Playing Misty

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What a beautiful morning, I always love mornings after I fuck all night…

But never mind that now… I wanted to tell you a story.

First let me introduce myself. I’m Misty, 5’7 red hair, deep passionate brown eyes and full figure… how full you ask? More than most average men can handle. 44ddd breast any real man would love to cup and squeeze, 38 inch waist, perfect for hands to caress and full 47 inch hips, just the right amount of cushion to enable you to keep your grip as you pull me back against you penetrating me with every inch of cock you have.

Ahhhh… love cock. I love to be fed cock, in any way imaginable… oral, mmmm just the feel of a hot cock stroking my throat. I quiver just thinking about it. Deep inside my pussy… I can’t wait to feel you there, my juices dribbling out every time you stroke your huge hard cock in to me. Or even my ass… oh baby, I can’t even begin to tell you the pleasure I feel when you are working your meat in that tight hole.

But … I digress.

I have a story to tell you, just one today, something I have kept a secret from everyone until now… it’s just too incredible to keep inside any longer…

I was much younger, some friends of mine and I were having a “Girls Night” that’s like a sleepover but with alcohol. I had really sexy friends.

Brandy was brunette, 5’5″ with a gorgeous body… she used to be in gymnastics, so she was always flipping and jumping… which the fella’s always loved cuz Brandy NEVER wore a bra. Her beautiful body would arch and gyrate and those pretty pert 36 C titties would bounce and sway and all the guys in the vicinity would be mesmerized. She had this TINY little waist, and full hips. Her body was amazing.

Michelle, now she was interesting… very out of the ordinary. Always pushing the envelope. She was punk when punk wasn’t around…. And she carried it well. Pink stripes down her hair and tats where no one but her and her tattoo artist knew about. She loved to tease… loved knowing that tear in her jeans was RIGHT next to her sweet blonde pussy and that men knew she wore no panties underneath … they would fall out of chairs when she would uncross her legs just to get a glimpse of that fur. Her body was great too, though not as curvy as Brandy’s just as beautiful. She was 5’6″ with these striking blue eyes. 36 B tits and a perfect heart escort bayan bursa shaped ass. Rocky Mountain Jeans loved her form.

Now that the descriptions are over, let me get to the point of my story. This was at a time in my life when I wasn’t as … cavalier shall we say. This was before I knew how much I loved cock, before my first experience with a man… YES I was a virgin. The last in my group of friends.

I don’t know why I’d saved myself for so long, just hadn’t had the courage to follow through, I suspect. I always felt like I should hide my body being as big as I was.

OH I’m talking on and on and I’m sure you want to hear about “IT” huh, sorry Please be patient with me I’m just trying to set the scene….

Brandy and Michelle had been arguing all night, back and forth bickering over stupid things… There were others there… none of them are pertinent to the story though but the rest of us were having a great time watching old movies and drinking Sangria.

The night was progressing well, most of the other girls had fallen asleep, and Brandy and Michelle and disappeared a while back into a back room of the house. I was engrossed in Escape from New York, and finally noticed it was almost 3 am. Work would come early, so I thought I should use the facilities and get some sleep. I was finishing up in the bathroom when I heard noises… very strange noises coming from the room the two girls had found to finish their argument in. I snuck up to the door, it was partially ajar, I pushed it a bit more. The room was partially lit, the bed was empty, the chairs were empty… I walked further into the room and there they were… together at the foot of the bed on the floor. Brandy was sitting on Michelle, right on her face… her beautiful body arched and open. Michelle was buried as deep into Brandy’s pussy as her face could get… her hands were pulling Brandy’s ass cheeks open so she could lick up to that tiny little bud too. Brandy was moaning and growling and grinding down on Michelle. I couldn’t believe my eyes… my body fell back against the wall and I slid down feet out in front of me and EYES wide open, taking in as much as I could.

Neither girl noticed I was there. Brandy just leaned down and began burying her face in Michelle’s blonde puss. Michelle let out a moan deep and hard. In doing bursa sinirsiz eskort so she arched her neck and saw me. Her eyes got HUGE and then a very scary smile went across her face. She slapped Brandy’s ass and Brandy turned around, Michelle nodded in my direction and Brandy looked to me too… the same strange smile found its way to her pussy juice covered lips.

I was still in shock, not much of this was registering really, I’d never even seen porn and yet… there it had been right there in front of me… the two girls I would NEVER think would be into girls slurping at each other’s pussy’s like the world was going to end… I couldn’t believe it!

I felt a hand on my ankle, then my calf, then another on my other leg… both pulling me, pulling me down, onto my back. My nighty rode up baring my lacy panties, and still none of this really registered. Brandy came up to my side, sitting on her knees and heels … she pulled my nighty all the way off… and my huge breasts spilled out unrestrained.

“MMMMMMM DAMN… I’ve always wanted to get at these gorgeous melons” she said.

Michelle had spread my legs and was rubbing her nose in my pussy…

“She smells delicious too” she said.

I felt the heat bloom inside me … I was in a fog… all I could think of was how hot all that had been … seeing the juice glisten on Michelle’s face. And seeing Brandy go at Michelle’s pussy like she was starving and THAT was the only food she needed to survive.

Brandy moved down over me, her lips taking in one of my already engorged nipples… my back arched off the floor. I can explain how intense that feeling was, her smell was there her body heat… I could smell Michelle’s pussy from her face being so close….That and feeling Michelle nuzzle my pussy lips outside my panties…

The next thing I know Brandy has her pussy over my face… and Michelle is eating me, not just eating me … feasting on me… on MY pussy!! I feel her tongue on my clit I feel her opening me … sliding her fingers inside me … I am looking up at Brandy’s beautiful shaved pussy… her pink lips are not even an inch away from my mouth… I don’t really know what to do so I copy what Michelle is doing to me… ohhhhhhhhhhhh her taste, it was ambrosia, it covered my tongue and coated my face instantly. I dove in, licking escort bayan and sucking and drinking in all I could.

I felt Brandy quivering around me then a HUGE gush of fluid covered my face and ran down into my hair, “mmmmmmm fuck me she can eat… mm I’m cumming” … and then I felt her hands on my tits… puling my nipples up as high as they would go, twisting and tugging them… rolling them around in her hands… all the while riding my face.

Michelle was busy on a beaver too, sucking and fucking me with her fingers… I heard her moan into me “mmm she’s a virgin, no wonder she’s so sweet.”

Brandy said ” OH FUCK let me taste, I want some too!!”

They switched places… Brandy rolled off… I was still sucking her inner lips into my mouth and it made a wet sloppy popping noise when she pulled off. Michelle just climbed over my body… rolling hers up mind and stopping to suck my nipples, they were hard and sticking up like thimbles she pulled my tits in and around her face… rubbing her teeth across them giving them little nips and sucks. Brandy came in behind her… both of our pussies were open… Michelle’s legs were spread making my legs open even wider… Brandy buried her face in Michelle’s ass, licking and slurping at her puckered sphincter, while her fingers ventured down to my sopping wet puss.

Michelle continued her trek up my body and positioned her pussy right over my waiting mouth. I could lick from her ass up to her clit this way and did so, slurping and sucking all the way. My hands slid up her sides and cupped her tits.

Brandy settled in to eat and play at my puss … I think that was when I woke up. I finally realized exactly what I was doing… I WAS EATING PUSSY and BEING EATEN!! And I LOVED IT…. I loved the smell and taste and feel of a woman’s body. My body arched and rocked while I had my first orgasm… both girls held on and continued grinding and eating me while I rode that incredible wave of ecstasy.

I had latched my lips on to Michelle’s clit and sucked her into cumming as well… her wave hit me full force I could almost hear her cum splashing against my lips and cheeks.

I couldn’t believe it but THAT made me cum again… Brandy was between my legs licking and drinking all she could but I felt it running down my ass and soaking the carpet under me.

The moans from both Michelle and myself dwindled down to soft purrs…

Michelle fell off to the side and Brandy crawled up between us… she pulled us close… Michelle leaned over to kiss her, and Brandy pulled away “Uh Uh… THAT would make us lesbians…. This way we’re just fuck buddies”

Somehow that made sense at the time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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