A Christmas Abduction Ch. 02

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It was the next day. What happened last night? I half thought it was some crazy dream, if so this one came true! I laid on my side in my cage that both Dominatrixes left me in last night. It wasn’t comfortable. Far from it. I had to lay on my arms, they felt dead. I couldn’t lay on my back the butt plug was digging in, if I laid on my front the chastity belt would crush me even more. I had some sleep, it took me a while to get off to sleep I still didn’t feel right in this environment. I still don’t think I am meant to!

The stone room door opened and Liza walked in. Liza was the stronger of the 2 I remember, she was smaller than her counterpart, still taller than me mind! She came in dressed in lace, making my chastity cage unbearable. She walked with class and swagger, yet every step she made towards me made my very skinny structure shiver.

She stood up by the cage beckoning me to come to her. I wriggled to work my way up to my feet. “Quicker!” She barked slapping the metal cage I was trapped inside. I waddled towards her she reached in and squeezed my cheeks inbetween my teeth. “How did you sleep slut?” She asked “like a dog?” She said pulling out a butt plug that seemed to have a dog tail on it. “We’re going to have a fun day today!” She shoved me toward the wall and I fell to the floor. I winced in pain. The cage door unlocked and she walked in. She wasn’t the tallest but by being 3 inches smaller than the cage, and 3 inches taller than me. I cowered looking up at the woman in lace leaning over me. She showed me the butt plug again and signalled for me to turn round “place your hands on the floor and your arse up slave!” I obeyed.

I barely wanted to but with her voice and the control she’d managed to instil into my brain within the 15 hours that I had known her for. She pulled şişli escort bayan out the butt plug that was placed in my arse last night and replaced it with the one with the tail. The relief I felt from the first removal was quickly shot dead by the singular thrust Goddess performed to push the new one into me. I let out a long moan. “Ooh check you out you little slut, you enjoyed that!” I’m not ashamed to say that I actually did! She flicked my new tail and it pinged about for a second. “Woof woof!” She said, slapping my arse “Woof woof” I replied subconsciously. I didn’t even know I said it, it just came out. Goddess laughed. “Oooo you like being a cute little doggie do you?!” She said before she rung a bell she’d brought in before. Mistress Rosa walked in with a glass and a plate, the glass was empty and the plate had half a slice of toast on.

Goddess pulled my neck brace and I slowly got up and turned round. Like the old butt plug I had, the doggy tail had made general movement more awkward. I turned round to face the 2 dommes. Who looked at me with disappointment. Rosa clicked her fingers and ushered me toward a table in the centre of the stone room. I sat down on the table she put a cushion behind my back which made it easier for leaning back. She pulled out a little key and released my poor cock from its chastity. She then started to fiddle. It took no time at all for me to get hard. Mistress pushed her body against mine as she pulled my cock to usher me off the table. I stood up and leaned against it. She started to jack me off as Goddess held the cup. It didn’t take long. I screamed in delight as the cum shot out of me and into the cup being held next to it. Goddess held it up towards my face I shuddered as I realised why I’d been given this small time of release. “Oo that looks fındıkzade eskort nice doesn’t it my little slut” I shook my head. “What was that!” She said as she hit me right into my stomach. I wriggled back I was winded I could barely breathe “yes Goddess” “that’s more like it slave. Rosa get his nose.” Rosa pinched my nose I opened my mouth half in pain and half to breathe. She pulled my head back and Goddess poured my cum into my face. “Swallow it slave!” Rosa said as she released my nose. I swallowed and coughed. It was really salty, I stuck my tongue out in disgust. “Enjoy that slave?” I nodded. I knew if I told the truth I’d be in a lot of trouble.

The dommes pulled me back down to the floor and released my arms from my neck brace. Rosa pulled out these 2 curvy pieces of what looked like thick plastic, I was down on all fours. Goddess Liza grabbed my balls as Rosa wrapped the plastic behind them it the got locked in place. It didn’t hurt as such, but it was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to move in a hurry! They placed a leash onto my neck brace and ushered me forward. They were taking me too quickly. I tried to go as fast as I could but the pulling on my groin and my balls the butt plug being squeezed by my arse cheeks. This was something I feel I need to get used to!

They finally stopped and ushered me into a cage, much smaller than my normal one. This was just under 3ft in height, they turned me round and ushered me in backwards before shutting me in. I saw Goddess had picked up my plate and was now crouching over it. I saw her urinate and it covered my toast like lemon juice on a pancake. I then watched as she released her faeces onto it. Goddess brought it towards my cage. My head instinctly pulled itself back in a look of disgust. Rosa brought out a knife and spread besiktas escort the poo all over my toast before whiping it just below my nostrils. I could only smell the poo. I started to gag. I felt so sick. I could’ve sworn a bit of vomit went into my mouth. I swallowed it back as the plate got pushed into my cage. It stunk like you wouldn’t believe, I started to sob when I realised Rosa had brought out a camera and was quite obviously filming me not just snapping pictures of me. “Come on slut. Eat it for the people. Don’t make your later punishment even worse!” Punishment was not a word I liked to hear, if yesterday was how I was going to be treated as the norm. I didn’t want a punishment on top of it, even so I couldn’t bring myself to open my mouth near it, I had enough of the smell of it.

I licked the bit off my top lip and picked up the toast. I gagged as I swallowed the poo that was on my lip. “Do it! Do it now!” Liza ordered. As I said earlier, the control that woman had over me was difficult for me to express or refuse. I bit straight into it. Bite after bite was making me gag more and more. I kept going and going until finally it had all gone. “That’s a good slut” Rosa said as she leaned the camera toward my plate and shut the camera down. I started gagging I felt like I was going to be sick. Rosa handed me another cup, I didn’t care what was in it I just lugged it down. I swallowed and stuck my tongue out in disgust. It was vinegar. It helped the taste of poo and was an improvement, but I still didn’t like the tastes going round my mouth at the moment. Rosa and Liza bopped my nose with their fingers and walked out “Good slut. We’ll be back in an hour, don’t miss us!” They said as they walked out the door.

I breathed a sigh of relief as the ladies waltzed out of the room. The coldness of the room matched by the coldness of my new dommes. I knew this would be my new life, I was starting to enjoy it in an odd way. I never really had attention when I was at school so to have some now was nice, even if the attention often lead to painful pleasure.

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