Life is Strange Pt. 02

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I recommend you read Part 1 first.

Let me describe Timmons to you. Besides being a giant of a man he has a gentle nature. Now if you’re smart you won’t mistake his gentle nature for a lack of courage. On the contrary. Timmons doesn’t need to act brave, use violence, or the threat of violence. Just his stature is enough to chill out even those quick to violence. Kindness comes easy to him. He’s caring and empathetic. I know this because of how he treated me. He made me feel special, protected, and unafraid to be what he wanted me to be. Timmons molded me into who I am today. He allowed me to discover myself rather than use brut force to turn me out.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

After Timmons guided me off stage to Bob’s office I offered my mouth to his big black cock until he emptied his balls and satisfied my primal urge to service an Alpha male.

As I cleaned the residual cum from his softening cock the haze I had been in cleared. It suddenly dawned on me what I’d done. I turned to see my wife furiously fucking Bob. Even as they fucked she was watching me. I felt incredulously embarrassed, confused, humiliated, and fearful.

Emotions over took me and I became upset. Looking around for my clothes I remembered that I’d discarded them on stage. I staggered as I tried to stand and Timmons took me by my arm and steadied me. “It’s okay man. It’s all good. I seen guys like you go through what you’re going through now.”

I looked up at him and wanted to cry. He quieted me with a warm smile. “You might hate yourself now johnnie but you’ll be back for more. White bois like you can’t help yourself. You see a black cock and you want to suck it.”

“I gotta get out of here Timmons. Where are my clothes?”

He opened the door to back stage and on the floor was the red cape Cin had me wear. I put it around my shoulders and before I took a step Timmons took me gently by my arm and stopped me. “johnnie, all you have on are your ballerina slippers and that cape. You’ll get arrested going out in public like that.”

He knelt and picked something off the floor. Holding the item open I saw it was the lite pink panty one of the customers threw on stage when she called me a cock sucker.

“Come on man. This is all you got. Put em on.”

I didn’t want to. I mean after what I’d just done and now this. But he was right. The cape wouldn’t stay closed in front and I probably would get locked up for indecent exposure.

Timmons held the panty for me to step into. Then he slid them up my legs and around my waist. Patting my behind he softly whispered, “I like the little black panty you wore on stage better. They made your fat little bottom look sexy, like a woman’s.”

I could only blush and flee. I heard him say something about seeing me soon but chose not to respond.

Leaving the club I debated on walking home or stranding Cindy by taking the car.

I took the car. “Fuck her,” I fumed to myself. “Let Bob bring her cheating ass home.”

Safely in my house I dropped the cape. The offensive garment only added to the shame I was feeling. “I sucked a cock God damnit. I’m a faggot. What the hell’s the matter with me?”

I went upstairs to shower. I needed to wash Timmons’ first load out of my hair and hopefully the faggot out of my body.

Walking past the full length mirror in the bedroom I saw myself in the pink panties. I’d forgotten I was wearing them they felt so comfortable. I took a moment to admire them before realizing what I was doing and quickly pulled them down and off. For some reason instead of tossing them in the garbage I put them in the dirty clothes hamper. Call it reflex habit I guess.

I showered and cussed my whoring wife. I mean seeing her fuck up and down so hard and untamed was nothing she’d ever done with me. I didn’t understand how she could cheat and do it in front of me.

I went to the kitchen in a pair of jogging pants and T-shirt. I poured myself a stiff one. Then going into the living room I smoked a joint and drank until I heard a car door slam.

The door opened and Cindy was waving to her ride. “Thanks Bob. See you in a couple days.”

“You whore,” I said through gritted teeth.

“So you’re a faggot.”



“Bitch,” I said standing.

“Cock sucker.”

She had me. There was no rejoinder. There could be no coherent argument from me. Still though I tried.

“You let him stick his cock in you and probably let him cum in you.”

“Your point is? I mean Timmons stuck his cock in you and came in you too asshole.”

I slumped back in the chair down and wept. She was right. Damn it.

Cin wasn’t done. “At least I had sex with the opposite sex. And I didn’t know you were gay or bi-sexual.”

I sobbed uncontrollably. My face in my hands my body shook.

Cin had mercy on me. She was almost nude as she dropped her coat and came to calm and sooth me.

She came up beside me and held my head to her stomach. “It’s okay johnnie. It’s alright honey. bursa eskort I mean when I saw you playing with that big cock on stage, well, I won’t lie. It was hot. At first I thought you were just trying to win the $500. But then a look came over you and you seemed lost in what you were doing. By lost I mean it seemed as though nothing else mattered. Bob was beside me watching and I could feel him getting hard as my pussy got wet.”

“We watched you lick his balls and rim his ass and Bob said that you’d be sucking Timmons’ cock before the night was over.”

“It was spontaneous johnnie. Just like you, I reached back and felt Bob’s cock and it was really big. Not as big as Timmons’ but bigger than I’m used to.”

Yet another bomb lobbed at me.

Cin stroked my hair and hushed my sobbing.

“Bob led me into his office and I swear johnnie I wanted it. I mean after seeing your act I needed to be fucked.”

“Then when Timmons walked you into the office and I watched you suck his cock it was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. It was so beautiful johnnie. Seeing a big black man lead you, watching you as you made love to his cock. You looked so sweet, so sexy. So yeah, I guess I lost it.”

“But I didn’t want to do that Cin,” I sniffed.

“Oh johnnie, yes you did. You didn’t suck it as much as you made love to it. I saw you smile up at him as you ran your lips up and down the shaft. You looked up at Timmons with what looked like love as you kissed and licked the head of his cock. You were humming johnnie. Softly but Bob and I heard it.”

I was glad she couldn’t see me as I buried my face against her.

“Bob said you looked like a pro at sucking cocks johnnie. I told him you’d never done that before but he said he didn’t believe me.”

“Oh God,” I groaned in shame.

“He said the way you knew to clean the cock after it came and got soft was proof to him that you knew what you were doing. Bob said that most new cock suckers had to be trained to respect their man’s cock, cleaning it after he’s fed the cock sucker his load. Well hubby, that got me to wondering. Have you been sucking cocks behind my back? I mean it’s okay but you didn’t have to hide it from me.”

“No Cindy. I swear I never did that before. I don’t know what happened to me on the stage but something just came over me and I felt compelled to do what I did. I am so sorry. I promise it won’t happen again. I swear.”

“Well I don’t know about that but it’s okay if it does. Bob told me that Timmons is very good at turning straight white guys into black cock whores. And Timmons told me before I left with Bob that you weren’t the first white guy who had the urge to suck his black cock. He said it wasn’t common but it wasn’t unusual either. Said it was something about guys like you when you saw his cock, like it was natural for you to want to suck it like that.”

My dick got hard in spite of my trying silently to will it not to.

“He said you’re no faggot johnnie which made me feel better. But he did repeat that you may not be able to resist the temptation to do it again and again. Timmons also told us both that he plans on seeing you again johnnie. I guess that means he’ll want you to suck his cock again.”

I started to feel horny. Humiliated and horny. I didn’t know it at the time but it wouldn’t be long before I craved that humiliation.

Maybe it was the joint and the alcohol and all the talk about forbidden sex but I wanted to make love to my wife. I wanted to reclaim my sexuality and my wife at the same time.

I pulled her around and stood up and kissed her. She kissed me back and our tongues danced together.

I turned her and sat her down in the chair. Kneeling I parted her knees and looking at her told her how much I loved her and how I wasn’t gay or anything like that.

Cin had a funny look on her face as I parted her knees and pulled her thong aside. I’d forgotten about Bob and her. I was only thinking about how I could prove to her I was straight.

It was only after I’d gotten a mouth full of cum that I remembered she fucked Bob. I tried to pull back but Cin wasn’t having that. “Finish me johnnie. It’s okay. I need you to clean Bob’s cum out of me. Bob said you might want to eat his cum from me. He said you’re a special guy johnnie and I was lucky to have you.” And with that she held my face firmly in her crotch.

Then she said something that shot through me like a bullet. “Pretend it’s Timmons’ cum. You liked that. I know. I saw you. Bob saw you.”

Her smoothly shaved pussy lips parted on my cheeks as I plunged my face between her legs as deep as I could. Thick and somewhat viscous, I sucked and slurped Bob’s sperm from my wife’s cunt. And no, it was not lost on me that this was the second man’s load I’d eaten today. And it was not lost to me that the taste was not unpleasant… almost enjoyable.

Cin came twice as I cleaned her of Bob’s cum and we went to bed. It was time for me to fuck what was mine.

I knelt between her bursa escort bayan thighs and rubbed my cock on her soaking pussy. Then when I put it in it was like I could hardly feel her. We looked at each other with the understanding of what each of us was thinking. Bob had stretched her pussy so that I no longer got satisfaction from it.

Cin had a shocked expression. I guess mine was one of horror. “Oh God johnnie. I’m so sorry. I told you Bob’s cock was big.”

I flopped over on my back beside her my erection dying a quick death.

Cin rolled to her side next to me and kissed my cheek. Bob said it would shrink back to normal johnnie.”

“Fuck Bob. Fuck two Bobs. Bob said this. Bob told me that. I’m tired of hearing what Bob says. The hell with that. Fuck a bunch of Bobs.” We looked each other in the eye and I realized how ridiculous I sounded in my little tantrum. We both broke out in laughter. Maybe it was the weed but I was feeling better about things.

Cin held my balls and tickled my anus. My dick responded. She stroked me hard and whispered that she wanted to do something for my little general. She slid down my body and gave me a sweet soft and long lasting blow job.

She didn’t share my cum with me thankfully but I could taste myself when we kissed afterwards.

Over coffee the next morning we seemed to skirt around the elephant in the room until I asked the big question.

“So. You gonna keep stripping?,” I asked.

“You mean am I going to keep dancing. I think I will. The money is great and I enjoy it.”

“You mean you enjoy the attention.”

“Yeah. You’re right. I like those me looking at me, wanting me. Some of the other girls might get jealous but fuck em. And it turns me on being naked like that in a room full of horny men.”

“So this means you’re gonna let Bob fuck you again?” It was more of a statement of fact than a question. I already knew the answer.

Cin only smiled to herself as she went about her business of cleaning the coffee pot.

“Oh. I almost forgot. Bob wanted me to ask you if you would like to enter another contest. He said the money those women brought in was huge.”

“You mean Bob wants me to queer of with Timmons again on stage.”

“No. He specifically said that he wasn’t asking that. He did, however, say that if you wanted to it would be fine with him. Some of the ladies have asked him if he’d put that show on again.”

“You can tell him not only no but hell no. No fucking way. And fuck him for asking.”

“Okay johnnie. Bob said you might get upset. But Bob is a nice guy. He really likes you and hopes there’s no bad feelings about what happened.”

“What happened? What happened? Christ are you kidding me? He fucked you. That’s what happened. And yeah. It pisses me off.”

Cin came over and sat on my lap. “That’s right I let him fuck me and you let Timmons fuck your face johnnie. You know how horny I get. You knew about all my relations with men before we married. You used to like hearing about them when I was giving you a hand job. This is no different. I still love you with all my heart but I still get horny.”

I shifted a bit hoping she wouldn’t feel my dick twitch.

“You used to want to know how big the cocks were of the guys I slept with. You would get excited hearing about my exploits. Now, if you want, you can watch and even join in. I’d like that johnnie,” she whispered huskily in my ear. “I’d like you to join in or just watch me and Bob. He has a really big cock johnnie, really so much bigger than yours. I think you might get off watching us fuck. That is if you can get over your silly jealousy. Really my sweet hubby, it’s only sex. Great sex yes. But still I will always come home to you and your little general.”

Cin reached down and to my shame she whispered that, “your little general is saluting. I think you want to watch us fuck.”

I was noncommittal. I remembered how hard she had humped his cock and it did stir something in me. Plus, she was right. I did like hearing about her past dalliances. And there was something arousing to me about her telling me how big their cocks were. Lust aside I wondered what the hell was wrong with me.

Later that day with nothing agreed to but everything understood Cin was leaving for work. “You coming down to see me dance johnnie?”

“Nah. Not tonight.” “I’m never going back,” I said to myself.

A couple hours later when there was nothing on TV that interested me I turned on some light rock and rolled a big ole blunt. Changing out of my clothes I put a robe on over my boxers and proceeded to get myself stoned.

A heavy bourbon in one hand a joint in the other I kicked back and thought about my wife dancing nude. I am not one to tell her what she can and can not do. It’s not in my character. On one hand I found it erotic, arousing even. But there was the little bit of jealousy that gnawed at me. I drank my bourbon down and wondered which emotion was greatest.

I görükle escort went to our computer to check my email. “Probably have a couple bills,” I was thinking.

When my mail box came up I was surprised to see an anonymously sent email from my office. I opened and read the short note. “I was at the new strip club for the contest. I had my phone with me. Open the video my friend.”

I knew what was coming. “There I was on stage. At first the clip was showing Timmons’ virile body. I looked so insignificant as I knelt and played with myself. It looked even worse when Timmons approached me and began to hit me with his cock. I looked away for a second or so and when I could bring myself to look at the video again I was horrified at what I saw. I looked like I was in a hypnotic trance as I licked and kissed that big black cock. Timmons was standing with his hands on his hips smiling at the crowd as I paid homage to his crotch.

I heard the women shout and cheering for the first time when I gave him a rim job while he stroked his wonderfully hard cock.

Shouts of “nut on his face,” rang out when Timmons turned around and shot his wad on me. I couldn’t believe that I continued to keel there, my mouth opened trying to catch his offering. And now it was on the internet and I knew this motherfucker from work would share it.

As the DJ announced the winner I could see Timmons was still hard. I saw myself picking up the panties that were tossed on stage and wiping his cum from my eyes and face. He led me off stage to the cheering women some of whom were calling me cocksucker.

I was scared I’d get fired. If I lost my job because of this I don’t know if I’d find work again. I mean this shit gets around and a Google search by a prospective employer would result in them not hiring me.

But I replayed the clip and my dick grew as I watched myself surrender to the lure of that big black cock.

I logged out of my account and tried to will my erection to soften.

I poured another stiff one and rolled another fat one. I was lost in weed filled thoughts when there was some one knocking on the door.

I opened the door and Timmons just came right on in. “Hey man. Cindy said I’d find you here alone sulking. I told you there was nothing wrong in what happened and you shouldn’t let it bother you.”

Without asking Timmons took me by my wrist and brought the joint in my hand to his mouth. Drawing in deeply he held both his breath and my wrist as we looked at each other. I sensed no danger, no impending violence. Timmons wasn’t being rough. He merely took what he wanted. His grip was gentle but firm.

I couldn’t continue to meet his eyes and looked down. Finally Timmons took another hit and let me go. “Thank you johnnie. That’s some good shit.” His voice was deep but soft spoken and sincere.

“Come in Timmons,” I said. Can I get you a drink?”

“Yeah man. I’ll have what you’re having.”

I poured Timmons a stiff bourbon and rocks and brought it to him.

“Thank you johnnie,” he said in that quiet rumbling voice. A chill ran through me.

We sat and talked and smoked and drank. I guess it was after Timmons asked me to refill his drink when he noticed my robe had become untied and opened.

“Boxers johnnie,?” he asked as I went to fetch him a refill.

“Oops. My bad. Sorry about that Timmons,” tying my robe as I left the room.

“No no, that’s not what I meant. I don’t mind seeing you like that except for one thing.”

“What’s that?,” I asked returning and handing him his drink.

“I really liked you in panties, especially in those little black panties you wore for me.”

“Well for starters I didn’t wear them for you. I wore them because my wife convinced me that they would be easier to take off while dancing.”

“You should wear them more often johnnie,” he said softly. “You really look sexy in panties. Even the pink ones suited you.”

Timmons rose from his seat and came to me. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the little G-string Cin had fashioned for me to wear at the contest.

“johnnie I brought these for you. I found them after you left. Put them on for me please.”

“I’d rather not.”

“Come on man. I came all the way over here to bring you what you forgot and you won’t even do me that little favor?”

“No way Timmons. Not gonna do it.”

We drank and talked about sports, local news, gossiped about the ladies working at the Star Lite. After a brief pause Timmons began to pester me to put those little black panties on for him.

I got tired of listening to him whine. “Give them to me,” I snapped.

Timmons tossed me the G-string and I left the room to put them on. It hit me that I was doing things because a man asked me to. It kind of bothered me a little that my dick twitched.

I tied the sides on, retied my robe and went back to the living room.

“Well ain’t you gonna let me see?”

I pulled the robe open and flashed him for a second before closing it and sitting back down. It was fun to see him ogling me.

“Roll us another joint johnnie and I’ll cut us a couple lines.”

I went to my stash and rolled us another joint. When I return Timmons had sprinkled some white powder on the coffee table. “Coke johnnie. You done this before right?”

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