That Bulge

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I have a few stories with one guy that I met last year, his name is Alessio, he’s Italian, we met at a party and since then have become good friends. We had a mutual friend, Francesca, who I had known for a long time. Francesca had mentioned her new friend Alessio to me, saying that I have to meet him because he…well…fits a certain description of a fun guy…

They came out to Catalunya last summer and I invited them to Sitges where my friend was throwing a weekend party over at his villa by the sea. It’s a big house where he has rooms for practically everybody. Some of the people I know call it a “fuck hotel” because that is how usually his parties end.

And that’s where I met Alessio. When Francesca introduced him, there was one thing that I think everybody noticed and couldn’t get out of their heads for the rest of night…the bulge in his pants. Francesca was like, “You gotta meet this guy and get him to show you what’s in his pants.” I was like, “Francesca, and how do YOU know?”

She said, “Well I got a little taste haha!” I should also write some stories about Francesca because she is one adventurous girl with her big tits and a contagious laugh that always lead to all sorts of trouble.

By the end of the evening we all had a few drinks, played some stupid games where we even broke a chandelier and I sacrificed my thong to keep it together. But I did it just to tease the hell out of the guys. It’s my special trick to seduce a guy, you know, to reach under my dress and pull down the panties with an excuse that I need a scrunchie or something. So for the rest of the night I wore my black little dress with nothing underneath it, just to give Alessio and the guys ideas and tease their imagination.

Then we had a disco and I twerked the hell out of my ass in his plain sight. Dancing isn’t easy with my curves, especially when I’m braless because the tits fly all over the place. But I know guys love it. Then I got a little tired and had Alessio make me a drink. I sat on the couch chatting with Francesca and brought my legs up. Alessio was sitting across the room and I knew he was watching me from his vantage point. So I was giving Maltepe Escort him peeks under my dress as if unintentionally and unaware. Meanwhile he was growing uneasy in his chair.

Slowly he also moved to sitting on the couch next to me, probably pretending to be interested in our conversation. I think Francesca got her cue from him because she suddenly had a phone call but I know she wanted to leave us alone. So we ended up having a long talk on the couch. His hands were playing with an empty glass and I just knew from his body language that he was longing for a touch. Francesca started showing everyone some pictures on a big tv screen, photos that her aunt took. Her aunt is a big time photographer in Italy and US. I was watching the screen and felt Alessio’s hands caressing my back. The room was dark and it was the right moment… After a while his hands moved down to my lower back, the lower part. I had my hand on his knee. His touches got more and more erotic, his hand reached under my dress and was traveling across my ass cheeks. I decided to sit up and lean forward to give him better access…there was more than enough ass to go around for him… Hope nobody noticed our little play.

Then later we sat on a lounge chair by the pool. I acted like I was shy, which I think was really turning him on. He had to bring his feet apart to either side of the lounge bed because he probably needed to make more room for his bulge. I was sitting on the far edge, looking at him and smiling over my left shoulder. I listened to his stories but every once in a while I glanced down at his white pants…that bulge…it was getting bigger and bigger… And we both knew something had to be done about it.

Around 3 am, he asked that we get out of there for some privacy because everyone left and the rooms were all probably occupied. He and Francesca were staying at a hotel nearby. I told him that if he wanted me to go to his hotel room, I better see the goods first. I thought that I would catch him off guard with this remark, but he immediately started undoing his belt. Which probably spoke of his blue balls at that point rather than the drinks Ümraniye Escort he had. He stepped into the corner of the house where the light was low and others couldn’t see him and brought his pants down. I saw his cock jump out like a snake. It was…huge! Francesca didn’t lie. He was already hard with precum. I noticed his head glisten with wetness as it swung around. I stood up from the lounge chair and came over turning my back to him as if covering him and his hardon with my body. I ran my hand over his boner behind my back and could feel how warm it was…the guy was definitely well hung by my standards.

We looked for Francesca but she was busy making out with some girl. So we left for his hotel. We walked through the dark streets of Sitges, I was swinging my hips in front of him teasing his hungry eyes. We stopped a few times because he pulled me in for big wet kisses…while grabbing my ass hard. When we reached the hotel room, he opened the door in front of me. It was a nice big room with a separate bedroom. I didn’t even have time to look around because he squeezed me tightly and planted another passionate kiss on my lips. At this point all this making out basically made my dress slide downwards. My nipple was slipping… I asked him if I could use the shower real quick, he nodded. And I walked slowly toward the bathroom while slipping out of my dress. When it finally dropped to the floor I looked over my shoulder to check his reaction. Alessio was drooling at my naked back, ass and legs. He said, leave the heels on when u get out. I whispered, definitely, and blew him a kiss.

After the shower I went out to him wearing nothing but a towel and my heels, he was getting some ice water. I dropped my towel , crawled onto the bed on all fours rocking my tits and gave him a meaningful look. He said that he also wanted to take a quick shower… and I just whispered, “Tick tock tick tock…”

When he was done he went out of the bathroom with his cock swinging. I definitely saw his cock go out of the door before Alessio himself, now in the soft bedroom lighting I saw how thick and delicious it looked. He wasn’t too long but he İstanbul Escort was real girthy, and his knob was just as thick, huge and round. The tip was pointing more upwards than the rest of his cock. Usually that means better reach to G-spot given the right angle.

His cock swung slowly as he walked around the bed… I was lying naked under the towel. But when he came around and stopped at the edge of the bed, I got up on my fours and leaned closer to meet his cock. He was pointing it right at my face, and poked me around with his warm knob. I could feel the weight of the meat against my skin and it made me gasp. This is when he caught the moment and rammed the cock into my open mouth. I could barely get my lips out of the way. He stuck it almost in my throat and groaned deeply. I couldn’t quite call it a blowjob. It was more of a mouth fuck. He was rocking back and forth, grinding his rockhard penis on my lips, teeth and tongue. I was choking on it and could hardly look up at him because my eyes were getting watery with all this meat in my mouth.

I asked him to lie down and started licking his knob holding it with my hands. Then I bobbed my head up and down to put some pressure on his tip which really excited him. I felt his cock throb on my tongue! I was ready for some pleasure myself so I turned my body around and sat on his face with my pussy. We 69ed for a little while and my mouth was getting sore from handling such a huge tip. I stopped trying getting the rest of his length any deeper.

The rest is now a blur in my memory… We fucked in all kinds of positions. I remember that at one point I was screaming real loud when he was doing me from behind in doggie. I felt how his tip was riding against the front wall of my pussy…poking my G-spot. I never gotten so much pleasure doing doggie. I finished lying on my back with my legs in the air, he was going down slow and deep with his cock. Then he licked around my pussy, kissing my thighs and sucking on my lips and clit…then drilling me again , only this time harder and rougher. I had an intense orgasm from inside my pussy. Then he also ended up spraying my tits… After this adventure, we took a nice slow shower together, kissing and laughing…

Since then I went to see him a couple of times in Italy, most recently we spent some crazy time in Lago di Garda at Francesca’s aunt’s place this past summer, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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