The Obsession

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There was a knock at the door. Gary folded up his newspaper and walked down the hall and pulled open the door.

“Gary? Hi I’m Joe; I spoke to you over the phone this morning about letting your spare room.”

Gary was taken a back for a moment and sized up his counterpart; he looked up into the young man’s big brown eyes as his heart skipped a beat.

Joe carried a small backpack over one shoulder and had a suit case sitting behind him. Gary had heard the same Australian accent over the phone this morning but was expecting someone a little bit older. He had a deep voice which you would expect from a more mature man.

Gary met his hand with his own which was a bit smaller and stockier than his new guest.

Gary replied “Hi yes I’m Gary, please come in. I wasn’t expecting you till after lunch”

“Sorry I couldn’t wait; I was too excited to see my new place… I mean that’s if you like me” Joe’s expression change to a cheeky grin.

Gary smiled and ushered him into the lounge room.

As Joe followed Gary he studied the man from behind, he was a short but stocky man in his mid forties standing maybe a few inches shorter than himself. He gave Joe the impression that he was not the most agile of characters but was very powerful as his heavy feet bounded into the lounge room.

“What brings you to northern England Joe?”

Joe wasn’t expecting that question upfront but replied a little hesitantly, “Oh… bit of a long story but just got to the point in my life when I needed a change of scenery and to take on a new adventure”

“Oh OK, well I am not sure you have come to the right place if you are after adventure but I guess this will be somewhat different to what you experienced back home”

Gary proceeded to give Joe the guided tour while probing deeper with a few more questions regarding upkeep, pets and smoking.

After about 10 mins they sat down in the kitchen for a cup of tea.

Gary had received a few enquiries about the room but for different reasons rejected all previous applicants.

Joe seemed to tick all of the boxes and Gary said he could move in straight away if he wanted to. Joe accepted instantly as he had been staying in a local hostel for the last few days since arriving in the country and was craving to find somewhere a little more homely.

They chit chatted into the afternoon covering quite a few topics.

Both men were single and no real sign of romance on the horizon and Gary tried to delve a little deeper to find out more about Joe’s love life but he changed the subject after confirming that he had recently split from his long time girlfriend.

Joe didn’t have a job lined up just yet but explained that he had come from a finance background but wasn’t really looking at returning to the same industry even though he was only in his late twenties. He just wanted to see what happened and go with the flow for a little while.

Joe excused himself after lunch and wanted to explore the town a bit more. Gary invited him to have a drink tonight and he would order some Pizza.

Joe accepted and looked forward to it.

Joe returned at dusk with a six pack of beer and a bottle of white wine and Gary accepted the gift and cracked open a beer for his new tenant.

They talked for a while about the day’s events as they waited for the Pizza to arrive.

Joe broached the subject again about Gary’s love life asking if he had a special lady. Gary replied sheepishly.

“Na, no special lady as such… well I don’t really go for the ladies if you know what I mean.”

“Oh” was Joe’s reply.

“You don’t really give off the impression that you swing that way if you don’t mind me saying. I don’t really know any gay men and I guess it is a stereotype but I would expect you to be overly flamboyant.”

Gary laughed out loud and the mood lightened a bit, Gary was worried that he might scare his new roommate off if he knew he was gay, but it didn’t seem to bother Joe at all. Joe asked a few more questions and Gary obliged.

The door bell rang and the Pizza arrived, Gary paid the delivery man and they both had an enjoyable evening.

The next morning Joe woke early and found Gary in the kitchen with coffee and cereal. Gary had to head off to work in town at the local government offices. Joe said he would do a bit more sightseeing and would have dinner ready for him tonight.

Gary smiled and thanked him as he walked out the door.

The days passed as both men fell into a routine, Gary working Monday to Friday with Joe either taking day trips or just hanging around the house. He was pretty handy and started to apply himself to the back garden and do some fixing up. Gary was pleased with his efforts and reassured himself by knowing he made the right decision by taking Joe in.

A few weeks had gone by since Joe had moved in and both men were developing a close relationship. One Friday night Gary mentioned he was having a few friends over for drinks and Joe was more than welcome to join them.

Joe accepted and was looking forward to it.

Later gaziantep escort that evening Joe returned home from the Gym and heard women’s laughter coming from the dining room as he walked through the door.

Joe poked his head through the door and his eyes met two ladies sitting around a table with Gary and a couple of bottles of wine.

The lady on Gary’s left was a full figured woman in her late thirties. Her name was Anne and had short dark hair and was quite attractive, her large bosom overflowed onto the table as she let out a hearty laugh. Joe’s eyes were immediately drawn to her curves as her laughter made her breasts bounce.

The second lady, Daisy, was a slim blond woman who Joe guessed was in her late forties but was trying hard to look a few years younger. She was also smiling from a joke that Gary had just made when she noticed Joe standing in the door way.

“Don’t mind me I’ve just finished up at the gym.”

Come have a drink Gary said.

“I will very soon, I’ll just have a quick shower and freshen up.”

As Joe left the room he heard one of the ladies say “Oooh he’s cute Gary, tall dark and handsome, I see you have very particular tastes for you new house guests” the roomed file with laughter as Joe turned on the shower.

A little while later Joe came back dressed in something a little more casual and he sat down at the table to join in.

“You’re a couple of drinks behind” said Anne as she giggled and poured him a glass of wine.

Without a hesitation he grabbed her half full glass and downed it in one gulp as he reached for his new glass and also took a large gulp from it too.

Anne burst into laughter and Joe’s eyes were drawn to her heaving breasts again. Anne noticed his vision stray and smiled brightly.

Joe looked her in the eye again and said with a cheeky grin. “If I die tonight I hope I am reincarnated as a motor boat.”

Anne roared with laughter, “If you put those gym shorts back on you can start my engine whenever you want.”

Everyone laughed, although Gary just let out a small chuckle, he was shocked by Joe’s surprising comments and with the ease he flirted with the women. Gary felt a little bit of jealously in the pit of his stomach as he wished that Joe would flirt with him too.

Daisy changed the subject and said to Joe that they were about worried how long he was in the shower for and they were going to send Gary in to rescue me as she gave Gary a nudge under the ribs.

Everyone laughed again but Gary actually did wish he could have gone into the bathroom and joined Joe in the shower. Gary’s eyes locked in on Joe as he was focused deep in conversation, Gary started to picture the steamy youthful body being pinned up against his own but was snapped back to reality as Anne roared with laughter again.

As the night wore on and the drinks flew freely, the girls gossiped about peopled they knew and Gary’s love life, well the lack of it as Gary had put it.

Anne suggested they all head out sometime and even said Joe should be Gary’s wingman to help him get some action.

Joe obliged and smiled at Gary,

Gary tried to side step the subject but Anne persisted and reminisced about Gary’s one time love affair when he was in university, He was on a very long dry spell. The girls laughed again and Daisy could see the embarrassment in Gary’s face so she changed the subject.

It was 1 or 2 am when the Ladies called a cab and left for the evening. Joe thanked them for the entertainment as they headed out the door and said they would have to do it again some time.

Joe returned to the table where Gary was sitting with an almost empty glass.

They had chatted for a while as Joe finished his wine.

“Gary, I wouldn’t mind being your wingman if it would help.”

Gary smile “Yeah, that would be great but you might need to guide me through the process, it has been a while since I tried the dating scene.”

Joe chuckled, finished his wine than stood up and excused himself.

“Thanks for the great night, I had fun. Next time though we will hit the club and find you a man.”

Gary smiled as Joe left the room and thought to himself – I have already found the man I want but I don’t think he knows it yet.”

Several days later Gary returned home after attending a work function where he had had a few drinks.

He heard the shower running and noticed Joe’s gym bag sitting in the doorway of his bedroom.

Daisy’s comment had been playing over in his mind about him joining Joe in the shower and he secretly prayed for an opportunity to do so.

The alcohol from the function had put Gary in a courageous frame of mind and he thought this might be his chance.

He knocked on the bathroom door, “Joe, I am busting can you please let me in”.

“Yeah OK it’s unlocked.”

Gary moved into the steamy room and his eyes were immediately drawn to the naked figure in the shower. The glass was not frosted and he could clearly see every detail.

Joe faced away from him as he konya escort lathered his hair with shampoo.

“Thanks mate; I had a few drinks at work and got stuck in traffic on the way home.”

“Not a problem,” Joe replied as Gary’s approached the toilet

Gary’s gaze stayed on the younger man as the soap washed over his toned body, he particularly liked his firm backside and Gary’s loins began to tingle.

Joe’s eyes were shut as he washed the shampoo out of his hair. He turned towards the towel hanging over the side panel as to wipe the soap from his eyes and gave Gary the chance to have an unobstructed view of his privates.

Gary’s heart raced as his eyes feasted on the trail of dark hair running down from his flat stomach to the chunk of meat hanging in front of him. Joe’s creamy coloured shaft drooped over his full sack. Gary was becoming even more aroused by his enticing package.

Joe turned back around as he opened his eyes with his back facing Gary once again.

Gary was just finishing his business and said “aaahh that’s better, sorry again for intruding.”

Joe laughed and made a comment about how he had played a lot of sport when he was younger and was used to the locker room scene. It didn’t really register with Gary though as he was still focused on his backside.

Joe turned again suddenly as he reached for some soap and Gary’s eyes shifted back to the toilet.

Joe noticed out of the corner of his eye Gary’s package and had to do a double take. His skin was slightly darker than the rest of his body which was not that surprising and he was not overly long probably 5-6 inches when erect but what triggered his shock was Gary’s girth, he was much, much thicker than his own manhood.

Gary noticed that Joe had stopped still; Gary looked up and met his eyes which were fixed on his flaccid cock. Gary’s heart leaped when he noticed the look of shock on Joe’s face.

“Mmm nice package big guy,” Gary quipped.

Joe chuckled “thank god I’m not gay, that thing would destroy me,” as he nodded towards Gary’s crotch.

“Yeah lucky, you should see him when he gets excited, but don’t worry I would be very gently with you.” Gary replied with a wry smile and his cock still in hand.

Joe laughed nervously still looking at his chunky member and eventually broke his stare and met Gary’s eyes. Gary’s gaze was intense and he had a devilish grin.

Joe quickly turned back to face the water and Gary took a moment to take in the view one more time and had an internal debate about whether to disrobe and join Joe or leave. He eventually pulled up his trousers and left the room still thinking about if he had made the right choice.

Gary thoughts raced back to what he had just seen. His steamy body was even better than he had imagined. He wanted so much to enter the shower and wash the sudds off his young stallion. To feel him pressed against the glass, the feel his hard cock pressed against those firm buttocks.

The shower stopped and broke Gary’s attention. He returned to the lounge room and sat in front of the TV, Joe came in some time later and they had a cup of tea before heading off to bed.

As Gary slid under the sheets the memory of the shower remained vivid in his mind. Gary felt his cock rise and his right hand pushed under his pyjama pants to meet it. He tickled his balls and teased up from the base to the tip with a finger. His cock yearned for more man handling but Gary cut his pleasure short. He wanted to save it for Joe; he wanted to give him a full load of his goodness and to break him in like a real man.

Gary drifted off to sleep with his hand still in his pants and imagining that Joe was sharing the bed with him.

The next morning Joe met Gary in the kitchen for breakfast and suggested they hit the clubs tonight

Gary agreed and suggested they have a few drinks at home first. Joe said he would organise that while Gary was at work.

He arrived home around sixish and freshened up while Joe was getting into his first beer. He eventually joined him in the dining room and Joe asked if he knew any good pubs or clubs. Gary said he had a few in mind but it had been a while since he had last been out.

Joe asked if he knew of any gay clubs and Gary blushed a bit.

“Yeah there is one in town.”

“Well I think we have found our destination.” Joe smiled

Gary seemed nervous and suggested they try somewhere else.

“Gary, I have a good feeling you are going to get lucky tonight; especially with me as your wingman,”

Gary chuckled “hmm Ok but I need some more booze first.”

After several more drinks Joe and Gary hailed a cab into town and stepped out at the club. Joe didn’t know what to expect as they joined the queue and after a few minutes they were inside.

They scanned the room for a moment and Joe asked Gary to find a table near the dance floor while he got some drinks. Gary nodded and headed off to find a spot.

The club was just over half full and he scanned the room searching for Gary as kayseri escort he waited for the drinks.

Gary found a couple of seats and looked back to see where Joe was. He was paying for the drinks and could see that he was in conversation with some young guy who was very obviously hitting on Joe.

Gary’s persona changed immediately as he felt the jealously build inside of him. The young buck had his arm resting on Joe’s shoulder as they chatted and Gary rose to his feet to try and intervene. But as he stood up Joe turned and left the guy standing there.

They sat down and Joe could tell Gary seemed a little uneasy.

Joe handed him his drink, “which hot piece of meat do you have your eye on?”

Gary’s face shifted back to a smile “no one really takes my fancy.”

Joe said firmly “have a drink and get out on that dance floor” as he gave him a shove.

Gary hesitated and asked Joe to come with him. Joe shook his head and had another sip while giving him a shooing motion with his hand.

There was a small crowd on the dance floor and Gary nervously stepped into the middle. He didn’t know the song but it had a good beat and after a few hesitant shuffles he found his groove. Gary tried dancing towards a hot young guy but he was being ignored by everyone.

He looked back at Joe and he was smiling and still giving him the shooing action. Gary turned back and found a new target but was shut down as they guy turned away from him and left the dance floor.

Gary’s confidence was shaken and he looked back at the table for some more reassurance only to find that young buck was sitting back down with Joe and had his hand resting on his thigh.

Gary’s jealousy came flowing back and he headed for the table immediately.

Joe seen Gary coming and handed his drink back to him and asked “How did you go?”

Gary shrugged and pulled up a seat close to Joe. The buck smiled at Gary and returned talking to Joe. Joe changed the subject and introduced the two men. Joe said to the buck that Gary was a little nervous and need a hand to find his feet.

The buck looked Gary up and down was obviously not impressed, he turned back to Joe and resumed the conversation. Joe summed up quickly that this probably was not going to work, but he thought he would give it one more shot.

He took one more sip of his drink and excused himself and headed towards the bathroom leaving the two men to chat.

The buck looked back at Gary and said that his friend was cute, Gary smiled and nodded than tried to break the ice by asking the buck about himself. The buck didn’t respond as he was looking towards the bathroom and asked Gary what the deal was with Joe.

Gary didn’t like where this was headed and didn’t really reply but just gave him a vague overview. The buck was focused on the bathroom still and didn’t even seem to hear Gary’s words.

The buck rose up and started off towards the bathroom. A few minutes passed and Joe came out alone. Gary was brimming with jealousy and wanted to know what happened.

“The buck tried to pick me up and asked me to join him in a cubicle, but I declined the request and left.”

Gary seemed a little more relaxed after his explanation but was still on edge.

Joe finished his drink and said he was a bit over whelmed with the experience. He had never been to a club like this before. Gary said that they should get out of there and head back home.

Joe agreed, they hailed a cab and the return journey was very quiet.

When they arrived home Joe reassured Gary and said he would have better luck next time. Gary smirked and looked at Joe lustfully.

Joe didn’t notice as he kicked his shoes off and headed for the kitchen.

Gary felt he had missed an opportunity to make something happen with Joe and sauntered off to bed. As he lay there the jealously was still brewing inside of him and his thoughts led to dark places with the help if the alcohol. He wanted Joe to himself and yearned to have Joe want him back, this angered him when he realised that Joe would never want him, not like that, how could anyone want someone like him.

A few days passed which turned to weeks and Gary’s feelings were growing stronger, he desired Joe more and more each day and despised anyone that got between them.

the weather was starting to warm up and life in general was starting to look brighter, but not for Gary, he was gradually becoming more serious, withdrawn and obsessed with ways of bringing Joe over to the dark side as he called it.

Joe was still persistent about getting Gary back on to the dating scene but Gary felt too out of place to try and pick someone up.

One Friday evening after Gary finished work he had a few drinks at the office with some colleagues and they decided to take the party to a pub in town. Gary obliged and after a few more drinks decided to call it an evening.

It was a nice night and he decided to walk home, as he turned the corner he came upon the same club he and Joe visited a few weeks earlier. As a spur of the moment thought Gary went inside to have a drink.

He ordered a cocktail and took a seat with a good view of the dance floor, the music was pumping and there were a lot of attractive men dancing. Gary ordered another drink and as he was paying the young buck pulled up beside him and placed an order. Gary was pretty merry and decided to have another shot.

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