The Party Toy

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In the year after my eighteenth birthday I had had few mundane sexual experiences with a couple girls I’d dated, though nothing major.

I had also been in a couple of experimental encounters with friends. Just normal jerking each other.

Wanting more my thoughts turned to fantasy.

My nastiest sexual fantasies were a mix of what I thought could possibly happen and what I hoped could happen.

I worked with a guy who was openly gay. He was the only gay person I knew, so naturally I thought he might be instrumental in helping me make a fantasy real.

Still young compared to this twenty-four year old, and still naive I approached him with the knowledge that I was no longer jail-bait.

He was known for throwing extravagant dinner parties, so in my fantasy, at the next all gay dinner party he threw, I would be there playing a special kinky role.

After getting his agreement to the general idea I described it to him thus: “I could be dressed in a French maids uniform and be stationed in the bathroom. When someone wants to use the facilities I would be there to help out. Maybe just hold their penis while they pee. Maybe more. I imagine a basket on the commode with condoms in it and for tips.”

My friend John agreed readily to what he called my “twisted little idea” though he said it with an air of approval because he didn’t care about morality or any such stuff.

He got in touch with me a few weeks later to confirm that the party was on and it was all set up. He was even going to get the sexy costume. I just needed to show up early to get dressed.

On the big day I was there nibbling on a few appetizers, including penis shaped petit fours, when the doorbell rang for the first time of the evening. The jitters in my tummy turned to a full on swarm of butterflies. John said simply, “OK Sissy, It’s time for you to take your place.”

It was only about ten minutes later that the first party guest entered the small cramped bathroom where I had been checking the time impatiently.

He was holding a drink for me in one hand and a little card in the other. He was already talking as he opened the door, “This here card says there is a favor to be had in here.” The man appeared to be about forty, portly, with a gray beard and balding on top. In no way was he my idea of attractive. I had thought all of John’s friends would be his age.

On the other hand I was only really attracted to girls anyway, except for men’s cocks. So could it really matter much about the other details? I wondered what his cock would be like.

Playing my perverted role I greeted the stranger, “Hello, Sir. Yes, there are favors here. How can I help you?”

“Hello yourself, Sweetie. I like the uniform, and the fishnet stockings look great on you. Let me see, give us a spin.”

I spun around so my skirt would flair but since I had never worn heels before I fell over right into his arms. He caught me, “Woah there Filly, I like, but right now I gotta drain the main vein.”

“Ok Sir. I can help with that.” I reached for his zipper. “We aim to make your bathroom experience as pleasurable as possible.” After pulling down his zipper – an awkward first for me – I had to decide if I should fish his cock out through his fly or unbutton and lower his pants.

I attempted to fish it out. Reaching in I was pleased to feel a sizable man meat in there under his underwear. Sadly, I had no idea how to get it through the fly of the underwear. I felt around but couldn’t find a way.

Putting his hand on the small of my back he stroked me there saying, “Darlin’ the uh service is real nice but I gotta go bad.” He pulled out a thick dick and pointed it at the bowl. For my part I stood half behind him and half to the side, with my left hand on his shoulder and my right on his dick. I held it and continued aiming for the bowl.

This was the first time I had held a real man’s dick and I was not disappointed. It was thick like his body and warm to the touch, something that should have been obvious but surprised me.

When he pissed I could actually feel the liquid coursing through the fleshy tube. Mine must feel the same but I guess I take the feel of it for granted.

He put his hands on his hips letting me take over completely. It was harder than one might think, like controlling a steering wheel on a car from the passenger seat. The stream was fast and solid and made quite a sputtering sound as it hit the porcelain.

In contrast to the exciting sensations of feeling new warped things, the acrid smell wasn’t pleasant at all.

When he finished he told me not to forget to give it a shake. Of course, I did. Grabbing a tiny wad of toilet paper I wiped off the tip and threw it into the toilet. Remembering that I was dressed as a slutty maid whose purpose was to serve, I sat on the toilet and said, “Let’s get this bad boy ‘home’ now.” I said it in my most seductive voice so he would truly put it home in my mouth.

“Absolutely, Sweetie. Thanks for the fantastic assistance.” With that he tucked it away, dropped ten dollars in mardin escort the basket, then patting me on the head he said, “I’m Frank. I hope you remember me.” He turned and left. I was disappointed. My first chance to suck a cock, a nice one at that, and I bombed out. What had I done wrong? I pretty much knew I wasn’t passable but this was a gay man.

As Frank left another man squeezed in at the same time. He handed me a shot and said, “A gift from John; It’s called a blowjob.” The second guy told me how to drink it with no hands. He picked me up off the toilet seat and moved me over into the corner. He was pretty strong and had no difficulty moving me around at all. His name was Troy. He was maybe in his late twenties. Well built. And blonde.

He had his dick out and was pissing before I could go into my spiel at all. When he was done he grabbed my by the wrists and yanked me back over to the seat.

I was feeling a little tipsy from having downed two drinks in the time it takes two guys to pee. Looking up I saw a beautiful cut dick before me. Unlike Frank he had no hair on or around his dick and balls.

Troy placed his thumb on my lower lip and asked, no told me, to open up. That’s what I was here for, and I was liking his forcefulness, so I opened wide and stuck out my tongue, ready to suck my first cock.

I looked closely at the object of my desire for the first time and to my disgust saw that there was a drop of pee clinging to the tip. I reached for a wad of paper but before I could get any Troy had swiped the head of his dick on my tongue. I had no time to react.

He kept wiping it there, in circles, wetting the underside of his growing member. Lightly, Troy slapped my face a few times then stuck his low hangers up to my open mouth, stuffing them inside. He closed my mouth with his fingers. I sat there stunned with a man’s wrinkly scrotum in my mouth!

Troy placed his hands on my head holding me in place, not that I was going anywhere. His dick stiffened and grew. It got quite hard, I think about the same size as mine, so six inches.

Troy asked me if I liked his cock. I nodded and he answered, “Good. ‘Cause I hope you get a chance to get it all.” He wasn’t mean but that forceful tone was still there exciting me. “For now, suck ’em hard! They like that.”

“I did what I was told and sucked.” He told me to suck even harder so I did that too. His balls got pulled deeper into my mouth, stretching obscenely away from his body. His cock grew to its full hardness waving about in front of my astonished eyes.

After a bit Troy said he wanted to save me for later. He pulled my treats away, dropped some cash in the basket and left, still zipping up as the door closed behind him.

Seeing him still zipping I knew others would assume I had just sucked him off. Sadly, it wasn’t the case but knowing they would be thinking it turned me on.

Only a minute passed before a third guy came in with a beer for this underage drinker. Tall and thin he wore a goatee. This one was rugged and handsome. He stood in front of the toilet doing and saying nothing. I repeated my lines about helping and serving but still he said nothing.

I went to unzip him but there were buttons instead. They were hard to undo. I struggled with them and knelt to get a better angle. Eventually I got the job done. I stood in what I thought of as my usual place half behind him and stroked his dick, aiming it towards the bowl. It grew hard, very long but not super thick.

I jerked him for a number of strokes. He never peed nor said anything which was unnerving.

Turning him sideways I licked from base to tip. With some guidance, I pushed my lips down on the side of the shaft. Gathering up some spit I licked all over getting it slick so it would fit in my mouth easily.

I lathered saliva all over his balls then worked my way up to the main event. I was just about to engulf the head of this majestic cock when he asked me to stand up.

He ran his hands down my sides. If I had real boobs he would have been feeling side boob. He cupped my buns squeezing passionately. He pushed me over the vanity enjoying my globes some more through the panties and stockings. I was more concerned about not letting the long hair of my wig get wet in the sink.

There was a hint of a breeze as he flipped up my short skirt then I felt him quickly jerk down both panties and nets at the same time.

This quiet man took hold of my balls fondling and tugging them. It sent electricity through my groin. I wanted to be corrupted more so I spread my stilettoed feet as far apart as I could with panties bunched at my knees.

His hands reached around my balls to firmly grasp my whole package which would achieve its full erection soon at this rate. Pulling downward as he was my dick was deprived of an opportunity to rise fully, but I didn’t care at all.

He knelt behind me. Moving one hand to my butt cheeks, but continuing to milk my cock and balls. He spread open my crack to look at this part of me no van escort one had ever seen with lustful eyes before.

I sensed him lean close and heard a deviant sniff as he inhaled the scent of my tiny sphincter. I never imagined anyone would want to smell another person’s butthole, but here I was being smelt.

Finally, he spoke. Nervously, he said, “That was beautiful. See you later.” I never expected that I wouldn’t be the only nervous one. He didn’t explain why he stopped nor where he was going. But, nevertheless, he was gone.

I straightened my outfit, left alone to finish my beer for a few minutes. With a clunk I dropped the bottle in the trash. At the same time the door slowly opened.

A shorter but distinguished man came creeping around the door. He handed me some sort of frozen beverage in a glass with salt on the rim. I sipped it and we made small talk. His name was Ash, he came into town just for the party.

After we got to know each other he asked me to stand so he could look me over. He told me he liked what he saw very much, that I was a good looking lad. I was thinking that these men were unnaturally interested, if not more interested, in exploring my body as opposed to sticking their dicks in it.

Next he massaged my neck then proceeded to feel my bod all over. When he got to my dick he carefully lifted my skirt and gingerly lowered my nets. He really enjoyed playing with my hard cock. He even licked it. I had thought, again, I would be blowing him. The first lips on my dick were not at all what I expected. His mouth was chilled from his drink. He took only the tip of my head in his mouth and suckled on it like a bottle.

Ash stopped before I came, telling me that cum was too precious to waste at this time. I don’t think it counts as a blowjob if you don’t cum, does it? Next he had me bend over and he fingered my asshole a little, standing there behind me with his other hand on my shoulder.

All the attention felt great. I had anticipated being used for the queer pleasure of these men but did not expect that anyone could see me as an object to be played with rather than as anything other than a receptacle.

Suddenly he excused himself to return to the party. We were having so much fun. Why did he leave?

Separately, two more guys visited me bearing alcoholic gifts. These two guys also engaged in incomplete sexual activity with me, so I asked about that. One told me that John had something special planned for his ‘Party Toy’.

No more guys came for an eternity. Let me tell you, there’s not much to do alone in a tiny bathroom.

Finally, an older man of about sixty came to see me. He said that ‘they’ wanted me and I should come. He helped me stumble Into the living room. Everyone was assembled there and when they saw me they burst into cheers and applause. I blushed.

I was bewildered. I had done nothing to deserve this. John announced, “Here’s our youngest friend.” Then to me, “Welcome to the party Scotty!” To the all male group again he said, “Who likes this young Sissy maid?” There were hoots and cat-calls. “Who thinks she looks hot?” More appreciative cheers. “Who wants to have a little fun?” This too was followed by even more shouts of revelry.

As the group again went crazy they lifted me up like you see done at concerts. I was laying on a sea of hands and the room was spinning. They took me on a journey around the room chanting, “Virgin! Virgin!”

Shortly, I was lowered back to a standing position. Hands were all over me, pawing then undressing me. In no time at all my costume was nowhere to be seen. They stood me on an ottoman completely naked – up high on display for all these lecherous men to stare at.

No longer in the privacy of a bathroom or possessing the anonymity of a costume I was truly bared naked to my soul. At the same time never before had so many taken such a weird delight in my sexuality. I felt exposed yet happy.

John quieted the raucous group saying, “Let the games begin.” To me he bent close telling me, “We’re not going to do any more to you than you signed up for, not much anyway.”

“Is there anyone here who would like a go at the mouth of this fine physical specimen?” Many hands went up. “Then we’ll start the bidding at one hundred dollars, remember no seed has been planted here yet. You will be the first.”

It was a standard auction with dwindling bids until a barrel chested man in Jeans was declared winner for three hundred dollars. John tucked the money in a tiny silk bag with drawstrings which he inexplicably tied to my balls.

“Next on our list we have his fantastic and muscular virgin ass.” He turned me around. The bidding proceeded much as before. One man came close bending me over for an anal inspection before he raised the bid and won me.

John added another wad of cash to the bag. “Who would enjoy a frottage on this lithe body? We can have four victors.” They narrowed it down to the four.

I started to put together in my mind a picture of the illicit orgy they were planning. ankara escort My dick rose yet again despite my nervousness.

This did not go unnoticed by the throng of loud men. How could It? John calmed the wild crowd. “Now we have the grand finale. Look at this pretty cock here.” A man lifted it, turning me and it this way and that for all to examine. “See the crown, the newly shaved balls, the nicely thick shaft.” I felt proud to have my penis described in such complimentary terms. “No man has yet sampled the sweet nectar of our toy here. All things are firsts here tonight but he can only produce this food of the gods once, maybe twice tonight. I’m going to start the bidding at one thousand dollars.

Even in my drunken stupor I had enough wits about me to know that no one would pay a thousand dollars to be the one doing the sucking. For an exceptional call-girl someone might pay that to receive a blowjob, and much more.

I was wrong. Several hands went up right away.

When it was all said and done and all my criminal favors had been sold the guilty little red bag of bills tied around my nuts was surprisingly heavy.

Compared to the usual amount of cash I normally had I was dirty rich.

John addressed the group, “Well guys, I guess that means it’s time to start the show.” I heard low murmerings from the men.

A few of the guys guided me over to a low padded piece of furniture. It was the size of a love chair but with no arms or back – just flat. They laid me down on my back, still buck naked and still sporting a raging boner. I had a flash of imagined scenes from Karn Evil Number 9.

Several of the men started rubbing and massaging me all over. It felt nice. It was sensual and erotic and only became more so when they began exploring into the secret crevices of my body.

Hands grasped my cock and balls, more felt my pecs and armpits. Other hands rubbed my shoulders while still another found the crack of my ass. Some oil appeared from nowhere and was rubbed on me. The fingers in my crack were now slippery and prodded my spot.

In another minute an anonymous man told me he was going to loosen me up for Pierre who had bought my ass. I felt his finger prying at my hole. It felt good too. He added more oil then started to insert his fat finger into me. He worked it around, in and out, then declared I was as ready as ever for my abuse.

The group decided they wanted to see me suck dick first. Having been laid upon my back I saw a pair of jeans approach from above my head. Crystal clear, a loud zipper, inches from my ear, went down. I could see a huge set of balls and a hefty but flaccid cock looming over my face.

The men all grew quiet knowing they were about to witness the first violation of my mouth and soon the first injection of sperm into me. In a hushed tone one of the guys asked of no one in particular if I were going to be able to take such a big one my first time.

The man whose dick it was, told them he was a shower not a grower. They laughed. To me he leaned over and said, “Don’t worry you can do it. And if not I’ll make you.”

A few pairs of hands pulled me into the sacrificial position so that my head hung at the perfect angle. The man dropped his pants the rest of the way and held the large penis to my lips. My view of the whole room was blocked and I could only see the bottom of his dick, his balls, and his thighs. I opened my mouth all the way to allow the head entrance. I imagined the head would simply go into my mouth, the reality was that the giant bulb squeezed its way in. Somewhere in the room I heard a champagne cork pop reminding me that I had an audience.

He leaned in and out inserting more of his soft dick with each motion. Soon enough the whole dick was inside my mouth filling me up. One sole fan clapped when the large furry balls were resting on my lips and nose. The rest of the depraved group were talking indistinctly among themselves. “Yea,” I thought to myself, “I can do this.” But I was still so nervous that I lost my hard-on.

The squishy dick started to harden. As it stiffened it grew longer. The offending head plugged my throat so I couldn’t breathe. I wondered how long it would get and how deep it would go. As it turned out it got just a bit longer and no deeper since he pulled back as it lengthened. He adjusted his stance allowing for better probing but it also had the effect of sandwiching my head between his thighs.

When it was fully hard it had thickened a little too. But not so much that my teeth dug into the sides very much at all. My unknown fellatador began to steadily and rhythmically use my mouth. I think he was gentle, it being my first time. It still made me gag occasionally, and I almost retched once when it butted against my throat a little harder. But I tried my best to be a good receptacle. In my fantasy that’s what I was – a mere vessel for cocks and spunk.

It seemed like forever but was probably no more than five minutes when he leaned over my body putting his face near my own penis. I could feel his breath on my dick which made it come to life anew. Someone reminded him that my cum was reserved for another. This more forward position changed the angle at which his big cock attacked my mouth. It actually worked better. I could feel his cock making a lot more contact while sliding along my tongue. I could oval my lips better too.

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