Lauren, Mega Babe

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I was recently on a golf trip with 3 friends, in addition to some great golf during the day, we always enjoyed a few nights out, and possibly some harmless dancing and flirting with some girls if we were lucky. All 4 of us were married, had been out of the game for a while, not what you would exactly call ladies men.

Not to say we were not attractive, as well as successful, just that we had become comfortable in the lives we lived.

After playing golf all day we cleaned up and headed to the resort restaurant for some steaks, and later ended up in the bar.

As with most golf groups the day had been filled with several different bets and at the end of the day I was down about $200.

After we made our selves comfortable at a table in the bar, we noticed 4 women sitting together. As guys will do the jokes began, us bragging about what big studs we are and who would get the first dance with one of the girls.

They were all in their 30’s, 10-15 years younger than us. They were very attractive, stylish and sexy and looked to be having a very good time. One of the women was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. If she wasn’t a model, she could have been, and a swimsuit model at that. Perfect body, gorgeous ass, full lips. I have had success with women before, but clearly she was in another league.

They had noticed us, but they certainly did not seem as impressed with us as much as we were with them.

About that time my buddy Tim says “OK, first one who gets a dance gets $50 from each guy, and double that amount if it’s the Mega Babe.”

Well now I’m thinking this is the best chance I’m going to get at winning my money back. I know they’re better golfers than I am and even if Mega Babe won’t dance with me, I’ll still only be $50 down, and if Mega Babe will dance with me, I’ll be up $100.

Before anyone else can act, I go straight to their table. I want to ask Mega Babe so badly, but she is just so fine I am afraid I’ll start mumbling like an idiot if I even talk to her. So I ask the one nearest me as I approach their table.

“Would you like to dance?” I ask her, nothing to smooth, nothing to corny.

“Thank you, but I don’t think so.” She tells me. Hmmm a little disappointed, she didn’t even say not now, maybe later, but kind of a complete crash and burn.

Rather than just walk away I say, “Any of you other ladies?”

Well the Mega Babe says to me, “I would love to dance.” Oh wow, have I hit the jackpot! I would’ve given her the $300 just to dance with her. Up close she is even more gorgeous.

She gets up, takes my arm and we walk past my buddies on our way to the dance floor. Of course they are full of smiles and adolescent jokes which I guess I would have been doing if it were one of my buddies. Before we make it to the dance floor, Lauren, as I learned her name was, asks me to buy her a drink so we sit at the bar, and I order us drinks.

We’re having a very good conversation, she seems to be really into me, laughing at all my jokes, leaning into me, lots of touching. In my mind I’m thinking this girl is crazy about me. My confidence is soaring, and I’m winning money. This is perfect.

We’re about half way through with our drinks and she has constantly been leaning into me very close, her hands have been on my leg, my shoulders, I have felt her breath on my neck, and I am very turned on and have a perpetual hardon.

I may have smelled the perfume she was wearing before, but I can tell you it never smelled as good as it did at that moment. Lauren just oozes sex appeal.

It was a typical bar, we had to lean close to hear each other, and while I was talking in her ear, her hand softly started rubbing my hardon. ‘OH MY,’ I thought, ‘this is amazing. Mega Babe is hot for me!’

She gave my hardon a firm squeeze and then told me, “If you want to dance with me, you have to do me a favor.” By this point she and I both knew I would do anything she wanted.

“Go back to your friends, sit down, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Confused, but not wanting to mess things up I agreed.

Well I got up, adjusted myself so my hardon would not be obvious and went and sat back with my friends.

“What happened?”

“That girl is so into you.”

“Where did she go?” My friends wanted to know. Then I was reminded that I didn’t get a dance so they didn’t owe me any money, typical. About that time Lauren started walking towards our table, like she not only owned the bar, but me as well.

She approached my table, and I began getting up, but she nudged me back into my seat. Then, right there at the table, she sat in my lap. She leaned into my neck and kissed it, sucked it; as she did, she took my hand and discretely opened it and she inserted something soft, then she whispers in my ear, “Those are my panties, soaking wet, I want you to go to the men’s room, sniff them, imagine how my pussy will taste if you’re a good boy. Then put them on, and we will dance.”

I had heard stories about things like this happening, but I never thought I would experience it.

So then she gets Escort Bayan up off my lap, my friends didn’t hear what she said, but they are so jealous and shocked by this incredible woman climbing all over me, they don’t know what to say.

“Go on,” she says, “do it.” So off I go to the men’s rooms. My dick is so hard; I can’t ever remember being so excited. I go in the stall and I smooth out her balled up panties, not a thong, but oh so sexy, these are not cheap panties, you can tell that. And with a pussy as amazing as I imagine hers is, nothing but the best should ever come in contact with it.

I do as she told me, with a passion and fire and not a bit of embarrassment I bring her panties to my face, I indulge in her essence. Oh she smells so good. I am thinking of the things I would do just to stick my nose in her pussy. I take off my pants and underwear and put on her panties. Certainly too small for me, but I get them up. However know way will they contain my hard dick.

I situated things to the best of my ability and walk out to find her, and have my dance.

She takes me by the hand, leads me to the dance floor, “Sucks not to be Brian doesn’t it?” she says to my buddies as we pass them. Oh I may be wearing panties at this moment but I could care less.

I’m a pretty good dancer, but my style is a little more old school than Laurens. She’s doing all that booty shaking, rubbing up and down, against me. I felt close to cumming right there on the dance floor several times, and she was well aware of this. She kept teasing me, then backing off, teasing me over and over again. I didn’t want to cum in my pants. How embarrassing would that be? My friends would never let me live that down. But at the same time, I had no power to tell her no or to stop her from doing whatever she wanted.

When a slow song came on she melted into my arms, oh it felt so good. Then she told me, “I am going to take you to my room, I am going to make you my slave, and you will do whatever I tell you to do, won’t you?” I hesitated just a second, “won’t you?” she repeated. “Tell Mistress Lauren you are her slave, and that you will do whatever you’re told, say it now, or go join your buddies.”

“Mistress Lauren, I want to be your slave, I will do whatever you tell me.” She told me to repeat it louder, and I did.

“Now listen slave, I am in room 2111. In 10 minutes I want you standing outside my door, wearing nothing but your panties, knock once, when I open it I expect to see you standing there wearing nothing put my panties, understand?”

“Yes Mistress 10 minutes, I will be there.”

“Now, when I turn to walk away, I want you to grab my ass, like you are a macho man, not the little slut your about to become, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good than I will see you in 10 minutes.”

Then she slowly turned, and began to walk away, and just like she had told me to too, I got a great grab of her fantastic ass. “How dare you! You PIG!” she shouted at me, while at the same time slapping my face. And then off she went to the amusement of my friends who thoroughly enjoyed her taking me down a few notches with that slap to my face.

I joined my friends who wanted to know what went wrong.

“You had her.”

“You were doing so good.”

“What happened?” they all wanted to know.

I had to think of something to tell them. I was too embarrassed to tell them the truth, wearing panties, being her slave or her slut, as she had called me. “I’m going to find her and apologize.”

“Good luck!” they told me, treating me like the love sick puppy that maybe I really was.

So 10 minutes later, I am standing outside room 2111 wearing nothing but panties that I look completely silly in, my dick sticking out the top, to excited to go down. I tossed my clothes behind the vending machines on the way to her room. I knock on the door; it opens slightly the chain still on it.

“Who is it?” I recognize her voice, I know its Lauren’s.

“It’s Brian.” I say quickly and the door shuts firmly. Hmm, okay I know what to do, and I knock again.

“Who is it?” She asks.

“It’s your slave, Brian,” I reply. This time I enter the dark room. Once inside she shuts the door, and places a blindfold on me.

I can’t see anything, but I hear her moving about, walking around me. “Nice hard dick, all dripping and making my panties wet I see.” she starts rubbing my hardon. It feels so good, I am so horny, I want to cum, I want to see her, I don’t know what I want but I want to make Mistress Lauren happy.

She leads me over to the bed, by my dick. “So how much money did you win from your friends by getting a dance with me?”

“$300” I tell her.

“Interesting,” she says, “That’s the same amount my friends have to give me for getting a man to wear my panties.” At that moment she removes my blindfold and all 3 of her friends are present.

“Pay up girls,” Lauren announces. “Oh, and just so you know slave, you’re going to make me a lot more money before the night is over aren’t you? Aren’t Bayan Escort you slave? You’re going to do whatever I tell you. You see, your guys are not the only one who likes to play betting games.”

“Now get on your knees and take off my shoes, I am going to lay back and relax while you show my friends what a good slave you are and make my feet feel better. All that dancing has made them so tired and sweaty.”

Never have I had any type of sexual interest in feet, until this moment. But now I want to humble myself at her feet, to make her feel like the Princess she is. I slowly remove each of her shoes, her feet are bare. I start to massage each of them, using both hands, I can tell by her sighs and moans she is enjoy this, I alternate feet and as I leave one foot to massage the other, she wiggles her toes. I know want she wants and I feel lucky to be allowed to kiss her feet. I lightly kiss each toe while massaging her feet. Her feet are beautiful. Perfectly painted nails, sexy toes. After kissing each toe, I begun to suck on them, my tongue sucking each like I hope I get to do to her pussy. My tongue dives between her toes, wanting her to feel the passion of my mouth, wanting her to think ‘Oh my if he can do this to toes; I can’t wait to have his mouth between my legs.’

It was strange, wanting to do something like that that I had never had the desire to do before. It was powerful, this desire to please this incredible woman.

So there I am sucking her toes, adoring her feet while she relaxes and talks to her friends, enjoying my submissiveness.

After a while she moves her feet away from my mouth, and tells me to stand up, she leads me over to the bed and forces me to my knees while she stands above me. In front of us all she removes her robe, underneath it she is nude. Oh my she is so beautiful; everything about her is perfect, her flat tight stomach, firm full tits, and the tiny bit of trimmed hair above her pussy. Oh and when she turned around and her ass was inches from my face, perfection from head to toe.

“My friends bet me $200 each that I could not have a man on his knees wearing panties beg me to allow him to kiss my ass, do you want to kiss my ass?”

“Oh please Mistress Lauren let me kiss your beautiful ass, I will be so lucky to have my lips touch your glorious ass.”

As I repeated my begging, I leaned forward and kissed her cheeks gently, laying light kisses all over her ass. Thinking to myself I would kiss her ass each morning just for the privilege of waking up next to her. As I am giving light kisses all over her perfect ass she begins to press her ass firmly into my face, letting me know she wanted my tongue inside her perfect ass.

I have heard about people engaging in ass play, but it had never appealed to me. But now here I was, needing to lick this incredible woman’s ass with all I had. She was moaning as my tongue probed inside her, I was determined to give her as much pleasure as I could. Her friends were going crazy, telling me to “Eat that ass Bitch!” they would push my face into her ass like this would further humiliate me, only I was so happy to being pleasing her my own humiliation meant nothing to me.

I continued to use my mouth on her, using my tongue to lick, to flick while my lips kissed and sucked, when I discovered something she seemed to enjoy I concentrated on doing it more.

Finally she laid me on the bed and on my back and then sat her ass on my face, where she rode me until she began convulsing in a loud powerful orgasm. I was so proud to have made her cum so violently on my face.

After she came she told me to go take a shower, that I would find a toothbrush there and to brush my teeth and clean up. “You smell like ass.” she told me. “And soon you’re going to smell like pussy.”

I like to brush my teeth in the shower so I grabbed my toothbrush and enjoyed being under the hot water. I had not been in the shower very long when she opened it and grabbed my dick, “Don’t you be playing with this either.” she told me. Then she handed me a razor and shaving cream and told me the pubic hair had to go. “I want my slave bald, don’t disappoint me.”

Oh there was no way I would disappoint her, I only hoped my efforts to please her would meet with her approval. So not only did I clean up and brush my teeth but I removed all my pubes as well. It took about 3 times to completely get every strand of hair, but I knew that she would be disappointed if I didn’t do a good job.

When I finished my shower I got out and there on the bathroom counter was a garter belt, and stockings. There wasn’t a note telling me to put them on or anything, but the way they were laid there waiting for me there was no doubt that it was expected that I should put them out.

I quickly figured out how they worked and got them on. Of course I looked pretty silly, hard dick, no panties in a garter belt and stockings on.

I walked back into the room, Mistress Lauren was happy to see I knew what was expected without being told and that I was wearing the garter belt.

She Escort made me spin around, walk across the room like a model for everyone’s amusement.

Since the time I had been in the room Mistress Lauren was refined, regal, full of class, yet her friends were much more crude, loud, calling me names, slut boy, bitch, ass licker, things that a normal man would have been humiliated by but not me. I was so turned on by Mistress Lauren nothing else mattered.

Mistress Lauren was lying on the bed, she was wearing her robe, but it had parted somewhat. Her legs were slightly spread, and I was thinking about how she told me soon I would smell like pussy.

She opened her legs a little wider, “Do you want this? Do you want to be my pussy slave?” I was trembling. “Oh yes I want to eat your pussy, I want to bury my face in your pussy please may I taste you?”

“Crawl between my legs,” she commanded me, “Do not open your mouth, press your nose inside me, smell what you want so bad, smell me and become intoxicated by my delicious pussy, smell me and fall deeper under my control. Don’t you dare open your mouth, just smell me.”

As I laid there with my face in her pussy, wishing that smell would be etched in my nose forever I could hear her friends laughing, giggling behind me. I knew something was up, but did not care.

“Do you want to open your mouth? Do you want to swallow my cum, do you want your face drenched in my juices? Do you?”

“Oh yes please more than anything.”

“Look behind you, look at my friends.” I turned to see her friends, and was shocked to see all 3 of them nude, but each wearing strap-on dicks.

“If I allow you to open your mouth, to taste me, then you will open your ass for my friends, you will only taste my pussy while they take turns fucking your ass. So do you want it, do you want my pussy, do you want your ass raped by my friends?”

“You decide.” she told me. Oh there was no decision, I opened my mouth, I started sucking her pussy and as I did my ass was being lubed, I didn’t care, I was eating the most delicious pussy imaginable.

Laurens hands grasped my head as her friend grasped my hips and fucked me silly. I could feel her friends pushing deeper into my ass and My face was pushed into Mistress Lauren’s pussy.

Mistress Lauren was telling me what a good pussy eater I was, what a great slave I was for her. While I was eating her pussy her friends were taking turns fucking my ass. At first it hurt, but I was beginning to enjoy it.

Mistress Lauren could tell that I was really enjoying being a bitch for her friends. I was close to cumming just from the pleasure of eating her pussy and having my ass fucked.

Mistress Lauren began to approach her orgasm. Her legs tightened around my head and her hands held me firm and deep in her pussy as I sucked her clit just as I had done a short time ago to her delicious toes.

She began bucking and cumming, her cum was so sweet, her pussy was so wet, my face was drenched in her juices and it was delicious.

After she finished cumming and thrashing on my face I changed to light gentle kisses and gentle licks, allowing her to calm down and recover. Minutes later though she repeated the tightening of her legs, arching her back and holding my head tight as she came again this time longer, stronger, it seemed like a wave of orgasms she was having one after another.

Momentarily satisfied she pushed my head away from her pussy, yet the fucking of my ass continued.

It seems that one of her friends had not yet enjoyed her turn yet, and since my pussy eating services were not needed at the moment the final girl stood me up, and bent me over, and moved in from behind and started her turn on my ass.

Mistress Lauren simply watched as her friends enjoyed using me this way.

Then she moved in front of me and while her friend continued fucking me Mistress Lauren begin to start jacking me off. Here I was taking a rubber dick in my ass, while the sexiest most incredible woman I had ever seen was jacking me off.

I was very quickly approaching my orgasm. I had been wanting to cum since the moment I sniffed her panties earlier that evening, and now it was very close.

Mistress Lauren was sitting on the edge of the bed. I was moments away from cumming, at this time she grabbed my hand and placed it on my dick telling me to finish. As I did she spread her legs wide, “Shoot your cum on my pussy, slut, cover my pussy, cum all over me, but I will warn you, if you cum you will lick every drop off of me do you understand? You know you want it, you want to eat your cum don’t you, you wear panties, and garters, you lick ass, you get fucked in the ass, you’re a pussy slave and a cum eater! Cum, cum on pussy you slut!”

Oh and I did, I aimed right at her pussy, squirt after squirt shot from my dick. All over her pussy, up on her belly. If felt so good to cum, and cum I did, it just kept shooting and shooting. “Oh yes slut, cum all over me, look at all that cum, your dick just keeps on shooting that cum, you must really want to eat it, you just keep shooing it. It is so hot on my pussy, on my stomach, keep shooting, how much more do you have in those balls you slut! Look at him cum girls; have you ever seen so much cum? And such a mess for our little cum slut to clean up too..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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