The Weekend: Friday Night

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Clark checked the clock before he put on the emergency brake and turned off the car. It was closer to 8pm than he wanted it to be but traffic on his way into the city had been worse than he had planned. He grabbed his belongings from the trunk and began to walk towards his friends place where he would be spending the weekend. Clark and Luke had known each other since they were young but Clark was more interested in Luke’s roommate, Savannah. They had met briefly the last time Luke had Clark over for drinks and she had immediately peaked Clark’s interests. She had short brown hair with blonde highlights and the left side cut short that reminded Clark of a sprite. She had piercing hazel eyes and a smile that drove Clark crazy. She stood at 5’9″, 135lbs with cute 28″ hips, 24″ waist and amazing 34G breasts that Clark could stare at for hours. She wore tight jeans that hugged her hips and a sweater that was comfortable for Savannah but still gave Clark enough to look at when he saw her.

Clark approached the front door and walked in because he knew it would be open and before he could get a word out, Luke’s dog Chuck began barking and running to greet him. Luke followed shortly after Chuck and greeted Clark with a hug and a beer. As Clark and Luke chatted, Clark could smell something delicious coming from the kitchen. Clark knew it was Savannah that was responsible for the smell as he requested she cook for his arrival. Savannah didn’t mind as she liked cooking and preferred it to constantly eating hamburgers which was all Luke seemed to know or care to cook. Savannah was making a stir fry, easy enough to throw together and still be impressive to get Clark’s attention.

Clark had wavy brown hair that he managed to tame just enough that it suited his clean shaven face and hazel eyes that Savannah found adorable. Clark stood at a confident 6’2″ and 225lbs and had the physique of an athlete who indulged in food and drink a bit more often than he should. His arms and legs had some muscle tone to them giving Savannah the impression Clark spent a good portion of his time at the gym. Savannah found Clark just as interesting and Clark found her but she did a much better job of hiding her interest than Clark. He was dressed in his usual jeans and hoodie but Savannah only wondered about what was underneath.

Savannah was so focused on cooking that she didn’t notice Clark sneak up behind her and wrap her up in a bear hug.

“Hey Doll,” he said into her ear. “Thanks for cooking. It looks great”

“No problem. It’s got chicken and lots of vegetables. It’s going to taste as good as it looks” she responded.

“I bet it does, it smells amazing.” then he lowered his voice so Luke wouldn’t hear him “I was referring to you when I said it looked great”. Savannah knew she was attractive and was used to boys saying cheesy things like that, but when Clark said it she felt the confidence in his voice when he delivered the line. Before he pulled away he made sure to thrust his hips into her ass and brush his arms against her breasts that he’d been dying to grab since she first sent him a selfie with cleavage in it. Savannah smiled to herself at Clark’s boldness and thought about him repeating those actions naked while she finished up with the stir fry.

They all sat down and had dinner and chatted about their week and the little things that helped them get through it. Throughout the meal Clark was trying to get any sort of physical contact with Savannah under the table without Luke noticing but he was not successful as Savannah was either too far away or Chuck kept intercepting his foot. Seeing her so close and not being able to touch her was driving him crazy. They had texted about what they might do to each other were they given the opportunity and all Clark had on his mind was seizing that opportunity the first chance he got.

After dinner, Savannah decided they should all go hang out in the living room and watch a movie. Clark and Luke were fans of action and sci-fi but since Savannah suggested a comedy/drama that she had been wanting to see and since the boys couldn’t come up with a better suggestions that’s what they ended up watching.

When they sat down for the movie, Luke and Savannah sat down in their usual spots on separate couches and Clark took this opportunity to get as close to Savannah as possible. But when Clark sat down, Savannah immediately got up and left the room momentarily. Clark was puzzled but konak escort his curiosity turned to excitement when he saw her return with blankets for the three of them. The two of them snuggles up under the blankets and the movie began.

“Fuck! We forgot the popcorn.” Savannah said in a dishearten tone. Clark would have normally used this chance to show how chivalrous he could be but the erection he was already sporting would have made things more awkward than they needed to be.

“I can make us some popcorn. Is microwave okay?” Luke said getting up to be the good host and roommate. Both Savannah and Clark got comfortable on the couch, her at one end with her feet extended and Clark sitting with her feet in his lap, and waited for Luke to return with the popcorn. They made idle conversation while waiting for their movie snack and once Luke returned with a bag of popcorn for them to share they resumed the movie.

Before the main characters were even introduced, Clark started moving his hand, underneath the blanket, up Savannah’s leg. He would pause and squeeze as he moved his hand up and would sneak glimpses of her face to see her response. When he got no objection, he moved his hands up further until they were caressing her inner thigh just below her pussy and gave her another playful squeeze. Out of the corner of his eye, Clark saw the slightest hint of enjoyment show on her face. He rubbed her inner thigh and brushed up against her jeans and could feel the heat coming from them and Clark’s mind filled with the thoughts of how wet she must already be. He decided to be bold and continued moving up towards her belt and began undoing it as quietly as he could. To his surprise her belt was easy and quiet to undo but the zipper on her jeans would be another story. He stole another glimpse of her face for objections, and when he received none proceeded to undo her button and grab the zipper tab and start pulling.

When he heard nothing as the first teeth came apart he pulled the zipper completely open and began tugging her pants down. Clark was relieved at how silent everything was and thought it was as if Savannah knew this would be happening and chose the quietest pair of pants and belt she owned. Clark tried to get his hand into Savannah’s pants but the angle was to awkward and any more shifting at this point might be too obvious to Luke. As much as Clark wanted to put his finger inside Savannah’s while his friend sat six feet away, he settled for teasing her by moving his hands over her as inconspicuously as possible for the remainder of the movie. Clark and Savannah’s fun would have to wait until later

As the movie was coming to a close, Savannah did her pants and belt up and was hopeful that the evenings teasing might lead to something more. They shut everything down and proceeded to their respective rooms. The house was setup so that Savannah’s room was close to the guest room with Luke’s room being on the other side of the house on a completely different floor, which would make sneaking around that much easier for Clark and Savannah.

Everyone carried out their nightly routines and proceeded to their bedroom but only one of them planned on going to sleep right away. Once Savannah was ready for bed she went to Clark’s room to tell him that the bathroom was available. She turned to go to her room but Clark was already moving towards her. Without saying a word he grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss. He pulled her in tight as if he thought she would turn and run at any moment. To his delight she pressed herself back into him as their kiss deepened. Clark ran his hands over her body, feeling as much of her as he could, as if trying to make sure she was real and that this was actually happening. Being touched in that manner made Savannah feel that much more desired and tried pulling Clark closer and thrusting her hips towards him. He reached behind her to grab her and pick her up in his embrace and she sensed what he was doing and pulled her legs off the floor and wrapped them around his hips. He slowly walked over to the bed and as quietly as possible laid her down and remained on top of her where they continued to kiss and grope each other.

Clark was the first one to remove clothes and proceeded to take everything off except for a tight pair of black boxers that barely hid his erection. Once he was done, he dimmed the lights and helped Savannah out of her güzelbahçe escort top and bottoms until she was left in her bra and panties. He had wanted to do it slow and tease her as much as possible but seeing her there in the bed he forgot all about his plans and just wanted to get her naked as quickly as possible. He moved back towards her so they could kiss and embrace while enjoying the feeling of skin against skin. He wanted to explore every inch of her with his tongue and began by moving from her mouth to her ear. While he nibbled and sucked on her ear lobe, Savannah moaned as the sensation sent shivers down her spine. He enjoyed her ear and gave it one last tug with his teeth and he moved down to her neck where he proceeded to give her neck the same treatment as her ear.

Savannah continued to moan as he moved his mouth from her neck to her shoulders. It drove her crazy that he wasn’t immediately going for her breasts but she was thoroughly enjoying the attention. After a couple of playful bites to her shoulder he started moving towards her breasts. Savannah took the initiative and pushed Clark away so she could remove the bra for him. Clark was disappointed as he wanted to try to impress her with how efficiently he could undo a bra, but little did he know that wasn’t the type of thing that Savannah found impressive. Clark returned to his teasing her and slowly moving towards her nipples. When he got to her right breast, his right hand moved to begin massaging her left breast. He kissed closer and closer to the nipple and then finally took it in his mouth causing Savannah to moan. He licked, sucked and bit the nipple as his hand fondled her other breast.

Clark could have stayed there all night and been happy but he also wanted to know if Savannah tasted as sweet as she looked. He switched to the other nipple to give it some attention before starting to kiss down her torso towards her mound. He kissed all over her and took the longest path possible from her nipples to her hips and Clark could tell it was driving her crazy. He paused his kissing for a moment to remove her panties. He noticed a wet spot had already started forming in them and knowing it was his doing made him feel powerful. Once he got her panties off he began kissing her feet and slowly kissed his way up towards her pussy. When he got there he kissed on either side of her labia and then proceeded to kiss his way all the way back down the other leg. Savannah was enjoying his attention but was craving the feeling of his tongue on her clit so when he moved back up her thigh she began to squirm with anticipation. When he finally got back between her legs he proceeded to kiss everywhere except where they both wanted to.

“You know what I want to hear you say.” Clark said as he broke the silence. Savannah had never been good with her words in situations like this but knew she wouldn’t get what she wanted unless she gave into Clark’s demands.

“Please eat my pussy.” She asked like the good girl that she is. With that Clark began licking her pussy like it would be the last time he enjoyed it. She tasted so good to him. He stuck his tongue in her hole and it was as sweet as the rest of her. He licked up and down her slit and paid a lot of attention to her pussy. He was trying to learn it as best he could as he knew that it would be difficult to make her cum. Savannah began moaning rhythmically as he licked her pussy and clit and the noises were encouraging to him. Clark ate her for some time but there was no change to Savannah’s breathing so he put one finger in her and made the “come hither” motion that he thought might help his technique. Savannah moaned when he began using his finger but no indication that she was getting any closer to cumming. Clark didn’t care at this point, he was too busy enjoying his current task.

Although Clark was enjoying eating Savannah’s pussy, his cock was straining to be set free. Clark, disappointed that she did not orgasm, proceeded to kiss his way back up to her mouth where they kissed. Savannah could smell and taste herself on his lips and could see how much he was enjoying her by the bulge in his boxers and the tiny wet spot that had formed at the tip.

“Suck my cock” was all he said when he broke the kiss with Savannah. Not a request but a demand that Savannah was eager to do. She didn’t bother wasting her time kissing down his torso, that wasn’t gaziemir escort what she was instructed to do. She hooked her fingers under the band of his boxer briefs and pulled them down and set his cock free. His cock was average in size but the hair was kept short which would make giving him oral that much more pleasurable for her as well. She wasted no time and took him into her mouth and began to work her magic on him. It wasn’t long before he was moaning and telling her how good her mouth felt on his cock. She teased him with his tongue, enjoying giving him so much pleasure that all he could get out was the word “Fuck”.

“If you keep that up you’re going to make me cum” he warned her what seemed like seconds after she started the blowjob.

“Isn’t that the point?” she asked while still stroking his cock. The question almost made him cum, thinking that she was ready to make him cum with her mouth made him doubt what he was about to say.

“I had another plan in mind” he said as he moved away from her and towards his clean-up kit to retrieve a condom. He unwrapped it as he looked at her for any signs of objection, placed it on his cock and rolled it down and climbed on the bed and moved between her legs.

She positioned herself underneath him so that he could enter her. He slowly lowered his hips trying to find the spot he’d been so eager to taste earlier that night. Finding it was difficult with the condom on but he eventually found it and slowly entered her. She was wet and he slid all the way in and they both stayed there for a moment, savouring the first feeling of a new lover. He began to thrust in and out of her slowly at first, wanting to prolong this for as long as possible. Her pussy felt amazing even through the condom. Her pussy was tight around his cock and Clark already knew that if he didn’t pace himself this would be over too quickly. Savannah began her rhythmic moaning again as Clark found his own rhythm of thrusts. They continued in the missionary position until Clark shifted slightly and placed Savannah’s ankles on his shoulders and resumed his pumping but this time picking up the pace. They had to be careful to not make too much noise and alert Luke to their activities. Then Clark grabbed both of her ankles and spread them out as far as they would go and proceeded to fuck her in that position as well. Both of them were thoroughly enjoying it when all of the sudden Clark stopped.

“I need your permission to cum” he said. She had never been given this power before and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.

“You can cum” was all she replied with and Clark grabbed her hips and flipped her over and told her to get on her knees and he positioned himself behind her. He adjusted her so that he could easily enter her from behind. He placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy and for a moment thought about teasing her but the lust took over him and he began to fuck her like he meant it. He felt so good inside her, he wasn’t huge but he was enough to fill her up and please her in all the right spots. Savannah’s rhythmic moaning became more vocal as Clark’s enthusiasm increased in this new position. The bed started to squeak with every thrust but Clark knew he was getting close and wouldn’t stop at this point in time.

“Do you want me to cum?” He asked her as he could feel the pressure building inside him.

“Yes!” was all she managed to get out in between thrusts.

“Tell me you want me to cum.” he demanded and he kept pounding her from behind

“Yes!” she said as if she could barely concentrate on his demand

“I want to hear you say you want me to cum” he specified and continued to thrust and hold back his impending orgasm. It took her a few moments to process what he wanted before she managed to get it out.

“I…want…you…to cum” she managed to say in between thrusts. He only needed a few more thrusts until he began pumping his cum into the condom. She could feel his cock pulsating as his orgasm washed over him. He pulled out and dealt with the condom and then got back into bed. They snuggled silently for a while until Clark broke the silence

“That was amazing,” he said as he could feel how tired he was after the evening’s activities.

“I enjoyed it myself,” she replied.

“Then you’re really going to enjoy what I’ve got planned for tomorrow.” he said playfully. She wanted to ask what his plans were but thought it better to be pleasantly surprised. She kissed him one last time and got out of bed and gathered her things as she went to her room.

“I’m looking forward to whatever you have planned,” she said as she smiled at Clark, winked and closed his door to let him get his rest. She had a feeling both of them would need their energy for tomorrow.

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