A Touch of Gentleness

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She takes a deep breath and stands before room 1226. The sounds of a television coming from the room across the hall. She straightens her shirt, and gives her skirt another smooth down. Then she knocks firmly on the door. After what seemed like an eternity, she can hear the door latch being pulled back and the door slowly opens. An eye behind tinted glasses appears around the corner, looking her over. Then door opens wider and a husky young man in his late to mid twenties stands before her. He pushes his glasses up on his nose and steps back, letting her in the room.

Why can’t she ever get somebody who looks like George Clooney she thinks to herself as she smiles politely and walks into the room. He smells like he’s just had a shower and has redressed. His hair still damp and combed over to one side.

The room is fairly decent with a king size bed, armoire that holds the TV, and a desk with a mirror above it. At least the sheets will be clean she thinks to herself, as she puts her bag down on the desk.

The young man follows behind her, kinda of shuffling his feet as if they hurt to walk on them.

She turns to face him. “I don’t do any kinky shit, no drugs, no alcohol. I’d prefer you not cum on my face, or crap on it… AND if you hit me, I’m out the door. Do you understand?”

He nods his head.

“Its five hundred up front for two hours.”

He takes his wallet out of his back pants pocket and counts out five one hundred dollar bills. She notices his hands are a bit shaky. He folds the money and hands it to her. She takes it and puts it in her bag.

“Would you like a soda or something?” he quietly asks her.

“No thanks.” She looks around the room, wanting to get this over with.

“Hmm…” The young man pushes his glasses up, “how about a back rub?”

She nods her head and approaches him, her hands coming up, but he backs away. “Hmm, no…I meant for you.”

“Ohh…” This was different, she puts her hands down and stands still, now herself not sure what to do, her clients, seldom, if ever offered to do anything like this.

The young man walks up behind her and puts his hands gently on her shoulders. She can feel his clammy palms as he starts to gently massage her shoulders, his hands rubbing her shoulders and back. She can hear his labored breathing and feel his hot breath on her hair. Then suddenly he stops and steps away.

“Take your clothes off.” He tells her as he goes to the hallway near the bathroom, flicking the main light switch off. He then turns on the bathroom light and partially closes the door. The curtains to the window are open and the moonlight shines through, illuminating the room. Not sure if he is trying to make the room romantic or if he is embarrassed by his size. Either way it was a nice, thoughtful touch. He pauses near the corner edge of the wall, his hand up to steady himself as he slips his shoes off. Then he pulls his shirt up over his head, his glasses getting caught in the material. He fumbles around trying to keep his glasses on and get his shirt off at the same time.

Was he a virgin she wondered, or maybe it was his first time with a call girl. She remembered her dispatchers voice on the phone, ‘he’s asking for somebody who ain’t gonna talk a lot.’

She unbuttons her shirt, taking it off and folding it up, laying it on top of her bag. Then she unzips her skirt and lets it drop to the floor. She glances at him as he unzips his pants and pulls them off, leaning against the wall so he doesn’t fall over. She kicks her heel up, lifting her skirt with the edge of her high heel shoe, grabbing the material mid air. She neatly folds her skirt and places it on top of her shirt.

She goes to unhook her bra, but the young man says, “Stop…stay like that.”

He is standing there in his shorts, his belly hanging over the top. He is not hairy at all, hell maybe he’s not even twenty yet, she thinks. He has a baby face look to him, his cheeks puffy, his jaw freshly shaven, a button nose and pouty pink lips.

He sits down on the edge of the bed. “Turn around.”

She does as she is told, turning around, her back to him. She is in front of the desk mirror and can see him behind her.

“Spread your legs and bend over.”

She spreads her legs and slowly bending over, her back straight, her hands on her knees to steady herself. She grabs her hair and pulls it over to one side, letting it fall loose, she looks over her shoulder at him.

The young man sits there on the edge of the bed, his breathing getting heavier, as he looks at her ass. He nervously licks his lips, his fingers twitching on top of his knees. Then he stands up and comes up behind her, his hand touching her rump. Slowly caressing her skin and the thin nylon of her panties. He presses his thumb down the center, sliding it slowly down along Mersin Escort the material.

He steps up closer behind her, his hands holding onto her hips as he presses himself against her. His cock, hardening beneath his shorts. Slowly he rubs himself against her, then he moves his hands up around her waist, his fingers gently moving over her tummy, up to her ribs and then to her breasts. He pulls on her, straightening her up, pushing her back against him. He cups her breasts, gently squeezing, and bouncing them in his hands. Her nipples hardening underneath the thin material, as he moves his hips from side to side.

She glances in the mirror at him, his eyes are partially closed, his mouth open, his breathing becoming raspy. She sees his tongue dart out and lick his lips. He opens his eyes and looks at her, suddenly embarrassed to see her watching. He removes his hands from her breasts, and steps back, pushing his glasses back up onto his nose.

“I want your mouth on me.” he says, pulling his shorts down, his cock springing forth, pointing out and upwards. Its thick and stocky like he is, full hairy balls just below. He sits down on the bed, leaning back on his elbows, patiently waiting, his breathing getting louder.

She sighs, and steps up to him, as he spreads his legs apart for her. She gets down on her knees and takes ahold of his cock. At least he was clean, and not smelly like some. He reaches out and touches her hair, feeling the silky strands between his fingers. She glances at him one more time, then moves her lips over the top edge of his cock. She hears a sharp intake of breath, as if in anticipation, sucking his stomach in as much as he can, his legs quiver slightly.

She flicks her tongue out, licking at the knob of his cock, as if tasting ice cream. Then she closes her lips over him, sliding her mouth down his shaft, letting her saliva run down the length of him. She brings her head back up and then down again. She runs her tongue around his shaft, taking him in as far as possible without gagging, then she pulls up slowly, sucking hard. She can hear him as he catches his breath, moaning ever so quietly. His fingers entwine in her hair, pressing her head back down. She continues to suck, teasing his cock with her tongue, each time, taking a little more of him in, until the tip touches the back of her throat. With her fingers she cups his balls, caressing them gently, her finger tip pressing on the spot near his anus. He moans a little louder, throwing his head back as he keeps pushing her head down. She lifts her head, sucking hard on the underside of his cock ridge. Her tongue flicking back and forth quickly, as she sucks. She could tell he was about to cum, feeling his thighs tighten against her arms, his toes pressing into the carpet, his knees raising up.

She lifts her head, she was going to finish with a hand job, but he presses her head back down, forcing himself back into her mouth. Before she can protest she feels the first shot of cum hit the top of her mouth. She relaxes her throat and takes his cock all the way in, feeling as it pulsates in her mouth. His cum shooting down the back of her throat. She did tell him not to come on her face.

He releases her, moaning and falling back onto the bed, his breathing rapid. She pulls away, wiping at her mouth, wishing she had taken him up on his offer for something to drink. He sits up, pushing his glasses back up on his nose. She stands up before him. He brushes his hair back off his forehead, and then lays his hands limply between his legs, as if contemplating his next move.

Finally he sighs and says, “Take the rest of your clothes off.”

Complying she unhooks her bra and lets it fall forward into her hands, holding it by one strap she places it on top of her skirt. Then she slides her hands down her hips, hooking the edge of the material under her thumbs, slowly pulling her panties down. She steps out of her panties, being careful not to get them caught in the spike heel of her shoes. She casually drops them on top of her bra.

“You want the shoes on or off?” She asks, her hands on her hips, standing back on one leg, like a model posing for a fashion show.

He glances at her shoes, his eyes slowly traveling back up her body. “Leave them on.” he again pushes his glasses back up, then whispers, “Touch yourself.”

She looks him over, his expression hard to see in the low light, all she can hear is his laboured breathing, almost raspy.

She pushes a strand of hair out of her face, letting her hand comb through her hair, that is still off to one side. She slowly moves her hand down over her breast, briefly pinching her nipple, then slowly slides it down, over her stomach to her crotch. Taking an open leg stance she slides her fingers down between her legs, rubbing herself. She tilts her head back a bit, her mouth opening as she watches him, watching her. Her other hand comes Mersin Escort Bayan up and rubs her breast, squeezing her nipple gently between her index and middle finger. She continues to slowly stroke herself, her fingers becoming wet.

Surprising her, he quickly pushes off the bed and falls to his knees before her, his hands reaching out and holding the outside of her thighs. She pauses, moving her hand a bit, not sure what he is going to do.

His hand covers hers, pressing her hand back towards her crotch. He takes a deep breath, breathing in her scent.

“Keep going.” he tells her. His hand on top of hers, feeling her muscles and her fingers flex as she pleasures herself. “Have you been with anyone else tonight?” he asks.

She hesitates at his question, what an odd thing to ask. “You’re my first appointment.”

He presses on her fingers, curving them to slide inside of her, moving them back and forth. Then he pulls her fingers out, bringing them to his lips. His tongue darting out to taste, licking. He pulls her fingers into his mouth, sucking on them. He moans and lays his head against her stomach, her pubic hair brushing his cheek, he moves his hand back to her crotch.

“Teach me how.” he whispers to her.

She takes a deep breath and slowly blows out, her hunch that he was probably a virgin starting to make sense. She guides his fingers, adjusting the pressure just so, deftly teaching him how to feel, what to feel for and how to move inside of her.

“Press in with the tip of your fingers.” She tells him, spreading her legs a little farther apart. He was a quick learner, wiggling his fingers around, teasing her. She moans, squeezing his wrist.

“That’s it…like that.” She tells him, pressing the base of his fingers against her clit.

He had two fingers inside of her and his other hand on her butt, pressing her thigh against his shoulder, steadying her as her legs got weak. She was on the verge of coming, when he removes his hand. Sucking on his fingers, he stands up abruptly. She moans disappointed at his withdrawal. “I want to taste you.” he says, pushing her gently back towards the desk, his eyes never leaving her crotch, his arm reaching out and swiping her clothes and bag out of the way, as she sits down.

He kneels before her, licking his lips in anticipation. Placing his hands nervously on her knees. Looking up at her he says, “Tell me what to do.”

Bless his heart she thinks, reaching out and touching his baby soft cheek. He flinches at the touch, as if he’s not use to people touching him that way. She runs her fingers through his hair, brushing it back off his face as she smiles down at him. She slides her rear near the edge of the desk, spreading her legs apart. She slides her hand down, her fingers making an upside down V, spreading her vaginal lips apart.

“It’s the same as your fingers, but only with your tongue. Lick like your tasting a lollipop.”

He nods his head, inching his face closer in. He nervously licks his lips, then hesitantly sticks his tongue out, tasting, licking. She slides forward some more, his lips covering her vagina. His tongue flicking and licking up her juices. She spreads her legs farther apart, her hands holding her pussy lips open for him. She gasps, pleasantly surprised at the length and flexibility of his tongue as it enters her, stiff and wiggling, tasting. He moans and grabs her thighs, pushing her towards him, pressing his face farther in. She leans back, her head and shoulders resting against the mirror behind her. He licks and sucks on her, moaning as her juices covers his face. She moves her hands, clutching at his hair, her fingers tracing along the top edge of his ears.

Christ, this kid was doing a great job, he was a fast learner, if this was indeed his first time. She almost started to ask him if it was, but decided not too, it really was none of her business. She slid down some more, her thighs resting on his shoulders as he held onto her buttocks, his tongue working furiously on her pussy. His mouth sucking and tugging at her clit. She moans out, her legs quivering, she was so close to climaxing. He pauses upon hearing her moan.

She pushes his head in, “Keep going, you’re doing great.”

He sucks harder, his tongue flicking rapidly over her clit. She catches her breath as the orgasm washes over her. Her legs reactively closing, pressing against his head, as his tongue dances around.

“Stop…stop….” she breaths, pushing his head away.

He pulls back, concerned, looking up at her. “Am I not doing it right?”

She smiles at him, “You’re doing it perfectly sweetie.” She touches his cheek again, his glasses a skewed on his face. “Its just sometimes it gets to sensitive to continue and I’d rather have a nice hard cock in me.”

She helps him up off the floor, pulling his glasses off and laying them on the desk. Noticing for Escort Mersin the first time his light blue eyes.

“What do you say, do you want to fuck me?” She wipes his face with her fingers, tracing the outline of his lips with her thumb. He nods his head in agreement, those pale blue eyes shining back at her in the dim light of the room. He had such an innocent look to him, but his eyes held such sadness. As if he was trying to tell her something, urging her to accept him, to see what lay beyond. They tugged at her heart. She quickly looks away, turning and reaching for her bag. She pulls out a package of condoms, ripping one open.

“You want me to put it on you?”

A puzzled look crosses briefly over his face, until he realizes what it is she is holding. “Hmm, no I can do it.” he takes it from her, fumbling with it, trying to figure out which way it unrolls.

“You want to do it on the bed, or here against the table?” she asks him. He glances up at her, “Hmm…on the bed.”

She kicks her shoes off and walks around him towards the bed, pulling the covers back and sliding between the cool sheets, laying the top sheet over her. He unrolls the condom down his shaft and gets into the bed on the opposite side, sliding up next to her. Taking a moment to look at her. Is she gonna have to teach him the next step too, she wonders. Before she can say anything, he rolls and drops on top of her, squishing the air out of her.

She grabs his forearms and spreads her legs for him, feeling his cock jabbing into her inner thigh. He pushes the upper half of his body up, his hot breath on her shoulder and neck as he grunts, thrusting his cock, trying to find the opening. She tilts her hips, trying to help him enter.

Finally after about the fourth sharp jab and miss, she says, “slow down sweetie.” Sliding her hand between their thighs, she guides his cock, “okay, try now.”

He thrusts, his cock sliding in easily. He grunts and sighs, collapsing back on top of her, again forcing the air out of her.

She caresses his butt, his thighs, as he begins to move his hips, working his cock in and out. His chest starting to sweat and soak her breasts. He pushes up with his arms again, looking at her face. He licks his lips, his mouth open, his breathing quick. She runs her hands up and down along his back, her nails softly scratching at his skin. He touches one of her breast, his palm covering it, squeezing just a little. Then smiles a little smile at her, bending down to kiss her.

A soft gentle kiss at first, his tongue timid as he tastes her lips, finally darting in. His thrusting cock pausing as he searches the recesses of her mouth with his tongue. He kisses her harder, his hands sliding down on either side of her head, as he cups the top of her head with his hands. His full weight smothering her, she moans, trying to get air. Just when she is about to push him away, he lifts up, himself gasping for air. He sits up, grabbing her legs, he pulls her butt up as he sits back on his heels, continuing to fuck her. Grunting as he pounds his cock into her. She puts her hands up on the headboard, pressing her palms against it, pushing herself down on him. He leans back, watching as he enters into her, slowing himself, watching, his cock glistening in the moonlight from the window. He slowly pulls out, then forcefully slams back into her, she cries out in pleasure.

“Oh, oh yeah baby…fuck me just like that.”

Excited he does it again. Licking his lips as he watches his cock go in and out of her. Then he puts her legs on top of his shoulders, and raises up. Reaching out, he grabs both of her breasts, squeezing them in his hands, his thumbs flicking over her nipples as they harden under his touch. She moans and he groans.

Sweat drips off his face on her breasts. He tries to slow himself, but can’t, his movements become jerky. He moans and drops his head down beside hers, sucking air in noisily as he clenches his butt cheeks. He cries out and grabs onto her shoulders, pushing in as far as he can into her. She can feel his orgasm, his cock pulsating and throbbing inside of her. Then he relaxes and rolls off of her. Bringing his arm up and covering his eyes, breathing hard.

She lays there for a moment, then starts to move out of the bed.

“Will you stay with me? Just for a little while…I…” he moves his arm and looks at her, his eyes wet with tears. “I don’t want to be alone right now.”

“Of course, you paid for two hours.”

She lays back down again as he twists and lays his head down on her stomach, bringing his legs up in a fetal position. His hands tucked between his legs.

He is like a child that needs the comfort of his mother, she thinks, as she smoothes his hair down, combing it back off his face. Soon she can tell by his breathing that he is asleep. She lays there for how long, she does not know, not really caring if the two hours are up or not. When he moves off of her and rolls over onto his other side, she takes the opportunity to get out of bed. Quietly putting her clothes back on.

Silently he watches her as she gets dressed. Exhaling softly, slowly as he hears the room’s door open and quietly click shut behind her.

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