My One True Love Ch. 09

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Big Dick

My 9th installment of MOTL. As stated before, I’m accelerating parts of the story (mostly the college years) just to move the plot along.

There’s plenty of sex but less romance, I think. I’m actually quite excited about the next few chapters because the characters are a little more free and can explore more situations.

As always, comments are welcome, though prefer constructive comments that way I know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. And if you want to know more about me or my upcoming stories, don’t hesitate to contact me via PM. I know I can’t please everybody, but here it is…


Chapter 23

With college just about starting, Lindsay and I wanted to do something special. Like I mentioned before, we’d known each other for nearly a year as friends and with the beginning of college coming up, we thought it’d be appropriate to have a mini celebration.

The last weekend before going off to college, we had the house to ourselves for one night, Friday night. Lindsay’s mother was out of town for business and she didn’t have a problem with us keeping everything in order.

We decided to stay in for the night. I thought it might be more romantic to cook her dinner than to go out (If you remember, I hate cooking, but thought it’d be good to show her how much I appreciated her). I grilled up some vegetables, chicken, and potatoes. It wasn’t anything really special, kind of my go-to dinner. It was relatively easy to cook up and hard to screw up. I set the table with candles and flowers, trying to make it as romantic as I could for her.

Lindsay seemed to be genuinely pleased with my modest meal and overall effort/atmosphere I gave her. We retired to the living room for a movie, Finding Nemo. We cuddled throughout the movie, which I liked. As the movie came to a close Lindsay became fidgety, which was no surprise. I had no doubt she knew my excitement as well, my hard cock resting along her back or butt during the movie.

After the movie we sat and talked for a little while, it really didn’t last long. Before I knew it, my pants were loose and Lindsay struggled to have her mouth wrapped around me. She took her time, surprisingly, to get me off. She spent a lot of time just teasing me, playing with my balls every so often. Eventually she picked up the pace and started to really go at it, using her hand to help along. I finally couldn’t hold out and announced I was about to pop and she doubled her efforts before I started spewing into her inviting and hungry mouth. Not having much sex in the recent past because of work, this did the trick. I was happy to fill her cute and perfect mouth up as she slurped away at my juices, it was great!

She stayed down on me until my cock softened and she brought her head up smiling. “I needed that,” she smiled while stretching her jaw.

“Me too babe.” We kissed and I could taste my cum on her lips, I wasn’t foreign to this by now and to be honest kind of welcomed it now. We kissed passionately, me eventually groping her through her simple outfit. After a while she needed some more fun time and let her shorts fall. That night she wore a green thong, barely able to contain her bulge. She spun, making sure I got a really good look at her ass. Teasingly, she wiggled her butt as I admired the thin strip of fabric in between her wondrous cheeks. I didn’t know if other guys liked what I liked, but for whatever reason, I liked a girl in her underwear maybe more than her naked. Don’t get me wrong, seeing a naked girl is great, but having a simple piece of cloth hiding the good bits was a nice tease I found almost irresistible. Lindsay eventually turned herself around and smiled her perfect smile. I put out my hand beckoning my princess to me. She followed suit and joined me on the sofa. I wasted little time in planting a kiss and fondling her breasts through her shirt. She moaned into my mouth every time a finger passed over her sensitive nipples.

Unfortunately I took my mouth away from hers, but then I moved down her body, planting loving kisses along her neck, finally ending up at her breasts. I kissed, gently bit, and flicked her nipples through the thin material of her shirt. I was rewarded with her nipples becoming erect quickly and hearing moans of pleasure. While my mouth was busy on her nipples, one of my hands made its way down her flat stomach. I found the hem of her shirt and gently, with her help, raised my hand up her tummy. I’d done this countless times now but it never got, or gets old, feeling her up like this. It was so erotic I was barely able to contain myself from stroking her bulge.

Loving every second I gave to Lindsay, I couldn’t help myself any longer as my hand descended down Lindsay’s smooth belly. We threw off her shirt and she lied there in just her thong. I teasingly played with her naval piercing along the way to her thong. There was a strong gasp from her as my hand ever so gently grazed the front of her thong. I know I didn’t have to look, but I did; the thong was bursting trying to contain her little girl. I heard her smile Pendik Olgun Escort as I peered down, breaking away from our make out.

A new set of more vocal moans escaped her pouty lips as I kept stroking her ever growing bulge. I didn’t do this for too long before I felt Lindsay’s hands shuffle around and move her panties to the side to let her cock free. Being so captivated by her I had to stop what I was doing just to see her cock and excitement for the first time that night. My head was still at her chest and I was looking down at her cock. It glistened at the head with her precum. I didn’t know why I enjoyed it but I liked seeing the arc to her cock. She wasn’t completely straight; she arced away from her body, creating a bow shape. At this moment I thought how cute it looked to see her cock swaying below me with her natural curvature. To show my appreciation I gently placed a kiss at the tip of her cock.

My kiss soon turned to me engulfing her cock. Up until this point I had tried to get more and more of her in me and tonight I got even further. Almost without breaking a sweat I swallowed her until maybe seven or eight inches of her down my throat. For me, that was the furthest I’d gone so tonight I wanted to go further. I kept swallowing as best I could and got maybe a couple more inches of her 12 inch long cock. I knew she was having a good time because she kept gasping and moaning as I did this. Soon I got down to business and worked my mouth and hands. I played with her balls and stroked her cock in rhythm with my mouth. I wanted her to last a bit longer but she was already getting quite vocal now and knew she couldn’t hold on for much longer.

Sure enough, I was right, she started to shake on the sofa, not saying anything and she groaned sexily, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm!!” I felt her cock unload inside of my hungry mouth and I swallowed and slurped every drop. Her creamy goodness was what I needed and wanted all night. She kept pumping load after load into my belly and I kept swallowing. She finally calmed down and I pulled away with a smile of my own. She too was smiling hugely, “Thank you so much baby!”

“Of course, anything for my princess!” I said. We kissed again, her cum making a sticky mess of the situation. She attacked me like a hungry lioness and tried to grab as much of her cum as she could. I did my best to stave off her attack but with little luck. Soon enough all of her juices were gone and we were madly making out again.

Finally our making out settled down, not that it wasn’t fun. Lindsay and I cuddled while chatting about the past, school, college, our relationship, and about our future together. We were together there quietly after a bit, with her resting her head on my shoulder and my head on hers. I’m not a really romantic guy or anything, as you may have read up until this point, but I thought that night was very romantic despite what little we’d done.

Lindsay spoke up at some point during our quiet together time, “You ready to go again?” she asked, I wasn’t expecting that, I thought maybe she was going to ask me to bed.

“Of course,” I said dumbly.

She smiled and stood up. Our hands were together and she brought me up, smiled more broadly; seductively, and led me to, where I assumed to be to her bedroom.

Scurrying up to her room, and giggling along the way, we backed into her room, making out again. There was only a slight interruption in our kissing when Lindsay pushed me into her large chair and sat me down, she followed suit in my lap facing me. From there we were connected again with her trying to take off my t-shirt and dress shirt, and failing, and me trying to get at her breasts. As usual she helped me get at her bra while she kissed me. Soon enough her boobs were out. Like earlier in the night I couldn’t help myself enough with her boobs. So soft and perfect, I flicked her nipples with my fingers and she squealed in my mouth, I loved that.

With the way Lindsay sat in my lap, straddling me, her legs naturally splayed out. I took a moment to look down at her panties just to see if she was aroused or not. Her little girl was certainly wet and maybe semi flaccid after her blow job. I looked up and Lindsay smiled, “I have to thank you Jay. You’ve come so far, I never would have thought that we’d be here like this today.”

I smiled to my love, “thank you for being patient with me and for putting up with my mistake earlier (the one with Barbie). I know it’s taken me a while to get where we are, but you are totally worth it Lindsay, I love you so much!”

“I love you so much too Jay!” she began tearing up.

All of a sudden something warm and wet fell onto my stomach which caused me to look. Lindsay was indeed getting aroused, her semi flaccid girl was growing by the second. We kissed while I fondled her breasts again and I felt every time she enjoyed my touch. Her cock would pulse on my stomach and grow slightly. It didn’t take long for her to become completely aroused again. At this point I had been aroused for quite some time and I’m Pendik Sarışın Escort sure she knew it by sitting on my lap. Lindsay pulled up off of me and started to work at my belt. She had it done and I lifted off to help her scoot my pants and boxers down. My cock stuck straight up and I saw Lindsay smile broadly. She sat back down but kept my cock nestled up against her own stiff cock. With both of our cocks Lindsay wrapped a hand around them. She masturbated us together and it felt strange, considering we rarely did anything like that before. It felt good, but strange.

What she was doing was nice, but seeing as she was doing it raw it wasn’t working as well as she was hoping. I think she realized that it wasn’t working and soon stopped. Instead she just kissed me on the forehead. “I’m ready babe,” is all she said. I was about to enter her but stopped, “what’s wrong honey?” she asked.

“I just remembered something…” I waited for her to ask but she just looked at me, with maybe a little worry in her face, “it’s nothing bad or anything, it’s just that… how do I say it? Well… -“

“- Just come out with it already!” she chirped in.

“Okay… well, you, uh, cum a lot… and I don’t want my clothes to get all dirty,” I stupidly said. She had this huge smile on her face and started giggling, “I guess I am quite the cummer! Hm, here let’s do this…” that’s when Lindsay started to unbutton my dress shirt. I took it off and then she helped with my t-shirt. “Put the button down back on, but leave it open,” she requested. I did and let the shirt fall as it be. “Mmmm, that’s more like it!” At first I thought she wanted to see my body but then realized what she was doing. “There, how’s that?” she asked admiring my abs. “Now I can cum on you and your clothes won’t get all dirty and sticky, with all of my girl love.”

“I guess that’ll do,” I said jokingly looking down at my exposed chest and stomach. To be honest I think that was another big step in our relationship. When we had sex, it was always her lying down or under me, which meant when she came it ended up, usually, on her. To this point we’d never done cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl or any other similar position which would mean I would end up being covered by her juices. I didn’t know if she realized that or not but I rationalized that I had been giving her blowjobs and that ended up in my mouth so what’s a little bit, or in her case a lot, ending up on me. I didn’t give it a second thought when I smiled up at my princess and she smiled down at me. Besides, I was really starting to enjoy the remnants of her orgasm.

Again I was about to start but then spoke up again, “Uh, what about your panties?” I wasn’t trying to get her naked, since all the good parts were showing anyway; I was genuinely concerned about her fancy panties.

“Um,” she paused, “well I don’t mind really, well actually…” she looked away and down, obviously feeling somewhat embarrassed to what she was about to say. Her gaze returned to me and she began again, “I… enjoy it when I make a mess in my panties.” I looked at her confusedly. “I don’t know why, but I like cumming in my panties, feeling the sticky, slimy cum in them when I’m out and about reminds me how much of a bad girl I’ve been. That’s why I don’t mind it on my clothes.”

I smirked, “You little minx, saving your cum for yourself? No one knows, just your little girl in your panties, all slimy, soft, gooey, and cold.”

She blushed profusely, “Yes…” she responded meekly.

“I think that’s hot!” I replied.


“Yeah! You horny little girl,” I smirked again, “maybe I could join you sometime.”


“Yeah!” I chuckled.

“That would be so hot!! Ohmygod Ohmygod Ohmygod!! Both of our cum in my panties! Then we could go shopping or something, and we’d only know!” Wow, she was really getting into this.

“Yeah, sometime down the road…” I chuckled again.

After that revelation, Lindsay restarted what we were, and had planned to do. I thought all this talking would kill the mood, but she was as hard as ever and so was I. I held onto her thighs, lifting her a little and she smiled down at me. Of course I smiled, “God I love you so much Lindsay you slut!”

She blushed when she heard ‘slut’ “I liked that…”

I smirked, “slut…” I almost whispered.

“I love you so much Jay, now make love to me!” she giggled. With that she had her hand behind herself and I assumed was adjusting her panties between her crack. She lowered her perfect body and I felt my cock hit her perineum. I soon felt her hand and she grasped me gently, gingerly guiding me to her love hole. “No lube babe?” I asked.

“Maybe a little,” she said.

“Maybe a lot,” I smirked. She smirked too. I held her up as she bent over and above me to get at her purse. In an instant she had a bottle of lube and coated her hand. She stroked me a few times and then she prepared herself. “Okay, I’m ready!” she giggled. We, again, started from the beginning, she lowered herself, guiding me in the Pendik Şişman Escort process and I felt the tip of my cock on her hole. She gasped quietly and we both pressed into each other. Lindsay resisted at first, and to no surprise for a little while longer, but then I felt myself break the seal and I was in, though very shallow. She gasped louder this time and grimaced, “Uuuugggggghhhhhh…” I shifted my hands so they were on her butt, holding her up, while she supported herself as well with her hands on my legs behind her. I looked up into Lindsay’s face and she had a look of obvious pain. She grimaced down at me, but I flashed a smile of understanding.

We stayed there until she was ready and we both worked together to get her completely on me. She took me like a champ the rest of the way. Lindsay only gasped and grimaced along the way, never stopping until she was entirely on me.

I whispered my praise of her, “that’s a good girl!”

“Thanks!” she struggled to say, “God you’re sssssssssssssssooooooooooo fucking big! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to you!”

“It’s okay sweetie, I don’t mind taking our time. I would never want to hurt you.” She sighed and leaned forward, resting her head against my shoulder. This caused her long cock and large golf-ball sized balls to smash against my stomach and I felt its warm pulsing firmness wait patiently for attention. I still held onto her butt, I don’t know why – it’s not like she was going to fall – as she rested and got used to my girth.

Letting a hand go from her beautiful butt I gently caressed her backside, running my hand up and down from her butt to the back of her shoulders and back down again. “That feels nice,” I heard her say into my shoulder. I didn’t reply back, only admired how sensual we were together. This brought me back to our first time together, how close we were. But tonight was even more, this was the most sensual, or I guess romantic, we’d ever been and it was a thing to behold (I’m not trying to sound sappy, it’s just how I felt about me and Lindsay).

I caressed Lindsay some more before I rested both of my hands on her butt again. Just to test the waters I gently spread her cheeks to see if we could go any deeper. Maybe. We were almost as deep as we could get. I heard Lindsay giggle when I spread her cheeks, “that feels nice!” I did it a few times and this seemed to really relax her. I heard her breathing and gasping as I did this. I moved onto just caressing her round butt and she moaned into my shoulder. “That’s a good girl,” I whispered, “good girl…” she moaned some, which I thought was unbelievably sexy, and I felt her slowly gyrate her hips. Her cock rubbed up between us when she did her gyrations and I felt warm wet drips onto my belly. It smelled like sweat and sex inside her room and it was intoxicating!

Lindsay’s gyrations started to become more urgent. I heard her breathing rise and her moans formed into whimper-esque cries into my shoulder. Whatever she was doing with her hips must’ve been feeling really good. I continued to massage her smooth butt and her gyrations evolved into shallow gentle bouncing. Lindsay’s cock rubbed against my stomach and I knew she was enjoying herself immensely. I was starting to sweat a bit now and our passion was rising quickly.

“Oh baby,” said Lindsay in the most unbelievably husky and sexy voice. She pulled away from my shoulder and looked down to me. I looked up and smiled before looking down at her cock. With our light bouncing, her cock was dangerously close to my face. I could only imagine her cock nearly poking me in the face when she took deeper penetrations. It glistened with her sex. I lifted her butt so her cock was to my lips. I arched my neck out and planted a loving kiss to her crown when she rose on my cock. I heard her moan and gasp as I did this and loved that sound.

I could barely get my lips wrapped around her shaft and missed it when she plunged back down on me. I couldn’t wait for her to rise back up so I could do it all over again. She rose and pulled out a little more. Her cock forced my loosely pursed lips apart and I engulfed more of her shaft before she fell all too soon. How I wished that her cock could stay in my mouth while we were making love but unfortunately her 12 inch long cock wasn’t long enough, never thought I’d say that…

As the minutes passed, Lindsay pulled out more and more until we were taking full deep thrusts. I hungrily waited for her cock to return to my mouth each time she raised her slim body. I tried different things each time I got the chance and finally found one that worked well. As her cock rose I would stick my tongue out to guide it into my mouth. From there I’d wrap my lips around her pink head and slurp as much as possible before she fell from my lips.

The two of us were getting into a good rhythm and I felt great, my stamina was holding out well. Lindsay on the other hand sounded like she was struggling with her own stamina. “Oh god Jay, please stop!” she moaned, “I don’t want to cum too soon!” I reluctantly stopped sucking her whenever her cock got near my lips. It was my turn to pout and she just smiled while still bouncing on my lap. “You… look… cute… doing… that…” she said after each bounce. I pursed my lips up and she met mine as we embraced quickly before she pulled away and groaned fairly loudly.

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