Patrick’s Training Treat Ch. 02

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When the doorbell sounded I sprang up and almost ran over to the door. I pulled it open and smiled at Maria and Ella. Maria was wearing a silk blouse and short leather skirt while Ella was wearing a flowing summer dress.

“Good to see you girls again.”

They returned the greeting, each of them giving me a peck on the cheek as they entered my house.

I noticed that Maria was carrying a holdall but before I could ask her about it she had headed straight to the bathroom.

“How are you feeling today?” I asked Ella.

“Hot and horny.”

I smiled. “I might be able to help you with that.”

“I hope so.” She moved closer to me and began kissing me, her tongue roaming between my lips and into her mouth, while she rubbed her hand across the fabric of my pants, touching the swelling outline of my eager shaft.

Our kiss was only broken by Maria’s voice: “Are you two starting without me?”

I turned to see Maria wearing only a short silk kimono.

“You look great.”

“You wanted to see everything I have,” she replied. “So here goes…” She untied the silk belt, shrugged the kimono from her shoulders and allowed it to fall to the floor, revealing a smooth sexy body. Her large breasts stood proud, while a smallish cock hung down. Maria did a little twirl, revealing her smooth, cute and inviting ass before turning to face me once more.

“Like what you see?”

“Oh yes.”

“Then come here.”

I walked over to her and began to kiss her.

“No, down on your knees,” she instructed me, applying some pressure on my shoulders to reinforce her point.

I did as instructed and began to caress her cock softly, stroking my fingers from its base to the tip, while gently manipulating her balls with my other hand.

“You’ve done this before,” she told me.

“The first time I even touched a cock other than my own was last night with Ella’s.”

“So mine will be the first one you take in your mouth?”

I looked up at her for a moment and couldn’t help but admire her beauty and her body. “Yes baby.”

I took the hint and licked her stiffening cock, before running my tongue across the tip of the head. She let out a pleasurable purr at this and I ran my fingers up her shaft once more as I flicked my tongue across the head of her cock once more. She was fully erect by now although her length was probably not as big as mine as I could feel my own pants tightening around my bulge. As I ran my nail across the tip of Maria’s cock, a sliver of precum was produced.

“I want you to taste that, baby,” Maria told me.

I licked up her precum and savoured the sweet taste before locking my lips around the head of her cock and slowly forcing my mouth down the length.

“Oh baby,” she said, putting her hands on the back of my head to force my mouth further on to her. She started to work her cock in and out of me, each time withdrawing almost to the tip, her balls slapping against my chin each time she forced herself further into my mouth.

“Hold on guys,” Ella interrupted. “I’d like a slice of this.”

Maria withdrew from my mouth for a moment while we looked at Ella. She lifted her summer dress and pulled her cock out from her lacy panties. “Maybe for your first time, you could go a bit further and take us both in your mouth.”

I didn’t have time to think that over for Maria swiftly pushed her cock back into my mouth, moving slightly to the side as she did so to allow Ella the space to slide her own hard cock into my mouth, which she did smoothly. I placed my left hand on Maria’s balls, stroking them gently, before placing my arm around her so that my hand was on her ass, my index finger stretching so that it could just reach her asshole. I did the same with Ella, the result being that each of them pressed themselves closer to me, forcing their cocks as deep into my mouth as they could, to allow me the space to reach around and finger their assholes while they were face-fucking me.

The occasional sounds being let out by the girls told me that they were enjoying this as much as I was. After a little while, I could feel Maria’s cock begin to twitch and pulse, quickly followed by Ella.

“Ohhh,” she exclaimed as the waves of an orgasm began to wash over her. As Maria began to ejaculate into my Kurtköy Anal Escort mouth, Ella withdrew her shaft and rubbed it across my face.

“Drink me up,” Maria told me as she unloaded wave after wave of sticky cum into me. I swallowed as much as I could although some cum dribbled out from my mouth. At this moment, Ella began to ejaculate, spraying her hot load over my face, onto my neck and against the collar of my shirt.

“You’re such a good little slut,” Maria praised me. “Now lick my cock clean.”

I still had cum all over my face but I did as she requested until her cock was wet but completely clean.

“Good slut.”

Ella offered me her hand and pulled me up from my kneeling position. “Come on, let’s get a shower and clean up.”

I followed her into the bathroom where we slipped out of our clothes without any delay.

“That’s quite a stiffy you’ve got there,” Ella chuckled as we stepped together into the shower.

“You can’t blame me for that.”

“No, of course not.”

Ella tenderly washed all the cum off me and out of my hair, soaping my body sensuously with her soft hands. She paid extra care to my hard cock, lathering soap onto it with both her hands and jerking my cock gently back and forth as she moved forward to kiss me. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment, feeling Ella’s sweet lips on mine, my cock in her hands and her own cock seemingly stiffening once more and brushing across my aching balls. After a little while, Ella released my cock and moved away from me a few inches. “You’re all clean now,” she said, stepping out of the shower.


She smiled. “I know.”

“You’re such a pair of cock-teasers.”

She smiled again. “Let me dry you.” She held a towel out for me and dried my body off.

“I’d better find some more boxers,” I said but before I could move Maria appeared in the doorway to the bathroom.

“Still hard, baby,” she said, eyeing me up lasciviously.


“And so smooth all over too…mmm, very good.”

Maria delved into her holdall and produced a red and black satin corset with feminine lacy trim, along with suspenders, matching satin thong and silk stockings. “What do you think?” she asked.

“They’ll look great on you.”

“Not on me, silly, they’ll look great on you, baby.”

“Me? No…”

“You’ve had two cocks in your mouth at once but won’t wear some sexy clothes for me.”

“Well…OK…just for a laugh.”

She led me back into the lounge and with the help of Ella, began to dress me in the lingerie they had brought for me.

“It all fits so perfectly,” Maria commented, stepping back to admire her handiwork once I was dressed.

“Apart from there not being enough material on that thong to cover that huge cock of his,” Ella replied.

“You’re not seeping precum onto your nice new lingerie, are you?” Maria asked, briefly running her finger across the wet patch that had already formed on the elastic of the thong.

“It does feel kinda good…” I began.

“Good, because you just need to slip these on and once we’ve done your make-up, we’ll be good to go out to the club.” Maria had produced a thin, see-through cotton blouse and a short red and black checked plaid skirt.

“No, no, I’m not going outside.”

“Oh please,” Ella said, fluttering her eyelashes so that I almost agreed on the spot.

“No,” I replied firmly, regaining my composure.

“Oh baby, of course you’ll do that for us.”

“No, not that.”

Maria produced her cellphone as Ella and I were talking. “The thing is, Patrick, I took a photo of you and Ella in the shower, when she was jerking you off, her cock rubbing against yours. She was giving you such pleasure, you didn’t even see me.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“I’ve already sent it to my other phone, which is at home, baby. Here, have a look.”

She showed me the picture. I had to admit I was really enjoying myself in Ella’s hands at the moment the photo was taken.

“OK, but you delete that picture after we’ve gone out.”

“Yes baby. Maybe we’ll do your makeup first.”

The girls spent the next few minutes applying foundation, lipgloss (deep red, of course), subtle eyeliner which they assured me would bring out Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort the green in my eyes and then produced a wig of long, blond hair which, when they had positioned it on my head, even I had to agree looked pretty damn good and realistic.

“Take a look in the mirror,” Maria suggested. “You’ll be wanting to have sex with yourself.”

I grinned and crossed the room, still dressed only in lingerie.

“Wiggle that cute ass of yours, walk like the lady you are,” Maria called after me.

I had to admit that I hardly recognised myself. The girls had done a great job with the make up and I looked pretty sexy. I sashayed back across the room.

“Very nice,” Ella told me. “And I see that raging hard-on of yours is back again.”

I felt good about myself. The clothes made me feel sexier and I had no complaint about slipping on the blouse and short skirt.

“Now for the boots,” Maria told me, producing a pair of black high-heeled boots as her finale.

“I’ll never get my legs in them.”

“Course you will, honey.” With Maria’s and Ella’s help, I had the boots on.

“Walk across the room, but take it easy.”

I did as instructed and managed to walk, a little unsteadily at first, but with a little more confidence after a minute or two.

“You’re a natural,” Ella told me. “Just don’t try any fancy dance moves!”

I looked at the outfits the girls were wearing. They looked sexy, but elegant. “How come I’m the one dressed like a little slut?” I asked.

“Well, you are our little slut, baby,” Maria replied, but in such a way that made me feel treasured.

A car horn sounded outside. “It’s our cab,” said Ella. “We’d better go.”

“One more thing,” said Maria. She produced a small silver handbag. “For your keys and makeup,” she explained.

The cab dropped us at a club a few minutes later. I stayed by the side of the dance floor with a glass of white wine, while one or other of the girls danced would be dancing with a hot guy on the dancefloor. There were plenty of guys checking me out, looking at my short skirt and my stocking tops, which were just visible when I was seated. I overheard a couple of guys telling each other how much they’d like to fuck Maria and me but they did not approach us. After a little while, a hot blond girl approached me.

“You’re looking hot, honey, she told me.”


She laughed. “That voice can’t disguise that there’s a guy under there.” She slid her hand up my skirt and rubbed her hand across the front of my thong. “Mmm…even sexier. Come on, I want to fuck you.”

She pulled to my feel and led me to the ladies’ toilets, dragging me into one of the cubicles. She pushed me onto the seat, pushed my skirt up and pulled my hard cock out. She lifted her own skirt, revealing no panties but a hairy bush around her wet vagina. Without saying a word, she sat astride me, sliding down onto my long pole.

She continued to work herself up and down my pole, managing to grip my girth with her vaginal muscles. I’d been aching for somewhere to insert my cock all evening and to be having sex with a stranger, in sexy girls’ clothes, certainly turned me on. We reached orgasm within a second or two of each other, the girl shrieking loudly as the spasms shot through her body. I groaned in ecstasy myself as I shot my load, wave after wave of hot cum shooting inside her.

“Oh, baby, I’ve never known anyone to keep cumming for so long.”

“You have no idea how much I needed that.”

She laughed and opened up my handbag. “Here, let me fix that makeup.”

We emerged from the cubicle a few seconds later, still flustered from the ecstasy. We headed out into the main part of the club, whereupon the girl bid me goodnight. Kit was only then that I realised I didn’t even know her name.

I rejoined Ella and Maria who were now chatting to a couple of around thirty.

“Hi Patricia,” Maria greeted me. “Been having fun?” she added mischievously.

I merely smiled.

“Well…this is Mike and Hayley. They’re going to come back to our place for a bit of fun.”

“Back to where?”

“I meant your place. You ready to go?”

I looked at the couple- Mike was tall, athletic and with a neatly-trimmed beard; Hayley had large breasts, Kurtköy Zenci Escort barely contained in a low-cut dress and a generally cuddly body; she had shoulder-length ginger hair and sparkling blue eyes.

I nodded. “Let’s go.”

Before long, we were back at my place. We were barely through the door when Maria and Ella got to work undressing Mike. I took Hayley over to the fireside rug and started to kiss her and press my hand under her dress and on to her soft breasts. I quickly unzipped her dress and Hayley was soon completely naked, although I was still fully dressed. I parted her legs and, with me on all fours in front of her prone body, I began to work my tongue on her pussy, licking her vagina lips, running my tongue up the inside of them until I reached the clitoris hood and the neatly shaved triangle of ginger pubic hair just above it. I flicked my tongue across the tip of the clitoris, eliciting low moans of pleasure from Hayley. I began to work my fingers into her pussy as I licked and flicked my index finger across the opening of her ass.

Ella soon came across to join us, kneeling beside Hayley and feeding her cock into her mouth. Hayley took it hungrily and moaned once more as I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy to taste her juices. A moment later, Maria pushed her head up between my legs and took my cock in her mouth; I was aware that Mike was behind me and from what I could hear, had pulled Maria’s cock out and taken it in his own mouth. I continued to tease Hayley’s vagina lips and the tip of the clitoris, alternating between pushing two or three fingers deep into her pussy, and probing her asshole with the tip of my finger.

Even though I’d already shot one load tonight I knew it was not long before I’d be cumming again; Maria was expertly working on my rock hard shaft while I tasted Hayley’s sweet pussy. I couldn’t hold myself much longer and hoped I wouldn’t be the first to explode. I needn’t have worried as four of us reached orgasm within seconds of each other. Some of my cum dribbled from the side of Maria’s mouth but Ella moved swiftly beside her to kiss her and take some of my sticky cum for herself, fondling my already hardening cock as she did so. I moved forward and plunged my cock into Hayley’s pussy which was so wet that it slid deep into her with no resistance.

Ella kissed me and deftly levered my cock out of Hayley. “I need you in me,” she told me, lying on the floor, facing me, her legs spread.

I took the invitation, pushing my finger briefly into her ass before pushing the head of my cock into the opening and gradually easing myself into her, raising her legs so that her feet rested on my shoulders as I pushed my length further in until I was deep in her, my balls rubbing up against her skin.

“You’re so big,” she told me. “Give it to me hard.”

I pulled out to the tip and then slid slowly and deeply into her once more. As I did so, I felt my skirt being lifted up and the thong pushed to one side. I felt a hot cock head explore my asshole tentatively. I turned, expecting to see Maria, but instead saw Mike, easing his cock into me.

“Never had a guy before,” he whispered, “And never had anyone at all with as sexy an ass as yours.”

Before I could reply, he had pushed his big cock into me and started to fuck me at a steady rhythm. He was so powerful that his thrusts into me began to dictate my own into Ella and we were moving in unison. As I rammed my cock as deep into Ella as I could and felt Mike controlling my own ass, I saw Maria laid back on the floor beside her, with Hayley on top, riding Maria’s cute, girly cock.

I’d never felt like this before- having my own ass abused while I fucked a fantastic looking shemale, and all while I was still dressed up in sexy lingerie and a blond wig.

Mike, not having cum last time around, was first to explode, sending hot jets of cum up my ass. He allowed his cock to withdraw from my ass and as I felt his load beginning to dribble out of my ass I came once more, pumping as deep into Ella as I could.

“You’re so good to me, baby,” she told me.

I allowed her legs to drop down and lay on top of her to give her a sweet kiss, at the very moment that Maria and Hayley came to orgasm once more.

“We’d better go,” Mike told us. “Got to get back.”

He and Hayley quickly dressed and were gone within five minutes.

“So, Patricia or Patrick- which do you prefer to be?” Maria asked as we all still lay beside each other on the floor.

“Anyone you want,” I replied. “I just can’t wait to go out with you girls again.”

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