A Weekend At Chateau Strafe Ch. 2

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(contains group sex, bisexual male activity and some watersports)

Part 1 Summation: Susan and her husband are invited to visit Frau Scheide, a woman she met on the internet, at her Chateau in Germany. After dinner, the couple is enslaved and used as objects of pleasure.

* * * * *

Cellar And Yard

After dessert, nipple clamps were tightened on to our breasts, and their thin chains were used to lead us to the cellar. It was dark and musty, though warmed with a woodstove (more for the comfort of the abusers than the abused, I suspected); there were bondage crosses, leather benches, whips, paddles, and shackles upon the wall. We were separated, and my hands were cuffed above my head to a chain against the dirty stone which was attached to a pulley, so that I could be raised to standing on my tiptoes if they desired. I slumped to the floor, the Frau’s piss still in my hair, and slept for awhile. Through the night, I was awakened several times by hard cocks thrust into my mouth. I couldn’t see, but smelled the musky sweat of their heavy balls as they slapped against my chin. Other times, they had my ass. (I later discovered that Susan had been violated in all her orifices on and off throughout the night as well.)

Sometime near dawn, Hilda woke me. I recognized her by her scent. She pulled me to standing and, when I tried to speak, she pressed her mouth against mine, silencing me and tasting the leavings of my last visitor with her tongue. Turning around, she lifted her skirt and backed onto my prick, which had never softened due to the cock strap. Her succulent hot glove enveloped me, massaging me, and I could feel her juices running down on to my scrotum. As she rocked forcefully back and forth against me, she bit on the hem of her skirt to muffle her screams. I clenched my teeth as I came with great relief, emptying a week’s accumulation of jism into her, which dripped down her thighs. She giggled and reached down, scooping up a handful, and fed it to me.

In the morning, Susan and I were placed kneeling on a stone table; cum was matted in her pubic hair and dried on her chin and rear. The servants hosed us down, then dried us with straw whisks. They paused to examine our faces, thighs, asses, and genitals, chuckling and talking. Looking at Susan, I was astounded. She seemed unashamed and gratified. Holding her head high, she looked like a pet, a cat, who was being given the attention it so desired, while well knowing its place as an animal. As they watched, we pissed into jars which they sealed, then gave us cleansing enemas. Taking paddles from the wall, they struck our buttocks till they were bright red, making us resemble baboons, and then herded us up to the lower kitchen. Two bowls full of last night’s dinner scrapings rested on the greasy floor.

I looked into Susan’s glassy eyes as we kneeled on the floor together, and I was afraid. She attempted a half smile, and I knew that she was not only resigned to her fate here, but would be content at the Chateau in any role she was assigned. She had been seduced long before coming to this house. She no longer was mine.

“Please…please,” I whispered, “Please say ‘Mercy’.”

She lowered her head as she shook it: No.

Frau Scheide appeared unannounced and, reaching down to Susan with her hand, lifted her up. She kissed her forehead and stroked her hair while a servant brought a silk robe and removed her collar.

“Let us have breakfast on the Verandah meine Leibchen,” she said as she led her up the stairs and out of my sight, “Hans has prepared a wonderful crab quiche.”

After breakfast, I was led out to the yard, strapped in a leather harness, and a butt plug was secured in my ass. I was taken by the gardener to the side yard where I joined the three other well-tanned “yard-slaves,” or Hof-Sklaverin, and learned that we were the lowest in the servant hierarchy. We were required to crawl on hands and knees at all times, unless our work absolutely required standing (mercifully we were given knee pads), and could never look an owner or the head butler in the face. The other servants tormented us while we planted flowers and pulled weeds, riding and whipping us or presenting asses and cocks to be licked and sucked. Some of the servants were rewarded for good behavior by being allowed to play and frolic in the grass, and we watched with envy as they tasted each other and shared their bodies in the sun.

Around midday, I saw Susan touring the grounds with Frau Scheide and a handsome European man. One of my comrades told me he was Maxmillian Arsch-Ficken, the Frau’s sadistic cousin. Susan was in beautiful sun dress which looked expensive and fit her well, and which was not in her wardrobe before. They walked up to me and Sue patted me on the head.

“Are you enjoying your fantasy, my little cunt?” she asked, almost affectionately, then to the man, “This is my husband..”

While I nodded yes, Herr Arsch-Ficken pushed me to xvideos porno a kneeling position with tip of his boot. “Really? Well, you can certainly do better. He’s rather plain, and his cock is just average.”

He pushed me on to my back with his boot then ground my penis with his heel. Susan did nothing.

“Perhaps it’s time to work on your training, dear,” said the Frau, “Shall we play with him a bit?” She clipped a leash to my collar.

“Shouldn’t I be wearing something more ‘dom,’ like spiked heels and leather?” Sue asked as they led me to a large elm tree.

“If you wish. But, this is really all about your pleasure, not a spectacle for him, despite what he might think,” she instructed, “I can have one of the servants get you something when he fetches the toys if you’d like.”

“No, that’s quite all right. I’m very comfortable in this dress, and sort of like the idea of abusing him in something everyday.” she replied, sticking her bare toes in my mouth to lick and suck. A long wide strap was placed around the tree, and my wrists were shackled to it at eye level and behind my neck.

“You have to start thinking about what you desire to get out of this, what you find enticing, now that you have a man totally at your disposal,” the Frau lectured. “Personally, I enjoy hearing a man groan as I play with his nipples.” She twisted and pinched my nipples forcefully, far harder than I found pleasurable.

Susan then began to bite my breasts, leaving red marks on my chest and then, reaching behind me, pulled out the plug abruptly with a ‘pop.’ I grunted, and she bit down harder, then giggled.

“This is fun,” she smiled, then jerked hard on my cock spinning me around.

“Try this, dear,” the Frau suggested, “If you place it just so, it rubs right against your clitoris. It’s designed with some special modifications to be particularly pleasurable to the user .”

“Oh, wow” I heard Susan say. She brought a massive dildo to my lips, one far larger than she had ever used the few times she had fucked me. “Better get it wet; we don’t have any lube.”

After I had licked and sucked on the rubber prick, drooling on it as much as I could, she strapped it on. She probed me briefly with her fingers, mercifully, then crammed it into my asshole in one thrust, making me cry out in pain. It stretched and filled me completely. As she fell into a rhythm humping me, I could hear her moaning with pleasure. After about fifteen minutes, she screamed and shook, the dildo jerking inside me.

“Oh, God,” she panted, “I’ve never felt like that before. That’s wonderful.”

“Almost like being a man, but with more power.,” the Frau mused, “I fuck one of my slaves everyday, sometimes several. Shall we see the rest of the grounds? I’d like to get a taste of that pussy in the rose garden.” They wandered away, leaving me tied to the tree.

The Party

We were fed on the floor of the gazebo late in the afternoon, then herded in to assist with the more menial preparations for the party. The mansion bustled with activity, and I heard the staff say that over fifty people were expected. About an hour before the party was to begin, we were led into a storage room. Inside were six new arrivals, already naked except for their harnesses and butt plugs. They were all quite young, probably late teens to early twenties, and all appeared anxious but expectant. Everyone whose nipples were unpierced had clamps applied and cinched down hard; I stifled my scream. Leashes were clipped to our collars, and Frau Scheide appeared along with Susan, both in leather. The Frau pulled hard on the reins while Susan whipped the backsides of those in the rear driving us to the dinning room.. I could not believe that my wife, who had never wielded a whip before today, was now thrashing a team of slaves with vigor. In the massive hall, four slaves were secured to the brass rings on each side. The women had their hands shackled above them; their legs were in slings which spread them wide exposing their vaginas completely. One of the female yard-slaves was led crawling to each of the women and licked their vulva, causing the lips to pout and swell. A young male and I were taken to the grand staircase and secured to the brass rings on each of the banisters. .

The guests began to arrive shortly thereafter, all attired in tuxedoes and evening gowns. Some would pause to pull on our nipple clips, yank and slap our erections, , or sometimes to squeeze them until a drop of precum oozed out, which they collected on their finger, then tasted. One stunning mulatto woman, tall with deep brown pools for eyes and tits with uplifted nipples, approached me. She was dressed in a green silk halter dress which barely concealed her breasts and which exposed her cleavage down to her button. She kissed me hard on the lips, probing my mouth, then pumped my prick a few times with her hand.

“I’m Chris,” she purred, “See ya yabancı porno later.”

The house staff in their traditional uniforms served champagne and cocktails laced with aphrodisiacs . The table was dressed in white linen with blood red napkins, and a large stone carving depicting a satyr ravishing a nymph served as the centerpiece. To one side was the phallic ice sculpture, on the other a ice phallus thrust between vulva.

The dinner consisted of multiple courses, all delectable and exquisitely presented. With the salad course, several women requested the “special” dressing, and a waiter would step forward, remove his penis, and proceed to jack off onto the greens, much to the delight of the guests. The meal lasted for more than three hours. A string quartet was playing in the ballroom, and people meandered in to dance, or to the library for liquors and cigars. After a half hour, Chris walked over to me, clipped a leash to my collar, and released my bonds. She led me to the library where the games were in progress.

I first noted that all the servants had changed clothes. The butlers were dressed in leather vests and chaps which displayed their crotches and buttocks, while the maids wore leather corsets which pressed their bosoms upward, along with garters and hose. In the smoky room, three slaves stood in a line, their rock-hard erections exhibited to the crowd. Stiff rubber slings were slid to the base of each oiled penis and weights were added one by one to the sling below their scrotum. With each new weight, their cocks were pumped once with oiled hands. Money was on the table as bets were placed to see which slave could hold up the weights the longest. The first cock bent at four pounds, and the loser was taken off to be whipped. The winner held ten to applauds, and was allowed to do what he will for the evening. On the other side of the room, three male slaves sat with guests kneeling at their feet, still in their evening dresses . At the sound of a bell, the women began to suck each cock, trying to coax an ejaculation, while the men tried to resist. Bets were placed on the longest lasting slave and on the woman first to succeed. After fifteen minutes of vigorous fellating, a woman in a sequined gown removed her mouth and let out a victory cry, as the slave’s balls tightened and his semen spurted forth, splattering her face and hair. The crowd cheered The male winner lasted twenty five minutes.

At midnight, everyone began to disrobe at the same time. Some folded their clothes neatly over chairs; others simply let them drop to the floor in a heap. About a third headed in twos, threes and fours to bedrooms, some with whips, while the others ambled to the ballroom. Chris led me there on my leash. Music still played in the great room, but the lights had been dimmed just enough to soften the scene. Two fireplaces blazed, making those near them sweat, and casting flickering shadows about. In the center of the room, nine huge mattresses had been sewn together to form a enormous cushioned space on which over forty naked bodies joined and rejoined in all combinations. I saw Frau Scheide in a passionate sixty-nine with a lovely blonde girl who could not be much over eighteen. Hilda, gloriously naked to my eyes for the first time, serviced three men at once, riding one while another humped her ass from behind, and the third fucked her mouth. I recognized the slave winner of the fellatio contest, as he plunged into a voluptuous blond on her back while licking the titties of a diminutive Asian girl who straddled the blonde’s face. Eric and Hans were in a corner penetrating one of the wall-ornament boys from the front and rear. In the center of the vast mat, a couple embraced in a yoga position, kissing while she rocked on his lingnam. Around them was a circular daisy chain of four men and women that writhed as they nuzzled and tasted each others genitals, forming a living orgiastic mandala.

Chris pulled me along to the far corner of the ballroom where a large rubber sheet had been placed. Half-empty bottles of champagne and Evian sat in ice buckets strewn about. A couple lay on the mat, she riding him and facing his feet, and around them six other partiers gathered. As the woman began to quiver with her approaching orgasm, one woman squatted over the man’s face, holding onto the shoulders of the rider, while another woman presented her pussy to the rider’s face. As the rider screamed in orgasm, the man came as well, and both women began pissing on their faces and into their mouths. The four men pressed in and started to hose down the other four. Urine splashed everywhere, the immense flow forming large yellow puddles on the mat.

Chris led me back to the mattresses and removed my harness and plug. Next to us, Susan was kneeling over the cock of a large black man. His organ was long, about ten inches, and incredibly thick, bigger than my wrist. Unable to fit the head in her mouth, she licked yaşlı porno the glans and shaft, pumping, till it leaked copious amounts of precum. Chris slipped her hands under her dress to remove her panties, then pressed me down to suck on her breasts. Her nipples were hardened with desire, and I could smell her arousal. As she pushed me down further to her crotch, her dress fell off, revealing a rock-hard cock which curved sharply upward. I gasped in surprise, and she thrust it into my open mouth.

Susan, having witnessed my debasement, reached over and grabbed my neck, pushing my head down till my nose was flattened against Chris’s pubic hair.

“Enjoy it, cunt,” she ordered.

A cute, petite red-head crawled over and laughed when she realized my predicament. She knelt beside me began rocking my head back and forth, thrusting the prick down my throat. When Chris’s erection was dripping with saliva, the red-head lay down beside the black stud, pulling me down on top of her. Chris knelt behind me and, as she entered my ass, pushed me grunting into the red-head. I groaned with pleasure as she fucked me, and also the woman through me. I felt like I was impaled on one long spear. Just next to us, Sue lowered herself slowly on to the huge phallus, and I could see her juices running down it as she worked it into her pussy, moaning. She made small bouncing movements as it penetrated her further and further, till her clit at last rested against his pubis. She panted as she began to ride it in earnest. Beneath me, the red-head began to shake uncontrollably, almost throwing me off her; and, as she came screaming, Suzy shrieked and trembled, but continued to ride the prick, experiencing multiple orgasms. I pumped my seed into the girl and rolled off her. Finally, Sue pulled herself off the pulsing cock, slick with their cum, and straddled my face. Chris entered me again, lifting my legs above his shoulders, as Suzy rubbed my face into her overflowing cunt. She stroked me till I came again, then leaned down to kiss me and lick my face.

“Just remember that this is your fantasy, baby,” she whispered, then got up and walked away.

I moved to follow, but Chris held me down and yanked on my collar.

“You’re still a slave tonight, bitch,” she said in a threatening tone, then pulled me along seeking new diversions. Later I fell asleep, exhausted, with Chris’s cock in my mouth


The next morning I woke in a large canopied bed with satin sheets, and a head was bobbing on my cock under the covers. After I fed her my cum, she crawled out from under the blankets wiping her lips. I had hoped for and expected Susan, but it was one of the ornament girls from the party. She smiled and departed. Eric entered, carrying breakfast and a new suit.

“Did you sleep well, Herr Mathews?” he asked crisply.

“Yes, thank you. Where is my wife?” I asked, surprised by the role reversal, and worried.

“I believe she is in Frau Scheide’s bedroom, sir.”

“Please let her know I need to see her.”

“I will, sir, presently. At the moment she is somewhat occupied.” He left abruptly, barring further questions.

I got up to follow, but found the heavy oak door locked. I ate, showered and shaved, knowing it was futile to attempt to leave until they allowed me. An hour later, Eric arrived and ushered me down to the library. I was amazed to see that no traces remained of the debauch last night. Frau Scheide greeted me graciously.

“Good morning, Herr Mathews! Have you been taken care of well this morning?”

“Yes, but…where is my wife?” I asked curtly.

“She is deliberating; scratching a seven-year itch, and deciding whether or not to continue to scratch it. From time to time, things need to be shaken up a bit, tested to find their strength. This has been such a test, and things have changed this weekend; people have changed.”

I listened with a sinking feeling. “What can I do about it?”

“Nothing, only be prepared to make a new commitment if given the chance. It’s the best you can hope for.”

After waiting for an hour in the library, the Frau rose from her chair. “Perhaps it’s best you leave now. It appears she has decided. You are welcome to come again.” When I turned toward the stairs, she added, “It’s useless. I will not allow you to force her to leave.”

Eric and Hans appeared, and I knew she was adamant. I turned to leave, frustrated and distraught. As I neared the door, Susan appeared, looking as beautiful as the first day I had met her. When I went to kiss her, she stopped me unexpectedly.

“Things are different now you realize. If I am to go with you, you must acknowledge this fact.” she stated firmly.

“But…” I stammered, and she frowned. Finally understanding, I sank to my knees and kissed her feet. She patted my head. Walking over to the Frau, she kissed her erotically.

“I’m sorry, Greta, but I simply couldn’t. I hope you understand.”

“Very well, meine Leibchen. Please promise to come back soon, and you may bring your bitch if you wish.”

“I will. Goodbye, love.” She brought me to my feet and kissed me pertly on the lips. “Let’s go my little cunt.”

As we left, I fully comprehend: things had changed.

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