Lawn Work Rewards Ch. 2

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This is a true story that happened to me about thirty-eight years ago. I was 18 years old at the time. My family lived next door to a middle aged couple who had me doing all the “HEAVY” work around their home as the husband had had cataract surgery. (Back them they would not allow you to do any “HEAVY” work for one year after the surgery, times sure have changed) The ladies names have been changed to protect their families

To start you where chapter 1 left off —–

When I got home from work Thursday afternoon, I notice Berthas husbands company car in their drive and figured- Nothing tonight—Well I was sure wrong as Jeanne called out the back door to me as I was walking from the garage to the house. She asked me if I wanted to have dinner and a “special” dessert with her tonight. I said sure thing, can I clean up first and can I bring anything. She said, “Just yourself and plan on a long night.”

I went in the house and took a shower and call Nebraska to let my parents know all was well and I would see them Sunday afternoon. (Back in the sixty’s you did not have answering machines and the like to keep in touch)

I got dressed in shorts and “Tee” shirt. I headed next door for dinner. Jeanne was at the sink rinsing the lettuce for the salad. All it looked like she had on was an “old fashioned” ladies apron. (You know the one like they wore in the late fifties and early sixty on TV) You could see her breasts hanging ever so nicely under it and then I noticed the silk panties bursa otele gelen escort she had on. I walked up behind her and kissed her left ear and rubbed her hinny with my hand. She wiggled her ass and pressed it firmly against my hand. I took my other hand and slid in under the apron and grasped her right breast. She turned around and gave me a sweet, juicy kiss. She said, “later for desert honey.”

She said we were having steaks and salad for dinner. I went out and lit the grill and told her it would be about twenty minutes before the “coals” would be ready. She handed me a cold drink and said to sit and relax till then. I was sitting on the lounge on the porch when she handed me a book of old photos of things I never thought she would have.

This book was of her and a couple of other “girls” when see was single and in nurses training. She just said, “See I was always the horny one that loved to play with myself or have other girls play with me.” She said she never messed around with guys for fear of catching something or getting pregnant. (She later found out she could not get PG, so that is why her and Terry never had any children)

I just sat there and hoped she would continue “using” me for her new lover. She came up to me and as if she could read my mind said, “Do not worry I will only play around with you as I have waited till now to make my move on you.” I looked at her and reached up and hugged her and smiled. bursa eve gelen eskort (This is something to have an older lady tell you just as you turned into an eighteen years old horny male)

I went out and cooked the steaks and returned to the house about fifteen minutes later. She was just pouring the ice tea and putting the salad on the table. We sat across the table from each other and all through the meal she rubbed my leg with her foot. Jeanne got up and cleared the table of the food and dished. She than came back into the dining room with just a can of whipping cream. I looked at her and she said, “Stand up and drop your shorts.” I did as I was told. She sprayed whipping cream on my semi-hard cock and started licking head to balls. It did not take but a second for me to get rock hard and start rubbing her hair. I pulled her to her feet and we walked to the bedroom with the can in MY hand. I removed that apron and her panties and laid her on the bed on her back. I then sprayed whipping cream on her nipples and crotch. After I had cleaned her up she looked at me and winked. I knew something was up besides me.

She got off bed and went to the closet. She got a movie projector out and up on a porno movie. (Remember this is 1963 and there was NO VCR’s or DVD at that time)

The first one was all girls and the second on was of this well endowed chick taking on four different men at different time, not a group gangbang.

All bayan escort bursa the time the movie was playing she was stroking me and I was foundling her. About half way through the movie I rolled her over and we fucked doggie style. She pushed her ass up so high in the air that my cock just slid in ever so easy. Her boobs were rubbing the bedspread so fast that he nipples got her so aroused. After I exploded in her and fingered her till she came, I put some more whipping cream on her pussy and licked it clean. I said, “That was a great tasting desert.”

We went into the bathroom and showered each other. I lathered her all over and with my hand held those soapy boobs tweaking her nipples. She reached behind her and with her soapy hand grabbed my hard then ever cock. She guided it up against her ass and rubbed her rear end till I could feel her ass hole with the head of my cock. I pushed ever so gently against that hole till the head of my cock was just entering it. She pushed back and I slid in almost all the way to my balls. She moaned every thrust I made. All of a sudden she let out this load scream and reached for her pussy. I could feel her cumming and that made me explode inside her ass. This was the cause for the second shower of the night.

After we had dried each other off and I sat there watching her brush her hair, I said, ” let go for a drive and relax for a while. She said she would like to get a soda or something.

About an hour later we returned to the house and found her bed for the rest of the night. Friday morning came to soon for me, as I had to again go to work. I kissed her goodbye and went to work with a semi-hard cock thinking all day about the last two nights.

Our relationship went on for the next three years till I met my wife and got married.

The end of the story, sad but true!!

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