First Time Fun

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The summer was coming to an end, which meant a new part of my life was nearing. I was accepted at a college in New Hampshire. I was a bit apprehensive of moving so far from home. I’ve lived in a small town in North Dakota all my life and have only gone to surrounding towns near me.

The thought of the unfamiliar excited me but at the same time made me feel sick with worry, as well as the rigorous demands of going to college for the first time. High school wasn’t an easy thing for me at all. I’m a shy, introvert to say the least.

I have an average look, nothing special, brownish blond hair, green eyes, thin, and about 6 feet tall. People have told me I have feminine features which make me appear to be a lot younger than I really am. I turned 19 last month but I still look to be no more than 16 years old. I don’t like most things about me and I suppose that’s why I have never had a girlfriend or even many friends.

The prospect of going to college had me hoping maybe things would be different for me. I knew I wasn’t going to be popular or anything but to make a good friend would be a really nice change for me. I spent most of my time alone, being an only child with parents that both worked long hours, I was used to it. I learned at an early age to entertain myself.

As I got older all those feelings of wanting to be sexual with someone grew to become that which plagued my mind most of the time and I spent countless hours entertaining the idea of how it would be to actually interact with someone in an intimate setting.

This made me feel intensely horny all the time. I would masturbate several times a day. Sometimes while in school, I’d have to go to the restroom to relieve myself. My penis would always be erect and hard to hide. I dreaded going to gym the most, getting undressed with others around me, and seeing other guys nude always made me feel flushed.

I would feel an erection starting and would need to rush to the restrooms before anyone noticed. A few times, some of the guys would see my semi-erect penis and me rushing off, which made me want to die with embarrassment and fear that they’d think I was gay and become the joke of the school. In a small town this was the worse thing that could happen to a shy guy like me…..especially because I was never seen with a girlfriend.

Some times I’d try to get out of showering but normally I would have to and that was the worse. Seeing all those boys washing themselves, especially their dicks made me instantly aroused. I would try to think of anything to get my mind off of my own dick. For a long time I thought for sure I was gay because of the effect other guys had on me on a daily basis.

My only course of action to prevent this when showering was to masturbate during lunch break in the restroom so that hopefully I would be OK during my showers. Sometimes this would work. If not I would quickly turn the hot water off, shocking myself to think of the ice cold water all over my body.

The night before I was to catch the train to college, my mom and dad made a nice dinner for me. They handed me a box wrapped in blue paper and a green ribbon. They both smiled and told me to open it. It was a laptop for school. My mom said, “I think this will come in handy at school.” I thanked both of them. She came over to give me a hug with tears in her eyes, she whispered, “I’m going to miss you so much”.

My dad came over to hug me too and gave me a squeeze, I suppose to take the place of words. I got a lump in my throat and didn’t know what to say. A numbness came over me as I thought about not seeing them for such a long time.

That night I laid in my bed not able to sleep for a long time. The more I told myself I needed to get some sleep the harder it was for me to fall asleep. I tossed and turned for awhile and thought maybe if I have a wank I’ll be able to fall asleep but even that wasn’t the same. I felt the urge but it wasn’t enough. I needed to pee really badly too.

Sometimes I’d pee on myself in the shower before I masturbated, this usually would make me cum really quickly but I knew I couldn’t wash up after or my parents would hear the shower and wake-up. Then I heard my mom’s voice and knew they were still awake. I thought if I did do this now, I could just say I couldn’t sleep and felt sticky. Anything was better than laying here staring at my ceiling.

I put on my shorts and went to the bathroom. I got in the shower and laid down naked in the tub. My penis was stiff and I stroked it a few times, trying to concentrate on letting my piss out. I felt it start to come and held my cock as I waited to feel that warmth of my pee shooting all over me. There’s nothing like this feeling, it made me feel so good and extremely hot. The first spray came out like a spurt, then it became a steady stream. It splashed on my chin and neck. I sat up a bit to let it splash on my face and hair.

Just then my mom swung the door open and asked if everything was OK. The shocked look on her face was probably şehitkamil escort not as horrifing as the look on my face. There I was covered with my own piss, holding my erect cock as more piss was shooting all over my face and hair, in the bathtub with bright lights on, and my mother looking straight at me.

It felt like the world stopped revolving and time stood still focusing on this moment. She backed up and shut the door but I knew she saw this dirty act I was doing. What was I thinking?! I shouldn’t have done this when they were here. I could just picture her telling my dad.

I sat there for a second, with pee still dribbling out of my flaccid dick. I don’t know how I will ever be able to look them straight in the eyes again. I showered off and returned to my room.

A few minutes later, my mom knocked on my bedroom door and asked if she could come in. My first reaction was to pretend I was sleeping but I knew she would know I was lying. I said OK.

She came in and sat on my bed. She grabbed my hand and held it, looking me, she said, “Hey look, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all have our fetishes. I have a few too, it’s natural. I’m sorry I came in, I saw the light under the door and was thinking someone left it on.” I didn’t know what to say.

Then I cleared my throat and said, “Did you tell dad?”

She said, “Why should I, he doesn’t need to know. It’ll be our little secret. I will never tell anyone or bring this up unless you want to talk about it.”

I then said, “I feel so dirty mom, and so embarrassed you saw me like that.”

She said, “Like I said, we all have our fetishes…you’re not the only one who likes to feel pee on you son.”

My eyes widened as I looked up at her. She just smiled and said, “Now try to get some sleep, you’ll be needing it for tomorrow.” She got up and left my room, closing the door behind her.

As I laid there in bed, I thought to myself, what an idiot I was for thinking to do that when they were at home but a part of me thought it brought me that much closer to my mom, more than I had ever felt before.

The next day was a blur, even the train ride. I kept replaying what happened the night before and beating myself up for being so stupid. Then I took my eyes off watching the scenery change, looking out of the window on the train. There was a young woman sitting directly across from me. She was reading a book, her hand was blocking the title so I don’t know which book she was reading but she looked so beautiful reading. She had dark brown hair and eyes. She wore a white buttoned up shirt and a black short skirt. She was thin but with a very pretty face.

There was a older woman sitting next to her, nodding off to sleep. Eventually she gathered her things up and left, I assumed to find a seat that was empty so she could stretch out more. The woman across from me took advantage of this and brought her legs up where the older woman was sitting. She used her bag as a cushion behind her back and the window to rest her head.

She held the book at her waist still reading. I then noticed her shirt shifted and I could see her areola. At first I had to double take to see if my eyes were playing tricks on me but indeed it was an areola!! Her breast were small, but her areola was quite large it seemed, covering a lot of her breast. They were pink and puffy, with a distinct colouration from her skin.

I never saw a woman’s breast before this, in real life. I’ve seen pictures of course but that’s not the same as seeing it right in front of you. Instantly my penis grew and I quickly covered it with my coat. In past experiences of my uncontrolled erections, I’ve learned to always have something handy to cover my embarrassment.

My mother bought me a special set of clothes for my long journey. She told me I should be comfortable riding the train for such a long period of time but to still look presentable arriving at college. She got me a pair of trousers that was made with very thin grey fabric. They were very loose fitting and comfortable to sit in. I wore a loose fitting boxer shorts which didn’t help my erection problem at all. My cock isn’t the largest I’ve seen, when hard it’s about 8 and a half inches but the width is quite substantial. When soft I’m about 5 inches.

The fabric of the woman’s shirt cupped her breast nicely. Almost caressing it. I couldn’t see her nipple but my imagination ran overtime and I could picture it. It was just beneath the fold of her shirt, if she moved slightly it would indeed pop out, my mind fantasized. I wished it to do just that but after several minutes of staring it did not.

My penis pressed hard against my trousers and I slid my hand under my coat and started to touch it. Then I stopped because I felt that if I continued, I would surely cum. The intensity of the moment was unbearable. Even with me not touching myself, I felt my orgasm peaking. I was faced with the hardest dilemma, to leave the first encounter of viewing a woman’s beautiful breast before I stained my trousers and would have to arrive at the train station with a huge wet spot.

I asked her if she would save my seat, got up holding my coat close to me, and dashed to the restroom. As I entered, my cum was nearly shooting out, I barely had a second to remove my throbbing cock out. I got my trousers undone but it was too late and I came in my boxers.

Fortunately, it didn’t get on my pants. I didn’t have a choice, I had to remove my boxers or it’ll seep through. I rolled up my boxers, putting the wet spot inside and tucked it in my coat pocket. As I put my trousers back on I realized how clear you could make out the shape of my soft cock. I couldn’t do anything about this, I just hoped I didn’t get hard but going back to sit across this woman would be a definite challenge.

When I got back to my seat she was dozing off. She acknowledge my return with a slight grin and I thanked her. I watched her sleep for awhile and she moved around a little to get in a comfortable position. She had her coat covering her legs but by moving, her coat shifted and slid down a bit. At one point her knees separated a little and I knew that if I stood at the end of her seat I could see between her legs.

This brought on another stiffening of my penis. My better judgment left me and I stood up pretending to stretch. I leaned over and looked down her skirt. I was shocked to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I saw her pink vagina instead. I couldn’t breathe. I was overwhelmed with lust. It took everything within me to stop looking at it but the image was forever etched into my memory for future masturbation fantasies.

A few men passed by our seating and saw this woman’s pussy. They gave me a grin that made it known that they saw this. I was just about to get one last look but then the hostess passed by and noticed her exposure. She woke her up and whispered in her ear. The woman then sat up and straighten out her skirt and coat. She didn’t go back to sleep the rest of the ride. I was disappointed but thought it was for the best.

My poor cock didn’t go down for a long time and it was beginning to hurt. I went back into the restroom and sat on the toilet to have a tug at it. It didn’t take too much before I was spurting out wads of hot cum in some tissue. There was a wet spot after all on my pants so I took some water and tried to wash it off, hoping it would dry before I arrived.

When I left the train the sun was still out. I felt the cold breeze on my penis as if I wasn’t wearing clothes. The sensation made my cock respond. I looked down to see if it was noticeable. I was shocked to see the shape of my penis so clearly through the material. It kind of turned me on to be in public with it so clearly seen. As I walked I looked down to see it swinging and moving with every step. I felt so aroused that I didn’t even try to cover it but then it started to really get stiff so I had to.

I went to the restroom and pulled it out to play once again with it. I imagined another man watching me in that stall pleasing myself. This brought me over the edge and I shot streams of cum on the wall of the stall. I didn’t bother to clean it up. I was thinking to find a pair of boxers in my bag so I wouldn’t have to travel on the bus without any but the restroom wasn’t the cleanest place to dig through my things so I had to do without.

I caught a bus to the college dorms. I was relieved that the bus driver allowed me to bring my suitcase on the bus. I had to ask a few people how to get to my dorm but I found it with not too much trouble. I double checked the papers sent to me and found my room. There wasn’t anyone in the room but I know I was going to have a roommate. His things were placed there but I supposed he must have gone out.

The room was very small. As soon as you entered to the right there was a shower stall but not enclosed in a bathroom. I thought it to be very odd and dreaded the idea of coming out of the shower with someone being there to see me nude and possibly with a hardon.

Opposite the shower was two separate closets. Next to the shower was a small sink. I guessed the toilets were community ones. On either side of the room were two single beds up on stilts and under it there was a desk and chair with a table lamp. At the end of the room was a glass door leading out to a very small balcony with two plastic chairs and a plastic table. He already had this things on the side of the room that the closets were. So I guess I had the other bed. I started to unpack and make my bed. I put my laptop in my desk drawer along with my school supplies.

I was nearly done with unpacking when the door opened and my roommate entered in. He held out his hand and introduced himself. I held out my hand and said my name is Ken with an unsure smile. He seemed friendly and I had a feeling we’d become friends…well I was hopeful. He wasn’t that much bigger than I was. He had dark brown shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, with a similar build…slim. I could tell he was so different from me from the start. He seemed so much more carefree and relaxed about himself, and perhaps more outgoing than I was.

He spent the rest of the evening with me in the room. He said he was really hungry and asked if I was too. I said yes, that I hadn’t eaten all day. He offered to order a pizza to celebrate our first night at college. I offered to pay for half but he insisted to get it. He said he’d go phone in the order down the hall at the payphones. I said I’d go with him because I needed to phone my parents to let them know I arrived safely. We went together to the phones and I felt so much better about being there.

My parents were relieved at my safe arrival and asked if I had eaten yet. I said my roommate was ordering a pizza to celebrate our first night and my mom seemed really pleased that I made a friend. I guess she worries about me and my social life. As we waited for the pizza to be delivered, we chatted about back home, just normal stuff getting to know each other more. He was from a bigger town than I was but not that much bigger. He came from a large family though and had lots of stories about his brothers and sisters.

The pizza came and we devoured it. I thanked him a few times and he brushed it off like it was no big deal. He asked if I wanted to take a shower first or should he. I said no he could go first and with that he got up to get this things for his shower. The whole time he was in there I wondered what it would be like to undress in front of him which made my penis respond and I was hard again. I didn’t know how I was going to survive having a roommate in such a small room.

He got out of the shower and stood there nude and wet. I tried not to look by gathering my things for my shower. I faced my back to him so he wouldn’t see my stiff cock as I took my clothes off. I pulled on my cock once in the shower to relieve myself and came with force. I had hoped to come out of the shower flaccid and to my surprise my dick cooperated with it me.

He suggested we get to sleep soon because tomorrow was going to be a long day getting used to being at college and I agreed. My head barely touched the pillow and I was fast asleep. I guess the long journey and the events of the day had me very tired. I awoke with a stiffy as usual but notice that my roommate wasn’t there…thankfully. I jumped out of bed, washed up, and got ready for my first day of classes.

As time passed and I got to know Shawn more and more, I envied his ways. He was so at ease with who he was and it showed. He was instantly popular and always had people around him while walking around the campus. When he saw me around he would always call out to me, waving for me to come and meet whoever he was with. I’d tag along but I would always feel uncomfortable being in a group of people. I was grateful to be included though and would try to make the best of it. He’d always ask if I wanted to join him when he had plans to go out but I usually declined saying I had tons of homework.

Sometimes we’d just hang out in the dorm room talking, usually during the week when we had to get up early the next morning. Shawn would wear these loose fitting shorts often and a few times I saw his balls or cock from the legs of these shorts. It started to get to me, I would always get aroused. I’d usually wear jogging pants and they would not hide my erection at all. I caught him staring at my semi-erect dick a few times but I didn’t think anything of it.

Shawn offered to pay for half the cost of the internet connection if he could use my laptop once in awhile when I didn’t need to use it. I agreed. This opened up a whole new world for me. I started to look at porn and couldn’t believe how much I could see for free. I found a lot of sites with people pissing on each other or just peeing outdoors. I’d sit at the computer for hours, stroking my penis looking through the pictures.

One night Shawn came home unexpectedly earlier than he had planned and caught me looking at porn. I couldn’t shut it down in time. He stood behind me with one hand on my chair and the other on my desk looking at the pics. I tried desperately to hide my erection from him. His eyes were transfixed on the screen. He said, “Oh man you’re into pee play eh!!” I nearly curled up and died on the spot. I couldn’t get any words out, just nothing came to mind. I was so embarrassed, I felt my face getting flushed.

He said, “I’ve always wanted to try that, I’ve seen my older brother’s magazines of girls peeing outside and stuff. It gets me so horny to see shit like that…..fuck this is great, click on the next one!”

I couldn’t believe it, we were looking at porn together. The next pic was of two young guys pissing on each other at the same time. I felt myself turning beat red…what was he going to think of me now. He must know I clicked on the section with guys. Then to my surprise he said, “oh man that’s hot!!” I looked up at him and he was inches away from my face. I guess he caught himself and said, “nah man I’m not gay, I just think peeing is something really hot, ya know.” in a nervous voice.

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