Bad Girl

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Linda has been sassy on the phone all day and she knows that I will not tolerate that. When she arrives she is ready for what awaits her. She walks in the door stops, I tell her to raise your hands over your head. I will let her stand like that for ten minutes as her arms begin to tire she’ll start bargaining, if I can put my arms down I will, before she can finish I tell you there will be no bargaining today.

After six minutes she begins to move around, young lady stop screwing around, you’ll just get into more trouble. That doesn’t stop her tonight, she wants more. After ten minutes I tell her to step out the door and remove her shirt lay it down in the snow. Then take your shoes and socks off, raise your arms you’ll be standing outside for two minutes.

When her time is up she may come back inside, as she walks in she’s still giving me crap, she’s in one of her moods, looking to be punished doing all you can to irritate me. We both know it is a game, but it’s not much fun if you don’t make it seem real. She is whining my feet are cold, if she’s not careful someone will be back outside in just their underwear. Back out she goes standing in just her white cotton briefs, luckily it’s getting dark that way the neighbor won’t be able to see her, we both know who he’d tell.

Linda started this game now if I don’t play she gets all nasty. It’s what she lives for the chance she could get caught, and that drives her crazy. She’s out there for a few minutes and her attitude changes knocking on the door then entering she apologizes. Ok, but you’re not out of the woods yet.

I tell her to go stand on the carpet in front of the door. She looks great in her panties, my dick is getting hard just looking at her. Come over here and eat your dinner, as we’re eating I almost forget how rotten she’s been since she got here. After dinner it all comes back to me. Now that she is warm, she is snotty again.

As we’re doing the dishes she breaks two of them and it’s no accident, so while I finish the dishes she can suck my dick. Linda is very good at that in no time at all I am ready to bust, she stops sucking pulls my dick out of her mouth and lets me cum all over her face. On her knees in just her briefs with my juice all over her, now she is finally happy.

No young lady I am not finished with you stand up and turn around. Now bend over, I get out the wooden spoon then while she’s touching her toes give her five good cracks on the ass. No moving or saying anything or she’ll get more those are the rules. After her spanking she drops her briefs to see the red marks on her ass they are like a badge to her, and she wants me to see them too.

Is that a tear in your eye young lady? No sir, as she looks away. Are you lying to me? No sir. Then turn around and look at me. With tears in her eyes I see she has been lying would you like five more for lying? Yes sir. Excuse me! Well if that’s what you want bend over with her briefs to her knees she bends over. I place five more welts on her ass now she’s crying.

I take her by the hand then lead her into the front room making her stand in front of the window with her arms in the air panties at her knees, but what if someone sees me, quiet no talking. I leave her there return to the kitchen to put away the dishes. I hear a few cars go by and know that makes her excited someone might see Pendik Grup Escort her. When I’m finished I come back in to catch her screwing around arms at her sides WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO OUT ON THE FRONT PORCH NOW! You wouldn’t? Before you know it she is on the front porch panties still at her knees. I only make her stay until a few cars pass by. The way the house is situated someone would have to drive by slow and look hard to see her, but there is a chance it could happen.

I lead her back in telling her that you better not have a wet pussy. We both know she’s wet; it doesn’t take her long when we play before she is wet. Bend over, we are still in front of the door I haven’t closed it yet she bends over facing the door, hands on the floor, boobs pointing down with erect nipples.

I slip my finger into her pussy young lady you’re soaking wet. Yes sir. I start rubbing her gently splitting her lips rubbing and searching for her little g-spot. I fumble around slowly probing her I know she wants me to hurry so I take my time.

She is always in a hurry so she wants me to hurry too, find it old man what’s wrong with you? Excuse me, and close that fucking door! I stand up without a sound rear back and crack her on the ass open handed. DAMN IT OLD MAN! She is rocking back and forth whimpering young lady don’t you dare move.

I walk out into the kitchen then return with a bag of goodies, she’s remains bent over, the door is still wide open and I am getting cold she must be freezing. That will all change momentarily I put new batteries in the vibrator then fire it up, full speed and constant vibrate.

I touch it to her leg then work it around her pussy it is vibrating so hard I can feel my hand beginning to tingle. Around her pussy then back to her ass get your hands off the floor and spread your cheeks for me spread them wide I want to see that ass before I conquer it.

She is dripping wet so I smear the vibrator through her juices then attack her asshole, I’m just holding it there knowing it will numb her then it will start to tingle, she is starting to hum but it’s not music just noises.

As I hold it there I notice little droplets of juice running down her legs, now she’s whining. I slip the vibrator across the taint and into her pussy. I don’t go deep, just in at the surface her lips are wrapped around the shaft, and her legs are shaking. I guide it onto her button and let it rest there. As she is wiggling her ass she starts moaning the vibrator just lightly banging against her button now she’s making noises and panting.

I slip it in finding that little spot that will take her to the place dreams are made of. She screaming ok-ok stop-stop please-please as in all games there is a word to stop things. In Linda’s case the word stop doesn’t mean anything. Now she’s pleading with me can I Cum, please let me cum. Ok, you may cum now, oh I’m Cuming I’m Cuming, but still I hold that vibrator hard and fast she puts her hands on the floor begging me to stop pleading with me, all of a sudden she’s there.

Juices are spilling out of her like a faucet, she wants to move but knows better I slowly guide the vibrator out of her pussy all I can hear now is a sigh. Out of her pussy across her taint and back to her ass. OH NO PLEASE NOT MY ASS PLEASE I’LL DO ANYTHING. The vibrator is covered with juices as Pendik Manken Escort it slowly pokes its way into her ass, it’s just the head and she’s going absolutely crazy.

PLEASE NO! I slowly slide it into her ass a little deeper, then a little deeper she is out of control as I slip it all the way in she stands up HOLY CRAP! It’s in her all the way, and she is turning to kiss me she’s trembling muttering I love you then jamming her tongue deep into my mouth. I stop her asking her to bend over again she was begging but did as I asked.

Slowly I withdraw the vibrator and drop it to the floor then turning her around we return to kissing. I reach back and slam the door shut, and then we retreat to the couch. You are a dripping sticky mess, but I have a plan for that. After kissing for a while we decide she can’t sit around sticky all night, but before we do anything else I have to taste you.

I instruct her to show me all she possesses so she lays back on the couch spreading her legs. Farther I said farther now up you raise your legs up over your head showing me your entire splendor. I must say she is put together quite well.

She has nice tits, small pear shaped breasts, with petite areolas, her nipples when erect could hold up a shirt. Someday I will use you as a coat rack for a punishment. She has a small pot belly not big but surely sexy her pussy is shaped like a little mound, her lips are small and hang tight and her clit is tight and firm the fact that she shaves clean without the smallest hair anywhere tells me she is always primping for me.

I kneel in front of her tenderly kissing her stomach working my way to her pussy. Her taste is almost sweet her smell clean and fresh there is not a thing on the planet I like more than tasting and smelling her. As I’m licking her I become carried away I was just going for a taste and now can’t stop.

Licking, sucking nibbling on her lips I am becoming possessed harder and faster up and down from her pussy to her asshole and back again. I drive my tongue deep into her soft warm pussy scooping as much of her as I can on my tongue. I find my old friend her love button and set out to harass it. Hard then soft then hard again, now back down to her asshole she winces as I drive my tongue in then kiss her.

She is panting now as I move back to her clit slowly gently licking then sucking on her lips then once again driving my tongue deep inside her. She is calling my name it starts out soft but the closer we get to a climax the louder she becomes. Her pussy, her asshole then back again she’s just about to bust when I drive my fingers into her pussy fucking as hard and fast as I can.

As soon as I hit her spot with my fingers she explodes. Literally squirting six inches out of her, a little geyser the look on Linda’s face is priceless her makeup a mess eyes black from mascara and eye liner. They have the look of pure satisfaction on them, but she looks like she’s going to cry. You have been a bad girl and twice tonight you have had orgasms, I will have my turn.

All sticky and gooey we walk through the kitchen then into the bathroom I turn on the shower and warm it to the perfect temperature. Grab the bag she brought from the health food store, helping her into the tub I gently take the shower head wetting her from head to toe.

I squirt Pendik Masöz Escort the peppermint oil onto the exfoliating gloves and start to clean her. Gently washing her face then working my way down I’m careful not to hurt her, the gloves are new and very rough. She loves when I wash her; I take my time and am very gentle washing then rinsing. The gloves will open her pores and the oil penetrates leaving you all tingly and clean. As I get to her breasts I scrub a bit harder concentrating on her nipples which become hard again I scrub her from head to toe stopping at all her pleasure spots to play a while.

There you are all clean and ready for round two as I dry her off I fondle her telling her how pretty she is and how much I enjoy making her cum. She is dry and after I brush her hair I watch her put on a sheer bra and pair of sheer briefs. I like when she wears a thong but a real exciting change is the briefs, I like the way they hold her ass.

We are all set to watch a movie and she starts whining again if you want something ask I don’t like when you whine. There you go again, listen I asked you once not to whine please. She wants ice cream that’s fine with chocolate topping and nuts we don’t have any nuts.

She’s got to have nuts; Ok I grab her by the arm and drag her into the bedroom. Laying her on the bed I tie her hands to the headboard then legs when I am finished her legs are spread wide open and ass is up in the air, legs stretched so her feet are on the sides of her head.

I take the vibrator turn it on high and insert it into her pussy her briefs will hold it right where I want it, she wants nuts I’ll go get nuts. I’m sorry I don’t need nuts honey please. I storm out leaving the bedroom door open and the light on. I’m not mad but I know this is what she wants; I’ll go to the store and get nuts it should only take me ten minutes.

When I get to the store I run into Jim he wants to borrow a movie, perfect. We get back to the house and I know she’ll be squirming so I invite him in, we’re in the kitchen and I know she hear two voices this will freak her out.

Yea Jim come on in would you like a beer? He has a beer and I look for the movie we talk for a few minutes then I offer him a shot. We drink that and just as I expected he asks to use the bathroom, which happens to be right across the hall from the bedroom.

I know she can hear him coming up and she’s got to be flipping out. I follow him up talking all the time, as he turns to go in the bathroom I enter the bedroom, her eyes look of panic the vibrator is humming away and she is freaking out. The bathroom door opens and I say in here, she looks like she’s going to die just before he walks into the room I hit the light and head out, she was one second from being seen.

We go down get the movie and I see him to the door as I’m walking back I can hear her whimpering when I come in the bedroom she’s cum all over herself, her panties are all soaking wet. You asshole you scared the crap out of me. Lifting her panties I slowly pull out the vibrator she is screaming she has got to be ruint.

I take off my pants and slip my dick inside her humping you as hard as I can, she is so wet I keep slipping out and with every stroke there’s a slapping noise. It doesn’t take long and I’m ready to blow where do you want it? Cum in my mouth please. I almost make it to her mouth but get it all over her instead, as I untie her now she is whining her legs and pussy are sore and for that she get hugs and kisses for the rest of the night.

I know that she’ll behave herself for at least the rest of the night or until she wants to play again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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