Curious WM 30 Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: The first two installments of this story were submitted in the Gay Male category. Those of you who read the first two chapters will understand why I am switching to the BDSM category. If you haven’t read the first two chapters please take the time now so you will understand what is happening to the main character! The first chapter concerns a ‘first time gay male plot’ and was written as a self-contained story.

But a funny thing happened, by the end of their first adventure the two curious males wanted more! At least that’s what I thought was happening. Little did I know that a dominant female was orchestrating the events and would take over! Once again, any constructive criticism will be well received. And any insight into Angela’s motivation will also be helpful. Does this new turn of events make this story better or worse? Your opinions and input whether public or directly thru e-mail is appreciated. I will answer any serious questions or comments as time permits. To those of you who choose anonymity: I appreciate your reluctance but some of you have unique experiences that I’d like to explore!


On Wednesday morning I woke up with my usual erection. I was dreaming about performing oral sex on an anonymous partner. His cock was sliding down my throat easily and I was feeling a sense of pride that I could “deep throat” a cock and not gag. As I slowly gained consciousness I was depressed to realize that I was not actually deep-throating anyone, but I was delighted that I would be meeting Phil and Angela again. I got up and went through my morning routine being careful to properly shave and shower in preparation for our ‘consultation’. I was taking more and more pains to trim my ‘bush’ and shave my penis and testicles. It was probably in vain but I thought they might appear bigger.

Our last meeting was still fresh in my mind and even though I didn’t really like the hurried session we shared on Tuesday I was excited by Angela’s new role. Being naked for her and following her lead was something that I hadn’t anticipated but found intoxicating. My dormant femdom fetish was resurfacing along with a deep CFNM fascination to challenge my newly acquired taste for cock. Angela’s pussy was divine and her touch on my prick was especially exhilarating.

I was enjoying my coffee and toast when Martha hurried into the kitchen. “Would you fill my travel cup, dear? I’m going to be late if I don’t hurry.” She made a sandwich as I filled her coffee cup. “Did your meeting go well?”

“What meeting?” I mumbled.

“The one with the new accountant.”

“Oh, yes. That meeting. Our time was cut short by an unexpected problem with another client. I’m seeing him again this morning.”

“Well just remember, don’t do anything unless we discuss it first, promise?” Martha said as she left for work.

“Yes, dear.” I answered concerning our money but chuckled to myself concerning the real reason for my meeting. If she knew, if she only knew, and if she were confident enough in our relationship to play this game with me I would cherish her even more. I still love her but I’m afraid I’m in lust with Phil and Angela!

I was right on time but once again Angela was not at her desk. “Hello!” I called.

“I’ll be with you shortly.” Angela replied. “You know what to do.”

I wanted to lock the door but there was no key in sight. “Why aren’t you ready?” Angela asked sternly, when she entered the reception area.

“The door’s not secured.” I objected.

“Just worry about stripping, Karl. I’ll lock the door.” Angela locked the door and then stood by impatiently watching me remove my clothes. I liked having her watch me as I removed my clothes; it was very erotic stripping for her eyes only. I tried to make it last as long as possible but she seemed to want to get things moving.

When I was finally standing before her stark naked she took hold of my penis and gently squeezed. “I want you to be hard when I lead you in, Karl.”

“As you wish, Angela, please make me hard.” It had been years since such a young and pretty woman had held my penis. She could have jacked me off in the hallway if she had wanted. “Your cock is nice and smooth today; did you shave it for me?”

“Yes, Angela, I shaved myself from my rectum to my penis.”

“Your balls too? Let me feel.”

Angela squeezed and pulled on my cock as she gently brushed her fingers over my balls. “They feel so soft and nice; did you go to all this trouble for me?”

“Yes, Angela, I did. I hope you like it.”

“Let me get a better look.” I raised my left leg and put my foot on the chair opening my legs and exposing my crotch for her inspection. She felt between my legs and fondled my balls as I kept stroking for her. “You feel so smooth and nice but I’m afraid your bush is raggedy and uneven. It’s hard to see what you are doing when you trim your istanbul escort own bush, Karl, would you like me to help you next time?”

“Oh, Angela! Would you really? You have no idea how much that would please me.”

“I think I do, Karl. Men like you love it when a woman plays with their genitals and lucky for you I love to play. It will be fun for both of us! I think I’ll start by shaving you from your waist to your knees and then shaping your bush so you look like the slut you really are. How does that sound to you, Karl?”

“I can’t wait, Angela, just thinking about it is exciting!”

“So I see!” She was satisfied I was ready so she gave me a little tug and led me into Phil’s office. She positioned me in front of Phil’s desk and gave my penis a gentle tug downward. I knelt in my usual spot.

Angela stood directly in front of me and tapped my knees with her toes. “Spread your legs, Karl, show me your crotch.

I obeyed, spreading my legs and giving her a view of my crotch that not even my wife had ever seen!

“Now stroke your penis for me; I want to watch you jack-off!”

Phil was not at his desk and from what I could see he wasn’t even in the office. I started stroking my penis as Angela told me but I was confused. “Where is Phil?” I asked.

“Phil can’t be here today, Karl, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. Would like to have fun with me?”

“This is fun, Angela, what else do you have in mind.”

“First you are going to cum for me. I want you to shoot your cum onto this saucer.” She placed a small plate between my knees. “When you cum you will milk yourself onto this plate. After you cum you will eat my pussy.” As she was describing what she wanted she stepped out of her skirt. She was wearing a royal blue teddy and stockings but no panties. Standing before me in her high heels she was a dream come true. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I licked my lips, involuntarily. “Do you like what you see?” She purred.

I nodded my head, unable to speak. “Would you like a little sniff while you jack-off?” She teased.

I leaned in and sniffed her love nest. “What do you smell, Karl?”

“Your pussy smells so nice, and looks so clean and fresh; I can’t wait to eat it!”

“Then cum for me so you can eat me out. Shoot your cum on the saucer!”

By now I was beyond stopping. I couldn’t stop. I had to cum for her and I desperately wanted to bury my face in her pussy. “But you should know that my pussy isn’t clean or fresh, Karl. Phil fucked me this morning and left his load for you to suck out. In fact, I think I can feel some of his cum drying on my thigh. But you will clean me up, won’t you Karl? You’ll make my pussy clean and fresh, won’t you?”

Her teasing put me over the top. My first shot of cum nearly missed the plate but I milked the rest into a small puddle. “That was very good, Karl. Now hand me the plate and you can have your reward.”

I started at the tops of her stockings licking the smooth skin of her thighs. She was right about Phil’s cum, it was coating her legs and some of it was dry and crusty. I licked faster, longer licks. Lapping up his cum, mixed; I’m sure, with her cunt liquor. When I reached the apex of her legs I found her freshly fucked pussy. Her puffy lips glistened with his seed and a small drop was trying to escape. I lightly licked it up as she squirmed waiting for me to eat the cream pie she’d been saving for me.

I studied her pussy like the work of art it was. Her outer mound was covered with a soft coat of strawberry blond curls and crowned with neatly trimmed tresses shaped like a heart. I licked slowly from the bottom of her slit to just below her clitoris, avoiding the swollen nubbin to tease her but also saving it to tease myself.

On each pass I licked deeper and sucked on the innermost parts of her pussy. I treated each luscious fold of her lips like a tender flower petal as I gently sucked and licked to make them clean and fresh. She was slick with his sperm and I was getting hard again thinking about the service I was providing. Knowing I was their cum slut and knowing that they knew that I loved being their sex slave was intoxicating. It made me feel almost giddy.

Angela became impatient and pulled my mouth into her eager cunt. “Finish the job! Quit tickling me and suck my clit.” I could feel her tremble as her feet came off the ground and her legs wrapped around my head. My mouth covered her clit and my tongue worked as fast as it could as she climaxed over and over.

When she finally relaxed and freed me from her leg lock I was gasping for breath. I tried to kiss her one more time but she pushed me away. She stood and put her skirt on. After adjusting her clothes she walked to the doorway turned and said, “It’s time for you to leave; I’ll pencil you in for eight thirty so we can groom escort bayan your crotch before tomorrow’s session.

I dressed quietly and said, “See you tomorrow.” as I walked out past her desk.

“Don’t forget, eight thirty!”

“I can’t forget; it’s all I’ll be thinking of!”

“I know that’s right.” Angela smirked as I left.

When I returned home my wife was out running errands or shopping or whatever it is that women do with themselves during the day. I was just glad she wasn’t home. I stripped and immediately started to masturbate but I couldn’t concentrate. For months I dreamed about sucking cock and now that I had done it three different times all I could think about was Angela. I would continue to suck Phil off but now I wanted to be Angela’s pet. I wanted to serve her. It was so confusing that I couldn’t cum before my wife returned home. I grabbed my towel and started the shower.

“What’s up with you,” she asked when she entered our bedroom. “You don’t usually shower before lunch.”

“I’ve got a sore neck,” I lied, “I thought a shower might help.”

“Why don’t you use the spa, you can relax in there and I’ll bring you some iced tea.”

She suggested.

My cock had deflated so I agreed and went out on the deck, started the spa and relaxed while I waited for my tea.

The rest of the day was a blur; I tried reading, watching TV, I even walked the dog and I hate the dog. Nothing helped pass the time. I was addicted to my morning appointment. I wanted to go to Phil’s office, especially this time. Angela was going to trim me. Just the thought made my penis swell and throb. I was uncomfortable all day and could hardly sleep but I was showered and ready to go at eight o’clock. By eight thirty I was walking into Phil’s office.

“You are so punctual, Karl.” Angela beamed. “Get yourself ready, I’ve got to finish the preparations for your grooming.”

Angela left and I stripped all by myself. I missed Angela. I liked having her watch. When I was naked she returned and leading me with a firm grip on my penis we entered Phil’s office.

When we were half way across the room I noticed that Phil was once again absent but a woman was behind his desk. I balked and attempted to cover myself. “Don’t be shy Karl.” Angela said sweetly. “This is Kate, she is a licensed beautician. She has been giving me my bikini trims for ages and she is here to “groom” you.”

“But I thought…”

“I don’t care what you thought, Karl. I’m not going to risk injury to you because of my inexperience. Kate has done thousands of trims and shapings and she is going to do yours! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Angela.” I meekly replied. I stole a glance at Kate and was delighted in her choice of ‘beauticians’. Kate was almost my height in her heels which were red and matched her nails and lipstick. Her hair was jet black and a stark contrast to her milky white skin. She was wearing a white smock that covered her to mid thigh. She was intimidating as she walked around Phil’s desk.

“You see, Kate, I told you Karl would obey me. Now where would you like to work?”

“I think by the windows is perfect. The light is great and there is plenty of room. Take him over by the window so I can examine him and see what needs to be done.”

I stood in the bright morning sun as Kate circled me three or four times, looking at every square inch of my body. My penis responded and grew stiff in spite of my initial embarrassment. “I see he likes to be on display, Angela. How long have you had him?”

“Just since Saturday.”

“Fast learner!”

“I’ll say, and flexible too! He goes both ways and likes it.”

“Really?” Kate’s interest was piqued. Have you, you know…”

“Not yet, but then you’re here so I suppose that today is as good a day as any to start.”

“May I touch him.”

“Of course, silly. You’re going to shave and trim him!”

“Just being polite, dear. Tell him to spread his legs, please.”

“Kate needs to check between your legs, Karl. Be a dear and let her do her job.”

I steadied myself on the back of a chair, moved my feet about shoulder length apart and squatted slightly giving her an unobstructed view of my crotch. Yesterday Angela was the first woman to see me so grossly displayed and now her hairdresser was being treated to the same view. I don’t know if it turned them on at all but I couldn’t imagine a more erotic scene if I tried! I loved every minute and it got better! Kate slowly petted the insides of my thighs and fondled my balls. She rolled them from side to side like a gambler fondles a pair of dice; then while holding the tip of my penis in one hand she manipulated each testicle in turn searching for unruly stubble.

As she squeezed my balls the last time she brushed her tits against my arm and observed. “I love it when a man demonstrates his Kurtköy escort appreciation of women by displaying his erection, don’t you Angela?”

“I believe all men should be naked all the time, Kate. But society doesn’t agree. CFNM is gaining ground among some very influential women but sadly we may never live to see the day that it is the norm. We just have to make do with the opportunities we have.”

“Let’s get down to business, Angela, there’s really nothing too drastically wrong with Karl’s pubic display. In fact, if he were observed by an amateur I doubt that they would notice the deficiencies or care for that matter. His ‘bush’ is trimmed nicely and makes a fine presentation of his penis and testicles. The only faults I can find are the uneven length of his nicely trimmed ‘bush’ and a few stray hairs where he has attempted to shave himself. Other than that he looks great.”

“What about his unshaven legs and buttocks?”

“That is a matter of personal preference. If you want him smooth as a new born it’s not a problem, I like them that way too!”

While Angela and Kate discussed my grooming I stood silently enjoying the attention. At my age it was unbelievable that two young women would take any interest in me at all.

Kate agreed to even out my ‘bush’ and shave me from my waist to my knees. The first step was to even out my pubic hairs. Holding my penis to one side Kate used a small electric trimmer to carefully make each hair the same length as the one next to it. When she was satisfied that there were no stray hairs to detract from my ‘look’ she got her shaving kit.

Using a brush and an old fashioned shaving cup she lathered up each leg separately, first the front then the back. After shaving each leg she told Angela to seat me in one of the chairs with my legs spread-eagled for her. I was only too happy to comply! Kate lathered up my crotch and took hold of my penis, shaving it first and then my testicles all the way to my asshole and beyond. “What shape do you want?” Kate asked Angela.

“Heart shaped like mine.” She answered.

When she was finished shaving she rinsed the entire area and applied lotion to sooth my sensitive skin. Finally she lubed my ass and inserted a small butt plug. I jumped at the unexpected intrusion. Angela held my shoulders as Kate gently moved the butt plug side to side. “Does that hurt? Kate asked.

“No, but you surprised me!”

“Does it feel good now?”

“Yes, yes it does.”

Kate slowly pulled it out and pushed it in again. “Does that feel good?”


In and out she pushed the plug. “Do you like me to play with your ass?”

“It feels great.”

“But do you like it?” Kate insisted.

“Yes, I like it.”

“Would you like me to use something bigger?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, Kate, I trust you.”

“Then ask me to use something bigger.”

“Please, Kate, use something bigger.”

“Ask me to use something longer.” All the while she was teasing me she was working the butt plug around in my ass.

‘Please, Kate, use something longer.”

“How should I use it Karl, tell me how you want me to use something bigger and longer in your ass.”

“Fuck me, Kate, fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass.”

Roll over Karl. I’m going to fuck you while you eat Angela’s pussy. Kate had taken off her smock and was wearing a black teddy and stockings and a strap-on dildo. She gently removed the butt plug and rubbed the tip of her ‘cock’ on my ass. Angela positioned me on my knees and took my place in the chair before pulling my face into her crotch as Kate slowly drove her cock into the depths of my ass. I gasped as I felt her crotch hit my ass cheeks. She rested briefly and then her hips began a slow rhythmic bounce.

Angela held my mouth over her clit and whispered, “Don’t do anything, just let Kate fuck me with your mouth.

I relaxed and let them use me as their fuck-toy. Gradually Kate increased her tempo and finally she announced, “I’m coming Angela!”

With that Angela tilted my head back. “Do you recognize this?” She demanded.

It was the saucer with my cum on it. “It’s not fresh but it’s all we have today.” She poured it on her clit and pulled my mouth in to lick it up. I sucked it in as Kate slowly withdrew from my ass. I continued sucking gently until she pushed me away.

Angela put the plate on the floor and asked, “Would you like to jack-off for us?” It wasn’t really a question; more like giving me permission to relieve myself for their amusement. I knelt over the saucer and slowly stroked my cock; savoring every moment.

“Times almost up, Karl, you’ve got one minute left. Finish up or do it later.”

I stroked as fast and as hard as I could as they giggled at my eagerness to cum for them. “He really is fun to play with, Angela, let me know when he needs another session.”

“Time’s up, Karl, get dressed.” I stopped immediately, embarrassed that I was unable to bring myself off. I went to the outer office and dressed. “Nine o’clock tomorrow, Karl, Phil will be back and I’m sure his balls will be aching.”

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