Daddy’s Bedtime Story

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Today was just one of those rainy, Fall days that had a way of making me feel very horny for my Daddy. As I enjoyed my email and looked at naughty pix of myself sucking Daddy’s dick and such, the phone rang.

To my delight, it was Daddy! He sounded so sexy when he asked, “Are you at home, or are you at work?”

Such a Daddy type question. Always making sure of the parameters before suggesting anything. Never putting himself, or me, out there, without considering the variables, first.

Gasp! “Ohhh, Daddy! Hiiiii! I am at home! Thank you for calling!”

“What are you doing? Have you read your email?”

When Daddy says that, I know there are some very suggestive things to be found. By happy coincidence, I was seated at my computer and was already beginning to respond to a couple emails as we spoke. Daddy has the most curious way of seeming to KNOW where I am, or when to direct me, even before I tell him I have free time.

As I viewed the many pix that he’d sent of us doing The Nasty, I grew hotter by the second. And, as breathless as my Daddy makes me, I still wait to see where he will next lead me, before burdening him with my verbal outbursts or idle chatter. Leading is his right. Following his instructions is my forever task. Even on the phone. Leaning back in my chair, I listened as his voice took me on an unplanned erotic journey.

He next said, “I am at work. I just wanted to call and say hi and see how you are doing. I had some pix on my flash drive that I wanted you to see. I want you to tell me all about sucking my dick after you see them.”

Ass wiggle! My mouth watered at his mere suggestion. Closing my eyes, I pictured his perfect, hard black dick. I could almost taste the flavor of his cologne down by his belly button hairline. I imagined myself nuzzling there; readying him for a good dick sucking.

“I want to piss in your mouth and fuck your ass,” he said. His statement was as evenly and perfectly pitched as though he were saying, “Soooo, how was your day?”

Instant Goose Bumps! Electric shock coursed down my whole spine. His words are like a taser. My hand crept inside my panties. I grew two inches taller, in my chair with his velvet voice in my ear.

He said, again, “I want you to write me a story about fucking your ass. Be sure to state how badly you want to drink my piss.”

I was beside myself with the happy thought of An Assignment. My Daddy wants a story! Huge, crazy grin! I LOVE writing stories for Daddy!! I get to say all the Nasty Good things that I want in my stories. And, Daddy likes it when I use my talent and imagination to please him.

Daddy’s voice got very soft and low. “I need to go, now. I am getting a woody and I am at work, as I said. Write me a email letter and tell me what you want. You already know what I want. Say the things I like to hear and I will read them later.”

I said, “Yes, Daddy. Thank youuuuu for calling!” And with that, my Daddy was gone. Click.

Left only with a dial tone in my ear, my mind raced back to all the times when I wished I’d said more…

Many hours have passed since my Daddy called. I have looked at the naughty pix he’d sent of us, at least 5 times, today. I have masturbated, have cum deliciously, and have taken a nap that resulted in another erotic dream. I woke just 50 minutes after lying down with a fresh, white-hot desire for him. My useless toy was still in the bed beside me, dead batteries and all. It was of NO interest. It had it’s chance. It was only Daddy that I needed. Only Daddy could fully sate me.

So, here I am, again glancing at the pix of his dark and muscular, black frame. Each time that I look at them, I remember how certain parts of him felt to my touch. The ridges and clefts, the dark hairs on his forearms, the muscles in his ass, his hard thighs and back, his firm grip on my shoulders, his fingertips pinching my nipples…and Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort oh, gosh yes, the girth and density of his perfect dick in my mouth, or pussy, or ass. I became enveloped by vivid memories of taste, sight, touch and sound.

Daddy? If I could whisper to you, right now, I would plead by crawling to you, to suck your dick and drink you.

“Please, Daddy? Please let me suck your dick. Please let me make it nice and hard.”

I imagine working my tongue up and down and all around. Suckling like a calf. Rubbing my thumb on the underside of the head, in unison with wet licks of appreciation. Stroking balls and shaft, ever so gently. Watching in utter amazement, for the one zillioneth time, smiling as his shaft grows in my hands and curves down my hungry throat. Looking up at his face I am always honored to find Daddy watching intently; nodding his approval. So awesome that he would watch me pleasure him in that way. Me, winking and assuring him that I will eat his delicious cum or do anything else that he may want or need. I am so mesmerized every, single time that he allows me to suck that beautiful dick.

I mentally time stamp the pix in my head. Thinking back to Moving Day…wishing I had said, “Oh, Daddy do you HAVE to go? Please don’t go! Please take me with you!!! Please let me look into your eyes one more time! I need to see your face, Daddy. I need to see your eyes. I need you to own me with The Look, one more time!” But, in silent resignation, I only looked up at him, on Moving Day, in utter awe and devotion, honoring his need for silence, instead. Remembering, still, how Moving Day was the ONLY time that Daddy ever came inside my pussy. Recalling the warm spurts of his cum, there, and feeling him contract inside my rarely used “front hole” is a memory I will never forget. To me, his cum inside my pussy was a mark of his lasting ownership, deposited on purpose, on Moving Day. I did not even take a bath, that night. I wanted to keep him inside me. I slept in a tightly curled ball, that night, after watching him drive away on Moving Day. I did not want to lose a drop of him.

Fast forward to interstate exit 191. End of June. My second visit after Moving Day. He sent for me! Not just once on May 19, but twice? Yay! He did not forget me!! Getting driving instructions meant it is ON and that Daddy’s dick was on the other end of that trip. How divinely erotic! Oh, gosh, I was going to visit Daddy! I was so very excited. Destination, a very nice hotel room. We each drove half the distance.

Big, tall mattresses that were just the right height for rimming and sucking and fucking. Daddy took photos of my tan lines, after I freshened up from my drive. Daddy put my sexy, black, lace up gloves on me and allowed me to masturbate and talk to his camera. I so enjoy masturbation while he watches! Daddy placed his fingers in my ass as I posed, afterward, for inspection, on all fours.

When that happens, automatic and involuntary phrases like, “Yessss, Daddy! Yes, please?” spew out of my mouth. When he inspects and puts his fingers in my ass and moves my thong to the side, I smile a big Over Shoulder Smile, just for him. He spanks my ass, a time or two, to make sure I am on point. I love it when Daddy smacks my exposed, pink ass.

Then, oh, gosh…then, Daddy lowered his head, and ran his tongue down the crack of my ass. He licked up and down, tortuously and slowly, while spreading my cheeks even wider to get his tongue up in my hole. Looking over my shoulder, at the lens of the camera, I moaned in pleasure. I cannot even talk when my ass is being rimmed in that way. It is a private thing that I do not quite know how to accept. It is only for Daddy to do, when he wishes. Or not. I just try to remain very still and try to keep my legs from shaking, and hope that it will last a little longer.

A quick breather to ready myself for the next activity Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort was allowed. I checked myself and found a handful of very profuse pussy juice.

“Oh goodness!” I showed Daddy the wetness on my fingers and pussy, and I believe it complimented him highly to know that he would always have that effect, on me. He took close up photos of the wetness dripping into my hand and down my thighs.

And then, my Daddy did the Nasty Good thing. He propped my face and shoulders up on pillows, and got on his knees, very close to my face. My breath caught in my throat! Oh, gosh, is he going to…is he going to let me taste…oh, please is Daddy going to piss in my mouth?

Daddy said, “Are you ready?” That always means warm piss is about to trickle down my throat. Delightful shudder!

“Yes, please! Oh, yessss, please I am ready!!! Ohhh, Daddy, it is ok if it gets all over me. Don’t stop. I want to taste all of your hot piss, right now! Daddy, please piss in my mouth! I will swallow every drop.”

His warm and private drink dribbled down my chin and onto my chest. “Oh, Daddy, more, please? Don’t stop yet, please?”

And as the warm nectar dries on my face, and in my hair, I could only whisper, “Thank you, Daddy. Thank you oh so very much…”

Switching to the dry bed, I was given a rare treat. Propped up, pillows under my ass, placed on my back and fucked hard in my pussy with his hands holding my ankles widely apart, up beside my face. My rare treat is getting to lick Daddy’s ass as he stands over my face.

“Mmmmm. Daddy, oh, gosh, let me get all of it. I want to eat your ass so bad, please? Daddy? Will you teach me how to eat your ass? Oh, yessss, right there…let me lick your hole. You taste so good to me! Daddy, please teach me how to eat your ass. I want to bury my whole face in your ass!”

That day ended with one of the best pussy fuckings Daddy has ever given me. I came violently as my Daddy drove his hard, black dick deep inside me. My pussy clamped down on his dick and convulsed for what seemed like an eternity. Daddy rode out my orgasm with me, and then fucked me some more. His ball sac tightened and I knew it was time. He snatched his dick out and made the wolf sound as he held his perfect dick up to my lips to eat his cum.

“Thank you, Daddy!” To the camera I speak, “I love eating my Daddy’s cum after he fucks me. His cum tastes so good!” His cream drips from my lips as I look thankfully into the lens. There is nothing I enjoy more than the taste of my Daddy’s cum, for it means I have pleased him.

Fast forward to August 2008. Exit 191, again. Hotel visit. Splitting apart the mattresses for appropriate bending over, spreading, inspection and fucking height I am quickly positioned for ass inspection. We played with my Pony Tail, that day, for the first time. An interesting toy attached to my thong. It was so hot to feel the tail swishing against my backside as he took many pix of that private fantasy.

Daddy eventually said, “Take off the tail. I want to see your ass.”

I leaned forward and grasped my cheeks in the way I have been taught to show him my hungry asshole. He rewarded me with a silent, hard shove of his dick, to the hilt. I smiled and wanted never to lose that feeling when he takes what is his, without warning.

I was then direced, “Get on your knees. Right here.”

It crossed my mind that I was about to receive my punishment for a recent disobedience to Gift Restriction. Daddy does not like it when I buy him too many gifts without his approval. Uh-oh. I was not sure what Daddy might do for disobeying him with a gift poster, long after he’d clearly stipulated, No More Gifts! I did not know if I would be paddled, made to state an unprepared aplogy to his camera, gagged and forbidden to suck his dick or speak, or made to kneel and beg to be touched as I looked at him naked. Kurtköy Ucuz Escort Daddy is pretty good at detaching himself. Watching and not getting to touch him would have been devastating! Either measure would have been torture. I was so hot and ready for him. As it turned out, his leniency was all the lesson I needed. I will not disobey Gift Restriction, ever again.

With the tripod in place and vid cam rolling, my Daddy stepped before me and said my favorite words.

“Are you ready?” which means I am about to drink his piss, again.

Whew! I am not being punished??? Sigh of relief! “Yes, please. You have my full attention. I am ready! I want to drink your piss, Daddy. I want you to piss in my mouth so I can swallow every drop.”

Daddy stood back and held the tip of his mighty dick in his hand, from a distance. He aimed for my mouth. I caught as much as I could, and lapped deliciously at the dribbles running down my face.

“More, please? May I please drink some more of your piss, Daddy?”

No sooner than I said that, Daddy reached ’round behind himself and produced the challis that I’d brought along as a just in case photo prop sort of thing. He filled the ruby red challis with his hot piss and held it before me. Kneeling up and grasping the glass with both hands, I drank his piss, never taking my eyes off my Daddy’s face. It was very hot to lock eyes and tip the glass up to my lips, literally DRINKING a full serving of him in that way. The glass was empty too soon for my wants, but I presented it to him, and turned it upside down to show that I’d emptied all that he’d rewarded me.

“All gone, Daddy!” Daddy smiled in a way that I’d never seen, before.

After drinking Daddy’s piss I was placed face down on the bed, first with my booty to the lens, for his enjoyment, then standing with my ass in the air and looking into the camera.

“Look right there,” he said. “Look at the camera and tell me what you want.”

I looked. I went to the place in my head where all I can hear is his voice. The sub space place where all I can do is obey him. He seemed so much larger than the last time he so kindly fucked my ass. I could feel the heat of his body as he stepped behind me. He pushed the shiny head of his dick just inside my ass, and waited so patiently for me to relax the muscle there.

It had been a long time. It was almost like the first time all over again. I was tight. But I needed him inside me so. I nodded the go-ahead and he drove his hard dick inside me. I squealed and wondered if he’d grown. I spoke to the camera, complimented that he would watch me, later, once he felt like revisiting that fucking session.

“Raise your chest. I want to see your nipples while I fuck your ass.”

I raised my upper body as he fucked me and spoke the directives to me that drive me wild. Daddy rode me very hard that day as I spread my ass cheeks to receive all of his dick. I pleaded many things as he rode me like a Thoroughbred.

“Daddy, please fuck me in the ass!! Daddy, ooooh, Daddy yessss, please! Get you some ass! Daddy please don’t stop fucking my ass!!!”

He fucked me so hard and deep, that day. It was all I could do to hold on to the mattresses as they slid askew, each time he slammed into me. I came, standing and bent over in that way, pulsing and squirting my cum around his dick as he continued to ride. I recall wondering if my squirt offended him, but quickly decided that it pleased him as he continued to pump his hard, black dick into my hole.

Afterwards, my Daddy spooned me, so rhythmically and tenderly. I so enjoy him riding me in that way. Daddy came inside me and made the wolf sound again. I love the wolf sound. The wolf sound means I have done a good job.

Daddy took me to Story Zone and told me things of his life that are important to him. It is every bedtime story come to life to lie there and listen and watch as he vividly paints a scenario that is his past for me. Sadly, but with resigned respect, I obeyed his command to ready myself to leave. Separate ways. Trying not to think of driving away and leaving his side.

I looked into the camera, one more time and said, “Thank you, Daddy. I adore you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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