Out Shopping

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Another short, this one’s really short, story. It’s a t-girl top short. I’ve been wondering if people like it when I write whether it’s a t-girl top/bottom story. To me it feels like I’m spoiling a surprise if I were to just let people read on their own. Comments would be greatly appreciated (even if it is just anonymous, that’s okay too)!

Also, I think my ‘posting once a week’ goal was a little ambitious. With work and all, I’m finding time to write sparingly and don’t know if I can keep up. So just a heads up, stories may be coming a little less frequently.

Also, also, I’ve finished writing the first year of my epic romance story (and may be posting it soon). It’s 52 pages in ‘Word,’ HSL was 28, and that took up I think 9 pages of Literotica pages. I’m a bit weary as to posting the epic because HSL’s reader count dropped off significantly after the 2nd posting (but that may be because it wasn’t that well written). On the plus side though, my epic has a lot more sex in it, but I’m afraid that people won’t have the patience for it either. Regardless of what people may or may not comment on the epic, I’ll probably be posting it in the coming months.

Also, also, also, (


I wake up to a loud bang in the background. I’m startled and jerk up in the bed. I look around the room and see the sunlight beaming through the blinds. I realize it’s late morning I look over to my other side to see if she’s there. She isn’t, I conclude that she either just left or just now came back from wherever she was.

I lie back down in the bed and turn my head to see the alarm clock. 9:37 am, “Ugh,” I groan. It’s Saturday morning and I worked late last night bartending. I usually don’t get up for another hour or so, but I feel ready to wake up for good. I roll back over and stretch out on the queen sized bed. Yawning I hear keys off in the distance Pendik Ukraynalı Escort and then the soft footsteps of my girlfriend. From the way they sound it seems like Kristen’s walking towards me, probably to check on me.

I roll back over onto my stomach and rest my eyes for just a moment when I hear the bedroom door open. She shuffles around behind me and I turn my head to watch her.

“Oh, sorry babe, didn’t mean to wake you!” I hear her whisper.

“It’s okay,” I say, “I’m a little tired but I think I’m up.”

“Oh okay,” she says. She takes a seat on the edge of the bed and smiles, “I was just out shopping.” I look over to the dresser to see the two bags she placed earlier. Turning back to her I feel the bed sink slightly as she leans on the bed and we kiss.

I expect a simple quick kiss, because of my possible morning breath, but she wants more. Her tongue invades my mouth and our smooch becomes a full on affectionate kiss. I’m okay with this and am feeling a little frisky anyway. I sit up so I can embrace her and the sheets fall off my body. My t-shirt is a mess and she pulls it off almost right away.

My shirt flies off and Kristen leans into me so I lie on my back. We break away for a moment, “my, aren’t we lively today.”

“Well yeah, I missed you last night,” she says.

“I missed you too honey.”

Kristen climbs above me, straddling my stomach with her thighs. She sits and caresses my lightly hairy chest. “Come on let’s get these silly pants off,” she says with a giggle. She scoots down quickly and grasps my shorts and in one swift motion they’re off. Before I know it her head is between my thighs and she’s giving me a rim job. God I love her rim jobs!

I gasp, moan and beg for more but she pats my butt and I know to roll over onto my stomach. I do and she dives right back Pendik Üniversiteli Escort in, right where she leaves off. I lift my butt up off the covers but keep my face down, so my butt is sticking up in the air. Kristen doesn’t skip a beat and eats me to no end. She takes my hard cock in her mouth periodically and sucks me, making sure to bury her nose in my shaved ball sack. I moan into the pillows as she works her wonderful magic.

With the last few flicks Kristen pulls away, “Mmmm, I definitely need some loving!”

“Me too babe,” I moan from the pillow. I feel her small weight on the bed shift a bit and then feel her palms on my butt. She gently molests my bum and I wiggle it for her. She giggles, “Oh that is so cute!” I do it again and she giggles again and does a little cheerful clap as well.

She scoots her abdomen right up to my butt. The soft fabric of her loose skirt feels nice to my naked butt. She backs away and now the softer fabric of her panties feels nice. She grinds her crotch against me and I wiggle my butt again. Her hands rest on top of my butt and massage me there. “I can’t wait any longer,” she moans, me neither.

Kristen leans over me and I can tell she still has her top on. Her medium sized boobs press on my back and she nestles her head on my shoulder. She kisses my neck and then I experience a hand caressing my ball sack. That soon leaves and a warm spongy tube nestles seemingly innocently between my butt cheeks. It’s hard, but also soft.

My cheeks part slightly and the warm soft snake beckons for my opening. I try not to resist her but uncontrollably I do. She must have prepared earlier because she slips into me easily now and presses in to the base. “Oh fuck baby, this is what I was missing!” she moans into my ear.

Her large ball sack rests against my perineum which feels Pendik Vip Escort natural. Pulling out, it feels like my insides try to keep her in but she succeeds before plunging her large womanhood deep inside my bowels. “Oh fuck!” she moans again, “You don’t mind if this is just a quickie honey?”

“No babe.” Once hearing my answer Kristen gives me the real business. She rams her hips into me as hard, deep, and as fast as possible. Her pulsing cock pistons in and out of me like a relentless machine. The sound of slapping flesh is music to my ears. Her heavy balls smack mine and feel heavenly.

“Oh baby!” she groans.


“Not yet, but soon,” she groans again. She breathes into my ear, knowing I love hearing her struggle for satisfaction. Kristen plows and plows into my little man hole, her balls slapping me. I feel the familiar tingling in my loins and wonder if she’ll be able to hold off long enough.

My question is soon answered. I hear Kristen grunting and know that she’ll pop real soon. “Uuugghh! Uuuuggghhhh!!! Uuuuggghhhhh!!!!” I hear her groaning. She playfully slaps my ass a few times, “Fuck this is good! I won’t last much longer babe, shit!”

I don’t think it’s possible but Kristen pounds my little asshole harder, grabbing onto my hips in the process, “Shit it’s coming!” she pants, “Not long now!! Oh god!!! Fuck!!!” Her balls keep slapping my perineum and I finally feel her cock thicken. With three final plunges Kristen grunts loudly and empties her present into me. “UUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She buries her cock as far as it will go and holds there as she twitches inside me. Each pulse sends a hot wave of cream deep in my bowels and I love it!

She holds there for what seems like a minute before she pulls out and pants loudly, “God I really needed that.” I roll over onto my back and see her with one knee up and her cock glistening proudly in front. White creamy strands hang from her meaty member and she grabs herself, jerking lightly.

She smiles down at me and I smile back. “Thanks babe, rest up, there’ll be more where that came from,” she says lovingly.

“I’ll be waiting…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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