One Crazy Adventure Ch. 02

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I straightened my panties and situated my dress so I didn’t have that “just got fucked look.” Remember I have to walk out into the sex store. I’m sure there must be customers out there. I wonder if anyone heard anything? I sat down for a second just to gather myself. Well time to get it over with, I walk out into the store and see Greg at the counter. He motions for me to come over by him. As I walk over to him I notice 5 or 6 customers in the store, I wonder if they know anything of what happened in the bathroom.

“Hey Greg.” I said without trying to give away what happened.

“Hi baby,” he winks as if to say he knows.

Greg came from around the counter and told me to follow him to the back room.

“Marcus has a really big cock, doesn’t he?” Greg said to me as we walked into the back, grinning at me. All I could do was look down and blush.

When we got into the back room, he closed the door and then moved a rolling screen. Behind the screen was a video camera pointed at a window. On the other side was a bathroom. I didn’t realize it at first but then it hit me that was the bathroom I was just in.

“What the fuck is this!?” I proclaimed.

“Don’t be mad, but there is also a camera behind the other false mirror and 3 more hidden ones.”

“Well what am I supposed to be then?” I didn’t know what to think, or why I was taped.

“Why did you tape me?”

“For a couple of reasons. First so that you do what I want.”

“But I already do everything you want.” I replied.

“I know, but I want it to stay that way. The second reason is to possibly make some money. No one will know it is you anyway, the make-up and outfit hide who you really are.”

“Yeah but I don’t want you selling any tape of me either way.” I told him. Shit that would be rather embarrassing if someone I knew saw the tape and recognized me. But he kind of had a point, I barely recognize myself in the mirror.

“Well the tapes are being edited now by a friend of mine, he is combining them all on to one tape like a movie. I will be holding it for now.” Greg told me. “I want you to take the credit card I gave you and go shopping now. Here are a couple of presents and a list of what I want you to buy. Remember to stay fully shaved at all times and I will call you in a couple of days.”

“Ok.” I said. Then I turned around and left.

“What the fuck!” I thought as I got into my truck. I just sat there thinking about what happened. But I guess I had better go shopping and do what Greg wants. I looked at the list. He wanted me to buy a pair of tight black hot pants and a top to go with it, a couple of skirts, one very short and tight, and the other longer but with a nice slit up it and nice tops to go with them, more Pendik Sınırsız Escort stockings with garter belts as he says he would like me to always wear those if I am wearing a dress or skirt, 3-4 pairs of bras and panties, sexy perfume, and jewelry.

I went to the mall and figured I could get most of my shopping done at Victoria’s Secret with only a couple of other stops to finish my list. Of course I tried everything on like Greg wants me to. I still get a lot of looks but it is getting easier now.

With everything bought I went home and I was just dying to open the presents. I opened the first box and it was a French maid’s costume complete with 5-inch high heels. The other present was a schoolgirl costume. This was rather peculiar to me…

…It was now a few days later and Greg called, he told me to come to his office this afternoon at 3, but make sure I was dressed as myself. This was different but at least it meant I wasn’t going to get fucked by a big black dick.

I got to the store and walked into the office. Greg was there with two men and a very attractive woman.

“Could you close the door?” Greg asked me. “Well now that my associate is here we can get started. Hit play Lacie.”

I sat down and wondered what was going on. Then it hit me. The videotape started and I new. It started with me dressed as a women walking in to the porn shop and looking around. It was the tape of me from last weekend when I got fucked by Marcus. I looked up at Greg and he just motioned to be quiet. I watched myself in silence.

I looked around as I was sucking that big black cock in the movie. The men were stroking what looked to be hard-ons and even the women had her hand down her skirt. Wow they were really turned on. As the movie ended I could see the flushed looks on their faces. It was actually a well-put together tape. I was surprised.

“Well, as agreed you all can still meet Veronica.” Greg told the three. “My associate will go pick her up. You know where she lives right?” Greg asked me.

“Yeah. I’ll be back in a little while.

So I left and drove back home to get ready. I don’t know what I had in store for me, but I had to meet those three people for some reason.

I took a shower with my feminine body wash and shampoo. I shaved my legs again to make sure they were smooth. After the shower I sprayed myself with Very Sexy perfume, then went to get dressed. I slid on my new pink satin and lace thong with matching pink bra. I put in my “breasts” of course. I then put on a black garter belt. Then slid up my silky smooth legs silky thigh high stockings with sexy lace on top, and then connected the garters to them. I put on my new skintight black mini skirt with a tight Pendik Suriyeli Escort square-neck bra top with ¾ length sleeves in a pink and black pattern. I just had to put on a pair of black stilettos and apply my make-up and wig and I was ready to go.

I walked into the office and thru the door to find the three of them naked on the couch. The woman was in the middle stroking each guy’s cock while they took turns fingering her shaved pussy. She was so beautiful. She had long bleach blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes and thick full lips. Her chest was a full 36d and she weighed no more than 120 pounds. Both men were well built and had rock hard cocks. They were nicely sized at 6 or so inches but were fairly thick and rigid.

When I walked in they all stopped what they were doing and greeted me. The woman stood up and came towards me, she kissed me passionately and told me to help her put on her strap-on dildo. She pushed me down to my knees and bent over in front of me to put the straps around her legs. I licked her pussy to make sure it was wet, flicking her clit with my tongue while I slid one finger in and out slowly. She slid the two-sided strap-on up her legs. I grabbed one end and guided it into her waiting opening. She gasped, as it was a good size: 5 inches and thick. We strapped it all in place. I started to suck on her black dildo. It was at least 7 to 8 inches and very lifelike with thick veins. She told me she picked it so it was bigger than the two men in the room. I smirked as I took it back in my mouth and down my throat.

The two men looked on, stroking their hard cocks, watching, and waiting.

She pulled her cock away from me and pulled me off my knees.

“Now it is your turn,” she said.

She pushed me towards the love seat, where I got on it and kneeled with my ass sticking out as I leaned against the back of it. She reached around me and played with my breasts then pushed my tight skirt up around my waist. I felt her tongue start to flick across my tight little asshole. Mmm that felt nice. I turned my head to look at the guys as she started pushing her tongue inside me. She got up and turned my head the other way and kissed my deeply again with her tongue that was just inside my ass. When she let me go again and returned down to my asshole, one of the guys had gotten up and was now positioned in front of me sitting on the back of the love seat.

I looked up at him, smiled and took his entire shaft down my throat. He shuddered with pleasure, I did the same when a finger slid it’s way into my hole. I slowly worked his shaft in and out while I played with his balls. I gripped his cock and sucked up and down while I jerked his shaft. He was groaning and pulled away for the other Pendik İranlı Escort guy to get his turn.

I didn’t realize that the finger came out of my ass as the guys were switching but the woman stood up and positioned her black dildo at my asshole. As I took the 2nd shaft deep down my throat the black dildo was pushed inside of me in one thrust. Oh God! She worked it in and out of my ass as I sucked up and down on the shaft. I sucked in and out while I stroked his cock faster and faster I sucked and stroked his thick cock. She was slamming her cock into me faster too. He pulled out as I could tell he was about to cum, and she started fucking me crazy. Then she slammed in to me deep as she let out a yelp as she came so hard.

She pulled out and was replaced with the first guy I sucked. He slid into my ass but stretched me a little more as he was thicker than the big black dildo. She then sat in front of me and made me suck that dildo that was just in my ass. As I sucked on it a few times he pulled out of my ass and bent down and started licking it, spitting on it so it was really wet.

She got up and went and sat down on the couch as he told me to get up. What was about to happen I could never have imagined.

He sat down on the love seat; I was standing in front of him.

“Suck my cock and make it nice and wet,” he told me.

So I did, then he told me to straddle him. I got on top of his lap, sitting facing him. He grabbed my face and kissed me deeply, sucking on my tongue. That was different but I just went with it. He then reached down and took his cock and put it to my ass hole. I repositioned a little bit and reached behind me to line up his cock then sat down as it easily slid into my asshole.

I started sliding up and down on his cock. I had never been fucked like this before. Then the other guy came up behind me little to my knowing, as he was stroking his cock with lube. He grabbed my waist and pushed me forward.

“Relax,” the guy told me as he started kissing me again. I felt pressure on my asshole as the other guy started to push into me with his cock.

OH MY GOD! I can’t take two cocks at once. I started feeling pain but he kept kissing me. I could feel the cock squeezing into my asshole. The pain was turning to pleasure then suddenly his cock was deep inside me too. Oh God, they were fucking me together, in and out, I couldn’t take any more. I looked over to see the woman fingering herself fiercely. It wasn’t long and I felt both guys cum inside me at the same time as they fucked me hard and fast.

When they pulled out the woman got in-between my legs and licked the cum out of my asshole. Then she came up on me and started kissing me, the cum oozed into my mouth. She kept kissing me till I swallowed all the cum. My head was spinning.

Then they all got up and left as I still couldn’t move off the love seat.

There is most certainly going to be more adventures as the three of them will be allowed to rent me and this incident was most definitely taped…

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