Ian’s New Job

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Authors note- this story includes non-consensual, rough, and coerced sex. As well as straight and bi-sexual sex.


Wendy moaned as her husband slowly licked around her pussy. She grabbed the sheets in her ecstasy. An orgasm rising excruciatingly slowly in her.

Ian was great at cunnilingus. He practiced often on his wife. Delighting in the way his tongue could give her pleasure.

In high school his second girlfriend had made fun of his small penis. She had actually laughed at him when they had sex the first and only time. After that he always tried to start his lovemaking by going down on his partners. Not that there were many.

He was lucky to have Wendy. Ian was a quiet, unimposing man. Where Wendy was beautiful and outgoing.

They met shortly after college. She saw something in him, a gentleness and love none of her other boyfriends had. They were soon married.

After they both graduated they moved back to her hometown, where he didn’t know anyone but her friends and felt trapped in a job he didn’t like.

When his tongue slid between her netherlips, Wendy’s orgasm began approaching much faster. When he started rubbing her clit it broke.

Ian lapped up his wife’s juices as her thighs trembled and she moaned loudly.

He kissed his way up her body. Past her downy pubic hair. Across her soft tummy to her large breasts. Ian was a breast man and he loved Wendy’s massive E-cup tits. At twenty five they were still full and perky. Wendy loved having them played with, too. She could occasionally have a small orgasm just from playing with her tits.

Wendy put a hand on the back of her husband’s neck as he gently squeezed and kissed her tits. She rubbed her silky thigh against his side. Her wet pussy was ready for its next round of bliss.

Ian grabbed his cock. Fully erect at three inches. He rubbed the tip against his wife’s pussy, especially her clit. Wendy spread her legs for him. A loving invitation for his sexual intimacy. They both groaned in pleasure as he entered her. His small penis didn’t penetrate her far, but it delighted the nerve endings at the opening to her love canal.

Ian didn’t last long. He never did. His little prick drizzled it’s jizz into her as they kiss passionately. Most of it drizzling out as he pulled away.

“Love you.” Wendy said as she stood up and crossed to the bathroom. He watched her go. A beautiful woman. She had a curvy, athletic body. She couldn’t get six pack abs, just a little too soft. But that translated to a sweet round ass and big tits.

Wendy looked at herself in the mirror after a quick wash up. A round friendly face with a cute button nose, and long lustrous brown hair. It was wavy and fell well past her shoulders. Her satisfied reflection smiled back at her.

Then she moved to the bedroom door. Ian lay on his side smiling at her. He was cute, in an effeminate way. Short, only five five to her five seven. She rarely wore heels when they went out.

He wasn’t athletic, but he had a cute round ass. A girly derrière, she sometimes liked to tease him.

She slid onto the bed and they snuggled to sleep.

Mr. Franks was a slave driver. Ian didn’t like his boss. the man only cared about quotas. Not people. Still the young man tried to work hard. They needed the money. If they wanted to keep their nice house.

It was two stories and in a nice neighborhood. A great place to raise a family. Which they would as soon as they were a bit more secure.

Ian worked in ‘The Pen.’ It’s what Mr. Franks called the room where his twenty two direct underlings worked at their desks. Facing the usually closed door to the big man’s office.

‘The Pen’ where all the fucking pigs did their work.

“Morton! Get in here!” Ian heard his boss shout. Others looked up from their desks, glad it wasn’t their names called. “Little fuck.” The big man mumbled. He probably thought it was under his breath, but everyone in The Pen could hear him.

Ian walked to the front of the room. His head lowered in shame and fear. He couldn’t help it. He felt like he was being called to the principals office for a paddling.

“Do…do you want me to shut the door, sir?” He asked when he stepped into his boss’s office.

“Don’t bother.” The big man said as he stood up. He was greying at the temples, but still intimidating as he stepped close to Ian. “We lost the Green account.”

“Lost, Sir?” Ian’s voice was barely a squeak.

“Someone made a mistake. A big goddamn mistake.” The big man straightened Ian’s lapels on his button up shirt. In full view of anyone who wanted to watch. “Do you know who made that mistake? You limp dick, milk sop?”

“N…no. Sir?”

“Why, you did. You little pansy. How the fuck you can go home and fuck your wife as such a pathetic failure is beyond me.”


“Shut up, cream-puff!” The man ordered. Ian wasn’t sure why, but he had to shift positions a little as his tiny prick got hard.

“You’re fired.” The big man said.

“B…but, sir?”

“No buts, except rokettube your wife’s hot round one, and your little sissy one. No mistakes. Period.” the cruel man taunted.

Ian couldn’t stop the disturbing image of the big boss telling him all this while fucking Wendy from behind. Bent over the drinks table at the holiday party. Her nice red, velvet dress pulled up to her waist as the sweaty man pounded her pale ass from behind. Ian could clearly see himself, naked and kneeling on the floor next to them. His hard little penis getting slowly squeezed in a nutcracker.

in his vision, Mr. Franks would reach up, yanking down the top of Wendy’s dress. Her big tits tumble out as an orgasm overtakes her. Her face a mask of ecstasy as…

“Fuck. You halfwit. Are you even listening?” The big man interrupted the vision. “Get out.”

Ian turned to leave. His cheeks red with humiliation. His eyes glassy, near tears.

“Hey! Fuckwit! Don’t forget to leave your badge.”

Ian tossed the security badge on his…the company’s desk as he stumbled past in a daze.

That night Wendy comforted him on the couch. Holding Ian close as he sobbed.

“What are we going to do?” He moaned.

“We will get through this. As long as we are together.” She assured him.

“But…the house.”

“It will be fine.” She gave him a brave grin. “Feel better?”

“You make everything better. I love you so much.” He gave her a weak grin back.

“How about I comfort you in a way only a woman can?” She gave him a sly smile and pulled off her shirt. White cotton bra covering most of her big breasts.

She led him upstairs. They stripped next to their bed. Then crawled to each other and hugged.

Ian frowned when his little dick stayed soft. How could he fuck his wife? Not even Wendy caressing and tugging at the sad little thing could get it to wake up.

“It’s ok, it’s ok.” She assured him. “We can just cuddle.”

She lay down and pulled his head to her big breasts. Hoping that might get him started.

Instead he was soon snoring softly.

She lightly rubbed herself between her thighs. Hornier than she has been in months. But without any relief. She didn’t want to do anything that might wake him.

The next day at her own work, Wendy closed and locked her office door.

She couldn’t tell Ian, but she was definitely left unsatisfied from last night.

She pulled up some pictures of buff men in speedos. Then hiked up her skirt. Her hand slipping into her white cotton panties.

Wendy’s fingers rubbed her quickly wet pussy. The slender digits touching her in much the same way as her husband’s little cock.

She didn’t last long as her fingers played. She bit the back of her fist when she came. In an attempt to keep quiet.

Ian didn’t like parties. Especially with his wife’s friends. She would bounce from person to person chatting and happy. He would sit in a corner. Forgotten by everyone.

Even the love of his life.

It didn’t help that she tended to dress sexier than usual. He doubted she even noticed. But he did.

Wendy wasn’t prone to wearing provocative clothes. Only on the rare occasion that they went out for a date night.

She had on a thin tank top. It did little to hide her red lace bra, and was cut off to show her tummy. It was matched by tiny workout shorts.

No doubt she would have just said it was something comfortable to wear hanging out with friends. But Ian was pretty sure the looks the boys gave her when she wasn’t looking were less than friendly.

It didn’t help that her friends were the ‘boys’ she hung around with in college. Wendy had told him that she hadn’t dated any of them, but he still felt a strange twinge of insecurity when they were close to her.

They were big men. Real men. Hunters and builders. Men into sports. Alpha men.

Ian was none of those things.

“I hear you lost your job.” Grant said. Sitting down next to the smaller man and handing him a beer. “That’s rough.”

Grant Boothe was ruggedly handsome, charismatic, and successful. Everything Ian wished he could be. The man owned his own international business at twenty six.

“Real rough man. What are you going to do?” The bigger man asked.

“I dunno.” Ian sighed. “Go on unemployment I guess.”

“What about the house?”

“I got to get something quick or we lose it.” The little man admitted.

“I may have something.” Grant told him. “My assistant left recently. The pay is probably close to what you were making. Certainly better than unemployment.” Grant gave him a smile. “It’s basically secretary work, but it would just be temporary. Till you find something better.”

Grant patted him on the shoulder and stood. “Think about it anyway.” Then he wandered off waving at a late comer.

Tonight there were six of the boys at the party. Plus three of their wives. Chunky women, but not unattractive. Chosen as partners more for their big tits than any other reason.

Ian watched morosely as the night drew on asyalı porno and the boys got more drunk.

He waved his hands and refused to play when they started up a game of partners pong.

“We’re going to be odd teams then.” Ben insisted. His smiling wife leaning on his arm. Already a couple sheets to the wind.

“Are you sure honey?” Wendy asked. “We used to play in college when we had enough people.”

“No. I’m ok.” In truth he didn’t like to drink much. It always made him feel fuzzy and weird.

“We can be partners, Wendy.” Hank offered. One of the other boys. Ian couldn’t remember if the man was married or his wife just hadn’t come.

“Ok.” The brunette clapped her hands excitedly. She gave her husband a smile as they walked outside.

Ian followed to the patio. Suddenly nervous. He didn’t want to be there. He wanted to beg his wife to leave, but that would be too awkward.

Two couples stood at either end of a ping pong table with cups laid out. Certain cups were different colors, Ian noticed.

The game began. Everyone soon drinking. Until hank got a ball in an odd colored cup.

“I pick…Tilda.” He said with a grin.

Something dropped in the pit of Ian’s stomach as the chubby wife pulled off her shirt, giggling.

She had a nice rack. Double-D’s held up by a black velvet bra.

Is was a matter of moments before Ian’s wife grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She got a few whistles at her impressive cleavage.

Ian’s little cock stirred as his wife was ogled by their friends. Attention that she didn’t seem to mind.

Her shorts went next as balls hit the proper cups. She bent over and slipped them off giving everyone a good show. ‘Just playing along’ she would probably say. Now down to her red lace panties. Only half covering her wonderful, round ass.

Soon the other two wives were down to their bras as well. Then it was Wendy’s turn again.

“I doubt anyone wants to see someone else’s wife naked.” Grant said with a smirk. Much to Ian’s relief. “How about penalties. Opposite woman gives a little spank.”

Wendy bent over the table. Giggling in her tipsiness. Tilda giving her lace covered ass a dozen swats as the brunette gasped.

Gradually all the wives were stripped to their underwear. Each was spanked a couple times before the game was over.

The end of the game seemed to be the end of the party. Ian started to collect their things.

“Oh, oh. Honey! Let’s stick around.” Wendy stumbled up to him. Definitely drunk. “Hank invited everyone to use the hot tub.”

“I…I just kinda want to go home.” Ian protested.

“Aw. Don’t be a pooper. Please?” She begged. He nodded despite himself.

They walked back out to the patio. Out to the deck. Hank was waiting. Some others were already in the tub. Grant, Ben, and his wife Tilda.

“We…we don’t have suits.” Ian insisted.

“Don’t be silly.” Wendy smirked. She simply stepped in. Wearing her underwear. Grant helped her down. Letting her set next to him.

“Real men go naked, buddy.” Hank said, pulling off his jeans. Ian’s eyes boggle at the man’s huge cock. Easily twice as big as his and it wasn’t even hard.

“C’mon Ian, honey.” Tilda called. “I’ll go topless if it makes you feel more comfortable.” The chubby blonde pulled off her bra. Big tits floating in the bubbling water.

His face going red, Ian stripped nude. The group went silent when they saw just how small he really was. He couldn’t look anyone in the eyes as he slipped in next to his wife.

Ian felt as if his little penis was trying to hide back up inside his body. Just a little nub proving he wasn’t a man. In front of these obvious Alphas.

Mercifully no one said anything about his penis.

The boys talked about some great times in college. Pranks and parties long forgotten.

Finally, mercifully, Grant announced that he had an early day. The group broke up. Ian struggled to get his drunk wife dressed then home and to bed.

In the end Ian didn’t have much of a choice. It was not a great area for people in his business.

Grant gave him a big smile when he came into work a few days after the party.

“I think you will enjoy working here, Ian.” Grant told him as he showed him around. “As I said it can just be temporary.”

Ian’s desk was in the reception area right outside Grants big office. His desk was shiny and modern. As was reception. Where as Grant had a giant mahogany desk. Tall dark bookshelves. A leather couch and a pair of leather, high backed chairs next to a table in a corner.

“This is Amy.” The handsome man introduced him to the only other person working in the office. “She takes care of the computers and makes sure our internet is running,”

Amy was fat. Easily three hundred pounds and unattractive. She had greasy skin and little bristles of hair on her blobby face.

“Well, you’re a little bit of nothin’ ain’t ya?” She said cheerily. Wiping Cheeto dust on her jeans and sticking azeri porno out her hand.

“Uh, pleased to meet you.” Ian said, shaking. ‘She must have to get her bras custom made.’ He thought. Her tits were enormous.

Soon he was at his desk with a list of tasks to do.

“Let’s start you out simple, hey buddy?” Grant told him.

The rest of the week passed quite nicely. Ian was even able to get erect for a bout of lovemaking over the weekend.

Then Monday morning happened.

“Ian, buddy. You made some mistakes on this form.” Grant set a paper down on the receptionist desk.

“Oh? Oh, sorry.” Ian responded. It was true there were a pair of grammar errors.

But grant wasn’t finished. “This isnt like your last job. I want to cut you some slack. But I don’t have much to give you. You little wimp.” Ian’s eyes went round at the casual insult. “So, do better.”

But unfortunately just after lunch, “I’ve seen your nothing prick. So I’m sure you are a failure in bed. Don’t be here ok?” It was another grammar error. “Honestly I don’t know how a guy like you got to be with Wendy in the first place. Can you tell me that? Never mind I think I’d just be depressed.” His new boss turned to go back into his office. “I can’t imagine why she would stay with a twink like you.”

Then again, just before the close of business. Another paper on his desk.

“Do you even want this job, peanut?” Grant demanded. “I can just dump your sissy ass back out on the street. Do you want that?” The man asked sternly.

Ian just shook his head. Tears in his eyes, not able to trust his voice.

“Repeat after me: I’m a sissy, fluffer and my wife deserves better cock than my peanut bump.”

With horror at what he was doing, Ian’s mouth opened. “I…I’m a sissy…sissy fluffer. My wife deserves better cock than my peanut.”

Grant was nodding along. “Your nothing peanut bump. Say it.”

“I…I have a nothing peanut bump.” Ian admitted obediently.

“Great. Hey buddy. I forgive you. But you need to go home and decide if you really need this job.”

He did go home that night. He really didn’t have a choice. He had been sending out resumes, but received no interest.

That night he thought he would have a problem getting hard again, but he didn’t.

His little dick was hard as a rock when he went down on his wife. Though he couldn’t get Grant’s words out of his head.

They repeated over and over, especially the bit he forced Ian to say. His little penis throbbed with each mental repeat. ‘Im a sissy fluffer. I have a little peanut bump.’

The verbal insults continued the rest of the week. Ian began to dread each time Grant came out of his office.

Then came Friday. His boss seemed cheerful all day. No insults or anything. Even though Ian got back a couple reports with small errors on them.

Then grant called the smaller man into his intimidating office just before closing.

“C…can I do anything. S…sir?” Ian implored.

Grant stood and walked around his desk. “You’re still here. So apparently you want the job.” Ian nodded sorrowfully. “But you keep making mistakes. I need to have something from you to make up for that. That’s fair isn’t it, Ian?”

“Uh…I guess.”

“If you were a misbehaving little girl I’d spank you, Ian. Perhaps we should start there.”

“W…what?” The smaller man stammered.

“If you want to keep your job, drop your pants and bend over my desk.” Grant said coldly.

With a sniffle, wishing he was anywhere but there, Ian shivered as he unbuckled his slacks. Letting them drop to his ankles.

“Unimaginative. White cotton briefs?” Grant scoffed. “That’s what a little boy would wear.”

It’s what Ian had always worn. He bent over his boss’s desk. Resting on his elbows, much like his wife did on the ping-pong table. His ass presented to his boss.

Ian let out a meek little grunt with each stinging strike, more like a whine. He hadn’t been so humiliated in a long time. Grant’s strong hand firmly paddled his round sissy ass.

If Ian was a real man he wouldn’t stand for such treatment. Instead tears freely trailed down his cheeks as he gasped to each stern blow.

“You enjoyed it Ian.” Grant chided when he finally stopped. The sissy shook his head, no. “Your peanut bump says otherwise.”

The bigger man slid a hand between Ian’s thighs. The weeping man clenched them, but was unable to stop Grant’s fingers from lightly, almost lovingly, caressing Ian’s little hard-on.

“If you are going to enjoy it, I will have to get more inventive. Spread your legs wide.”

“Please…please, Grant.” Ian begged as he obediently spread his legs. still bent over the Alpha’s big desk.

Ian squealed as grant swung upward. Slapping the sissy’s sensitive scrotum. Each strike sent shocks of pain through Ian’s body. His sight flashing red.

His cock and balls clench with each spank. Soon Ian is cumming in his underwear. Though it doesn’t feel like any orgasm he has ever had. It isn’t even pleasant.

“There you go.” Grant announced pleased. Stopping the punishment.

Ian pulled his slacks back on. Worried that he would get in trouble if he asked permission to clean himself up. Then he left. His gaze downcast. Not able to look Grant in the eyes.

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