An Abduction

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He grinned with devious intentions as he read her reply to his questions on the BDSM Dungeon. The woman who called herself “AMF” was indeed very kinky. She liked to have someone force her to do stuff that she wanted to do, but also feared. She had fantasies where someone abducted her and made her service him and his friends. The Taskmaster thought that might prove useful to fulfilling his own desires.

He knew that no one had abducted her before, because she had said as much online. He also found out that she wouldn’t care for some kinds of humiliation, such as the more dehumanizing ones involving scat and golden showers. However, she probably liked other forms of humiliation, since she had no problem with abduction, which was a form of that. She would likely not have problems with a man forcing her to undress or go naked in front of strangers.

Big Daddy discovered that she lived only an hour away from him. It would be a simple matter to capture, bind, gag, and strip her. He would then bring her back to his house, so he could carry out the rest of his plans in his dungeon. She would be nude in the back of his van as they drove back. In fact, he would not permit her to wear any clothes for the duration of the captivity. His cock hardened as he contemplated everything.

Meanwhile, Doreen was not as happy as she thought about her response to the questionnaire on the online BDSM site. She had second thoughts of revealing her fantasies. The secret one that she had hidden for years was no longer a secret at all. She hadn’t even told her Master about the fantasy and she really didn’t know why. That could really get her into a lot of trouble and not just with her Master. What would happen if someone decided to make it reality instead of fantasy?

She got very wet at the thought of abduction, so she started playing with herself without thinking. Suddenly, she panicked, realizing that she wasn’t supposed to masturbate without express permission. He didn’t give that very often and it was always after he received “payment” first. That “payment” usually involved deep-throating him or taking it up the ass. She always had to clean his cock with her mouth.

Just as she pulled her hand back, her Master walked into the room and caught her red-handed. She looked like a kid with her hand in the cookie jar when she heard him. She turned around and saw him that she had pissed him off with her disobedience. He pulled her up and over his lap, paddling her until her butt was bright red. She was nude, as he forbade her to wear clothes in his presence, since it gave him total access to her body.

“Please forgive me, Master. I’m sorry that I touched myself without permission,” Doreen begged her Master to be lenient.

“I’ve forgiven you too much lately, or else you wouldn’t have deliberately broken that rule. It’s time to assert my rights as your Master and remind you that you gave up the freedom to masturbate when you signed that contract. It was explicitly stated that you couldn’t play with yourself without express permission from me, wasn’t it?” her Master sternly declared, as he spanked her naughty ass.

“Yes, Master,” she agreed, admitting that she deserved the penalty.

Her ass was on fire and she regretted ever forgetting about the rules, or was it that she had gotten use to ignoring them. Part of her had gotten use to him not really doing anything about it. Now, however, he didn’t just let her off with a warning. He really tanned her hide. Between gulps for air and moans, she cried for him to stop. She hated it when he used that damn paddle he kept handy in every room, including the computer room. It should have been warning enough for her to stop masturbating.

When he finished, he sent her to stand in the corner. Her ass was bright red and on display, as he set at the desk and watched her. He glanced at the screen and saw she had not logged out. Not wanting someone to think she was available to talk, he logged her out of everything.

In the meantime, Big Daddy was well aware that the submissive had a Master. He had his friend track them down, then located their number, and called her Master to see if he could arrange a fake kidnapping. The last thing that he wanted was to get in trouble with the law or have an angry Master on his hands.

“Hello?” Max answered the phone, slightly irritated that somebody interrupted his slave’s punishment. This had better be good!

“Hi, I’m looking for the owner of Doreen. She is also called ‘AMF’ online,” Big Daddy asked.

“Yeah, that’s me,” he replied, somewhat impatiently.

“This is ‘Big Daddy’, one of the Taskmasters at the online BDSM Dungeon of which she is a member,” Big Daddy introduced himself.

“Will you hold on for a second, please? I need to take care of something first. Doreen, go to our bedroom and stand in the corner, now! If I catch you somewhere else, the spanking that you just received will be even worse,” he said, swatting her stinging ass as she hurried past him.

She dashed from the room, knowing that she had better comply with him or else. She had already infuriated him and he Pendik Anal Escort evidently wanted some confidentiality for his phone call. She didn’t want to enrage him even more.

Max waited until he knew that she was out of ear shot and then returned to the phone call. He wanted to make sure she didn’t eavesdrop in on the call. Something told him he was not going to like this one bit.

“Yes, I know about that site. I’ve read some of your tasks, as well as a few of her responses to the assignments. I haven’t read everything she has posted there. I love several of your tasks, including the public humiliation ones. I give her a dose of that from time to time,” he smiled.

“Thank you. I’m flattered that a few Masters enjoy my tasks as well as their slaves, though some of the latter are not too thrilled with the tasks that I have given them. I’ve reviewed some of her posts in one of our discussion threads and decided to make a proposition to you. She says that she has a secret fantasy of a stranger abducting her and forcing her to pleasure them. I’m assuming that you are aware of this fantasy,” he queried.

“No, I did not know about it! It seems that someone has a lot more explaining to do than merely her recent misbehavior. What does this have to do with the scheme that you had for me?” Max reacted to the new information.

“I’ve assigned her several tasks online and I have enjoyed her responses to them. My proposition is that you help me carry out her fantasy of being abducted by a stranger, namely me,” Big Daddy suggested.

“That sounds intriguing, though I’m disappointed that she hasn’t told me of this fantasy. She knows that she is supposed to be open and honest with me. Perhaps we can use this little plan of yours to teach her a lesson. I’m frustrated with her attitude lately. She’s been very rebellious for the past few days. I’ve tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but it has gotten out of hand. I’ve planned to nip it in the bud, or should I say in the ‘butt’. This will fit into my plans nicely. When would you like to carry it out?” Max noted.

“It seems to me that she needs to be reminded of her place. How does Saturday sound? I live one hour away from you. I think that I could drive up early Saturday morning and snatch her. I’ve even considered the possibility of making her strip in the yard before I put her in the van, or simply cut away her clothes while she is in the van. Of course, I’d want to keep this abduction a secret. I don’t want her to know who I am until the end. You can follow us and participate,” Big Daddy proposed.

“That sounds good, but I don’t want her to find out I’m part of it until she learns that it’s a phony kidnapping. I like keeping her in suspense, not knowing who is holding her and what will happen to her. Saturday is a good day. I’ll make her do yard work that morning, which will keep her outside and easy to catch. If you’ll give me your address, I’ll drive over there tomorrow, so I can meet you and iron out the details. I want to make sure that she will be in safe hands,” Max agreed.

“That sounds superb,” he said, giving him the address.

“Thanks. I’ll leave work at lunchtime and meet you at one o’clock. It has been very informative talking to you,” Max chuckled.

Max hung up the phone and thought about the secret he had just discovered. Saturday was just two days away and when it came, he planned for her bottom to still be red and throbbing with pain. He was very livid that she had hidden stuff from him. She had also been very disrespectful of his authority lately. Her mindset had to change now!

Doreen felt the sting from her Master flogging her ass, as she worked and sweated in the yard. He had spanked her again that morning, after she once more denied keeping anything from him. He then used her ass roughly. He hadn’t even bothered using lube. He had been so furious with at her that he just applied some pussy juices, and then shoved hard into her unlubed ass.

Despite wearing a thin sundress, she still suffered from the summer heat as she labored in the garden. These weeds did not come out easily! Her Master had prohibited the use of tools or weed spray that would help make the job easier. To assure himself that she would not be tempted, he put them in the trunk of his car.

She still wondered what secret he had found out that she had hidden from him. The only one that she could remember not telling him was the one about her abduction fantasy. She probed her mind for anything else that she had left unsaid. There were so many things over the many years they had been together. What she forgot to reveal could be anything, except for that one fantasy. She had knowingly kept that from him.

He had confronted her with the knowledge that he was onto her after the phone call 2 days ago. Her vehement objection of the opposite had only incensed him further, leading to this retribution or so she assumed. It also earned her an extremely hard whipping from his flogger. She had almost come clean, but chickened out from fear that such a revelation of a deliberate falsehood would anger Pendik Yaşlı Escort him even more. She feared that he would exchange the flogger for his leather strap. She had second thoughts now.

As she thought about all of this, she wiped even more sweat off her forehead. Damn, she hated yard work; that’s why they hired workers to do it. She knew that she would have to come clean to him about the fantasy, or the chastisements would only get worse! That was the only thing that came to her mind as a possible secret. He must have read her post from the computer after he ordered her to the corner in their room. He had not given her time to sign out of the BDSM Dungeon. If he had read it, why hadn’t he just showed her the post? She still wondered about the phone call he had received, since he seemed very secretive about it.

Doreen rose up, stretching her back and sitting on her heels. She winced, as the smarting pain went through her ass again. This confirmed that she needed to stop breaking the rules.

She saw a van pull up in front of the house. Who could that be? Master said nothing about anyone coming by today. She stood up and headed over to the van, to find out who had stopped in front of her house. Correction, she thought, Master’s house. The driver got out of the front seat and frowned thoughtfully.

Waving her over to the van and showing her an officer’s badge, he asked, “Excuse me, ma’am. I’m with the County Sheriff’s Department. Are you Doreen McKinley?”

“Yes, that’s me. Can I help you?” she responded, though slightly puzzled.

“Doreen McKinley, I have a warrant for your arrest for outstanding parking tickets. Please put your hands on the side of the van and spread your legs,” he told her.

“I don’t have any parking tickets. Officer, there must be a mistake,” she protested.

“We’ll discuss this further at the station. Now, please cooperate, ma’am,” he answered as he frisked her, hiking up her sundress in the process.

Doreen was too surprised to notice the lack of proper police protocol. The “officer” handcuffed her. When he put her into the back of the van and gagged her, she realized too late that he was definitely not from law enforcement of any kind. To make matters worse, he cut off her sundress, leaving her butt-naked. The van’s side door was still open, allowing anyone to see her naked. She, however, didn’t move to cover herself. He took a few liberties and copped a feel or two. He pushed his fingers in her pussy and even up her ass.

“Well, well, it seems that we’ve got a little slut here, or are you just a tease, flaunting what we can’t have. Look at you, lying there with your pussy and ass showing off to the world. I bet you like being on display. Hell, you probably even want me to take your ass right here where everyone can see! You are a slut! You didn’t even have any panties or bras on under that so-called dress. Either way, I’m going to take every hole that you have. I think that I’ll just keep you for my own. You should make a nice little whore, won’t you? I’ve got plenty of friends who will pay me well to use my new toy,” he warned as he hog-tied her, putting her between the front seats for easy access.

As frightened as she already was, things got worse after the stranger pulled a large, wicked-looking butt-plug out of the bag in the front passenger seat and showed it to her.

“I think that this will remind you that all of your holes now belong to me, bitch,” he groped her ass and cunt, noticing that she was wet, “Well, it seems that this is turning you on. You are a little slut!”

He then rammed the butt-plug up her tight asshole without any lube, making her squeal.

The harsh words and the butt-plug forced up her ass caused her to get wetter; she loved having someone be forceful with her. That was a major part of her abduction fantasy. She wanted someone to insult her and be rough with her. Her desire was to have a man overpower her. She wanted him to force her to do things that she wouldn’t dare do on her own.

Doreen panicked at the idea of her Master coming home to an empty house. He would be home within an hour. Would he call the police? Did someone witness what happened? She doubted it. It was still early enough that most of the neighbors, if not all, would be inside. What would he think of her? Would he think that she ran away, because of the recent punishment? What would this guy do to her? Would he sodomize her roughly or sell her off into slavery? Would he keep against her will and abuse her? What would happen if he killed her? Would the authorities charge her Master with her disappearance or murder? She had never thought of all of the negative aspects of abduction before. She started crying as she realized the dangers of her situation. How could she be aroused and scared at the same time? The conflicting emotions confused her.

Max, for his part, had some rather mixed feelings about the plan that he had accepted. He knew that he could trust this “Big Daddy” fellow not to do any lasting harm to his slave. The Taskmaster had slaves of his own. He had even trained many Pendik Zenci Escort in the past. They became good buddies the day before, staying later than he had planned, talking about their lifestyle and respective slaves.

He also felt bad about Doreen’s suffering and fear in this situation. However, she had pushed his buttons too much lately, lacking her usual respect. He needed to assert his authority and remind her of her role in their relationship. Anyway, if her fantasy were true, a major part of her would be excited and stimulated by the very same sense of fear and suspense. In any case, it excited him for sure.

From his vantage point down the street, he watched the guy seize and bind his slave. He had borrowed Fred’s truck, so she wouldn’t notice him watching. Fred could be trusted, as he was his best friend and enjoyed the BDSM way of life himself. He understood the reason for Max’s request. After all, Max had helped Fred with matters regarding Fred’s own slave before.

Through his binoculars, he saw his girl naked in the van. He naturally followed Big Daddy and Doreen to the house, in order to confirm that she would be safe. He also knew that Big Daddy would force Doreen to wear a butt-plug much larger than any she had ever worn.

Big Daddy saw the pickup truck in the rear view mirror of the van. This didn’t surprise him, as Max had told him that he would be trailing him to make sure that his slave’s safety was not threatened. It was no shock to him that his cock got harder at the knowledge that he had captured this naughty, delicious slave girl. He’d always wondered what fucking and dominating her would be like.

Doreen started fidgeting and trying to get more comfortable. Her motions caught his attention and he told her to relax, as it would take an hour to get to his house.

Big Daddy pulled over into a nearly empty shopping plaza. He untied her, but left her handcuffs on. He then pulled her onto her knees and shoved his cock down her throat. He grabbed her head with his hands and used them to fuck her mouth as if it was a pussy.

“I am going to fuck your face, slut. I told you that I am going to use all of your holes and I meant it! You had damned well better swallow too! You should adjust to your new status as my personal fucktoy. You won’t get to enjoy the pampered life of a domineering suburban housewife anymore. I’m not a pussy-whipped hubby like your old man. You’re going to fulfill a woman’s natural role of serving men for a change. I know how you high-class women live and behave! You’ve got your husband wrapped around your finger and his credit card in your purse,” he taunted her.

“No, no, you’re all wrong about me! I’m not some stuck-up rich bitch! I’m a loving slave; maybe a little spoiled, but still obedient for the most part. Where do you think I got these whip marks on my ass?” she protested, right before he silenced her by ramming his cock back down her throat.

“Apparently, you’re not too obedient, if he has to whip you. Besides, if you love him, you would do as your Master says. Looks like you need some major training. You’ll learn your place in life and being ‘a little spoiled’ will not be a part of it!” he declared.

Max pulled into the parking lot, getting into a position where he could see through the passenger window with his binoculars. The sight of what Big Daddy did to his slave had him hard as a rock. He saw her head bobbing up and down on the guy’s dick. Big Daddy certainly fucked her face roughly, Max noticed.

He always loved the sight of his sweet slave sucking a man’s cock, especially when she deep-throated a guy. They had not gone outside of their relationship very often. It had just happened a few times, and then only with Fred and his slave. That was more due to a lack of opportunity and a desire for discretion about their swinging lifestyle than to reluctance on their part. The BDSM aspect of their relationship, however, was not so much secret as low-key.

Nevertheless, the recent disrespect that she had shown him proved, in his mind, the need to take their Master/slave relationship to the next level. It would no longer be as “low-key” as it had in the past. He would have to remind her who was in charge.

He would also take more control of what she wore in public. In the past, he had permitted her to wear practically whatever she wanted. Now, however, she would wear things that were far more revealing than she preferred. Not only would she display more of her assets, but she would also have to show people more clearly her role as his slave. This would include her being required to wear a collar in public, rather than merely in private.

As Big Daddy enjoyed Doreen’s mouth on his swollen manhood, he thought of what else he could do with this succulent slave, now that he had her in his control. He would definitely offer to help Max retrain his girl, since she needed some manners and a serious attitude adjustment. Max needed some new ideas for punishing Doreen, as the others weren’t severe enough to act as a deterrent to misbehavior. She clearly enjoyed getting spankings, so harsher penalties were in order. They should be painful enough to prevent her receiving pleasure from them. More drastic orgasm denial would be a good penalty too. Of course, public and private humiliation would be effective as well. Rewarding her for obedience would also help motivate her.

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