Bed and Breakfast

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Tanya and I decided to take a long weekend in the country and stay at a farmhouse B & B that had been recommended by some friends. We packed a few clothes into a suitcase, hopped into the car and headed off on Friday afternoon.

After about a four hour leisurely drive following the directions of our friends we found the lovely B & B, nestled in rolling meadows which were surrounded by woodlands. I grabbed the suitcase and we rang the bell at the front door. We knew that the B & B was owned by a widow but we were unprepared for the stunning lady that welcomed us into her home. Her name was Inga, in her early forties but looked younger, and her accent had Swedish tones. Short cropped blond hair, a lovely smile and, from what I could judge, a great figure covered by loose fitting working clothes and an apron.

After introductions all round, Inga showed us to our luxurious room which had a lovely view over the farm. She told us that for a small extra fee she would cook us a three course meal each night, an offer to which we readily agreed. Tanya and I unpacked and rested while Inga prepared the dinner.

Delicious home made pumpkin soup, roast beef with homegrown veggies and profiteroles for dessert! After dinner Inga joined us for coffee and we chatted away for hours, she was delightful company as well as an excellent hostess. We learnt of how she met her doctor husband when he was in Stockholm for health seminars. It was love at first sight and after a trans-Atlantic love affair they were married and Inga moved to America. They lived on the farm and her husband commuted daily to his practice in a nearby town. Unfortunately her husband died in a car accident a couple of years ago so to make ends meet Inga turned the farmhouse into a successful B & B.

Tanya and I retired early and after a short spanking session we made love and then had a sound night’s sleep.

Next morning after breakfast we headed off to explore the countryside and visit a market recommended by Inga in the town. Tanya and I had a lovely day, at the market we found some things that were ‘just right’ for Christmas presents and the fall colors of the countryside were just lovely. We returned tired and happy to the B & B for another delicious dinner for which Inga joined us and we had more interesting chat with our delightful host.

After dinner I decided to pay Inga for our stay and handed her my credit card.

She returned shortly with a look of annoyance on her face. “Matt, this credit card is no good, it finished yesterday, today is the first day of the month, do you have the new card?”

“I’m sorry Inga,” I replied, reaching for my wallet, “My new card must be here somewhere.”

I searched my wallet but the new card wasn’t there, I must have left it at home.

When I told Inga that I didn’t have the new card she got angry.

“What about you Tanya?” she snapped, “Have you got any money on you?”

“Not enough to pay our account, I’m afraid,” Tanya said, “I’ve got a bit of cash but my card is out to it’s limit I’m afraid. We’ll have to send you a check when we get home, you can trust us you know.”

“How do I know I can trust you? It’s totally irresponsible of both of you not to be able to pay me, I feel like I should call the police.” Inga was quite angry.

“Take it easy Inga,” I tried to calm her down, “Ring our friends who recommended your place, they will vouch for us as being reliable and trustworthy. There’s no need to involve the police in this matter”

“All right I will ring them, wait here.” Inga snapped and went into her little office where she rang our friends.

After a few minutes Inga returned and said that there was no answer at out friends but she had calmed down a little and gave an unexpected ultimatum.

“I can’t contact your friends and I suppose I can trust you to send me a check when you get home tomorrow. But you have both been very irresponsible and need to be taught a lesson. I will not call the police if you both agree to accept a spanking from me, and I warn you now, it will be harder than the one you gave Tanya last night!”

“You heard us last night?” Tanya got in before me. “But I thought we were very quiet.”

“Yes I could hear you, your room is next to mine. But that’s not the issue at the moment. Will you both be spanked or do I have to call the police?”

“I guess we have no option,” I replied, as Tanya nodded in agreement. “Let’s get this done and over with.”

“Wait there while I change into something more suitable,” Inga ordered and disappeared into her bedroom via the office.

Tanya and I discussed our situation and agreed that we were doing the right thing. After all, we were both into spanking and neither of us wanted to explain how it all happened to the police.

“Tanya and Matt, come through now,” Inga called.

We moved through the office and opened the door to Inga’s sitting room, her bedroom could be seen through an open door. We both gasped as we gazed in awe at Inga. Gone urfa escort were the house work clothes. Inga was now wearing high heel, knee high leather boots with a short leather mini skirt that exposed most of her slim, muscular thighs. A leather waistcoat that showed a large amount of cleavage covered her ample breasts. Her short blond hair above her now made up face completed the vision. The best way I can describe her figure is to compare her with Raquel Welsh at a similar age.

Tanya and I were speechless with shock.

“I guess I omitted to tell you that I met my husband when he came to my dungeon in Stockholm,” Inga said with a smile on her face. ” In our private life he was my slave, since he died I haven’t had a chance to wear this gear so I’m glad you two came along. I’m looking forward to punishing both of you.”

“Don’t interrupt me,” she ordered as I started to speak, “Both of you agreed to be spanked and spanked you will be, I’ll toss a coin to see who goes first, heads it’s you Tanya, tails it’s you Matt.”

I looked at Tanya and she shrugged at me as if to say we had no option. I think Tanya was a little excited as she loves to be spanked and she had never been over the knees of another woman before.

We watched the coin spin through the air and Inga caught it, “Ha, it’s tails, you’re first Matt, shoes and sox off and come over here, Tanya you sit on that chair over there and wait your turn.

Inga sat in the center of a leather couch as Tanya and I followed her orders. I stood in front of Inga and prepared to go over her knees.

“Matt, stop!” Inga exclaimed, “Trousers and underpants off first, I only spank on the bare!”

I could see there was no good in arguing and did as I was told. Inga’s short mini hardly covered her crotch and my cock gave a jerk of excitement as it slid between her bare thighs when I took up my position. Inga was very strong and the force of the first spank took me by surprise. I nearly cried out but I was determined to remain quiet throughout the ordeal. There was no let up as I was given the hardest spanking of my life. I was soon wriggling around on Inga’s lap as her arm continued to rise and fall and her hand soon had my arse stinging like mad. Tanya told me later that she had never seen a bottom turn from white to red so quickly. The only sound in the room was the continual “whack” off Inga’s hand on my buttocks although I did hear an occasional gasp from Tanya.

Finally the hand spanking came to a stop and I attempted to rise. Inga’s firm hand held me in place, as she exclaimed, “Not yet Matt, you still have to take 12 whacks from my hairbrush and here they are!”

Whack, whack, whack, the hairbrush landed repeatedly and I could stay silent no longer.

“Owwwwch, that stings Inga, take it easy,” I cried, but there was no let up as Inga counted the blows from the hairbrush.

“Ten, eleven, twelve, there that’s all for you Matt, stand up now.’ Inga ordered.

I struggled to my feet noting that the punishment had had the usual effect on my penis that stood stiffly out in front of me. I was shocked as Inga’s hand took hold of my cock and gave it a couple of rubs.

“Very nice Matt but you will have to control yourself for a while, go and sit on that chair and Tanya, now it’s your turn, come over here,” there was no doubting that Inga had complete control of the situation.

“If you don’t mind I’ll stand for a while,” I said sarcastically.

Tanya rose from the chair with a worried but still excited look on her face. We exchanged wan smiles as a bare foot Tanya took up position in front of Inga.

I watched Inga’s hands reach out and unfasten the front of Tanya’s jeans that were soon on the floor as were her panties. It was very erotic to watch Inga’s hands wrap around Tanya’s bum and guide her over the knees. Inga took her time, her hands roaming over Tanya’s bottom and thighs, making her legs spread apart as fingers slid into the cleft between Tanya’s buttocks.

A moan came from Tanya as Inga cried, “You are so wet Tanya, you must have got turned on watching Matt being spanked, or are you excited about being spanked by me? Has another woman ever spanked you Tanya?”

Tanya just shook her head in reply as Inga continued the stroking. Finally Inga raised her hand and brought it down with a soft smack. In contrast to my spanking the soft smacking continued, Inga warming Tanya up slowly and carefully, ensuring that all of the buttocks and thighs were well covered.

When Inga was satisfied with the warm up and the soft pink color of the skin, once again her fingers probed gently between Tanya’s legs. Again another moan from Tanya followed quickly by an ‘ouch’ as Inga smacked hard down on her bum.

Inga was thoroughly enjoying herself as the hard smacks continued to land on Tanya’s arse. “Oohs, aaahs and ouches” came from Tanya as her skin slowly turned from pink to a soft red. Tanya was wriggling around on Inga’s thighs but balıkesir escort there was no chance of escape as the spanking continued. I watched helplessly as Inga picked up the hairbrush and rubbed it over Tanya’s poor arse.

Tanya knew what was about to happen and tensed herself.

“Relax Tanya,” Inga soothed, “This won’t be as hard as I gave Matt. But I do have to give you your share of the punishment, you know that pleasure will follow the pain…”

These few words hung in the air as Inga raised the hairbrush and brought it smartly down on Tanya’s lovely bum.

“Yipes, that stings,” Tanya cried, but even if she had wanted to there was no escaping Inga’s firm grasp. The hairbrush continued to rise and fall making the pink turn to red. ‘Whack, whack, whack’ “Ouch, Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh!”

I knew from past experience that Tanya was near to tears as suddenly Inga dropped the hairbrush on the couch.

Tanya made to move up off Inga’s knees but two firm hands held her in place.

“Just stay where you are Tanya,” Inga said, “And I will cool you down a bit.” As she spoke Inga produce a tube of cold cream from between the cushions and squirted some on Tanya’s poor buttocks. Gently Inga rubbed the cream into the skin, soothing away the heat. Tanya squirmed with pleasure as Inga’s fingers moved once again towards the cleft between the cheeks, brushing over her anus. I watched in awe as Tanya’s legs moved wider apart as Inga’s probing fingers touched her sex.

“Tanya do you want me to stop?” Inga asked.

Tanya answered with another shake of her head, another moan of pleasure coming from her as two of Inga’s fingers slowly probed fully into her wet pussy. Inga’s arm moved in and out, slowly masturbating Tanya to orgasm. Tanya legs were kicking as Inga’s fingers gradually moved quicker and quicker, her years of Swedish experience giving her the knowledge of how to bring Tanya to a thrashing orgasm.

“I’m cummmmming!!” cried Tanya as her body arched, shook and finally collapsed across Inga’s knees. “Oh Inga, that was soooooo good, that spanking really turned me on.”

Inga let Tanya calm down before helping her to her feet, holding Tanya’s shoulders to stop her moving away. Inga was whispering in Tanya’s ear and apart from a few girlish giggles I couldn’t hear what they were saying. After a couple of minutes Tanya nodded in agreement and they both moved in front of me.

“Matt, Tanya wants to thank me for giving her so much pleasure and we don’t want you to interfere.” Inga was once again in charge. “So we are going to tie you to the chair, don’t even try to argue with us, just sit there and watch.”

I could see that their minds were made up and kept my mouth shut. Tanya’s nipples were still rock hard, she smiled at me and gave me a kiss as Inga strapped my arms to the chair.

“I want to do this my darling,” Tanya said to me as Inga led her back to the couch.

“Undress me Tanya,” Inga ordered as she sat on the couch. “Take my boots off first.”

Tanya knelt in front of Inga and unzipped and removed both of the leather boots.

“Kiss my feet Tanya,” Inga ordered and Tanya obeyed.

“Very good Tanya,” Inga said as she rose from the couch, “Now stand and take off my top.”

Tanya stood and with shaking hands undid the buttons down the front of Inga’s leather waistcoat. We both gasped as Inga’s large but firm breasts fell free, like Tanya her nipples were rock hard.

“Feel my breasts Tanya, suck my nipples, ahhh yes, that’s right, suck hard.” Inga’s threw her head back in pleasure as Tanya followed her orders; she obviously had very sensitive nipples.

“Now Tanya, remove my skirt.”

Tanya’s hands were still shaking as she found and loosened the clasp of the leather skirt. The skirt fell to the floor and Inga flicked it aside. Once again Tanya and I gasped in unison as we gazed at Inga’s glistening shaven cunt. All this undressing had made my cock hard again; I was very aroused as I watched the scene unfold.

“Turn around Tanya,” Inga ordered as she pushed Tanya’s shoulders. Tanya now had her back to Inga and we both wondered what was going to happen next. “Now put your hands behind your back, come on now, hurry up!”

Inga was still very much in command and Tanya obeyed the instructions. Inga bent down and took a length of rope from under a cushion. Quickly she tied Tanya’s hands behind her back; whispering what I took to be soothing words as she expertly secured Tanya’s wrists.

Inga turned Tanya around to face her, kissed her quickly on the lips and then pushed her down to her knees. Inga sank back down onto the couch and spread her legs wide apart. Reaching forward Inga positioned Tanya directly between her legs, then slowly pushed her face down, down onto her shaven pussy.

Tanya’s moan of “Ohhhhhhhh” was cut short as her mouth met Inga’s flesh.

Inga placed a hand firmly on Tanya’s head with the order, “Eat me Tanya. Eat trabzon escort me and make me come!”

It was so erotic watching Tanya on her knees, her hands tied behind her and Inga holding and guiding her head. My position did not enable me to see Tanya’s tongue at work but from the guttural noises of pleasure coming from Inga I knew that Tanya was doing a very good job.

“That’s it Tanya, ahhhhhhh, yes that’s just what I need, keep going, keep going, eat my cunt!” Inga’s head was rolling as the waves of pleasure started to course through her body. One hand was holding Tanya’s head while the other hand was squeezing and playing with her own lovely breasts.

Inga’s body was shaking as an orgasm swept through her, “I’m cummmming Tanya, I’m cummmmming, oh that’s so good!”

Finally Inga’s body relaxed and she slumped back onto the couch, continuing to hold Tanya in position. “Clean me up Tanya, lick up all my juices, that’s a good girl, you’re a very quick learner, that’s soooo good.”

Inga let go of Tanya’s head and pushed her back onto her knees. Tanya looked at my face and then my erection and grinned as she licked the moisture around her lips.

Inga stood and helped Tanya to her feet. “Come with me into my bedroom my pretty one, we’ll leave Matt alone for a few minutes.”

With her arms still secured behind her back Tanya was led into the bedroom. I heard a door open and then lots of girlish giggles, laughs, a few spanks, squeals and I thought also the sound of running water. What were they doing? My mind was running amok and my cock still pointed at the ceiling. Finally after about ten minutes Inga came back into the room, followed by Tanya.

“Matt,” Inga spoke first, “Tanya has a surprise for you, show him Tanya.”

Tanya stepped from behind Inga into the light, spread her legs wide to show me her shaven cunt! I had tried to talk her into shaving some time ago but she was unsure, and now Inga had convinced Tanya to do it.

“I think Matt should taste our cunts don’t you Tanya?” Inga smiled conspiratorially at Tanya, “Let’s do what we planned!”

My cock jumped as I noted Inga say ‘our’ cunts. Inga went to a drawer and took out four leather cuffs. Tanya helped her to attach them to my wrists and ankles. Tanya kissed me deeply as Inga moved behind me and tied a blindfold around my eyes! My arms were then released from the chair and I was helped to my feet. Both girls guided me across the sitting room and into Inga’s bedroom. The giggling pair then pushed and guided me into the center of the bed where I was spread-eagled and my wrists and ankles attached with rope to the bedposts!

The room fell quiet as the girls sat on the bed, one on each side where soft fingers played with my erection, thighs and my nipples. No pain just a lot of sensual teasing as the erotic evening progressed. Then I felt my cock being tickled by a tongue, or was that two tongues? The tongues continued to make patterns all over my cock and balls, I could feel sweat breaking out all over my body. Suddenly my cock was engulfed by a mouth which sucked hard for a short time then was replaced by another mouth! The girls continued to suck and swap, how I managed not to come amazed me as in between the sucks I could hear the girls kissing each other!

“I think he’s nearly there Tanya, you’d better jump on!” cried Inga.

There was sudden movement on the bed and I felt Tanya’s newly shaven cunt slip down over my hard cock.

“Ahhhhhh that’s what I need,” cried Tanya as she began to move up and down.

I could also sense Inga moving about near my head as Tanya continued to bring me to my long awaited orgasm. Suddenly my blindfold was whipped off and I opened my eyes to see Inga’s cunt poised above my face. Slowly she lowered herself until she was sitting on my face! What else could I do but stick out my tongue? I licked, sucked and probed as Inga’s juices literally poured onto my face. I was overwhelmed by the different sensations – Tanya fucking away on my cock as Inga squirmed and wriggled on my face, if this was sexual heaven I think I had found it! Both of the girls were squealing with delight as the three of us approached and then erupted into our individual orgasms. The bed shook as we all virtually came at the same time, Inga and Tanya both screaming in ecstasy, my orgasm practically silent as Inga’s cunt acted like a gag on my mouth.

After a short time Tanya and Inga rolled off my sweat and cum covered body. Inga pushed Tanya aside so that she could lick my cock clean so Tanya lay down beside me and kissed and licked me clean too.

“Wow, that was amazing, I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” I managed to say as our breathing calmed down.

“I think you have paid off your debt to me now,” Inga said with a smile as she lay down beside me on the opposite side to Tanya.

“That’s an unusual method of payment Inga,” Tanya said, “And not a strain on the bank balance either, we must come back here and stay again Matt.”

“Both of you are most welcome anytime, just ring first to make sure that nobody else is staying,” Inga said as she snuggled in and hugged Tanya and I. “That is the first session I’ve had since my husband died and it was great, I needed it so badly. Next time both of you can spank me too, I do like to switch sometimes!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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