Finishing School for Shemales Ch. 03

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Please note, all characters portrayed in this story are over 18.


Davina stood outside Mistress K’s study, her knees trembling as she tried to smooth down her wild auburn hair. She sniffed back tears and adjusted her short, pleated skirt, knowing all the time it was useless. Her tight white shirt was ripped at the front, giving anyone who glanced in her direction a direct view of plump, tan breasts nestled together in their push up bra, and Davina knew that her mascara had run because of the tears. And it wasn’t even her fault!

She glanced across and saw Mistress K’s secretary, a pretty woman in her mid-thirties, give her a sympathetic look. “The Mistress will see you know, Davina.”

Nodding miserably, and hoping that she wouldn’t burst into tears all over again, Davina gently pushed open the heavy wooden door and made her way into Mistress K’s study. The Mistress sat at her desk, and raised her eyebrows as the girl came in.

“Good afternoon, Davina.”

Davina mumbled something about ‘good afternoon’ through a whole new bout of tears and felt her lip start to quiver. Mistress K sighed and slowly raised herself from her chair, making her way around the imposing oak desk until she stood just a few feet from the snivelling girl. Mistress K raised her hand and Davina flinched slightly, expecting to be punished, but instead, the tall, statuesque woman gently touched the girls cheek. Davina peered up through her eyelashes to see a strangely tender expression on the Mistresses normally severe face.

“What are we going to do with you, little flower?” The Mistress whispered. “You’re a mess aren’t you?”

Davina drew in a shuddering breath and nodded.

“When you came to us, you were a boy, a lost, stupid young man with no direction. But we saw your potential, didn’t we? We saw the girl who was waiting to emerge. So beautiful…”

Mistress K’s hand slid slowly down Davina’s neck and cupped her left breast.

“And we made you perfect. A little slut who would bring pleasure wherever she went.” Mistress K’s fingers coiled gently around Davina’s hardening nipple, and with a flick, she pinched, her fingers gripping tightly to the girls sensitive flesh. Davina’s breath left her in a second, but the Mistress did not let go and soon even more tears were running down the girls face.

“And now I hear that you’ve let me down, Davina. I hear that you’ve been playing with something that doesn’t belong to you.”

The Mistresses other hand slid up Davina’s skirt and found the front of the girl’s bulging panties. The Mistress could feel the hardness of a plastic restraint, keeping the girl’s pretty little cock soft and out of reach.

When the Mistress spoke next, it was almost a hiss, and as she spoke, she twisted the cock restraint, making Davina cry out. “This. Belongs. To. Me. Slut. Do you understand?”

Davina nodded, squirming against the pain in her nipple and crotch. “Y…yes Mistress. Sorry, Mistress.”

The Mistress let go of the restraint, but kept the nipple tightly between her fingertips, still in a vice like grip. “And now I hear that you’ve been fighting with another girl. Is this true?”

Davina nodded miserably. “Yes, Mistress.”

“But fighting and playing with your cock, that’s what a boy would do, isn’t it Davina? Or should we go back to calling you David? Should we turn you out in the clothes you came in here with, to let you be the boy you clearly wish you still were.”

Davina looked up at her in fright, and in a second, she forgot the pain. The fear of being turned away was far greater. “Please don’t, Mistress, please don’t send me away. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done… but please…”

The girl began to sob, and the Mistress let the girl’s nipple slide through her fingers, freeing it. “What was the fight about, Davina?”

Davina drew in a long, shuddering breath and lowered her eyes. “One of the Dom girls, Natalia, she… she wanted me to do something for her.”

Mistress K nodded. “She wanted to fuck you, didn’t she? She’s quite a rampant little beast, our Natalia. And did you let her?”

Davina hesitated and then shook her head miserably. “No Mistress.”

The Mistress raised an eyebrow and lifted the girl’s chin until she was looking her directly in the eye. “That is, of course, your choice. But may I ask you a question?”

Davina nodded and let her eyes drop once more.

“Have you been leading Natalia on, Davina?”

Davina didn’t say anything. The Mistress continued. “Have you been flirting with her? Perhaps letting those pert breasts of yours brush against her? Perhaps pushing that pert little bottom against Natalia’s cock when she’s behind you in line?”

Davina said nothing. “Davina!” Barked the Mistress.

Davina nodded. “Yes, Mistress.”

“And haven’t you also been writing her little notes?” The Mistress asked, taking something from her pocket. Davina looked up sharply, her face shocked. “How..”

The Mistress smiled lazily. “How did I get these? I know everything that happens here, Davina. Including you mersin escort writing little notes that say things like “Darling Natalia, you’re so pretty in your uniform I get butterflies’?”

Davina blushed deep scarlet and looked at her shoes.

The Mistress continued reading. “Not to mention the rather more direct ‘Sweet Natalia, I dreamt of your cock last night…’ which although not terribly subtle at least gets your message across. So I understand that you agreed to meet her, and then, rather than enjoying each other’s company, you slapped her and started a fight.”

Davina nodded. The Mistress put the paper on the table and placed her hand on Davina’s back, and pushed her gently towards a corner of the room. Davina did as she was told and let herself be guided by the older woman. “You’re confused, my little flower. I thought we’d got over this, but it seems you still need some instruction.”

Davina glanced up, a frightened expression on her face, but the Mistress gave nothing away as they came to a bookshelf in the corner of the room. The Mistress pressed a switch and the panel swung open, revealing a little cast iron staircase leading upwards. Davina began climbing the stairs and the Mistress closed the secret door behind them. As the Mistress followed the girl up, she couldn’t help but look up that short skirt, at the firm, rounded little ass that swayed back and forwards. Poor Natalia, the Mistress thought, so near and yet…

At the top of the stairs Davina was surprised to see a simple, but beautifully furnished bedroom, dominated by a large bed covered in silk sheets. The French windows opened out onto a small, private balcony, and thin, white drapes drifted backwards and forwards in the summer breeze.

The Mistress walked past the girl and perched on the edge of the bed where she lit a thin cigarette and drew the smoke into her lungs. The Mistress nodded to a small door in the corner of the room.

“Make yourself presentable, and put on the outfit hanging from the back of the door.” The Mistress flicked ash into an ashtray and gazed out of the window.

Davina nodded and hurried across the room. She had no idea what was happening, and in truth, she didn’t really understand what had been going on in her own head for the last few weeks. She found herself in a large bathroom, with a claw-footed bathtub in the centre of the marble floor. She quickly hurried to the mirror and was horrified by what she saw. Her hair was sticking out at all angles and her make-up was smeared all across her face. Quickly, hardly thinking, Davina cleaned her face and began fixing her make-up. Now she was so proficient she could almost do this on automatic, and whilst she made herself up, she let her mind wander. She should probably apologise to Natalia, she admitted to herself. She’d lead the dom girl on… and that was what was confusing. She did find Natalia attractive, but there was something in the back of her mind that still couldn’t seem to make sense of the whole situation, and in times of extreme emotion, seemed to lash out. That was what had happened with the dom girl. They had been kissing in one of the empty supply-rooms, and she had felt the girl’s hand slide up her skirt, a slim finger pushing her panties to one side to gently stroke the smooth pink bud of her anus, when suddenly, Davina had lashed out.

Davina finished her make-up, applying a silky layer of lip-gloss to her pink lips, and began to brush her straight auburn hair until it shone. She knew that she had not felt right as a boy, she understood that now. But even though she had felt liberated the night that Mistress K made her fuck her detested step-father, her mind was still in turmoil. And without the release of being able to play with her cock, she was finding herself acting more and more irrationally. The Matron had found her tugging on her little penis in the shower and had immediately called in the orderlies. They had fitted a pink plastic restraint to her cock and balls which would not allow any pleasure at all. She couldn’t even get hard! And since then, she hadn’t orgasmed once. She felt the lust and confusion building up in her mind more and more every day, but she did not know what to do! And worst of all, she hadn’t been able to see Joseph since the night he, Olivia and Davina had shared together. It was all so unfair.

Davina suddenly realised that she was staring dreamily into the mirror as she brushed her hair and cursed herself for a fool. She was already in trouble with Mistress K. If she kept her waiting, her punishment would be even more brutal! She quickly stripped off her uniform to reveal her perfect little T-Girl body. Long, slim legs rounding out to lithe thighs and wide hips. Her tummy was flat and even a little toned with all the exercise she had been doing, and her breasts, one of the things she liked most about her new look, were round and pert. But as she looked down, she nearly started crying again. There it was, nestled at the top of her thighs, below the little landing strip of red pubic hair, kocaeli escort the hated pink restraint.

Davina spun and pattered to the door to see what kinky outfit the Mistress had in store for her, and for a second, she was surprised. A simple, cream silk thigh length nightie hung from the door. Davina took the garment down and felt the smooth cold of the silk under her fingers give her a little thrill. She quickly slipped into the nightie and settled the thin straps over her narrow shoulders. As the material flowed over her body, Davina felt her nipples harden. Her little imprisoned cock hurt suddenly as it tried to harden in sympathy. Davina took a breath and felt the pain dissipate. Also hanging from the door was a little pair of cream silk g-string panties. She quickly pulled them up her long legs and settled them into place, but was disappointed to see the line of the panties ruined by the hated plastic restraint.

Davina breathed deeply and smoothed down the nightie and then, slowly opened the bathroom door, her head down, meekly hoping that her punishment would not be too severe. As she walked into the bedroom, she heard soft music playing. Looking up, Davina saw Mistress K reclining on the broad bed, her clothes were piled neatly on a chair in the corner. The Mistress was completely naked, still smoking a thin cigarette and looking at Davina through heavy lidded eyes. This was the first time that Davina had seen the Mistress without clothes, and her breath caught in her throat. The T-woman was beautiful. Her skin was flawless, brown and soft. Her long body spoke of elegance, small firm breasts and narrow hips and her long legs ended in surprisingly petite feet for such a tall woman. And below a small, well trimmed bush of dark pubic hair, lying across the woman’s soft, supple thigh, was the thick, heavy penis that Davina had already learned to fear. She had felt that cock, hard as steel, gagging her, buried in her throat, bringing tears to her eyes. But now, as it lay soft, Davina thought that it looked beautiful.

The Mistress shifted and pulled her dark hair behind her ear and beckoned to Davina. The girl made her way across the room, her knees shaking, her whole body trembling. Everything about this seemed strange. She had never seen the Mistress look so beautiful, so feminine… or so vulnerable.

Davina knelt at the edge of the bed, aware that her nipples her like little hard little bullets, showing through the material of her nightie. The Mistress smiled and placed her cigarette in a glass ashtray by the side of the bed, the aromatic smoke teasing Davina’s nose.

“Do you like what you see, Davina?” Asked the Mistress in a low, husky voice.

Davina lowered her eyes and then looked up and nodded. When she spoke she felt her voice catch in her throat. “You’re beautiful, Mistress.”

The older woman smiled and stretched seductively. As she did, she gently spread her legs and pulled her feet back towards her bottom, revealing her most vulnerable place, her tight, dark little rosebud. Davina couldn’t take her eyes of the Mistress. She would never have believed that she would see this woman, this icon, laying back and opening herself in such a submissive way.

The Mistress beckoned again, and with trembling limbs, Davina crawled down the bed. The Mistress stopped her with a raised finger when the girls head was almost level with her spread thighs.

“Breath in, little flower. Taste the air.” The Mistresses voice was low and hypnotic. Davina breathed in deeply and she could smell the light perfume that the Mistress always wore, mixed with the cream scent of warm skin. And below that, the slightly salty scent of the the Mistresses cock, a musky, heady undertone.

“Do you want to fuck me, little flower?” Mistress K whispered. “Do you want to own me, to take your cock and force it into me while I moan for you?”

Davina was trembling with the mix of emotions. Somewhere, deep inside her, something did want to grasp the Mistress, to force her thighs wider still and to enter her, to take control. But there was another part of her that was starting to become more aware… of the breeze on her skin, of the cool feel of silk stroking her breasts and bottom. Of the beautiful sight of that long, thick penis that now rested over the Mistress smooth, heavy scrotum. Of a trembling warmth that was running through her tummy, making her nipples tingle, making her little anus contract over and over in a way that made it hard to think.

She looked up to see the Mistress staring straight into her soul. Davina finally found her voice and when she spoke it was in a hushed whisper. “I don’t… I can’t…”

The Mistress smiled a broad, knowing smile. “But it’s here for you.” The Mistress let a slim finger run down her body, over her slim stomach, over the line of her penis, to rest on her opening.

Davina trembled even more, and she couldn’t take her eyes of the Mistresses finger. “…No… Mistress. I… I can’t.”

The Mistress smiled even more broadly and lifted samsun escort her hand from her opening to rest it against Davina’s lips. As she did the woman brought her thighs back together once more, her skin whispering on the silk sheets. “You shouldn’t play with your cock, little flower. You’re not like me. You’re little penis is adorable, but it’s not for you, is it?”

Davina slowly shook her head.

The Mistress let her hand drift across to her penis and began gently stroking the skin with the tips of her painted fingernails. “You could have had an opportunity to own me. To make me yours, but it’s not in you, is it? Do you know why you’re so confused and frustrated all the time, little flower?”

Davina shook her head, her eyes watching the woman’s hand stroke that beautiful penis.

“It’s because you still think with this.” The Mistress leaned forward and tapped the plastic of Davina’s restraint through her panties. “When you should be thinking,” the woman leaned forward and let her hand slide between Davina’s soft, tan thighs and then turned it, her fingers reaching up to press against Davina’s anus, “with this.”

Davina’s breath came in short gasps.

“Learn to cum using toys, or your fingers, little flower. But most of all, learn to cum from someone else’s cock.” The Mistresses fingers were rubbing on Davina’s opening with small but firm circling motions, making the girl’s thighs tremble in an adorable way. “Learn that what goes in here.” the Mistress pushed and her finger slowly slid into Davina’s lubed hole, making her moan. “Will make all of your cares and frustration come flowing out of here.” With her other hand, the Mistress gripped the restraint and pulled on it gently.

“Y…Yes, Mistress.” Davina gasped, sweat forming on her brow.

The Mistress grabbed the back of Davina’s head and slowly brought it to within an inch of her cock. “Taste the air again, little flower. Tell me what you taste.”

Davina drew in another breath and now the scent of the Mistresses beautiful penis was almost overwhelming.

“I can smell…” Davina hesitated.

The Mistress tightened her grip on the girl’s hair. “Tell me, Davina.”

Davina closed her eyes, hoping that she wouldn’t be punished for her answer. “I can smell cock, Mistress.”

The Mistress smiled. “Good girl.”

The Mistress held the girl’s head in place whilst she grasped her penis and pulled back the skin to reveal the shining, broad head, already starting to ooze a little pre-cum. She pulled once or twice on the thick, veined shaft, and then began to rub the head across Davina’s cheek, leaving a slippery trail of clear pre-cum. She moved the head a little and then rubbed it with glacier speed between the girl’s top lip and her nose, leaving a thick band of slimy liquid behind.

She lifted the girl’s head, pleased to see the lines of pre-cum glisten in the summer light. “Breath in, little flower.”

Davina breathed in deeply through her nose. The scent was intoxicating, pure sex, pure excitement. The Mistress smiled as she saw Davina’s cheeks flush.

“Whenever you have that scent in your nostrils, it means that someone is hard for you. That they want to have you, to be inside you. And when they’re inside you, that’s when all of your passion, all of your frustration can come loose.”

She stroked the girls face and smiled as the Davina turned to take the woman’s fingers in her mouth, sucking and swirling her tongue around them.

“Shall I show you how to use you hole to cum, little flower?” the Mistresses voice was hypnotising. Davina nodded and reluctantly let the Mistresses fingers fall from her mouth.

“If you want to cum, you need a hard cock. Get me hard, Davina.”

Davina lowered her head and once more took in the heady aroma of the Mistresses thick sex. She began butterfly kissing along its length, darting little kisses that made the Mistress groan and lie back against the pillows. She nestled her nose in between the Mistresses thighs and began letting her cheeks stroke the woman’s heavy balls. And then her bright little tongue slipped out, darting little licks to the Mistresses balls, in quick succession, nuzzling and licking.

Davina felt the heavy length of her Mistress cock twitch and began to harden. She looked up at Mistress K with her big green eyes, and slowly and deliberately licked her way up the smooth perfumed shaft. The Mistress gazed into her eyes as the T-girl licked her cock like a lollipop, watching as she reached the tip and strings of clear pre-cum slid from her tongue. Again and and again the girl licked, feeling each beautiful vein in that thick shaft before lowering her head and opening her pink lips, letting one of the Mistresses heavy balls fall into her mouth. Davina gently sucked, swirling her tongue around her prize as the Mistress drew in a hiss of breath.

And then Davina let her tongue describe a wiggling path back up the shaft until she was eye level with the huge, bulbous head of her Mistresses penis. Dew drops of pre-cum quivered at the top of the shaft and Davina lowered her head and kissed the very tip, letting her tongue lap up her Mistresses excitement. She felt the thick, salty texture roll over her tongue, and loved it, felt more feminine than she had for weeks. And suddenly it was too much, she bobbed her head and took that beautiful head deep into her soft warm mouth.

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