Lust by the Pool

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Jackie stretched her arms languorously over her head. Years of doing yoga allowed her toes to point forward in a straight line elongating her long glistening body along the length of her lounge chair. Men stopped and starred at her body. They noticed her legs, her arms, her lips and her hard nipples as they pushed through her too tight t-shirt.

She came to this hotel because she heard that is was a great place to have a wild time. However, she was deeply disappointed when she arrived. It looked like your typical middle class hotel used for family vacations. Frustrated and a little annoyed, she refused to let herself stay down. She threw on her bikini and a t-shirt, grabbed her sunblock and made her way to a lounge chair by the pool outside. She tried to relax but she couldn’t. She was horny as hell and needed a release. Hopefully she will meet someone that can accommodate her needs. She put on her sunglasses and closed her eyes as she took in the sun then soon fell asleep.

She woke up with a start and looked around. She didn’t know how long she slept but it must have been for at least half an hour because the sun was right over her head and her body had begun to tan.

She took in her surroundings. There were more people here than before. There were about six to eight individuals. Strangely enough, there were no children or women, just men. Even the waiter was male and they were all staring at her.

Some starred at her directly sending her not so subtle hints that they wanted her. She just closed her eyes and smiled with wicked satisfaction. Maybe this place wasn’t so bad after all. She was horny, and she didn’t care who knew it. However she wasn’t easy. They were going to have to sweat it out a little bit before she would allow them the privilege of her attention. She let out a little laugh and turned her face toward the sun. It blessed her with its glorious sunshine and radiating heat.

Her tight tee shirt made her feel like she was suffocating. So she began to pull it off. All the men caught their Avrupalı porno breath as her shirt got caught around her neck. She struggled a bit before it gave way. Her naked breast shook from side to side as she tried to loosen its hold. When it finally gave way and released her head. Her hair tumbled all around her, framing her face like a lithe lioness. The men around her exhale.

The waiter was out of breath. “Wo… wo… would you like a drink?” he stammered nervously. He was dressed in a typical uniform; black slacks a white jacket and shirt. He had dark hair and emerald green eyes. His eyes nervously shifted back and forth as he tried hard not to stare at her breast. She looked him up and down and noticed his pants were particularly tight around the groin area.

She liked him…

She turned her head around and looked every man in the eye, boldly and defiantly. She placed her hands on her breast, rubbing them back and forth while looking around almost absentmindedly. Her frustration made her lose patience. The men never moved, they just kept staring.

“Yes I would…” she replied. While looking at the waiter, she wickedly licked her lips. The secret is out. She is a slut. She laughed softly to herself at the thought. Her eyes narrowed as she set her sight on what lay inside this young waiters pant. She then grabbed waist and pulled him towards her. He gasped as she lowered the zipper of his pants. All of the men including this young waiter stared intently as she boldly placed her hand into the opening and took out a very large, very hard penis. Her eyes widen in delight. Bingo! She would get her drink indeed! She opened her mouth and lowered it over his head and began to suck his hard cock.

He tasted salty like he just came out of the ocean. He smelled of the air, sand and masculine musk. Jackie couldn’t get enough of him.

Her head sensually moved up and down as she took all of him in. She felt moistness in her pussy and knew that this experience had Video porno the potential to make her cum hard. It was a six sense that she developed after years of fucking. She heard his dick make a pop sound as she pulled her mouth off of him. She licked his staff up and down like an ice cream cone; totally oblivious to the audience she had created. The men who were staring at her came closer for a better look. Some looked over with lust, some with envy, and some in awe and wonder. Her waiter didn’t say a word. His eyes were glued to what she was doing to him and all he could do was stand there, holding his tray, trembling in passion.

Jackie pulled him down to sit on her chaise. She heard his tray clatter on the floor in the distance. She made way for him and got on her knees to continue sucking his rod as she pumped his dick with her hand. With her butt sticking out the men around her had no problem seeing her pussy juices flowing pass her G-string. Someone let out a groan. Finally as if hypnotized, one of the men leaned forward and moved her G-string aside. Jackie didn’t even notice. She did notice however the waves of pleasure she received as he moved her cheeks aside and started massaging her cunt.

“Oh Shit” She moaned. The hand was quickly replaced with someone’s tongue, “that feels good” She said as she grinds her pussy into his eager mouth. He greedily sucked and pulled her clit with his mouth. He then flicked his hard tongue back and forth quickly. She let out a cry in ecstasy. His tongue darted deep into her pussy only to be replaced by his finger used to fuck her as he licked her clit. The men around her seemed to have awakened from their paralysis. Next thing she knew there were hands all over her body. Touching, licking, feeling, nibbling… Jackie came twice already but they were far from being done with her.

“FUCK!” She yelled; wild with passion

The young waiter forgotten, she began sucking on the closest dicks around her. Each dick seemed harder and bigger than the one before. Each filled her hungry mouth as she gave them head. She was greedy. She was shameless and she wanted more. Finally she felt a hard cock rubbing up and down against her the lips of her pussy. She had no idea who it belonged to and could care less. Without warning, this cock plunged into her. Her hair flipped back wildly as she let out a yell of primal satisfaction.

“Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Oh Shit, Yes!” she cried.

She felt two strong hands close over her naked breast and squeezed them tightly as his dick pounded her pussy into submission. More dicks were pushed against her face for her to suck.

She had no idea how many were around her but she wanted more. Finally,one man got underneath her and she felt the dick inside her leave. She turned her head to protest, when she felt a new pair of hands on her hips that guided her dripping wet pussy onto his engorged dick. She began to ride him slow at first then she picked up the pace. She then rode him so hard that her tits flew up and down. A hand came out and slapped one of her tits. Another hand grabbed both her nipples and began to tug it. More hands came and smacking her ass and grabbing her tits leaving a red handprint. She started a moan of delight that became a scream of pure ecstasy as she felt another dick plunge into her anus. Being sandwiched between these two men were her undoing. They pounded into her the sounds of their testicles slapping her ass echoed across the pool. Anyone who decided to look out their windows would see the ecstasy on their faces as they fucked her with wild abandon. Each man was driving his dick deep into her tight pussy and ass making them stretch to take in everything. Their hard cocks showed no signs of slowing down.

It was like nothing she ever felt.

She screamed as she came. The two men yelled as they came inside her. Someone pulled her hair back and she opened her mouth to receive a cornucopia of cum. More groans were heard as semen fell on her from all directions. Moans of satisfaction were being heard all around as her body was covered in semen. She fell into a heap on the lounge chair. The men left her one by one as she lay there spread out on the chair in a state of deep bliss and once again fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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