Jan, Husband, Vince, Helen at the Market

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My wife Jan is a very hot brunette, 5’8″, beautiful long legs, and 34-B breasts. Jan works during Ladies’ apparel markets as a model. Jan and I had always talked about a threesome with another guy but had not found the right person.

At the January market Jan was walking the halls showing one of the new outfits in the line she modeled for. While she was walking she met a young Italian by the name of Vince.

Vince, it turns out is a sales rep from New York. He asks Jan to have coffee and after a short visit Vince asks Jan for drinks that evening. She explains she is married so Vince suggests she asks if I would like to join them.

Making a long story short the three of us get together, end up in Vince’s hotel suite and have a threesome with Jan being the center of attention.

As we parted Vince mentioned his beautiful redheaded wife Evelyn and how she loved men and women. He promised to bring Evelyn to the next market. He also asked Jan if she would model his line for him. She agreed.

So this brings us to the August Ladies’ apparel show. Jan shows up to model clothes for Vince. Interestingly Vince has added a line Sinop Escort of lingerie to his collection. Several buyers, both men and women, ask to see the lingerie on a model. Jan readily agrees to model, since she is an exhibitionist. She is in the changing room putting on a set that consists of a light tan sheer lace bra, Very sheer matching thong panties, a matching garter belt & hose, and heels. While she is putting these on the curtain opens and in walks Evelyn, a stunning Redhead. So this is Vince’s beautiful wife Evelyn. Jan is immediately interested in Evelyn even though Jan has never been with a woman .After they meet Evelyn asks Jan if she can assist her and Jan says yes please. Help me get these stockings on and clipped to the garter belt. Jan smiles and slowly rolls the stockings up Jan’s very long legs and up to her thigh. Evelyn comments on how beautiful Jan is as she accidentally brushes her fingers across Jan’s pussy. Evelyn says “oh, sorry.” Jan tells her that’s very alright and smiles.

Let me describe Evelyn. She is about 5’5″, red hair, a beautiful ass, and 36-C boobs. She is a knock out!

Jan Sinop Escort Bayan continues to model the lingerie line for Vince. Evelyn is eager to help Jan in and out of her out fits. There is lots of touching and contact and the girls become very friendly. Jan encourages Evelyn to assist her with adjusting her bras, smoothing her panties, and anything she can think of to have Evelyn feel her body.

Finally the touching is too much and Jan grabs Evelyn and kisses her deeply while she runs her hands on Evelyn’s beautiful tits and nipples. They are both very excited.

Jan takes a break and calls me. She explains what has taken place and asks me to meet the three of them at the Anatole hotel bar about 6:30 that evening.

6:30 rolls around and I enter the bar and find my group. Jan, Vince, and his amazingly gorgeous wife Evelyn. I can clearly see that Jan and Evelyn are hot for each other since they are sitting closely together, doing a lot of touching, and teasing each other.

After numerous drinks Vince suggests that the girls go to the suite and freshen up. He told them we would be along in a Escort Sinop while.

Jan and Evelyn entered the suite and immediately began making out. They undressed each other and began fingering, sucking, kissing, and groping each other. Finally Evelyn suggests a nice warm shower. They enter the shower together and soap each other down all the time playing!

After a while Vince and I go to the suite. As we enter we find Evelyn on her knees with Jan lying back on the bed. Both nude, Evelyn was eating Jan’s very wet pussy paying special attention to Jan’s clit. Jan was writhing on the bed and Cumming time and again letting out moans of pleasure.

After a bit they traded places and Jan serviced Evelyn’s pussy with gusto!

While Evelyn was laying back I removed my pants and boxers and slipped my cock into her mouth. Evelyn was clearly experienced at this which made me rock hard.

Vince had undressed and was now fucking Jan from behind faster and faster. I finally shot cum in Evelyn’s mouth and on her magnificent tits. Her nipples were amazing, just beautiful!

Vince shot his cum inside Jan’s hot wet pussy and Jan had several more orgasms.

The evening ended very well. Vince and I shook hands. Jan and Evelyn kissed very deeply. Evelyn promised Jan that she would be there to help her change lingerie the next day. Evelyn told her, I will give you very special attention tomorrow. HUMMMM…

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