Healing Revenge

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This is a first effort for me. I’m sure open for guidance and suggestions. Encouragement helps.


A couple of things you should know about me. I’m fiercely competitive. God bless um, my parents gave me a set of genes to back it up. I’m 6’2″, 220 pounds, I’m fast, I’m strong, and I’m smart. I have always first in my class and first string — whatever the sport and my girlfriends tell me I’m pretty damn cute, too. Just sayin’.

In sports-crazy Texas that meant I pretty much had things handed to me. Oh, I worked for what I got, but they came easy. That included sex. Lynnette Schmauser and I broke each other in during the 6th grade end-of-school picnic. She had young tits and I had pubescent dick, but between kissin, and pettin, and pulling down each other’s Wranglers, we got ‘er done. It wasn’t pretty and it was pretty damn quick, but it was enough for me to keep me coming back for more.

My parents recognized that my cock sure attitude would head me into an early marriage or an early grave. My dad gave me a really frank “this is what kind of trouble your little head can get you in” lecture and told me in no uncertain terms that if I wanted to go as far as my talents could take me I better use my big head first. He ended the lecture with my first box of condoms. Smart dad, smart son. I listened.

By the end of my freshman football season the box was empty. High School was a delicious smorgasbord of Texas beauties. I learned that big tits are fun to tittie fuck, thank you Veronica Sanchez; little puffy nipples grow long and stiff when you suck on them, thank you LeeAnn Cornwall — she was a moaner. There are squeekers, moaners and screamers. Pussies come in different colors and flavors, thank you Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. If you’re not going to get pussy you can usually manage sad eyes and pleading cries and get a good blow job. I’m a little proud that some of my girlfriends made it to their virgin wedding beds with well-developed sucking skills.

But special thanks to my best friend Marty Brown’s mom who taught me what a real woman wants and how to give it to her.

It started one hot summer day after we graduated High School. Marty and I had just gotten done with a swim in his back yard. Marty took off for work and before I left Tipi, his mom, asked me if I could help her with a stuck drawer in her bedroom.

I loved looking at Mrs. Brown. She was lush. She was 5′ 7″. She had chestnut brown hair with red highlights that reached her shoulders. She was a good old Texas girl. She could cuss like a sailor and drink beer till the cows came home. She usually wore Wranglers and a plaid Western cut shirt. She was 38 years old that year. I guess you’d call her figure “mature.” Marty’s dad worked the off shore oil rigs, so he was gone about 6 weeks at a time.

She had a great set of tits, filled out by three kids. I would learn they were 36 C’s. When she moved they were poetry in motion and I had to work at not staring. She normally had the top snaps of her shirt undone so there was always a beautiful valley of breasts to look at. When she bent over and I could see her lacy bra and almost down to her belly button. I had visions of those tits straining in that bra as I jacked off in the shower. On hot days she’d tie off the mid-drift of her shirt. Her tummy had a mom’s pooch near the top of her jeans and the marks of 3 pregnancies, but damn, I used to dream of standing behind her and holding that pooch in my hands.

Her Wranglers were never high-school-girl come fuck me tight, but they were the stretch Wranglers that showed a fine looking ass and wide, soft hips. In the summer she changed from jeans to cut-offs. Again, not up-my-twat short, but far enough up her thighs that it gave me more fantasies of what it would be like to unzip that fly and shimmy those cut offs down her long, tanned legs. Sometimes when she knelt down to get something out of a kitchen drawer she showed enough plumbers crack to make my horny high school dick spring to life. I added those lacy panties to shower time with me and my dick. I’d imagine cozying my nose right up against her pussy.

When she went swimming she wore a bikini that was Texas married woman respectable but it still put her luscious tits and well-rounded ass on display. I would watch her jiggle as she walked and feel myself getting hard. She would often jiggle and sway past Marty and me, look over at us and giggle — yes giggle — and say something like, “Hiya boys, how they hangin?” Or “Keeping our Texas girls safe from Planned Parenthood?”

Sometimes when she came out of the water her nipples would salute the world. My dick would instantly salute back. I’d grab a towel and cover up. I know she caught me staring. Once or twice I caught her looking at my emerging hard on. She would turn and walk away, but I could see a smirk on her face. For a High School kid around his friend’s mom I just wrote it off as “don’t I wish.” But, crap, she was my mom’s age! I figured it was just my best friend’s mom laughing at a horny teen ager.

I Sakarya Escort followed her up the stairs to her bedroom to fix the stuck drawer. She was wearing a cotton robe that came just above her knees. She often wore it over her bikini. I was in my swim team speedos with my towel over my shoulder.

She bent over her dresser to show me the sticking bottom drawer. Oh, shit. Her robe rode up to just below the bell of her ass. There were no bikini bottoms. My eyes just about fell out of my head when I caught a glimpse of her pussy. I thought, “My god I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“Damn drawer,” she muttered. She got on her knees, leaned forward, and pulled on the stuck drawer and the robe rode half way up her ass and put most of her cunt lips on full display. I was on the way to a raging boner. God, she was beautiful. She turned around to say something and saw the look on my face — hell she might have seen my eyeballs popped out of my head.

“Oh!,” she said. “Oops. My bad,” and nonchalantly stood and pulled her robe back down. “I’m sorry, Ryan. I hope I didn’t embarrass you,” she said as she glanced down at my obvious hard on. The best I could do was say, “Uh. Oh. . . Uh.”

I got on one knee, trying not to break my cock in half. She bent over next to me, putting one hand on my back and rubbed it a little. Damn, I wanted to turn and look at what had to be a fabulous tit shot. But I didn’t dare, so I gave the drawer a good tug. Something was caught on the rail. I reached into the drawer, worked it back and forth and pulled out a pair of her panties. She held them up, stretching them out and inspecting them.

“Oh, that’s where those went.” She held up and stretched out a pair of sheer, red, crotchless panties for me to see. “These are a pair of Mr. Brown’s favorites.” I nodded dumbly as I stood up. “Uh, they’re very pretty Mrs Brown.” I couldn’t help it. I just stared and thought about my shower at home.

“Ryan Crane,” she said, “your hair’s wet and you’re dripping on my carpet.” She pulled the towel off my shoulder, walked around behind me, put one put one hand on my shoulder and started drying my hair. She had to see my hard on, I was wearing a speedo. She was 7 inches shorter than I so she stood on her tip toes to dry my hair. She steadied herself with a hand on my shoulder and leaned into my bare back.

I felt her breasts push lightly against me. What I didn’t feel was a layer of cotton. I felt her nipples getting hard as they traced a path around my bare back. By this time my Olympic class hard on was trying to escape the top of my Speedo.

“Dang, I can’t quit get that top part,” she said, and wrapped her arm around my chest, mashing those glorious globes against my back. She had her hand around my chest and her finger on my nipple . . . and she started pushing on it. She started diddling my nipple. My cock began throbbing.

She walked around and faced me, taking two steps backward with her hands on her hips. Yes, her robe had opened and it framed both her tits. She totally ignoring my raging hard on. She shook her head. “My goodness young man, your hair is a mess.” I could feel pre-cum oozing out of my cock.

She leaned against me. She stumbled a bit and as she fell against me the boobs of my dreams lay resting on my chest.

“Well, hold onto me, big boy, so I can straighten your hair.” I put my arm around her like she asked. She was on her tip toes, leaning into me, brushing her hand across my hair, sliding her bare tits across my chest and pushing her pelvis against my rock of Gibraltar. God in heaven she had to know what she was doing but she didn’t blink an eye or even look at me. She just keep brushing my hair and rubbing against my cock, which at this point was ready to explode.

“There. That’s better.” She stepped back and looked me straight in the eye with a big grin. “Don’t you think?” I just stared at those beautiful tits.

“Uh,” said Mr. Smart High School Grad. “Uh,” and I looked down at her pendulous breasts with dollar sized areolas staring up at me. “Uh,” I said smartly, sorta pointing without pointing at her tits.

“Oh, for cryin’ out loud. This darn robe.” She looked up at me with a grin. She put her hands beneath these glorious bangers. She weighed them in her hands, sorta squeezed them, all the time looking straight in my eyes and smoothly rewrapped the robe.

“Thanks for helping with the drawer, Ryan. Could you do me one more favor? I’ve got a knot in the belt of this robe and I can’t get it undone. Would you see if you can do it?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said hoarsely. I started to reach down for the knotted cloth belt and she put her hand on my shoulder and started pushing me down.

“It’ll be easier for you if you’re at eye level with it.”

I nodded as I let her push me to my knees. Her pussy was a thin layer of cotton from my face. I could smell her sex. I was not thinking of Mrs. Brown as my best friend’s mom. The knot came undone. She opened the robe and there was my dream world — Tippi Sakarya Escort Bayan Brown’s pussy staring me in the face.

She had a soft landing strip of brown pubes above her otherwise bald lips. The skin around her pussy lips was slightly tan against the white skin of her hips and upper thigh. She had thick outer cunt lips. There was moisture on her lips and the distinct smell of aroused female.

She looked down at me and smiled. “Ryan,” she laughed softly, “I’ve really been fucking with you, haven’t I.” I’d never heard an adult use the language most of us used at school.

“Do you like that you can finally see me naked? I put my hands around her and held on to her ass and fulfilled my wet dream fantasy — my nose was against Tipi Brown’s cunt. The sight, the smell was so far superior to my masturbation imaginings.

She was smoothing my hair. “I know you watch me when you’re here with Marty. I see how you look at my tits when I walk around the pool. It’s not just the water that makes my nipples hard. It’s knowing you’re looking at me. I just couldn’t help cock teasing you just now. I’ve been having fun watching you get turned on, not knowing what you should do, seeing that wonderful cock of yours get bigger and bigger.”

I’m still on my knees slowly moving my nose up and down her dampening pussy. She put her hand on my shoulder and crooked her other finger, indicating I should stand up. She caressed my cheek.

“How about this, Ryan,” she said softly, “how about I stop fucking with you and we just fuck.”

“Mrs. Brown, I just want to . . .” She put a finger on my lips and a hand on my cock. I groaned and shut-up.

“If we’re going to fuck then you should at least call me Tipi. She tugged my speedo down my hips and I hurriedly worked my way out of them. “My God, Ryan, you have one big beautiful cock.”

Never letting go of my cock, she led me over to her bed. She laid down on her side and patted the bed beside her. Hey, I’m an athlete — I was there in record time.

“I need this big boy cock in me. I need to fuck.” She began sliding my cock up and down her slit. I alternated between closing my eyes and moaning and watching as she played my dick along her slit, sliding it a little further in, parting her cunt lips, coating my cock head with her juice.

Her breathing began getting heavy. I was close to hyperventilating. She would move my dick up to her clit, then rub it back up and down her cunt. I was so turned on that I thought I was going to blow my cum all over her before I ever got in her.

“Now,” she said softly, and moved my dick head into her.

“Oh fuck, you feel good,” I said as the head of my cock slipped into her cunt.

“Oh fuck, so do you.” She replied.

We were still side by side and she scooted a little closer, drawing more of my dick into her warm glove. Without letting me pop out, she rolled me onto my back and took more of me inside her.

“Oh my god, you’re big.” She groaned. She drew her knees up on both sides of my hips and slowly lowered herself. She would take me in a little, draw back and drop back down, impaling her cunt with my willing cock.

I was breathing like I’d just run a mile. She put one hand on my balls. I could feel them tightening up and so did she.

“Let it go, baby, I don’t expect you to last very long, you’re just too damn young.” And she lowered herself all the way down until we were pelvis to pelvis and began grinding.

“Oh shit!” I cried, my eyes shut at the feeling, “God Mrs. . . uh, Tipi, you are fantastic.”

She started moving up and down on my cock, moaning as she rose and fell. I opened my eyes to see her head back, her eyes closed, her gorgeous tits bouncing up and down, swaying side to side as she rose and fell on my cock.

I reached up and grabbed her glorious fun bags. I squeezed and pinched her rock hard nipples. She grunted once, and clamped down on my cock. That did it. I let loose with string after string of my jizz as far into her hot cunt as it would reach, and came and came and came.

I knew she wasn’t done, but I sure was. She flopped down on my chest — damn I loved the feel of her big tits. She bit my neck. She worked up my jaw and attacked my mouth. We tongue fucked as my happy dick slow slide out of her, followed by warm, sticky her and me.

We lay on the bed in each other’s arms. I could feel our juices run out of her, across her thigh, and onto my leg.

“Oh, Ryan. Thank you. You don’t know how much I needed a man. You are a man. Right now you’re my man.”

She kissed me, holding my face in her hands. She kissed down my neck. She kissed the hollow of my shoulder and down my chest. She stopped at my nipple and licked, then sucked on first one, then the other as I moaned. High school girls don’t get that shit.

I could feel myself my cock begin to stir. She continued down the middle of my stomach, giving my navel her attention and beginning to lightly run her hand down the thin line of hair from below Escort Sakarya my navel down to by pubes. She let her lips and tongue follow her finger. She began kissing around the edges of my pubic hair and lightly tracing the division between my balls with her finger nail.

I could feel my cock respond. She continued kissing around my pubic hair working toward my cock. Her finger continued to lightly trace my testes, then the skin under my balls. She worked her lips to the top of my now rising dick and slowly licked around my head which was turning aroused purple as it responded to her loving attention.

When she ran her finger over my asshole I almost rose straight up out of the bed. I stared down at her. She looked up at me over the head of my dick, smiled a wicked smile and said, “Oh baby, do I have some things to teach you.”

She went back to work on my now hardened cock, licking then sucking, then taking more and more of it into her mouth. Her mouth was hot on me, my engorging dick responding to her passion. Her finger kept caressing my asshole. It was . . . weird. Not weird, weird, but weird, OMG!

She would take as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. Just as she would start to gag she’d rise up and start all over again. Her tongue would tease my cock slit, then make circles around the plum head then suck my head into her mouth with a slurping sound, then down again she would go, sucking until she gagged, then backing off, always sucking and licking. She laid her face on the side of my cock and sucked the underside up to that hot button spot at my glans.

All I could do was hold her head and groan. My hands were tangled in her hair, pulling my dick into her mouth. She worked her finger up my ass. It was such a part of the whole arousing experience I started pushing back against her finger as she finger fucked my ass and sucked my now fully erect cock.

She slid her finger out of my ass, my cock out of her mouth. She pounced on me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. “Do you like the taste of your cock, Ryan? I do.” I grabbed her head and attacked her mouth.

“Now it’s my turn. Now you’re going to rock my world and I’m going to make sure you know how to do it.”

She kept one hand gently sliding up and down my cock, keeping me hard and aroused.

She was on all fours above me, letting those gorgeous tits sway back and forth. I grabbed one of them and started kneading it.

“Yeah, baby, that’s good. Do them both.”

“Oh, HELL yes!” I thought and started gently squeezing both of those big woman tits, pleasuring them and me, almost milking them. She let out a pleasurable sigh. She bent down and we started kissing.

I started lightly flicking her nipples, which sticking out like two erasers.

“Oh yeah. Oh. Roll them. Ah. Yes. Harder. Pinch them.” She groaned as I did.

I was scared that I was hurting her. “Pinch them, god dammit. God I love that pain pleasure.”

Okay. That’s what the lady wants, that’s what the lady gets. I pinched the one, hard, and (clever fellow that I am) bit the other.

“Ah! Ah! Yes. Ahh. Now, back off and make love to my titties. I love having my tits loved. It is sooo hot for me.”

As she’s talking, whispering these things in my ears I’m petting, and cuddling, and squeezing and licking, and pretending I’m nursing as she is moaning and beginning to push her hips against my dick, which she is still slowly stroking and which is definitely staying straight and aroused.

“Slide up here and fuck my tits. Let me hold your meat in mine.” I slide up her belly. My cock was wet from her sucking and our previous fuck. She wrapped her big, hot, sweaty tits around my cock and I started sliding back and forth. She grabbed my ass, pulled me up so she could suck the tip of my cock. Then I’d slide back and fuck those golden mounds some more.

“Tipi, I want to be in you, not on you. Here’s where I want to be.”

I dropped my hand down to her crotch and she was sopping wet. Some of it was from our first fuck, but most of it was her response to the attention I gave her tits. As I slid my hips down between hers she pulled my head to hers.

She bit my ear and said in a husky voice, “Ryan, do you eat pussy? I hope you do because I need you to eat mine.”

It was my turn to snicker. “Yes ma’am, I’m your lap dog.”

“Fuck the preliminaries,” I thought. I moved down the bed, got between her thighs, as she spread them and I watched her pussy open up like a flower. A flower with nectar. Nectar I wanted more than anything else.

I started to tongue lash her pussy. She grabbed my ears, pulled me up and said, “God damn it, I didn’t invite you to McDonalds for a fast food gobble. Marty, I’ve just invited into a really classy restaurant. The best place a woman has to offer. Enjoy the meal. Take your time. Turn me slowly into a squirming, pulsating nothin but need to be fucked. But take me up the mountain in my time. You’re not down there to gorge yourself. Your job is to make love to my whole pussy with your mouth. Got it, eager Boy?”

I nodded, a little wide-eyed. God, this woman! I’m staring at her hot pussy, her outer lips were fat, her legs were spread wide and inner lips were beginning to peek out. Her slick juices were beginning to mix with what was left of our first fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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