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I inhale deeply as I walk from the limo to the revolving door of the five star hotel. I love my career. Not a traditional position for a woman, owning a professional football team. I am not the first, but quickly becoming the best. The tension of traveling all day is easing away. Making my way through the revolving doors of the hotel, my thoughts are on the soothing sounds of the rain pounding the earth outside. Today’s weather although a bit gloomy, is a welcome break from the blistering dry heat that is sweeping across this part of the country. The travel that accompanies my position, for the most part is wonderful. However, on a day like today, I would rather be at home in the bed with a good book. The delay in my flight, the rain and the pressures of having a winning season in my first year of having total control of my team, are taking a toll on me.

I have several bags with me this trip, as I will continue on for a well-earned vacation after Sunday’s final regular season game. The speed of the revolving door propels me into the broad chest of a very tall attractive black man. Staring down at me with a spectacular smile as my eyes take in his physique, I can not help but to stare back. Reaching out his hand to wipe away a few droplets of rain from my face, I can feel the warmth of his touch on my cheek. I recoil just a bit from his hand as I am unprepared for such a gesture. A polite smile of thanks spreads across my lips as I inform the bellman that the remainder of my bags are in the first limo.

The hotel is a buzz of activity as guests and employees zoom from one place to another. In one smooth movement the bellman grabs a brass luggage cart and heads to the limo. The awning over the driveway affords him some protection from the elements as he loads the cart with my luggage. As I stand and watch him through the etched windows of the hotel, I can see his muscles flex with each movement. A blush rises on my cheek to replace the droplet of water just a few moments earlier. I realize that I am smiling and looking at more than the bellman’s attractive face. His arms are strong and lean. His thighs and ass firm and tight as he moves briskly to complete the task of removing my luggage from the limo.

Once the cart is full, he presses an outside button to open another set of double doors. His charming smile is back in place on his lips as he returns and asks questions regarding my stay. He is very attractive, I think as attempt to reply to his questions, all the while I can feel a familiar sensation stirring down deep.

The rain is a refreshing relief, he informs me as he places the bag that I hold on my shoulder on the cart. The weather has been unbearably hot this summer he tells me as we begin to move toward the front lobby desk. I think to myself, it is becoming unbearably warm right in this building as I watch his muscles bulge. His uniform is not the normal uniform for such a well known establishment. As I survey my surroundings I notice that the majority of the bellmen have their suit jackets off and are wearing a unique designer white cotton shirt. Most of the shirts have short sleeves, but a few have no sleeves allowing for bare strong arms to appear.

The Adonis that is assisting me with my luggage is taking advantage of the no sleeve look and doing a very fine job of it. His ebony skin contrasts lusciously with the white sleeveless shirt he wears. After having my flight delayed earlier today and arriving late to the hotel, a little ‘eye candy’ is just what I need. I cannot help but stare as we move forward through the patrons.

Following the cart across the high polished marble floor, my eyes find there way to my personal bellman’s ass. How perfectly round and solid it is. His stride allows his hips to rotate just enough to give him a very masculine swagger. He catches me eyeing him and his brilliant smile reappears across his lips. I feel like a schoolgirl as I avert my eyes and fumble in my purse for my wallet. I manage to divert my attention from him and regain enough composure to take care of the business at hand…checking-in.

“May I help you Miss?” a very proper sounding gentleman speaks just as I make my way up to the front desk.

“Yes you may. I’m here with the football team. My flight was delayed and I’m probably the last person to check-in.”

Without hesitation Charles, the Reservation Specialist, as his name badge states, begins to type in some information. His eyes never leave my face as his fingers rapidly enter my information. “Yes Miss, I have your reservation right here and it does appear that you are the last to check-in. Your suite is ready Ms. Williams,” Charles says.

The feeling of relief quickly passes over me. In the past, I have had my room given to anther patron in error due to my late arrival. However, this is not the case and I can rest a bit easier knowing that I will soon be in my suite. All I can think of is soaking in a warm tub of bubbles before I let any of my staff, team members xslot or the media know I’m here. I need a bit of quite time, which is not always easy for me to ascertain.

Charles says, “It appears, Ms. Williams that there is a note on your reservation. If you will excuse me, I will get the manager to clear this up.” Before I can even ask what type of note, Charles turns and walks towards a large redwood door.

I can feel my relief fading as I watch the redwood door close quickly behind Charles. My assistant is excellent at handling all of the small details of a trip, so I know that she would not leave any item to chance. Waiting in the lobby, I can only wonder what has gone wrong. There must be some kind of mistake as I continue to stand at the counter. I can feel the uneasiness returning. I can feel the eyes of other patrons as well as staff members as I wait to complete the check-in process. While waiting on Charles to return with the

manager, the “Adonis” as I call him, keeps looking at me just below my face. His eyes are simply undressing me with each piercing stare. He licks his lips as he continues to watch my every move. I suddenly feel very uncomfortable and simply want to get to my room.

Turning my attention back to the redwood door as Charles steps out of the inner office, “Ms. Williams, it will be just a moment longer. I apologize for the delay.” His words are sincere enough as he passes his station and heads to parts unknown.

I simply want to get in the tub and relax. The longer I stand in the lobby, the more likely it is that someone will recognize me. I ask Charles, “Why the delay? Is everything on my reservation correct?” Before my words can die in the air, the Manager emerges from his office.

“Ms. Williams, I assure you everything is just fine,” says the Manager. I can not believe my ears or my eyes as Jay Anders walks towards the now vacant reservation computer. His demeanor is cool and calm as always, while I’m a bundle of nerves. Seeing Jay for the first time in several months is quite a shock, one that I am not ready for. “Ms. Williams I see your looking splendid as usual.” Jay’s voice is deep and his grey eyes are penetrating my soul as I attempt to regain whatever composure I can.

“Why Mr. Anders, it has been a long time,” I state. “You will have to excuse me, as seeing you is a bit of a shock.” I thought by saying the obvious, I might be able to handle the sight of Jay Anders without having my heart jump through my chest. This is surly a dream as I watch Jay work behind the front desk.

Without acknowledging my statement, Jay presses a couple of buttons on the computer and says, “I’m sure that you will enjoy your stay with us Ms. Williams.” Jay looks directly at me as he continues, “If you will allow me, I will personally take care of your every need, while you are with our establishment.” Jay’s manipulation of words causing them to have double meaning is still the same…

“Adrian,” Jay calls the Adonis’s by his real name, “please take Ms. Williams bags up to her room. Make sure that everything is in order for her stay with us.”

How long has it been, I thought as Jay came from behind the counter and said a few more words to Adrian? Adrian’s demeanor is totally attentive to Jay’s instructions. Adrian’s posture is erect and straight, almost military style, as Jay finishes his conversation with him. I can detect seriousness in Adrian’s face as he listens to Jay’s instructions. However I can see a hint of a sparkle in Adrian’s eyes as he nods in agreement with Jay. Without any further hindrance, Adrian reaches for the cart containing my belongings and heads for the elevator. A devilish smile encompasses Adrian’s lips as he turns and walks towards the elevators…or am I just seeing things?

“Ms. Williams,” Jay says as he approaches me, “I assure you that every nuance of your stay will be to your liking. You have my personal guarantee.” Jay’s words are captivating as usual. To add to the theatrics of the moment, Jay reaches for my hand and bending at the waist, places his warm full lips to the back of my hand. The touch of Jay’s lips to my skin brings back memories.

“Mr. Anders, I am sure that you have thought of everything. So, I take it there is no delay to my checking in?” I’m a bit cool as a pull my hand back to my side. The feel of his lips on my hand un-nerves me. I did not expect him to be here in this hotel – in this city, let alone place his warm soft lips on my skin.

Jay replies, “No, no delay. Your room is ready. I just want to take a few minutes to admire the lovely lady standing before me.” Jay reaches for both of my hands and spreads my arms wide apart as he takes in my full presence. Once again, Jay catches me off guard and I can feel the blush burning my cheek as he continues to admire me with his grey eyes.

“Jay please,” I say, “you know that I do not enjoy being put on display like this.” My cheeks are burning, but not from the attention I’m receiving from xslot Giriş Jay. Something deeper is stirring within my soul.

“Ms Williams, your absolutely correct and I do apologize for my behavior. I have not been very professional.” Jay releases my hands, but not my gaze. Jay continues, “You are also correct in stating that some time has passed since we last saw each other. When I saw that your team would be staying at our hotel, I simply had to know if the beautiful and talented owner would be accompanying them? I got my answer when your assistant booked your room.”

Jay is as smooth as ever as I adjust my purse on my shoulder. He is as handsome as ever too. Me, well I look like a drowned rat from the down poor and the hectic day I have already encountered. “Well thank you very much for all of your assistance Mr. Anders. I am sure that my short stay with your establishment will be enjoyable.” My words are direct and to the point as I turn to head towards the elevators. I cannot bare to look into Jay’s grey eyes a moment longer. My heart is breaking and my soul is aching. The memories

flood to the surface with each passing second. Of all the hotels in the city, my assistant had to book me here. …here with Jay Anders.

Jay and I met several years ago and quickly became friends and then lovers. He always knew about my money and never once asked for a dime or treated me any different because of it. I inherited the team, the fame and fortune when my father died and since I am the only child, the son my father never had, I learned every inch of the family business. Jay was there for me during my fathers illness and his subsequent death. The months that followed my fathers passing were difficult to say the least. Board members were trying to take away what my father had worked so hard to give to me. Not due to my lack of business sense or knowledge of the game, but due to the fact I’m a woman. Jay gave me the strength to fight for what is rightfully mine and succeed. I wanted to return the favor some how – some way.

The elevator doors open as Jay is telling me all about the amenities of the hotel. The shine from the glass and brass on the inside of the elevator is almost blinding. The sound of soft music playing as we step inside is a classic touch. There are no signs of anyone else occupying this elevator as Jay slips in my room key and presses the button marked PH. He states, “Ms. Williams,” he pauses for just a second and then continues, “Tina I have missed you.” Jay’s words resonate in my ears as the elevator doors close behind us.

“Jay, it has been a long time,” I admit as the elevator begins to move. “A lot has happened since the last time we saw each other.” My voice is a bit weak as I continue, “Our lives have gone in different directions. I see that you have done very well for yourself.” Not once do I turn my head to face him. Finding a spot on the wall to focus my attention, I try – without much luck, to think of any thing except Jay Anders. I simply cannot look into Jay’s grey eyes. The memories are racing through my thoughts as the elevator makes its way to the penthouse suite. If I look at him, I’ll crumble into small pieces.

“Yes, a lot has happened since last we were together,” says Jay. “However, nothing that has or has not transpired between us over the past several months has any effect on how I feel about you Tina.” I can feel Jay’s gaze upon me, but I will not bring myself to look at him, not even for a brief moment. I stand in the elevator staring straight ahead.

Jay continues, “I have never stopped loving you. …or wanting you Tina.” His voice is low and deliberate as I stand rigid not wanting to give into him. All I can do is lift my head and watch the numbers of each floor illuminate as we make our way to the penthouse suite. No more words are spoken between us. I attempt to absorb Jay’s presence and his words of endearment. The silence between us is deafening as we arrive at the top floor. The awkwardness between us eases slightly as the elevator doors slide open.

The elevator opens to a lavish penthouse suite. My eyes are wide with astonishment as I take in the wide assortment of roses and crystal vases throughout the room. Every color of rose imaginable is on display as I move forward and step down the few steps from the elevator to the plush carpet. I instantly sink into a cream-colored carpet as I attempt to take in all the sights around me. Looking from side to side, I cannot believe the various bouquets that are set out on the tables, floors and window sills.

I turn to Jay, “Who did all this?” My breath is taken away by all of the elegance and romance.

Jay still standing at the top of the steps responds, “I did, with a little help. Tina look, I know we went our separate ways because of our pride. No..thats not true.” Jay drops his eyes to the floor and he inhales deeply as he continues, “My pride got in the way.”

The sincerity in his voice, brakes my heart as Jay resumes, xslot Güncel Giriş “At the time Tina, I thought that I wanted to make it on my own. Prove to everyone that I could come through the struggle of success without any assistance. You know that your money meant nothing to me. Your heart and support meant everything to me. However, my pride and ego drove you away.”

Walking towards the window, Jay says, “Tina, I know that I cannot make up for the past or for what went wrong between us, but what I can do is make this weekend special for you. Make sure that your every desire is met. Your every need fulfilled. I can try to mend the fence that I broke with my pride.” As Jay turns from the window and looks directly at me, our eyes truly meet for the first time since my arrival.

Feeling uncomfortable at that moment, I instantly divert my eyes to the floor. I am not ready for all of this. I had no idea that I would ever see Jay again, let alone be in the same city – same building – same room. My heart is racing and the memories of our being together are flooding to the surface of my mind with each passing second. I can feel Jay’s eyes on me as I stand silently trying to find

some way to look around the room and admire the floral display. I walk slowly around each arrangement. Touching a rose peddle every now and then in a poor attempt to redirect my attention from the situation now at hand.

I continue to walk aimlessly around the arrangements that are closest to the front of the room. Finally, I stop for a few seconds and find the courage to say, “Jay, look it was a while ago.” Finding the nerve to raise my eyes and look in his direction, I sheepishly say, “Besides, I am sure you have moved on to bigger and better.”

Jay moves in my direction. His eyes never leave my face as he approaches. Lifting my head to see him coming towards me, our eyes lock. I can feel the heat from Jay’s body as he stands close enough for me to touch him. Placing his hand under my chin, Jay looks deeply into my eyes and says, “Tina, I have not ‘moved on’, as you put it.” Jay’s penetrating gaze fills my heart with powerful emotions.

I can barely tolerate looking at Jay, as he continues, “Yes, I have my ‘dream job’, but I do not have you. I am sorry for the pain that I have caused you. I am sorry for not understanding at the time that you supported my every step. I am sorry for not allowing you to love me in your own unique way.” Jay’s eyes are glistening as he says, “Simply put Tina, I was wrong. My ego and pride got in the way of the one woman who really cared about me.”

Releasing his hold on my face, Jay turns his back and walks towards the window. The heat of his body dissipating as he walks away. My heart is a mixture of emotions as I watch his strong frame return to the window. Yes months have gone by and the hurt is less I admit silently to myself. All I can do is stand perfectly still and stare at him. Jay’s frame is solid and strong as he looks out the window. I’m unsure of what to do next. Should I run up behind him and wrap my arms around his masculine frame or should I simply push him out the window for taking so long to realize I supported his every move?

I finally find the strength to make my way across the room. Standing behind Jay I say, “Look Jay, you’re the one who pushed me away and that hurt. All I ever wanted was the best for you and if I could find a way to assist you or make a couple of calls to help you on your way, I wanted to do that for you. You still had to put in the work. I knew that your pride – ego – whatever you want to call it, would not allow for me to do very much.”

Jay turns from the window to face me once again. His grey eyes are staring at me with so much passion that I can barley concentrate. I can no longer hold back what is in my heart. “Jay, I thought that you were tired of me. You made me feel as if your pride was more important then my support. I felt helpless to do anything for fear that I would upset you. All we did those last few months was argue. I thought it best to just to walk away. So I did.”

Jay steps away from the window and walks towards me. The strong features on his face reveal the path of moisture as a single tear blazes a trail downward on his left cheek. I’m taken by surprise for I have never seen Jay like this before, so open and willing to share his heart. Taking the time to let me into his heart fully and completely. As I watch him approach, my own heart is in total turmoil as he steps close to me and I feel the warmth of his body.

Jay extends his hand towards my face. Encompassing my face with his warm strong hand, I can feel the electricity pass between the two of us. Jay raises my chin just enough to place a passionate kiss upon my lips. My breath is taken away and seized within his mouth as his lips devour mine. My eyes close as I feel my inner spirit surrender to the touch of his mouth upon my own. I can feel the strength of his tongue as it slips effortlessly between my lips. The fullness of his mouth capturing my heart once again as his hands trace the contours of my face. Moans of delight emit from deep within me as the barrage of passionate kisses continue between the two of us.

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