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Strong sexual content. Enjoy, and thanks to the person that made the suggestion for this story.


Megan got home from work and headed to the shower. It had been a long hot day and she needed it even if she had not been going out. She got out of her suit, bra and panties and went into the bathroom. She used the john and stepped into the tub/shower combination. She got under the water and it felt great. She washed her body, paying particular attention to her large 36 D breasts and between her legs. She knew nothing was going to happen on her date tonight but she just felt the need to touch. She shaved her legs all the way to the top but did nothing to her very hairy pussy. She washed her short hair and got out of the shower and dried off.

She went back into the bedroom and picked up the stuff she had laid out that morning for tonight. She slipped the dress over her naked form. She almost never wore a bra except for work (required) and someplace else if she absolutely felt she must. Panties were the same. She went to the mirror over her dresser and ran a brush through her short hair. She put a dab of lipstick on, one drop of perfume between her breasts and was finished. The dress was simple, one color, purple and form fitting. The top material was heavy enough that it did not show her nipples unless she was really aroused and if so, she did not care if they did show.

She put some high heels on and standing sideways looked in the closet door mirror. She liked what she saw. Her long, well toned, shiny legs seemed to run on forever up into her short skirt. With the heels she was almost 5’11” tall. She was trim and her breasts were high and very firm, not giggling around all over the place. She faced the mirror and saw her thin waist flowing into her larger hips. She had left one button on the v neck dress undone and could just see the tops and insides of her breasts. She grabbed a sweater, even though it was midsummer, just in case the restaurant was cold. She grinned to herself knowing that would push her nipples out for sure.

She got in her car and headed to the restaurant. She made sure the air conditioner vents were not blowing on her causing hard nipples. She let the valet park her car and went into the restaurant. Jon was waiting for her and they both smiled at each other. She approached him and he stuck his hand up to her. She took it and it was warm and dry. They asked how each other was and he asked if she was hungry. Megan said starved actually and he said great let’s eat. He unlocked the brakes on his wheelchair and they headed to the receptionist. She said right this way Mr. Reynolds and lead them to a table by the windows. She pulled the chair out for Megan and Jon waited until she was seated to move into the table and lock the brakes.

They had met on the internet, one of the disabled dating sites, and had talked on line and then on the phone for almost 7 months. This was the first night they had met in person. Megan knew all about him being in a wheelchair, it was what she was looking for. She knew Jon had Spina Bifida Occulta. Unlike other forms of SB, there was no indication showing on his back of the problem. It usually did not result in severe disability. However Jon was a paraplegic with only slight feeling in his legs but full feeling in his genitals and had bladder and bowel control. Since he had been born with it, his legs were very thin with no muscle development. Megan had told him she was a devotee and he told her he was looking for one.

They had spent a lot of time talking about each other. Jon told her all about his disability and problems and why he was looking for a devotee. Megan told him all about what she did and why she was a devotee, at least as much as she understood. They both admitted it was a sexual thing and each admitted to having had a couple of other sex partners. Tonight Jon asked her how her day had been and what all she had done. She told him about it and asked the same question of him. Jon worked as a design engineer and Megan was a legal assistant in an office with several lawyers.

A server came and took their orders and they just spent the time getting to know each other better. Megan had not seen a picture of all of him in his wheelchair and she thought to herself he looked very sexy that way. She wished the table was not in the way right now, she wanted to see more of him. Jon was thinking to himself how sexy Megan looked. They had seen each other on Skype but it was nothing like seeing her in person. He thought she looked braless and he had thought the same when they were on line. He wished the table were not in the way, he would like to see the rest of her.

The dinner and service was fantastic. After Jon paid the bill he asked her if she would like to take a ride with him and talk more. Megan readily agreed and they went out to his van. He opened her door for her and after she was seated he closed the door and lowered the lift and he wheeled on to it and it took him up to the door. He backed in and moved up to the steering Bostancı escort wheel and locked his chair in place. He said he knew a place about 20 minutes away where they could go watch the sun set if she liked. Megan said great, she loved to watch the sun. They talked on the drive and he came to a county park. He drove in and to the back of it. There was no one else there and he parked by one of the tables and said let’s get out.

He reversed the process and was soon on the ground. Megan was already out and the ground was not so rough he could not get to the table. He brought a blanket so Megan would not get her dress dirty. She spread it on the bench and sat. Her skirt rode up a little but she did not pull it down. Jon parked right in front of her and for the first time they were both able to look at each other with nothing in the way. Megan broke the silence. She told him she was going to tell him two things. First, her really good friends called her Meg, she considered him one. Second, he looked very sexy sitting in his wheelchair like that.

Jon nodded his head once at her and said thank you for both. He said he was only thinking about one of those, how sexy she was sitting there in front of him. She said thanks and leaned forward for a kiss. He leaned to meet her and their lips met in the middle. It was not a long, passionate kiss but it said a lot to each of them. They separated a few inches and looked into each other’s eyes smiling. Meg did not open her legs on purpose but did not keep them closed all the time either. She knew that two or three times he was able to look up her dress and probably see her pussy hair. She also saw a bulge in his pants take shape as he did so.

They had talked about sex several times and they both said it was very important to them. Jon had said that his body produced no sperm and he wanted her to know in case children were important to her. She said no, not on her list, and she used the pill and was thinking about having her tubes tied. She was not sure she liked some of the side effects of the pill. They had talked about having sex together but would just see how things went on the first date. There was an opening in the trees and they could see the sun starting to go down. Jon had turned his chair around and backed into Meg. His rigid chair back was low and only came slightly above his hips. She put her arms on his shoulders and hands on his chest as they watched.

After it was down Jon turned back to face her and they both kissed this time with more passion and Meg added some tongue. After a couple of minutes Jon broke the kiss and while looking at Meg moved one hand towards her breast and asked may I? She said please do and he unbuttoned more buttons until he could get his hand inside her dress. He hefted it feeling the weight and gently squeezed it working his way out to the nipple. When he reached it Meg took a large, noisy breath in. She had told Jon her breasts were very sensitive. If her partner was pushing the right buttons she could cum that way.

Jon had asked if that partner could be another female and she said yes, she had been with females. However it was only as a sex partner and not someone she wanted to be with all the time. She considered herself bi-sexual. Jon said he understood and had no problem with it. He said he had no problems with gay men, had several friends that were, but he had no interest in sex with them.

Jon only used his hands and made no attempt to kiss her breasts. Meg put her hand down one time and felt his hard on and it felt big. He had told her he was uncircumcised and fairly long. They did not spend much time touching each other, just enough to let it be known they wanted more and liked each other. Jon asked her if she would come to his place this Saturday for the afternoon and dinner and whatever else. She took his face in her hands and said the whatever else sounded intriguing and kissed him. She would be there, what time? He said is noon to early and she said no and she would bring lunch since he was providing dinner. Jon said deal and they kissed on it.

They got back in the van and Meg asked where he lived. He told her and she said it was on her way home. He said follow me then and you can see how to get there. They got back to her car and Jon tipped the valet and she fell in behind his van. He pulled in his driveway and she got out and came up to his window. She told him thanks for a great evening and dinner and was looking forward to Saturday. They kissed good night and she headed home.

When she got into her bedroom she slipped her dress off and checked the back of it, where she sat, to see if it was wet and stained. She was very wet thinking about this evening on the way home. It was not and she fell back on to the bed with her feet and heels still on the floor and her legs wide open. One hand went to her pussy and the other to her swollen breast and nipple. She immediately found her vagina and thrust two finger in it. After playing with herself for a few minutes she sat Anadolu Yakası Escort up and got a large rubber cock out of her nightstand. She spread her legs wider and watched as she pushed it into her pussy. She thought she had better stretch it a little in case they did it on Saturday. As aroused and Horney as she was, it did not take long to have a good cum and she kept on stimulating herself and had another two minutes later.

That finally took the edge off and she relaxed for a few minutes with the rubber cock still buried in her. When she pulled it out, she was sticky in her hair and down her thighs so she got in the shower and washed off. She fell in bed and thought about what Jon looked like in his wheelchair. She was very anxious to see his legs and the rest of his body. She went to sleep with a very large smile on her face.

When Jon got home he went to his bedroom and transferred to his bed. He undressed and leaned back on his pillows. His long penis was still hard and had cum flowing out of the skin covering the head, even with him being hard. He was still thinking about how fantastic her breasts had felt and at seeing her pubic hair up her legs when she opened them for him. He thought she sure was not shy and should be quite the sex partner. He also hoped she might become more than that. He put his hand down on his hard and masturbated himself until he came all over his abdomen. There was a pretty good amount as he had resisted doing it for the past several days.

They talked every night the rest of the week and Meg asked him if he got himself off much. He said yes he did and you? She said yes, a lot. They did not talk any more about it…this time.

Saturday finally came and Meg was up fixing lunch. She put some ice in a cooler and then the food. She got in the shower, washed body and hair, shaved her legs good again and douched. She knew she only had 4 more pills to go then her period. She told herself she needed to ask Jon about that. She dried, brushed through her hair and put on a simple halter that some would consider too small for her. She added shorts and sandals. She threw a few things in a small sack in case she spent the night and put the stuff in her car. She checked the windows, locked the house and started towards Jon’s.

It was only a short drive and she pulled up to his door just before noon. As she was getting out of the car he came to the door and out to the car. He had her put the cooler on his lap and led her into the house. In the kitchen he put it on the counter and turned to face her. He only had shorts on. The first thing Meg noticed were his very atrophied legs. They were both shorter than normal legs and his right was even shorter than the left by 3 inches. If he could stand he would only be about 5’6″ tall she thought. Both feet were on foot rests of different heights attached to his wheelchair. The next thing she noticed was that he had quite a bit of dark body hair all over him. She had already noticed he had a heavy beard and wondered if he shaved more than once a day.

She thought it made him look even sexier. She leaned down and put her hands on his wheels and kissed him with lots of tongue. He returned it in kind. She told him he looked good enough to eat for lunch. He just grinned and said so do you. She straightened up and asked if he wanted to have lunch now or later. He said he was hungry and if she was also, let’s eat now. He got some dishes and she put the food right on the plates from the cooler. Jon suggested the table on the deck and told her how to get out there. She took the plates out and he got some cold drinks from the ice box. He had already put eating utensils and napkins out there. After setting the plates down she looked at the very nice pool.

She sat down and Jon pulled his chair right beside her. She told him what a great yard and pool he had while they ate. He said yes he really enjoyed it and it was a good way for him to get exercise. It looked like there was a sliding door just off the kitchen and another one further down the way. She asked if that was his bedroom with the door and he said yes. After they finished lunch she turned her chair to him and asked if she could examine his legs more. He said you bet and turned his wheelchair to face her. She asked if she could touch one and he said sure and you never have to ask to touch me. She said thanks, same for her.

She lifted his longer left leg and put the heel on her chair between her legs. She looked at it and ran her hands all over it. It was very soft and she felt no muscle anywhere. As she was putting it back on the foot rest his toes pointed straight down towards the ground. She then lifted the right one and it was the same only a little shorter. She told him she loved how they looked and felt and were a big turn on to her.

He told her he could feel her hands slightly and they felt very good. He added thanks, no one had ever told him that before and he appreciated hearing it from her. He then said, something I have never Kadıköy Escort said to you but I like being crippled like I am. I think it is very sexy. I am very glad to have someone like you that can enjoy it with me. She said thank you for accepting me like I am.

They looked at each other, saying nothing, for a couple of minutes and then Jon asked if she would like to take a dip in the pool. She said she did not know he had a pool and did not bring swim wear. Jon grinned and said they were not allowed here, only skinny dipping. She stood, pushed her shorts off her hips and down her legs and undid the halter and dropped it. She posed before him and said does this qualify and he said it would do. He asked her to pull his trunks off as he lifted himself and she did. He had a lot of pubic hair and his cock was starting to stand out of it.

He wheeled over to the lift by the side of the pool and pulled the seat down. He got himself over on to it and using his hands pulled his legs over. Meg just watched enjoying what she saw. Jon pushed himself over the pool and lowered down into it. He floated off the seat and started swimming. Meg made a shallow dive in and joined him. They swam and splashed for about 20 minutes and decided they had better get out with the sun so strong. She watched again as he got back on the lift and up and into his wheelchair. It made her very aroused and she told him so. They rinsed off by the poolside shower and he asked her if she wanted to go in. She said yes and they headed towards his bedroom sliding door.

They grabbed a couple of towels on the way and finished drying off after they got inside. He had a good sized bedroom with a king size bed at just the right height for him to transfer to it. He showed her the master bath and it was also large with a roll in shower and room to pull his chair under the sink. He asked if she needed to use the john and she just plopped down and did grinning at him. When she was done Jon pulled up to the front of the john and slid forward on to the seat facing the back of the john and the wall. He was able to pee that way and Meg handed him a wet wash cloth to wash off with. She had just finished using one on herself.

He moved back on to his wheelchair with his legs flopping around until he backed up and then used his hands to place his feet on the foot rests. They smiled at each other and he led the way to his bed. She watched him transfer over and move to the middle of the bed. She could see it took some effort for him to move around a lot. When he was in place he beckoned her to join him. She did and they moved together face to face and embraced each other with their arms hugging tightly. They started kissing with a great deal of passion. After several minutes he moved his head back a little and said do you want me to make love to you, I don’t want to assume anything. Meg said I absolutely want you to make love to me and to fuck me good also.

They resumed kissing and Jon brought his hand up to her breast and started stimulating it. Meg started to put her hand on his cock and he broke the kiss and said for her to just relax and enjoy what he did to her for now. His turn would come later. Meg followed his instructions and fell over on her back. He continued to play with her breasts for some time. He squeezed them, kissed and sucked her nipples, massaged them and nudged them with his chin which both tickled and scratched. He quit to move down just as she started to orgasm. He had not known she was that close. She did not mention it right now but would tell him later.

With some difficulty he got between her legs and started in on her hairy pussy. She was flowing juices quite heavy and he loved the taste of her as he lapped it up. When his tongue hit her clit she did cum, squeezing his head between her legs. He kept his lapping up for a few more seconds then let her cum down. He moved so he could lie on his side across her bottom. He had her lift her legs as he was doing so, and put them back down behind him. They formed the letter T and his long cock was right at her vagina. He had his hand on her hip and pulled himself inward pushing his long, hard cock into her very wet sheath. He pushed all the way in and bottomed out before he was all in her.

By pulling and relaxing his arm he was able to move in and out of her. After a little while she had stretched and he was all the way in her pussy. His balls were large and lose so far and slapped against the area just above her anus and below her vagina.

Meg was in heaven. He had brought her off with his mouth expertly and now was using his cock to screw her. After she got accustomed to his size, and both of them were well lubricated, she joined in the thrusting. With him turned 90 degrees to her as he thrust his cock, there seemed to be even more stimulation than normal. She felt his balls banging into her just above her anus and this added even more.

Gradually Jon felt his balls begin to tighten up into his body and he knew he was close to Cumming. Meg had started thrusting back at him and the added stimulation was getting him close. He hoped she would cum first; this had always been his goal with his other lovers. His free hand was not close to anything that he could reach that would help her cum as it was next to the bed under him almost.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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