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His eyes scanned over my form, nodding slightly. “You’re a bottom,” he says with some finality. For what it was worth, I had an embarrassed look on my face, closing The Book on Bottoming and putting it in my lap. “Yeah, I guess you could say that,” I muttered.

Chuckling, he sat down opposite to me. “How deep are you in? Do you discuss the scene and all of that?”

“I…he’s not comfortable with it yet. The last aggressive top I had was female so…” I let the sentence trail off with a shrug. The DANGER! button was going off in my head but I wasn’t listening to it. After all, what was the worse that could happen? “I know my limits, my Yes/No/Maybes firm in my head.”

The older of the two of us picked at a nail nonchalantly, saying, “That’s kind of you to have them put out like that.” His eyes met mine like a growing thunderstorm in the distance. “I’m a top. I haven’t had someone to…practice my wears on in quite sometime.”

“I pictured you as a top,” I blurted out before realizing and he smiled. “Because of my size?” he ventured, making me shake my head.

“No…you have a very…soul bearing stare.”

“I’ve been told that.”

“It’s true.”

Standing he stood in front of me, all six foot plus and I suddenly felt very small. “I’m gentle but I’m firm. Tell me what you like,” he rumbled. I started to look down but his finger placed under my chin. “Tisk, tisk, look me in the eye. I want to see.”

I swallowed hard, hearing my heart thud in my chest. “I like…not being in control. Smacking my hips, thighs and butt is OK, just not too hard. I like teeth but not down there and I’m not a fan of scat play, water sports, blood, or feet. I like restraints, blind folds, my top letting me know that they’re pleased. I won’t do anything until you tell me too; except for the things that I said I’m completely…at your mercy.” I was slowly slipping into head space and I knew it, that one finger having the power to break me out of it or push me in deeper.

For what it was worth, he just smiled. “Safe words?”

“Standard Green, Pink, Red.”

“That’s standard?” the smile morphed into a laugh. “I’m getting old. Alright, fine.” He backed up and crossed his arms, voice going deeper. “Anything else?”

I blinked, feeling slightly heady, like in a fog. “Not…that I can think of.”

A nod and he started, eyes as serious as a killer’s, my real name cracking like a whip. “You have given yourself over adana escort to me for the evening. From now until the scene ends you will address me as ‘sir’. I am going to strip you and possess total control over your body because you ask it of me. Please remember your safe word and your slow word; I won’t be angry if you use them and in fact, they are for your well being. You will now strip as a symbol of how open you are to me.”

Hands shaking, I undo the men’s shirt I’m wearing and fold it up on the couch. My jeans next, followed by underwear and bra and I crossed my arms across my stomach, feeling exposed, slightly unworthy.

Eyes flicked across my body, a single nod. “Do not hide from me; never be ashamed. You are as perfectly imperfect as I expected,” he said in a low voice.

“Thank you, sir,” I whispered.

“Stand there. Do not move.” He disappeared and then re-appeared, snapping a leather collar with a lead around my neck. “Follow.”

“Yes, sir,” I mumbled and let him guide me into his bedroom, a place I had only accidentally been; I wasn’t too keen on violating his privacy even though we lived together. I kept my eyes trained on the floor, not knowing how he would expect me to act. We stopped in front of the bed and he unhooked the leash, leaving the collar. “Kneel,” he ordered and I did, back straight in the center of the floor.

“Hands behind your back,” he continued. My fingers gripped my wrists and I felt him move, his warm, large hands on my shoulders and I gasped, hearing him snicker. “Do you like it when I touch you?” The question was almost innocent.

I nodded before realizing I was supposed answer verbally. “Yes, sir,” I whispered.

Another smile as he worked to my front, squatting. “I want you to like it, I’m not here to hurt you…unless you beg,” he said, touching the side of my face. I leaned into his touch a little, shutting my eyes, sighing. “I do what you will, sir.”

“That’s what I want to hear.” From out of his pocket, he took out a silk rope, tying it around my eyes. I was blind now. “Come here.”

His hands guided me backwards onto the bed, pulling my arms up. Leather fastened around my wrists too and I felt his finger trail in between my breasts, dipping into my belly button. “You might have to pardon me, I might have to go straight to the grand finale,” he growled in my ear and it was then even through his jeans, I eskişehir escort could feel his hardness against my thigh, thick and throbbing. “It’s been quite some time…”

“Anything, sir,” I gasped. I loved being restrained, the bite of fingers into me, sometimes teeth. I just wanted to be bended to his will…

I felt the cold push of lubricant against my opening and knew then it was a dildo, carefully designed but not a monster. “That’s what I want to hear,” my new owner said and knew he was wearing a smile hidden by a beard. “But I think I should play with you for a bit first.” With a click it started vibrating and I let out a cry of surprise that trailed off into a moan, shutting my eyes even though they were hidden by the blind fold.

His hands traveled across my body, pinching a nipple quickly, fondling one breast and then the other. “You’re quite soft, softer than I imagined,” he whispered in my ear, hot breath going down my neck, the flash of teeth on the skin there. I arched my back, crying out loudly. “Anything to please you, sir,” I begged, feeling my orgasm grow in my stomach.

“Mmm, really?” he cooed. I screamed as he turned up the dial on the vibrator, making it go faster. “I don’t have to tell you that coming before I say so will make me…displeased.” There was the undercurrent of threat there and I panted, trying to halt my breathing. “I-understand sir…”

In a swift motion, the vibrator was gone and I let out a whimper that I know that sounded pitiful. “Now, now, don’t give me that,” I heard him say and felt him undo the joint where my wrists were connected, pulling me down to the floor in a kneeling position. I figured what it was for but I didn’t care, I was ready to do almost anything.

His length was warm, smelling faintly of soap and he nuzzled it along my collar bone. “You want to be fucked by me?” he asked, gripping the bottom of my chin and I jumped. “Y-yes sir,” I stammered.

“Then you’re going to have to earn it, love,” he said ominously and the head of his penis pushed past my lips, settling firmly in my mouth. His hand buried itself in my hair, guiding my head but letting me choose how fast or how deep. There wasn’t anyway I could take him fully; he was simply too big for that but judging by the low sounds of satisfaction I heard, I wasn’t doing a bad job. I did as well as I could, wishing on some level I could see his face sakarya escort but I knew I was here to serve him…

Too soon, I felt him tug on the back of my hair, pulling me away from his erection. “Not bad, not bad at all,” he praised and I felt a ribbon of drool trail down the side of my mouth. “So good in fact I may as for a repeat performance.”

“Nothing would make me happier, sir,” I said quietly and felt him pull me up to standing before doing something suprising:

He kissed me. Long, slow, gently, so careful in fact that I felt a part of me break; he was showing me what he usually was. “I can’t treat you like the rest of my bottoms; you’re almost too…too something,” he whispered, grabbing the hook of my cuffs and pulling on it harshly. “But I can fuck you like one.”

In an instant I was on my stomach on the bed, hooked up again, and in some distant part of my mind I heard the wrapper of a condom. “On your knees,” he ordered and I obediently put my ass in the air. An approving smack on my left butt cheek followed, echoing off the wall and I groaned, aroused to the point of my mind. “Please, sir, please, I need you,” I begged, almost crying and I felt him mount the bed behind me.

The tip of his head rubbed against my heat, a hand gripping my hip hard enough to cause bruises on my dark skin. “Oh, really?” he asked coyly. “How bad do you need me?”

“I…I please sir!” I screamed, tossing my head back and he rammed into me, hard enough to steal the breath from my body. His hands traveled my body roughly, marking me, slapping my ass intermittently, always going at the same rough, fast pace. I was vocal, begging, pleading for mercy, permission, anything to make me reach the finish line. I could see behind my eyelids while he was calm, low moans and gasps signaling he was just as close as I was.

With out warning, he grabbed the ends of my blindfold, pulling me back, thrusts becoming erratic. “Come with me,” he snarled, almost animal like. “For the love of god come with me.” It was all I needed and in a few strokes and a scream that would surely have his neighbors complaining, I came and came hard, breathing, “Thank you sir, thank you…” as I sank into oblivion.

I woke to being held, the blindfold and cuffs gone, the darkness of his eyes penetrating the darkness in his room. “Scene over,” he whispered, touching the side of my face like I was made of porcelain. “Thank you.”

“For what?” I mumbled. I was so sleepy…

“For letting me see you in a different light. I…I couldn’t however give you as much as you wanted, I’m sorry for that.”

To this I smiled. “You gave me everything I wanted. You were amazing in every way. Now just hold me.”

And he did, smiling and planting a kiss on my forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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