I’m A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 05

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I go home and Alison isn’t home yet. I shower and clean up, and as I walk out of the bathroom, she walks in, a few shopping bags in hand.

“How was your day? What job did Doug have for you today?” she asks.

I tell her it was uneventful and that he’s finishing his basement and that I was helping him with some plumbing. “What did you buy?” I ask.

“Noting you’d be interested in,” she devilishly says, “just some women’s things. Bras, panties, that stuff.”

Now, let me say that lingerie is such a turn-on for me. It doesn’t have to be from Frederick’s or like that, just clingy and sheer works fine for me. Seeing Alison in just a bra and thong is enough to make me hard instantly, she fills them out so damned nicely! And by fills, I mean FILLS. Those big tits of hers seem to be ready to burst the seams of any regular bra. Her ass is perfectly rounded for thongs and the way the waistband sits high up on her hips would make a gay guy straight. If I could get her to wear stockings once in a while, I might just cum looking at her. She did wear them on a couple of occasions, with a lot of persuading by me; she’s just self-conscious of her legs, what with her not being much taller than 5′ or so.

I tell her that I just might be interested and with that, she tells me to wait there and disappears into the bathroom. She emerges in a black lycra camisole and thong. I can see a black bra underneath, already groaning under the pressure of her 34F breasts. It strains to hold her up perkily, if that’s at all possible with boobs her size. The bra performs it’s job commendably, holding her up and in place. The camisole is stretched at her bustline and clings to her from her enormous boobs down to her curvy waist, accenting every curve on the way down.

She lifts her arms over her head and spins around, showing me her rounded ass highlighted by the thong and stops for a moment, allowing me to savor her perfect pear-shaped ass/hip combo. I ogle her up and down, vocalizing my admiration. Her big plentiful breasts create a beautiful sideboob/backboob profile with her arms held high up. At the sight of that, I tell her it looks perfect, just like her body, and I drop to my knees, kissing her warm, soft ass. I reach around and try to grasp her bountiful breasts as she arches her back and shoves ber ass into my face, moaning with pleasure.

I stand, spin her around, and kiss her deeply, our tongues darting back and forth. I fondle her huge breasts through the camisole and she fumbles for my belt. We remain embraced porno for several minutes, our passion heating the room like a furnace. I strip my clothes off and she starts to do the same. I stop her, wanting to savor every piece of the sexy fabric she wears. I remove her camisole and am rewarded with a black sheer bra that barely hides her nipples from view. Her majestic tits stretch the fabric to tightly so that there’s no loose material anywhere to be seen. It’s a heavenly sight and I immediately drop down to caress and kiss her tits through the fabric. I spend several minutes at tit-level, rewarding myself with her boobs.

She pulls me back up and I unhook her bra from behind. Her bra falls and her magnificent breasts are released from their enclosure. She turns around and lets me play with her melons from behind, while she rests my cock in the nape of her ass. I begin to feel her up again and could cum just playing withher tits, but I don’t. I know there’s more to come.

She removes her thong and We drop to the bed, where she proceeds to straddle my face, grinding her moistening pussy onto my mouth. I lick and nibble on her pussy lips and my tongue quickly finds her hardening clit. I flick it with my tongue, nibble on it, and hold it in place with my teeth as I forcefully flick my tongue across it, up and down, side to side, and in circles.

This drives her wild and in no time, she’s cumming in my mouth, driving her pussy harder onto my working mouth. She realizes that she’s smothering me and lets up a little, but never lets her clit leave my mouth.

I reach up and fondle her big bouncing breasts and she arches her back again. She’s rocking back and forth showing no sign of getting off her ride and is nearly ready to cum again, as evidenced by her shrieks, moans, and numerous cries of “Oh shit!” I’m trapped in heaven and continue to forcefully stimulate her clit with my tongue and teeth and in minutes, she shudders, climaxing again and again under the action of my tongue.

She falls to the bed and I am permitted to come up for air. Her clit and pussy is still sensitive, and I lightly touch both with my fingertips.

“Oh God, no! Stop! I need a rest!”, she manages to say, breathing heavily and trying to regain her composure. Her face is flushed and she looks exhausted. Did I mention that she is easily orgasmic? No? Well, she can cum in minutes if one knows what to do to her, and I gues I know exactly what to do!

Il et up and watch her catch her second wind while I feel her anime porno body up and down, from her calves, up to her hips, to the inside of her thighs. She realizes what I’m doing and clamps those soft thighs down. I withdraw my hand and begin to work it over her curvy hips, across her ass, and up to her waist.

She arches her back to get closer and knowingly pushes her big pillowy breasts out, temptingly closer to me. I can’t resist and my hands are drawn to her breasts like metal to a powerful magnet. I excitedly play with them, taking one huge breast in 2 hands, and still having some breast uncovered.

She smiles at me and I can see she’s ready to continue. I lean over and bury my face in the valley created by her mountainous tits. I feel them on my head and begin to lick and suck her nipples, one at a time. I squeeze her breasts together, putting both nipples within range of my mouth and caress them with my tongue, my hands roaming over every inch of her enormous soft tits.

“You like those big titties?” she asks. “They’re all yours, if you can handle them. They’re so big, and so sensitive.”

“Mmmm hmmm” I mutter, smothering my face in her boobs.

She continues “I see the way you look at them and I love showing you some cleavage. I know it drives you wild for me. I dress that way on purpose, knowing you love my big, big titties. You do love my big tits, don’t you?”

I come up for air and tell her that “I love them, I love them in my mouth. I love them against me. I love them in a bra. I love them free. I love holding them, they feel so so big and soft.”

She pulls away for puts her head in my crotch, taking my cock into her mouth. SHe’s never been fond of giving blowjobs, but does so occasionally. This is one of those occasions.

Suddenly, I grow even harder, if that’s possible, as I picture the cock in her mouth to be Doug’s! I subconsciously begin thrusting into her mouth as I imagine Doug’s big, hard, throbbing hose being tongued by Alison’s mouth, the big dark shaft going in and out, in and out. I imagine Alison enjoying it and showing me how she likes big, black cock in her mouth, telling me that it feels so big andhard and tastes so much better than mine. I picture Doug standing there, hands on his hips, looking down on her as she works his black snake into her mouth.

“C’mon baby, suck that big cock. Get it in your mouth and work it. Tongue it, lick my balls. Make me cum in your mouth.” imaginary Doug says to her.

She looks arap porno up at him from her position on her knees and tells him, “I don’t suck Bill’s cock that often and I certainly never let him cum in my mouth. But for you Doug, for you I will let you facefuck me and you can shoot your whole load in my mouth.” She then turns her attention back to his now throbbing man-meat and wraps her lips around his huge rod and goes down on it. Her head bobs up and down rhythmically, like to a beat, thump thump thumpt thump.

In my fantasy, Doug pumps in tune with her motions and tilts his head back, moaning with pleasure. ‘Yeah baby, that’s it. Yeah”, he says.

In our bed, Alison pushes me on my back and jumps on top of me, her wet pussy aching to be filled with my throbbing cock. After imagining Doug giant black snake throbbing in her mouth, I don’t know how long I will last. She puts my staff in her pussy and begins slowly rocking back and forth and works herself up to a pistoning motion, moving her tight, wet pussy up and down on my rock-hard cock.

As before, I suddenly imagine Alison impaled on Doug’s huge member, rapidly sliding her wet, stretched pussy lips up and down on HIS cock. The black and white contrast is mesmerizing and I see her moaning, quickly approaching orgasm.

Imaginary Doug’s big hands fly up to her tits and caress them as she pumps him in and out. Even his hands aren’t big enough to fully embrace one tit and he takes one in both hands, caressing it, rubbing her nipple. He pulls her down a little, just enough to get her massive boob to his lips and he begins kissing and licking her boobs. She arches her back towards him, inviting him to nibble on them, that they’re not fragile.

Of course, this is exactly what I’m doing, I’m just picturing it to be Doug. We continue this, but the thought of her being filled with a giant black firehose, and loving it while I watch, is too much.

I scream out “Oh God” and grab her tits as I arch into her pounding pussy. I explode inside her as she begins her simultaneous climax. She keeps up her piston-like motion on my spurting cock and doesn’t stop. She keeps it up and it feels so good that it hurts. I reach the point where I can’t take it anymore, and grab her hips and hold her still. We collapse on the bed, exhausted.

We fall asleep in each others arms. Sometime in the middle of the night, we both awaken and fuck like crazy again, this time me taking her from behind as she leans over. Her soft mountainous boobs swaying back and forth with each thrust is overwhelming and I try my hardest to hold them as I pump her pussy harder and harder. As before, imaginary Doug is there to help me along.

The next weekend, Doug isn’t so imaginary and I begin my job as their cuckold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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