A Trip In The Bush

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We had been looking forward for several months to a week. The planning, the scheming to make sure we would be the only ones up there. We had to make sure that there wouldn’t be any surprise visits by any other family members or friends. We planned for a week in mid August when we could have the cottage all to ourselves. The forecast was even going our way, beautiful, clear, warm days for the week ahead. Everything was packed and we were on our way.

It was a long drive, eight hours, but well worth it. It was so beautiful, back to nature, out in the middle of nowhere, in complete solitude. Sure, there would probably be other vacationers on the lake, the boaters and campers, but in our little cottage, we would be the only two left on the planet. The distance between the cottages was far enough also that you have privacy up there. I had spent many summer vacations, wearing next to nothing, and sunbathing in the nude.

I could remember going up there since I was only 5 years old. The fun and games we had played as children. I was always so excited to be going up there for summer vacation. I was just as excited now as I had been when I was a kid. I knew there was a week of pure excitement, pleasure and new adventures that lay ahead. I only had to pack the food and the clothes; he was going to pack the rest. I had no idea what to expect for the week, but I trusted Him, and knew He would keep me safe.

We left early, 5 am; He wanted an early jump on the traffic. I think he was just anxious to get up there, and leave the rat race of the city behind. He had been so busy at work for the past month, he needed this vacation simply to be able to replenish his energy.

Try as I might to stay awake, my eyes would close and my muscles would flinch as I slipped into dreamland. Driving on the highway was always perfect conditions for naps for me. I looked up at him, “Master, please may I have a quick nap, please?”

Giving me a nod, “You can have a nap, as long as you slip out of that skirt and masturbate for me first.” He enjoyed putting me in situations where I was doing something pleasurable, but would be uncomfortable doing them. Such as masturbating in public, where there would be a risk of someone seeing. There weren’t many vehicles on the road, and our windows were tinted. Feeling safe from too many prying eyes, I reclined my seat, pulled my skirt off and got comfortable. Spreading my legs apart, I looked over to see if he was watching, he watched the road the entire time. He did have a smile on his face though, from ear to ear. That was enough for me, I knew, he would be watching, would be control the whole time.

I slid my hand down between my breasts, slowly, seductively. I wanted him to be proud of my play, this was for him, yes, I would derive pleasure from it, but ultimately, this was all for him. Everything I do is for him, for his enjoyment, there is nothing more exciting then when I have made him happy. With him in mind, I continued. The palm of my hand sliding down, my fingers outstretched, gliding across my stomach down to its final destination.

My mound was freshly shaven, smooth and silky. Exploring every inch with my fingertips checking for any stubble, stubble was never acceptable and the crop was used if detected. Creamy smooth it was. Using my entire hand, I grabbed myself and massaged, feeling and awakening. I could see in the distance ahead a transport truck; we were gaining on the truck. I knew that the driver would have a clear view into our car, and would have an eye full. That too excited me as well as panic. There was something arousing about being watched, yet part of me also feared it. I continued to massage and knead my pussy using my middle finger to separate my lips. Branching out my fingers as I pulled back, leaving the middle finger to slide up the middle, I spread myself open. I was already wet, and when I brought my hand up, my finger was nicely coated.

“Would you like a taste Master?” One must always offer first, proper etiquette after all.

“Mmmmmmm yes that would be wonderful.” I reached over and brought my finger up to his mouth, hesitating a second as he inhaled the scent, and then he sucked my finger into his mouth. Teasing me with his tongue, flicking it back and forth on my finger. As I drew back my finger, he sucked hard on it creating a stir in me.

We were now even with the back of the truck. “girl, you will continue, no time to be shy.” He reached over and pulled my left leg over closer to him, separating çekmeköy escort my legs even more. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as I felt a rush of humiliation. My hand returned between my legs. Both hands gently pulling my lips apart exposing my cunt my middle finger found my clit and began rubbing it. Slowly at first, tiny circles, there was no use moving too quickly. The middle finger on the left hand slid into my cunt. Warm, wet, I fingered myself, wiggling my finger at the entrance to my cunt. Pulling my finger out and then darting it back in again. As we came even with the truck cab, I could see the driver looking down. It was actually funny to see as he did the double take. Looking down, looking ahead, and then a look down again. I could just imagine what he was thinking. How often does one see a woman masturbating on the highway. Just as we were passing him, the truck started to pick up speed, and he was there again.

Master only gave him a couple minutes of watching the show, before he accelerated and pulled ahead. My fingers gained momentum, the right hand taking over rubbing faster and faster on my clit, sliding down to my dripping cunt and quickly back to the clit. My hips began to rock in the seat as my knees pulled even wider. My left hand slipped three fingers into my gaping hole, fucking it, and then bringing it up to my mouth to suck on. I did love the taste of my own juices, especially when I was cleaning myself off my Master’s cock.

By this point, I was no longer aware of the trucks we were passing on the road. “Are you enjoying my pussy girl? It is quite tasty this morning.” Moaning my response, I brought myself close to climax. Just on the edge. I slowed down, bringing myself back down, taking a deep breath. “Good girl, that was very impressive. The truckers are enjoying the show immensely as I am my girl. Ready for round two?”

“Yes Master, I’m so happy you are pleased with my play”

My hands returned to their toy and began the ascent again. Building up the tension between my legs, my hips began their rocking motion, working together with my fingers as they danced on my clit. “Pinch that clit girl, pull on it.” Naturally, I snatched my clit between my thumb and index finger, rolling it between and then pinching it hard and pulling gently on it. “Harder girl! You know better!” Pulling harder, pinching harsher, I winced at the pain that shot through. Not letting go, not letting up until I was given the word, I continued my torment on my clit. Using my other hand, I fingered myself, hearing the slosh of my cunt juice. “That’s better girl. You need to feel it when you pinch. Let go.” Releasing my clit, I returned to rubbing it.

Again, close to climax, I slowed down and brought myself under control. Master required me to have more control of my orgasms. It had taken quite a bit of training, but after a month of daily training and punishment, I finally did learn control. My orgasms now were so much more powerful and intense. I was required to play, bringing myself close to orgasm twice and stopping. On the third time, as I was ready to erupt, I had to beg for permission to cum.

Once under control, I began my third time. I was literally sitting in a puddle by this time. I was soaked. I looked up at the truck that we were passing. The driver was looking down and I could see that he was talking on his C.B. I’m sure they were all talking to each other, giving the heads up to drivers up ahead. I just realized now, that a few even were blowing their horns. I guess I must have caused a stir on the highway.

For the third time, my hands found familiar ground. Again, I slithered over my drenched pussy. The aroma in the car was sweet, almost intoxicating. Master pulled out of one of the compartments, five wooden clothespins. Handing them to me, I took them, knowing full well what to do with them. Laying them all on my stomach, I placed one at a time on my pussy lips, two on each lip. The third was for my clit. That one, I was never ready for. I rubbed myself a bit more, pinched and pulled at my clit, then finally placing the pin in place. It took my breath for a second. Rubbing just above my clit, it didn’t take long and I was ready to explode.

“Please Master, I’m ready to cum, please Master, may I have permission to cum?” Not a sound came from Him. “Please Master, I’m begging.” Moaning and gasping for air, I tried to control myself, just hovering above my orgasm. “Master please, I can’t hold it much more. Please Master, cevizli escort oh please.” Tears started to roll down my cheeks, my moans turning into groans that are more vocal and cries. “Master, your slave is begging for mercy, please Master let your slave climax, please Master, I’ll do anything for the release.” I was grabbing at the seat with the left hand, the right still rubbing harder and faster, pins hitting off each other.

“Good girl, it’s so wonderful to hear your voice begging, pleading. You put on a wonderful show this morning. You’ve pleased me immensely. Yes my girl, you have my permission to cum.”

Not waiting a second, I exploded. Faster and harder, I rubbed my clit, oblivious to the pain of the brutal pin on my clit. I cried out relinquishing my being to the power of my orgasm. Both hands grasping the seat, digging my nails in as my hips thrust out and quivered. Little tiny seizures and spasms until my entire body lay back, sinking into the seat. I closed my eyes and drank in the wonderful moment. “Thank you Master for the wonderful gift.” My voice was barely audible, a whisper.

“You’re welcome girl. I hope you enjoyed it.”

Opening my eyes, I looked over at him. “Oh yes, very much.” Looking down, my blouse was unbuttoned and soaked. My body was dripping and flushed. “Master, permission to remove the pins please?” A nod of his head and I removed each pin, returning them to the compartment. I reached behind on the back seat where there were a couple towels and a blanket. Taking the towel first, I wiped myself up and lifting up, I soaked up the puddle on the seat.

Taking the blanket and wrapping it around myself, I curled up on the seat. I laid my head on His lap and slipped into subbie dreamland. It was the start of our vacation, a wonderful start. It was going to be a week of uninterrupted “us”. It was going to be a fabulous week.

I woke to stillness. The car was no longer moving. Startled I sat up and realized even Master wasn’t there. I looked around to see that he had pulled off the road into one of those rest stops by a service center. No one was around, not another soul, as Master came walking out from between a clump of trees. When he realized I was awake, he motioned with his finger for me to go to him. Holding tight to the blanket around my shoulders, I slipped out of the car.

As I came to the front of the car, he motioned for me to stop. I waited as he approached, and pulled the blanket from me. The air was warm, the sun shone down and felt good on my skin. He then pulled the blindfold out of his pocket and handed it to me to put on. Obediently, I put the blindfold in place as he walked away from me with the blanket. Butterflies started in my stomach at the excitement.

I waited for him, realizing that I was standing, naked in the middle of nowhere, in an area that was fairly secluded, although not entirely risk free. That was part of the rush. I strained to try to hear what he was doing, where he was, I heard nothing but the birds and the odd bee buzz by.

“Girl, drop to your knees and crawl to me.”

I lowered myself to my knees and then down on my hands. He kept talking to me as I made my way to him. He wasn’t that far away, only a dozen or so steps, it was the symbolism of his slave crawling to him. As I approached, I was now crawling on the blanket he had laid out and he was sitting in the middle. I stopped, but remained on all fours until he told me to sit back. He removed the choker chain, my public collar, which I wore at all times except for play. He then put on my leather collar, the one with three rings, fastening it with the buckle and then putting the lock on it. He was the only one with a key to my collar. The way it should be. “You can now sit back girl.”

I sat back on my heels, my knees were spread apart, and my hands rested on top of my thighs. Smiling I waited. He brushed the hair from my face, he traced my jaw with his finger and then my lips, parting them slightly as he leaned in and kissed me. He was a great kisser, gentle, teasing, commanding, and demanding, different intensity for different moods. It wasn’t just about playing tonsil hockey, as so many men are known to do. Most important, I never came away from a kiss dripping wet. His kiss was playful and teasing, sensual and arousing. Right now, it was a loving gentle kiss, almost brushing my lips with his. His magic fingers moved down my neck and shoulders, making circles, just barely touching my skin. A tease that sent erenköy escort shivers through my body as I wiggled under his touch.

He took my right hand, kissed it, then placed my cuff on and kissed it again. Placing it back on my thigh, he reached for the left, doing the exact same thing, kissing, cuffing and kissing again. It was a ritual, one that I have come to expect, cherish and find comfort in. He is taking care of his slave, loving her, making her is most prized possession. He rose, and as he did so, I placed my hands in front of me and rested on them. He moved behind me, gently taking on ankle up and placing a cuff on it, and then the other. A swat to each ass cheek, and then he patted me to sit back down.

Sitting back in front of me, he took my hands in his, “Dee, you will now wear your collar and cuffs for the rest of the trip. Yes, even in public, you will wear them with the pride that I know you have when you wear them. Give these people a little bit of shock, let them wonder, and for some, let them realize, they aren’t alone with their kink.”

“Yes Master, I am proud to where your collar, I am proud to be your slave.”

“Now, present that ass to me, I think it is the wrong colour.” He laughed, he was in a good mood. “We can have that, I think a nice red glow. Yes, that’s it, to keep you just a bit on edge for the rest of the car ride. What do you think?”

“Um, well, um, yes Master.” It would make for an interesting car ride, might also make it a bit longer.

I leaned forward on my hands, lowered to my elbows and then lowered my chest to the ground and stretched my arms overhead. My ass raised up, ready for him to begin.

He started with his hand, caressing, holding, caressing again, and then a swat, alternating cheeks. Starting out gently, warming up the skin, and gradually getting harder and harder. Yes, the heat started to rise and I could feel the sting more and more. At times my ass would rise up to meet his hand, other times it would wiggle under is touch. As the intensity grew, I would anticipate flexing my muscles and pulling back slightly.

“Stay there girl, don’t move.” I could hear him walk away and come back within seconds. I could also hear the swish in the air. What did he have, what did he go get?

Bracing myself, for the unknown, his hand came down and caressed my burning skin, patting it gently. I relaxed under his soft touch. Bad move relaxing, before I realized it there was the swish through the air and a swipe across both ass cheeks. He had found a switch and was whipping my ass with that. Sting? Oh my god it had bite to it. Hit just on the lower part of the ass, where you do most of your sitting, it wasn’t going to be a comfortable drive.

He stopped, leaned over and caressed, inspecting his handy work. He kissed each cheek gently and rubbed some more. His hand slid up and over my ass gliding up my back. His other hand found its way under me, probing his property. He headed directly for my dripping cunt. As he did, I pressed myself lower down and raised my ass up even more for him, presenting myself to my Master. I couldn’t help but moan as he fingered me. I pushed myself deeper as he pumped his fingers in and out.

“You are a wanton little slut aren’t you? Who’s slut are you girl?”

“I’m your wanton little slut Master, your slut to be used for your pleasure.”

“Yes you are, and don’t forget it.” With that, he pulled his hand back and swatted me hard, and repeated it ten more times. I was counting each one of them.

“Up girl!” He commanded. He stood up straight, and I rose to my sitting position, turning myself to face him.

I tilted my head up to him, “thank you Master.” My ass was burning and my cunt was dripping. This would be a long drive, and I was going to love it. I smiled to myself, content that I had pleased him so.

He sat back down with me and he lovingly kissed me again, pulling me close, wrapping his arms around me, and holding as if he would never let me go. Feeling safe from all harm, I nuzzled in closer to him. We sat there a few more minutes, quietly, holding each other before he pulled the blindfold off and stood up.

He helped me up and we folded blanket. With his arm around me, we walked back to the car. At the car I put my skirt and blouse back on, just as finished dressing, we could hear the crunching gravel, of another car entering the picnic area. “Wow, now that’s timing!” he laughed.

“My dear, you are blushing?” I giggled at the thought of it, what if they had arrived five minutes earlier, what a surprise they would have had.

Looking at the clock, we had another four hours ahead of us. Yes, it would be a long four hours as I felt the heat and the tenderness of my ass on the car seat.

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