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I have always disliked conferences and conventions but, I suppose, these days they are an occupational hazard for most of us. Long drawn out sales speeches that are usually about as interesting as watching grass grow; collecting brochures and leaflets from companies that you know you will probably never come into contact with again let alone use their revolutionary new form of sanitary towel, and swapping business cards with half-witted sales rep’s while trying to assure them that their joke about a one-legged, constipated monkey was really funny! No, the only interesting thing about these meetings are the chances for a little extra marital sex!

It had been a long, hot day stomping around some mindless exhibition with my colleague, Ray. We were both a little tired and looking forward to getting back to the hotel for a pre-dinner drink. Ray had been chatting to the sexy female bar tender the previous evening and he thought he was getting somewhere – he was keen to try again this evening.

There were only four of us in the hotel bar at that early time of the evening; besides Ray and myself, a young foreign looking couple occupied a booth next to our table. They were definitely Eastern European or even Russian. Both looked in their late teens or early twenties. The girl was very attractive; short dark hair, nice large breasts that nestled under a black top and long, slender legs that disappeared up under a fairly short, patterned skirt. I looked over at them, smiled politely and was quite surprised to get a big grin back from the girl.

Now, Ray is most definitely the one with the words so, smoothing his long hair back he got up and approached the booth. I couldn’t really hear what was being said, but I knew Ray well and wasn’t at all surprised when, a few moments later, all three trooped back to our table with their drinks.

Conversation was fairly easy. Tasha and Sev’s English was very good and we quickly learned a little about them both. It seemed that they worked here in the hotel and had got married the previous day. The hotel had been kind enough to give them a couple of days off and given them a nice room on the top floor for their short honeymoon. Ray and I both congratulated them and Ray insisted on buying an obscenely large round of drinks.

By mid evening we had all consumed a good quantity of cocktails and I needed the bathroom.

“Think I’ll join you, Alan.” Ray said as he also stood.

“Cute couple!” I said as we stood next to each other in the stalls.

“Yeah, but a bit on the nieve side, I think!”

“What do you man?” I replied

Ray grinned and pulled his zipper up, “Just follow my lead. If we play this right we could have some fun! I reckon we can really exploit this girl, she doesn’t seem any too bright to me!”

On the way back to the table, Ray stopped at the bar and ordered a bottle of Champagne. For a brief moment my mind was filled with a vision of our ranting boss having a heart attack as he received our expenses form, but I quickly put such ideas away – Ray obviously had an idea!

“Ooooh, Champagne!” Cried Tasha as Ray and I sat down.

“You know, it’s traditional for the bride to drink this stuff naked!” Ray grinned and winked at the young wife.

I looked directly at Tasha, checking for sign’s of embarrassment or anger. There were none.

“You don’t mean here?” she asked coyly.

Ray laughed. “No, not here. My suite would be much more comfortable!”

Tasha looked at her new husband. The alcohol was having quite an effect on him and his head lolled back and forth and he was muttering in Russian. It was obvious that he had little idea of the content of Ray’s proposal.

“You are wicked man!” she smiled at Ray. “You want to see body of me, yes?”

Ray and I both grinned and nodded. I could hardly believe it, but the Russian girl looked on the point of accepting.

“But you help with Sven, yes?”

Again both Ray and I nodded mersin escort and grinned. We both stood and pulled one of Sven’s arms over each of our shoulders and began to help him towards the elevator. It was strange, but I hadn’t thought that he was as drunk as he obviously was. He had consumed the same amount of drink as the rest of us, but now he seemed hardly able to stand. All the better, I thought. The last thing we wanted was a jelous Russian husband finding his wife naked and drinking Champagne with two strange men!

It was quite a task, but eventually Ray and I managed to get Sven out of the elevator and into Ray’s room. As soon as we were inside, Sven stumbled towards the bathroom where he promptly fell asleep.

“I think I drink too much already, as well!” Sasha said as she flopped down onto the sofa, “I don’t think I want Champagne, Ray.”

The disappointment on mine and Ray’s face must have been obvious because Sasha smiled at us before continuing. “But who know’s what will happen tonight!”

Ray immediately sat down on the sofa next to Sasha while I flicked the TV onto the adult channel.

“Oooh, look! I think they fucking!”

Ray and I both grinned. It was obvious that Sasha was not at all perturbed by the naked flesh that was currently being shown on the screen.

“But you can’t see what happening!” Sasha added, “you only see her tits!”

Not for the first time in my life, I cursed the hotel soft-porn channel. But looking at the way that Sasha was still rivetted to the screen, it was apparent that she was becoming more and more excited.

Ray now had his arm around the girl and was also looking at the screen.

“I think your tits would be much better than hers,” he said indicating a rather bored looking model that was currently getting fucked in a doggy position.

“I agree!” I chipped in. I rather liked the way that this conversation was going.

“You think so?” asked Sasha with a wicked grin. “You think my tits are nice?”

As both Ray and I stared at her covered breasts, the young woman put her hands on her hips and thrust her chest out towards us. “But I think they too big!”

“No, no!” we both said in unison.

“Be better if we could see them properly, though!” Ray added.

I realised that this was a crucial moment in the evening’s proceedings. Whatever Sasha decided now would set the scene for the rest of the night. I needn’t have worried. With a laugh she quickly unbuttoned her top and pulled it open to reveal a lovely pair of large, braless breasts.

Ray was on her in an instant. His hands covered the ripe mounds of flesh and his fingers immediately began to tease the buds of her nipples into hard points.

“Mmmmm, thats nice, Ray,” she murmured, “more please. Alan, you too please!”

I took my cue gratefully and with a rock hard erection trying to burst from within my pants I quickly joined the pair on the sofa. My hands trembled as they slipped under her short skirt and pushed it upwards. Her thighs were tanned and smooth and as the garment bunched up around her waist, it revealed a pair of tiny white panties. Sasha gasped as I ran my finger gently along the gusset and allowed her legs to fall wider open. I eased the material to one side and saw that her bush was neatly trimmed – just the way I like it. As soon as my tongue touched the soft, inner folds of her vagina I could feel her moisture start to seep out. I have always loved eating pussy – especially young pussy – and I set to my tast with enthusiasm. With Ray nibbling and teasing her nipples and my tongue lashing against her clitty, it wasn’t long before Sasha was moaning out loud as her first orgasm flooded over her.

“I think Alan could do with a little attention now, baby!” Ray said as he continued to play with her very hard nipples, “you like to suck on some cock, sweetie?”

“Mmmm! I love to suck cock! Please kocaeli escort let me put you in my mouth, Alan!”

Again, who was I to argue! My fly was open in the blink of an eye and I presented my solid meat to the young Russian willingly. Easing my jeans and underwear down, I sat on the edge of the sofa and fed my erection directly into her mouth while Ray replaced me between her legs.

Sasha was still coming down from her climax and I began to buck my hips and force my manhood between her lips while Ray lapped tenderly at her quivering pussy with an eager tongue.

“Oooh, I cum again!” Sasha howled again and I felt her body shudder, her lips locked firmly around my wide cock head.

“Two cums in the space of a few minutes, man!” commented Ray in between licks. “I guess we doing something right!”

I could feel the tension building up in my balls as Sasha sucked and played with me and suddenly it was too much for me to cope with. With a cry of satisfaction I let my cum flow. My balls contracted and shot a huge jet of cum straight into the young Russian’s throat. She gagged slightly and had to come up for air, but she still managed to swallow most of my jism and then to lick me clean afterwards. I was a little upset at cumming so soon, but knew that I would be hard and ready again in only a few minutes.

“Time for you to get fucked, I think.” Ray laughed

With a small amount of maneuvering, he managed to get Sasha into a prone position. Reluctantly – for both Sasha and me – she allowed my still hard cock to slip out of her hot mouth as she waited for Ray to make his move.

Leaving his T-shirt on, ray quickly stripped off the lower half of his attire. His shoes and socks got flung to the far corner of the room in his haste to disrobe and his jeans and underwear ended up on an armchir opposite. I looked at my friend and colleague. I had seen him naked before of course – showers after so many squash games – but I was still impressed with the size of his weapon as it stood proud and erect from his body.

“You want this, baby?” he teased, “You want Ray to fuck you with his big, hard dick?”

Not giving the girl any time to respond to his obviously rhetorical question, Ray grabbed the ankles of her black boots and roughly spread her legs as wide as he could. With a force that I hardly recognised, he pulled her panties away from her body, tearing the material and causing the girl to moan out her willing consent. Now unfettered by the underwear, Sasha’s pussy looked beautiful. The soft, pink folds of her sex lips peeled back almost automatically and I could see the glistening moisture around her visibly throbbing clit. Ray teased her again, running the head of his cock slowly between her wet lips and slipping only the tip inside her before pulling back out again.

“Oooh…fuck me, Ray….fuck me..fuck me…fuck me!”

And then, with a deep lunge, He was inside her and pistoning his tool high up inside her love hole. Sasha’s eyes almost popped out of her head and I heard her gasp in a great lungful of air as she was invaded.

Ray grunted and rutted and it was quickly clear that this frantic fuck was never going to last very long. Sasha’s hands were on her own breasts and pulling at her swollen, turgid nipples as she rode the sexual roller-coaster that was Ray’s cock. He sweated, he gritted his teeth and then, with a cry of lust he pulled out. His hand flew up and down his haft as the cum jetted from the tip and splashed obscenely onto Sasha’s mound.

By the time Ray was finished, my own cock had, as I knew it would, returned to full strength. I wanted to fuck this girl badly and I knew how I was going to do it.

“You ever take it up the ass, baby?” I asked with a grin.

Sasha shook her head no. She looked a little concerned.

“That’s okay, sweetie, you’ll like it. I promise!”

Neither did I wait for an answer. samsun escort With Ray’s help we lifted the young woman bodily into the air and, with me sitting comfortably back on the sofa. Ray helped her lower herself down onto me. My cock was still wet with cum and saliva and, as she neared me I used my finger to scoop up some of the liquid and lubricate her tight, young asshole.

Ray, having now completed his task, stood beside the quivering woman and fed his tool into her willing mouth.

“That’s it, honey. Clean it all up for me!”

I could feel my cock now at the entrance to Sasha’s tight ass and longed for that initial penetration. I had used my fingers to widen her up a bit, eventually working two of the digits into her dark passage. She was ready, I was ready. Her legs trembled as my cock touched her ring but my hands gripped her hips and continued to guide her downwards. There was a little initial resistance but as she dropped lower, her hole opened like a flower and accepted my hot, hard dick.

The sound of Sasha’s cry was mixed with my feelings of pure lust as I experienced her tight back door gripping my tool and I gasped out as the warm sensations flooded over me. Slowly, slowly she dropped further down, rising every now and then to reposition herself and to get a better angle to suck Ray’s now hardening cock.

“Jeez, man,” he exclaimed, “I’m getting hard again! This little slut has sucked me back to life!”

“Yeah,” I agreed, “She’s one hot little Russian and she seems to know how to get ass-fucked properly!”

“You gonna cum up her ass, Alan? Or shall we both cum on her face and tits together?”

Actually, the thought of shooting my cum up inside this delightful girl’s ass was very attractive but, I had to admit, Ray’s idea sounded even better!

“You got it Ray! A faceful it will be!”

With one deft movemant, I managed to roll back and allow Sasha to topple off me. For a moment she was all arms and legs as her slender limbs spread open and gave me a great view of her soaked cunt and stretched-open asshole. As soon as she recovered her composure though, she sat back with her head to the sofa but left her legs spread wide open. Ray and I stood on either side of her. Our hard cocks were just inches from her face as we started to jerk ourselves off. As we had all cum at least once already, both Ray and I took a little time in getting near to climax. Sasha could see that we were close and used each of her hands to gently cup our balls and massage them tenderly.

I was first, but only by about two seconds. As soon as the first jet of cum had splashed across the Russian’s pretty face, Ray also unloaded.There was cum flying everywhere. Sasha’s hair was matted and the thick liquid trickled from her chin and dripped into her beautiful big tits. She seemed as happey to receive our gifts as we were to give them and after a few more minutes we were all collapsed on the carpet, breathing hard and trying to recover from our exertions. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the day’s work – I don’t know, but soon after Ray and I had cum, we both fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke first and stared blearily at my wrist watch. It was 4.25am and I guessed that we had been asleep for about three hours. I looked over at Ray who was only just returning to conciousness. The room looked different somehow – empty. I looked around for Sasha but there was no sign. Slowly I trudged to the bathroom to relieve my aching bladder – no Sven either. The bathroom mirror was the first thing that caught my eye. Lipstick red handwriting – Sasha’s colour. I read:-

“Thanks for everything, guys. You were both really good!

Sorry to have to do this but we need the cash. It;s tough in Russia and it’s tough in this country too – Haha! Don’t bother trying to look for us now, the drugs should make you sleep for at least three hours and by that time Rick and I (Tanya, actually) will be long gone! Try not to feel too bad – exploitation works both ways, you know!”

“Hey, Alan?” Ray’s subdued voice echoed ghost-like from the lounge, “have you seen my laptop computer? And I don’t seem to be able to find my wallet either.”

I sighed deeply and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I guess there’s one born every minute!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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