding out they were married. But for some reason, I can’t get this women out of my head. There is something there that just appeals to my purulent interest to the point I can’t drop it.

Other than the fear of women, and specifically married women, instilled by my mother, experiences in life have given me a slightly twisted sexual outlook. I have a tendency toward the less excepted forms of sex that people call fetishes. Know, don’t get me wrong I love vanilla sex too, it’s just that I like a few less excepted things. Strangely enough, statistics show that the more educated one is, the more perverse or kinky one tends to be. That explains some of it I guess. I have a fetish for hairy women. I can deal with a clean shaven pussy, but I would prefer not to. I would prefer that they didn’t shave at all, but if they do, I would prefer only there legs or legs and armpits. Please let the bush stick out from the panty legs. Let it sprout from your butt, it is incredibly exciting to all the senses. Running my tongue up the crevice of a hairy female pussy and ass is nirvana. It makes my whole body throb. The feeling on my tongue, the smell, the taste. This leads me to another fetish. Smell and Taste. I am very excited by the smell of the female body. Any smell, from armpits to wet pussies and asses, the smell is hard to resist. All I have to do is get a hint of aroma and I get a full body rush and want to smell and lick and suck. God it’s so good!!!!!!!!

One of my other fetishes, and the last explanation required for this story is for female pee. I know some of you are saying yuck, but let me try to put this in perspective for you. When I was young, I had an aunt not much older than I. Her myself and an uncle about the same age used to have peeing contests in the ally behind our house. I got to watch her pussy develop and continually watch as the golden nectar stream from between her lips. At a young age I associated women peeing with being extremely turned on. Later in life I had a girlfriend that would loose control of her bladder when she had and intense orgasm. This normally occurred when I was going down on her. She also had an overabundance of lubrication and produced mouthfuls of juice for my enjoyment, just love that stuff. Anyway, when she came really hard, usually with my lips locked on her clit, she would go into another world, lose total control, and start to piss. Over time, I came to really enjoy this, the smell and taste mixed with the smell and taste of her pussy was overwhelming. I would sometimes come just from licking her pussy and swallowing her squirts of piss.

She enjoyed it too and I would keep licking her and swallowing her squirts until she passed out from excitement. I would actually come in my pants or on the sheets it was so exciting. This eventually evolved into more watersports games, which followed me my entire life. Every relationship I have ever been in, including two marriages, has involved some type of watersports play. For some reason, to me at least, there is nothing more intimate than being willing to accept something from someone’s body so intimate and private to them. To watch a women pee and then lick her clean afterwards, taste the drops of sweet salty urine hanging from the hairs of her pussy, feeling them on your tongue, smelling the mixture of hot female sex mixed with salty nectar is just too exciting. The journey from there to actually drinking a full load in squirts, while licking, sucking, and kneading breasts and ass cheeks is incredible. It makes my dick rock hard, and makes my orgasms extremely strong.

I said that my golden fetish was the last I would mention, but alas another raised it’s head. I have a addiction for licking asses. This again is linked to my over excitement from smell and taste, and is derived from a prior relationship with a lady that loved to have her ass licked and have my tongue shoved as far up her ass as I could. I would spend an hour licking all over her body, every square inch. She just loved this. Her pussy would get so hot and wet thinking about what was to come. I would start at her face and work slowly down to her toes. First her front side then her back side. I would lick and gently bite her all over down one side across her breast and nipple, down her stomach to her hip, then down her outer thigh to her toes, nibble and sucking her toes and running my tongue between them. Then back up her inner calf and thigh to her hairy wet pussy. I would lick around the outside of her hairy lips breathing in the wonderful aroma. My dick would leak spoonfuls of precum from my excitement.

I would be very careful to always stay on the outside and not dip into the nectar yet. From her pussy I would proceed down the other thigh to the toes and all the way backup to her neck. When the front was done she would roll over, and I would proceed down her backside in the same manner. The only difference is I would stop at her ass crack, breath deep the heady aroma, making my dick lurch and spew another spoonful of lubricant, and move directly from her ass to the other side of her neck and work back in the same manner to her ass.

By this time she would be very lubricated and squirming in anticipation. When my tongue started it’s final journey down from the top of her ass, down inside the crack and came into contact with the hairs surrounding her tight puckered asshole, she would moan with anticipation. I would tease and spend a great deal of time working my tongue in circles around her asshole enjoying the sensation, taste, and smell. Pushing gently but not penetrating yet. Slowly I would start to work the end of my tongue up her ass, pushing insistently until it began to yield. I would spend a great deal of time working it open until I could get no further. I would lubricate it with saliva to allow me to fuck it with my tongue. She would moan and her pussy would drool from excitement. She would start to work her ass back into my face, working my tongue in and out of her ass.

I would continue to fuck her ass with my tongue stopping to occasionally inquire if she wanted me to continue. God I love it, and the answer was always yes. I would keep this up until she decided she wanted something more. I left it up to her what more she wanted. Sometimes it was simply to stick my cock up her already saliva lubed ass. When she wanted this, she wanted it hard and rough. She would say, “just stick your cock up my ass and fuck me as hard as you can”. Sometimes it was to eat her sopping wet pussy and then hammer it as hard as I could. Sometimes it was to eat her while she sucked my cock, always swallowing the load of come that would fly into her mouth from my cock in powerful spurts due to my extreme excitement. If I was exceptionally good, and she had to go, she would even give me little piss treats as I was ravaging her pussy with my tongue. It was all incredible.

Well enough about me. You get the gist. Let’s go back to Katrina. We still work together, and I still have that same problem with her aura touching me, every time she’s around. So stick around for the next chapters, where we explore some of the fantasies that I have had about Katrina. About the longing that I have to show her things and do things for her that she may never have experienced before. To explore new worlds and new excitement. Who knows, maybe one of them may come true.

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