A Slaver is Born Pt. 01

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“I’m leaving, are you going to say goodbye or should I just leave?” Eva complained to her husband.

He scoffed, grumbling something under his breath refusing to acknowledge his wife while he focused on the dishes.

“Fine, I’m leaving. Don’t wait up.” She stormed out the front door slamming it behind her. Never mind that it’s your own damn fault that I am going out tonight.

Sliding inside of the car and hitting the ignition, she sped out of the subdivision in a furious rage nearly running into a parked car on the shoulder. Of course he’s mad at me, the selfish little prick. I saved him from getting kneecapped and he still blames me for the mess that he got us into. Never mind that it was his gambling habits that earned us visit from those thugs.

She gripped the steering wheel tightly, she could feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins. She felt so dirty, having to get dressed up only to have her lie on her back for the evening. Though it was a nice change of pace to have a man find her, desirable.

Dropping her car off, she nodded at the doorman and breezed past the front desk like a woman on a mission after several weeks the staff knew enough to just let her by.

The elevator up seemed like an eternity each time she rode. Once the doors opened, the carpet masked the clack of her stilettos though every time the door to the penthouse was always open as if he knew she was almost at the door.

She closed the door behind her, turning her phone off and stashing it in her purse. Taking off her coat and straightened out her mini-dress, not that it covered much anyways. The hardwood advertised her arrival, it didn’t take long for Brittany to notice her. Standing in the kitchen she was there fixing up a drink, it still surprised Eva that Isaac kept the door unlocked with what went on in his suite.

“Good Evening Mrs Miller, I hope you had a pleasant week since we saw you last.”

“Thank bağdatcaddesi escort you Brittany, I did.”

“Can I make you anything Mrs. Miller?” Brittany asked, smiling pleasantly as her exposed tits bounced from shaking of the cocktail tumbler.

“No, thanks. I’m all set for right now.”

“Of course, If you need anything, please let me know Mrs. Miller. Mr. Clark is waiting for you.” Nodding her head in the direction behind her. Her smile irked Eva, no one was ever that happy, it was just a too little creepy even for their current, situation.

Isaac was slumped back in his couch, sipping on whiskey, watching this skinny redhead pole dance in front of him while massaging his cock through his jeans.

Eva walked around the couch and sat at the corner of the sectional walking Isaac enjoy himself. The girl was certainly graceful, she must have been a dancer but her style was a little haphazard, she must have taken up her current form only recently.

Isaac smiled at Eva, patting down on the spot next to him, beckoning for her to sit down.

“She’s pretty. Where did you find her?” Eva asked as she curled up to Isaac.

“Haley? She got picked up at one of my clubs. Girl couldn’t handle her alcohol and passed out. I was going to sell her but I’m going to keep her for a while; she has good hips and will make good breeding stock.”

Eva wanted to groan at his grotesque misogyny but held her lip and forced a smile out. The consequences of complaining too much around her companion were not to be taken lightly.

She kissed him on his cheek and placed her hand over his cock purring, “anything I can help you out with?”

He unzipped his pants, letting his cock pop out from his boxers. Eva leaned in lapping up the head of his manhood like a lollipop.

Spying up at Isaac, his head leaning back, his eyes closed and lost in his own thoughts.

Slipping beykoz escort down to the floor in from of him she greedily she took his cock in her mouth, pushing his cock deeper down her throat.

Holding for a few seconds, she let herself up, gasping for air.

“God, I love your cock.”

Eva bobbed her head up and down fucking him with her mouth. As drool dripped from her mouth, she asked, “Please Sir, can I fuck you with my pussy?”

Broken from his private thoughts, he nodded and Eva lifted her dress off and climbed up on him, sliding his cock inside of her, filling every each and every crevice of her cunt.

She buried his head into her chest between her huge fake tits, letting him suck on her nipples. He loved tits on a woman and she loved the attention though it was hard when he would pinch them, giving them a slight twist.

Bucking back and forth she could feel his cock pulse inside of her, knowing that he had finished. She leaned in towards the couch, propping herself against the couch with her left hand using her right to rub herself off while he was still hard inside of her.

Her own body shook as she brought herself to orgasm, Isaac still looking at the gleefully smiling up at her.

She sat back in the couch, amazed that the redhead was still dancing and completely oblivious to the romp that the two just had.

“Did you enjoy yourself Eva?”

She smiled and gave him a peck on his lips. “Yes I did.”

“Good, I am glad that you enjoyed yourself.” He paused for a moment. “Fancy a drink?”

“Sure. I need to use the powder room though, just surprise me.”

Eva lifted herself up and let Isaac get to his work. When she returned the two other girls had disappeared and Isaac had stirred up a cocktail for both of them. Sitting down at the island, she picked up the drink coyly asking, “did you slip me a roofie?”

“Nah, not this caddebostan escort this time.”

Taking a sip, “that’s pretty good.”

“Thanks. So Eva how is the family?” He asked, changing the subject.

“Kayleigh is doing well; she starts college in a couple of weeks.”

“And your husband?”

Rolling her eyes, “My husband is just loving me right now with me come over here.”

He laughed, “yeah that sounds like your husband alright. I told you, guy is a bastard.” Isaac snickered a little, “If anything, you should fucking pissed at him.”

“Thank you!” Sympathy from the devil was still sympathy.

“You should leave him, come work for me.”

“I’m sorry?”

“I want you to come work for me. I think you make a great addition to my organization.”

Eva hesitated, seemingly speechless.

“Just think of it, you can pay off your husband’s debt to me a lot quicker and start making your own money. You can come live here with me until you get yourself set up.”

“I don’t know.”

“Of course you do, don’t tell me that you haven’t thought about it.”

That was true, she had thought about it but left it to the realm of fantasy. But the thought of getting away from her husband was a powerful incentive.

“What do I have to do?”

“Well before you start, we’re going to give you a little test. I want you to deliver a piece of merchandise to me. It can be anyone you want but you have to deliver the merchandise without any marks and of course no cops.”

He paused, “Your cute little step daughter perhaps.”

“Please don’t, not her. Kayleigh is a good kid, I don’t, don’t want to see her like that.”

“Fair enough, you don’t want to see her hurt. I understand that, I am sure though that you have a neighbor or two you wouldn’t mind seeing up at auction.”

That was true, there were more than a couple of her bitchy neighbors she wouldn’t mind being sold as sex slaves.

“I think we have a deal.” Eva said, extending her hand.

He smirked and reciprocated the gesture.

“Come on, let’s see if my dick can go for round two.”

Eva jumped up from her stool and followed Isaac to his bedroom, smiling.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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