How It All Started…

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Babe Shower

This is a true story and is the first in a possible series. Would love to receive any and all feedback…

First off, I’m married and my wife is unaware of this account. If that bothers you and you don’t believe individual partners need a safe outlet to maintain individuality then this probably isn’t for you. If you’re open minded, encouraging, and understanding then I hope you continue to read.

I’ve always maintained an active fantasy life through chatting with people on various platforms. It’s my first-person porn. I’ve made some great relationships through the years doing this. Typically I never meet anyone in person, just chat. It’s also important to note I’m closeted bi so I chat with both men and women.

I found a bud on a messenger awhile back and he recommended I join a website focused around kink and fetish. I had never heard of it, but after reading about it a bit, it sounded like it was for me. Joined and started exploring the community.

After a few weeks on the site, I ended up chatting with a cute tall married blonde. She was pent up a bit and frustrated and had a huge sexual appetite. I mentioned to her that I too was always hoping to explore, but my partner at home was rather vanilla. We continued to chat and decided to meet.

We opted for a neutral spot at a local post office. She’d drive up and hop in my truck and we’d chat. When she pulled up and got out behind me, I knew we weren’t going to just chat. She had on a black blouse with a short black skirt, cute black flats and sheer black hose covering her long sexy legs.

She got in my truck and there was an immediate spark. We formally introduced ourselves and made small talk for a bit and immediately started making out. Our hands roamed each other’s bodies, but we didn’t have enough time for anything other than the intro and agonizing tease. She slipped out to her car and went home to hubby.

A few days later we were chatting daily and needed to meet again. This time we knew there would be more. She had a satellite office for Mardin Escort her work that was empty in the afternoons on Friday. We decided we both liked the risk of the situation and were going to play there.

She left the door unlocked and I slid in when I arrived having not been seen by anyone. She stood in the reception area, bare legged in heels, short skirt, and silky blouse. She led me to a back room and sat me down. Immediately she dropped to her knees and took my throbbing cock out. It sprung free and she popped it wantingly into her needy mouth. Her tongue and lips immediately working my deprived cock to its full hardness.

The woman had skills that I hadn’t experienced in years. She worked me over for a few minutes and I gratefully accommodated her wishes of pumping my first thick load down her throat. She swallowed every drop and smiled up at me in appreciation.

From there we chatted a bit, but we both knew we were just getting started. She slipped into the other room and changed. When she came back, she still had the heels but lost the skirt and blouse and exchanged it for a short sheer nighty. Her legs and tits looked incredible and she didn’t bother to keep her panties on either. She turned around and I experienced the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen.

I had her put her hands on the break area counter and spread her legs. I took position behind her and dropped to the floor. My hands ran over her silky smooth ass and I gave it a gentle smack. The flesh jiggled with appreciation as my face buried itself in her ass. My tongue roamed over her puckered asshole and moved to her dripping pussy. She had a sweet flavor to her flowing juices. I tongued her from behind until I felt her body quiver above me and she came hard. Her juices flooded my mouth.

While I was teasing her with my mouth, my hand had found my cock again and I had been stroking myself furiously. I was rock hard again and needed to fuck. She intuitively saw this when she looked back at me and got on all fours on the floor. Mardin Escort Bayan She waved her big bare ass wantingly at me and I took my spot behind her. The tip of my cock pressed against her soaked snatch began pushing slowly into her. As her pussy parted for me for the first time we both let out a long gasp of utter enjoyment.

I stayed slow until my full length had pushed into her. I knew even though I had already blown once, I was not going to last long in the delectable married pussy. I broke the silence and asked, “how does my thick married cock feel?” She retorted softly with, “so much better than my inadequate husband. Fuck me like he can’t please…”

I began pumping her from behind, long deep strokes in and out of her. She felt heavenly as I grew harder and harder in her. Her ass made the best smacking noise against my thighs as I hastened my pace in and out of her. Anyone out in the hallways would have known what we were doing had they walked by as the sounds had increased. She was moaning, I was grunting and our bodies were slamming against each other. Finally she clamped her warm pussy down hard on my cock and came hard. This triggered me to start bucking uncontrollably and I shot hard deep inside her. We both rolled sweaty and worn out onto the floor.

We laid there for several moments lost in ecstasy neither of us had experienced in quite some time. We slowly recovered and found our words again and started chatting a bit again. I figured we were probably done for the day but would be lying if I said I didn’t want even more. To my surprise, she did too and led me into their conference room. She pushed me into one of their boardroom chairs naked and dropped to her knees again. I had found my unicorn…she was insatiable and started serving my recovering cock for the second time.

Once I was hard again, I stood and instructed her to lay on her back on the conference table, and spread her legs. I teased her first by rubbing my full length against her once again dripping wet Escort Mardin pussy lips. I looked down as my thickness parted them perfectly while not entering her. She begged me to push inside her. Finally I obliged and began pounding her furiously. She wrapped her legs around me and I began thrusting as hard as I could.

Imagine the site of us…newly minted fuck buddies, naked, sweating, bucking furiously against each other in this empty office with the sounds of our sex echoing in the hallways. It was crazy and we loved it.

Her eyes were locked on mine this time and after 5 minutes of all out fucking I felt her tighten around me again. She let out a long moan and I kept pumping. I felt myself stiffen inside her with one final push and I dumped another load into her cheating womb.

I withdrew utterly exhausted. She lay there on the conference room table glistening in her sweat, my sweat, and all of our juices oozing out of her. We opted to call it a day and get cleaned up. While we were in the bathrooms however, we discovered we had locked ourselves out of the office. This was an uncomfortable realization.

We formulated a probable excuse and I left. She contacted a local employee who came and let her back in and she got rid of her quickly. I came back to collect my remaining things, but realized we had one more go in us. We stripped quickly and dropped to the floor again. She resumed her position of all 4s from earlier and I pushed in from behind. Jesus she was still dripping wet! I was rock hard for the 4th time this afternoon and whaled on this sweet married pussy with my hard cheating cock for the 3rd time. I drilled into her with my hands firmly on her gorgeous ass. I smacked down on both cheeks hard and knew again anyone in the hall could hear what was happening. Neither of us cared because we needed this. I need to get off with her and she needed to get off with me. For the 3rd time that day I stiffened and pump her full of my married seed. She collapsed on the floor in front of me in appreciation. We both got cleaned up again, locked in a hot embrace one final time, kissed each other deep, and parted ways…

There are more of these stories to come, but this is the story of my first time and how my freak began to come out of its hole…hope you enjoyed and will comment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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