The Park Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of the same park visit that occurred after a ruined meeting with a man from an online dating and hookup site.


As I laid on the blanket that I had spread out on the grassy area the wait to see who would approach it wasn’t going to be long at all before I had company. I had noticed at least three couples two male male and one two women and numerous single men in various areas of the sunny clearing. None had selected the edge of the clearing like I had where some anonymity but good viewing could still be gotten. After finishing off the young married man just minutes ago he had quickly made his hasty departure after thanking me and I had staked out my spot and waited..

Having removed my slacks I was laying there in my underwear with my legs in the sun and my torso and upper body in the shadows when he approached and was quick to ask me you alone, do want some company? I said absolutely there’s plenty of room my names Robert he smiled and said mines Steve and settled down on the blanket next to me. Steve was wearing running shorts and a tank top and was clearly dressed to be out for a jog or run a smart choice for a park. Steve turned on his bursa escort side facing me and said he couldn’t help noticing the encounter on the bench in the shade and asked if I had enjoyed myself. Yes Steve, I said I did, but there wasn’t exactly all that I wanted out of that meeting smiling back at him. I asked, so Steve are you single, married what’s your status are you gay? Steve quickly responded, I’m single Robert, I have a girlfriend but sometimes I like to go outside that box and have always found that some men like yourself are receptive to the same thing. I said yes, some more than others. He asked me what’s your status, gay, bi single what? I’m married wife doesn’t know or seem interested and I have found like you going outside the box can fill in some basic needs I have as well.

As he laid there turned to me he pulled aside the shorts leg moving the mesh that held an already semi hard gorgeous cock that flopped out along the inside of his thigh. Well, Steve it seems you have some stiffening needs of your own as well today as i reached across and played with the now hard cu head and spread the leaking recum across his malatya escort slit down and around his cut cock head. MMMM, yes that feels good Robert, play with it and tell me what was missing from that last encounter, looking into his eyes and fingering his cock I said everything you seem to be laying out at the moment Steve maybe this will demonstrate what was missing as i turned away and pulled back and rubbed my underwear covered ass all over his stiff cock. MMMMM, I see as he reached down and pulled my underwear under my ass cheeks allowing his cock to easily ride between my cheeks and dance across my asshole over and over while at the same time reaching over my side under my arm and pinching my nipple making me moan with need.

God Steve…you seem to know, don’t you. Yes he whispered in my ear I do, as he guided his cock to my opening and rubbed the wet tip there before slipping it deep into my ass in one long smooth motion making me gasp and push back into his stiff warm shaft. OH FUCK, you’re so fucking hot and tight Robert he whispered kissing behind my ear as he rocked his hips back and forth making my ass his as I moaned and çanakkale escort met each motion my nipple pulled and released over and over as he commented on how it felt and how he needed it too. His hunger grew and became harder until all at once he said wait; and pulled out suddenly yanking my underwear completely off, and at the same time leaving me vacant, empty and turning me to my back and quickly pulling his shorts down was between my legs holding back my knees and entering me again fast and to the hilt with a full thrust looking at me. My eyes closed and I opened my legs as he forced back on my lifted knees and he started pumping leaning in and kissing me as he fucked me. My eyes flew open and my mouth opened as his tongue went in just as his hips hit my ass cheeks his balls slapping at my ass and i moaned deeply into the kiss.

Lifting back up he said oh yes, oh I see Robert… this is what was missing, this is what you came for, this is what they can’t give us. This complete ownership and allowing yourself to surrender to this gay, man on man act that completes who you are. Say it Robert… say it to me… YES STEVE…I nearly shouted… OMG, fuck me, own it, make it yours do it do it hard cum for me. Eye to eye, lips on lips deep in me his stiffened, grunted and moaned and emptied himself before collapsing beside me on the blanket. Touching hands we laid there, me leaking him breathing his hand clutched in mine as the sun crept away and it seemed we were the only two in the entire secluded meadow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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