Daddy’s New Girl Pt. 04

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Meg waved and blew a kiss at her husband as he sat at a red light and she passed in her Mercedes. He nodded and smiled in return as she speed off back towards the city. As the lights changed he traveled the short distance to his home. He sat for a few moments looking at the empty spot where the Merc should have been sitting wondering if his marriage was over.

Casper could feel his emotions bubbling under the surface. He hated being controlled and left in awkward positions. Most importantly he hated being used as a pawn in his ‘wife’s’ messed up games. His knuckles turned white from holding the steering wheel so tight.

Walking into the house he had expected something. The girls awaiting him. Another cryptic link from Meg. The house remained dark and lonely, with a slight hint of fresh paint in the air coming from his game room. A muffled squeak from the bedroom alerted Casper and he hurried to investigate.

The playroom was dark save for two flickering candles. Casper stood in awe at the sight before him. The two girls were hooded, both gagged by either side of a huge ball gag. Drool dripped from the ball to a small puddle below them. The candles were embedded into their wide open pussies, and the girls were strapped together hanging by their feet.

Casper circled the ladies watching the candle wax run over the contrasting naked flesh. The patterns made resembled some kind of modern art as they flowed over the crisscross pattern of welts and bruises from Meg’s hard beating.

He studied the new girl hanging alongside his play doll. Dark hair held in a braid swayed behind her. He could see a few faint scars showing on her beautiful mochaccino colored skin.

Her breasts were mashed into the other girls but looked close to double his slave’s own handfuls. She also had a round bum and hourglass figure.

Casper worked his hand between the girls, their wetness helping him slide in to rub causing both girls to moan wriggling against his hand. He grabbed a small plug rubbing it in pussy juice and without warning shoved it deep into the dark haired girl ass. The scream was loud even through the gag as the girl desperately ground herself on his knuckles.

Casper started to slowly fuck the girl’s ass as he taunted Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort in his deep voice. “What a pair of fuck slut candlesticks.”

As his verbal onslaught continued both girls getting wetter and wetter.

“Total whores”

“Fucking worthless scum”

“I should leave you like this, you dirty whores” he said, pulling his hand away and stepping back to watch.

At first the girls continued squirming against each other as much as their bonds allowed. The wax splattered around causing fresh groans of pain when the girls were struck anew.

Then inspiration struck him. With a nudge so the girls swayed making even more wax splatter the poor slaves, he took his cart loading it up with the items he needed. With a grunt he dragged his padded bench positioning it under the winch system he had installed but rarely used.

Pulling the candles from the wet and swollen snatches of his victims he eased them both down. “Stay” he ordered his slave dragging the newbie over to winch. He checked the girl was able to continue as she wriggled in his painful grip on her hair.

Casper grabbed the girls slender wrists in one hand forcing her arms in the leather single glove. He loved the way the girl’s arms were forced together pushing her breasts out obscenely. The girl stared at him in that dreamy way when they were in subspace. There but not there. He need only touch the tip of the seven inch penis gag to her lips and she opened wide for him to fasten the gag on the now moaning girl. Taking some rope he bound her breasts as tight as he dared. They ballooned in size as he flicked her steel like nipples as she let out a mixture of moan and squeal, muffled by her new gag.

Finally he lashed rope around her ankles to rings bolted to the floor, making her helpless and vulnerable. He girls eye grew big as he lovingly explored her naked body. Running fingers over her throbbing tits and pinching her nipples. He stroked her hair whispering calming and reassuring words as he roughly forced his fingers into her sore pussy. As he built up speed the girl bucked and groaned as he manipulated her to the edge.

“Girl” he barked “I want to see that tongue of yours buried deep in her ass and get it lubed. Or Kurtköy Çıtır Escort else”

Turning back to address his new toy, “You my pretty little thing… If you orgasm before I say you can I will never let you orgasm again!”

The girl frantically nodded her eyes wide as noisy slurps filled the room.

“What well trained little cunts you are”

Taking an vibrating egg from the cart he teased the new girl’s pussy lips wide as he could as he steadily pushed the device about the size of the girls fist in. He could her her grunts as her pussy stretched to its limit before a huge sigh as it finally popped in.

Casper walked back to the cart patting his little ass licker for reward as he passed. He picked up a large butt plug and a roll of duct tape. With little ceremony he grabbed Melody by her hair and yanked her away hard. Ignoring the squeals of pain he shoved the plug in hard and fast. Watching the girl raise on to her tip toes and scream into the gag made his cock twitch ready for fun.

“Get over the bench girl” he ordered tearing several strips of duck tape and sealing the girls pussy trapping the vibrating monster deep inside.

Casper took a rest sitting on the bench stroking the smaller girls hair as she whimpered next to him.

“Now baby girl” he cooed “Daddy has an evil idea for his pretty princess. I know your evil mistress punished you hard but I want to play and I know how much you and your new friend there want to please me.”

“So watching Mistress whip and beat me made Daddy excited” Melody replied her voice sounding tired. “Use me hard Daddy you know I love it when you do,”

“That you do my little lady” he replied softly kissing her forehead and hugging her hard.

Soon he had his little sex puppet as she wanted. Her arms also in a one glove behind her only the ring by her hands was attached to rope and pulled high forcing her into to bend forward exposing herself fully. An O ring held her mouth wide open and a spreader bar forced her legs wide apart. Finally he added huge clamps to bite down on her nipples. The weights attached pulled her tits down.

Casper took another vibrating egg and teased the girls pussy lips open and slowly fucking the mewing girl. Happy Kurtköy Elit Escort the bitch was ready he slid the egg in pinching her lips shut. With a practiced hand he used a needle and thread to sew the egg inside.

At the first push the walls shuddered from the blood curdling scream. Melody started the semi coherent begging and pleading for him to stop.

“But Princess your pussy is so wet and your friend can only cum when you cum! And she wants to to cum don’t you whore”

The other girl too started begging muffled by the gag and hum of the egg. Her pony tail danced like a LSD fueled raver thrashing all over as he gently rubbed on her clit. With a small laugh he ignore the pleas and screams as she finished sewing Melody shut.

“See not so bad was it Princess” he mocked wiping the tear’s staining her cheeks. “Soon you will barely notice it when I make you feel all better.” Kissing her hair and stroking her face.

“And you, bitch two. I have a toy to show you.”

Casper wheeled the cart next to the beauty and opened the black case. Inside was a bunch of wires connected to a large box. “Now I need to go shower and remove the funk of today. But you have both been so good I feel a reward is in order.” Casper continued strapping a dildo harness around her slim waist and thighs.

“Have you heard of the bleep test?” he questioned plugging a wire from the box. The girl shook her head the glazed look gone.

“I will explain then. Its fitness test. Basically you run up and down a track trying to beat a speeding up clock. Fail to reach the end before the beep you fail.” He pulled three wires out and taped the ends to the now quaking girls nipples and clit.

“Now this clever machine does the same thing. Only not laps but thrusts. So here is what is going to happen. You will fuck the pretty butt of my girl to match the count of the machine.” Fail to meet the count and this will happen!” he clicked the test switch and bitch two screamed into her gag as the burning pain hit her sensitive nubs.

“I think you understand our game now. Normally I would add a rule like no Cumming, but I said I will reward you so cum as much as you can. I will be back soon”

Casper started the machine and strode out as the box started beeping. He gave one last check and left the squealing slaves to play locking the playroom behind him.


Goes without saying all characters are over 18. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and thank you to Trav for providing much needed proof reading and help editing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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