Angel’s Delight

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Her Master walks into her classroom just after the last student has left for the day. He stands in the far back corner almost in a shadow so as not to disturb her as she works at her desk. He is always so please watching her as she works for it is the one thing she loves and he lets her do completely.

Now the school is quiet almost everyone is gone the teachers have all stuck heads in to say goodnight as she finishes up marking some papers. He steps into the light and for the first time she notices someone else is there. Without looking up she say” I’m sorry but school is closed you will have to come back tomorrow or make an appointment.”

“I see…so this is how she greets me not even noticing who it is” She looks up startled “Oh Master please forgive me I did not know ” She moves from behind desk kneeling in front of him head bowed. “This one begs your hand to guide her Master”

looking down at her he softly speaks” then assume your position” she scrambles on knees turning leaning over to place her head on her arms resting now with her ass high up for him. He reaches down and lifts her dress letting it drape over her back and head exposing her bare ass to him now.

Reaching to the black board her finds her pointer a good tool slim and long he tests it for strength and power smacking it down hard on a desk the loud crack making her jump. He moves to her and brings it down over her cheeks with a resounding smack. Over and over again her ass is on fire small welts show where the rod struck. After 1o hard strokes he stops and pulls dress back down and holds his hand out. She reaches for it and he helps her stand her eyes puffy from tears but none to show him.

She smiles softly and whispers, “Thank you Master for reminding me of who I am your slave your person i am who i am because you let me be so. Thank you Master” She reaches and takes his hand holding the rod replacing it to the blackboard then lifts his hand to kiss it and each of the fingers in turn.”

“Come now my angel finish your work so we may go home and eat there is something special there for you.”

She returned to her desk sitting very carefully not so as the pain was not so intense feeling the heat as her now very tender cheeks alit to the soft seat padding. As she continues her work she stops every few minutes to glance up and smile softly at her Master. Each time causing her to shift and press against her fiery hot cheeks.

It seems like an eternity before she is completed marking her papers the fire under her making it seem even longer. But done she stands and smiles at her Master “All done Sir. May we please go home for I must serve you dinner. You must be famished.” They slowly now walk from the classroom and as she turns out the lights she looks back around inside smiling as she remembers her first lesson of today.

The drive is short and soon they are home and as her Master parks she slips inside to put her books away she can get them later after dinner when it is her work time. Placing them in the office in her tray she slips into the bedroom and changes into her silks. She loves her silks something new he got her last month. Once dressed she returns to the kitchen where she sees he has been busy as a full meal tuzla escort is prepared ready to be served, she proceeds to set the table for one and places her lovely embroidered pillow beside her Master’s chair.

She hears him coming and disappears into the kitchen return just as he sits to place his meal fresh and hot in front of him. She slips away to come back with his drink a fine sweet wine chosen specifically for his dinner. She stops standing close beside him as he takes her hand and they both bow heads softly whispering grace. Now as he begins to eat she settles on her pillow beside him knowing that he will in his own time feed her as he has always done feed her from his own plate sharing as always his food and drink with her.

As they ate dinner her Master spoke of his day and asked her how her day had gone. She knelt there attentive listening to his every word knowing he may at any time ask her to recall something he had said and if she can not she knows that she will suffer his wrath. After a time her Master rises and moves from the table to the living room settling into his easychair to read his paper and relax.

She quickly follows him checking making sure he is comfortable the papers arranged just as he likes them his pens there for his crosswords. She then returns to the table taking the dirty dishes to the kitchen to clean up picking the remaining morsels off his plate to satisfy her own hunger and finishing the last bits of wine left by her Master. She works quickly clearing and cleaning the table rinsing and placing the dishes in the dishwasher making sure it is not full or needing to be run. As fast as she can she has cleaned the dinning area and the kitchen and returns to him sliding her pillow in place next to his chair she kneels before him.

Kneeling silently waiting for him to speak or respond to her she lowers her eyes and contemplates. Thinking back to how her life was before and how it has changed how she has grown into the beautiful woman she is now self-confident complete knowing her place is beside her Master serving him. Yet knowing that in serving him she can also have her career for it pleases him to see her succeed and in this success she shows him her joy to serve to make the world see how proud she is to be his one.

Finally he stirs and she straightens herself smoothing her silks around her she looks up to smile at her handsome face meeting his deep iceblue eyes with her own warm soft brown ones. She is rewarded with his smile in return. “Angel I spoke of something special for you tonight at the school did I not?” She smiles broader “Yes Master you did.”

“Then why did you not remind me?” “But Master it is not my place to speak of pleasures or surprises for me. When and if you feel I am worthy you will grant them to me then.”

Smiling he rises “No angel you remain here I will be back.”

She stop herself from rising settling back onto her pillow a slight frown for she is not used to be rebuffed told to stay not allowed to be with her Master always. She watches as he moves about the room exiting into the office she hears him searching mumbling worried now that she had left papers amiss. Finally the noises stop but then the long silence that göztepe escort follows is almost as hard to take.

“Angel come her” his voice boomed from the office. Startled by the volume she quickly scrambles to her feet and moves quickly to the office remembering that at all times she is lady and must act as one. She stops at the doorway and looks into the office waiting for her Master to let her continue into the room. She is horrified at the site. Papers strewn everywhere her Master standing amongst them looking around his once ice blue eyes now showing the fire of steel.

“Is this how I taught you to keep the office?” “Master she sputters I don’t understand…. I mean everything was in its place…. I don’t know how or who did this Master.” Her voice trembling in not only fear but in pain for she knows this was not how she had left it.

“Well never mind for now.” Startled she looks at him never has he left things undone anything even the slightest error is always dealt with swiftly and firmly. She scampers into the room kneeling crawling trying to collect all the papers to clean the mess even as she speaks “Master it is nothing I will have it all fixed in a moment please oh please I will be but a moment.”

Taking the papers from her hands her throws them across the room “I said never mind for now. Besides what has to be done now is far far more important. Now go back to the living room and assume the position.” Not wanting to anger him further she turns and swiftly leaves her nubile body flowing from the room. She quickly get to her pillow arranging it in the middle of the room she kneels placing her head on her hands as she bends over exposing her still red cheeks for her Master.

Trembling inside but not wanting to show it she awaits him. It seems like a lifetime has passed as she waits finally hearing him enter. She does not look up knowing to break position will only worsen the correction. As he nears her she is almost unable to control her shivering when his hand gently touches and takes her hand lifting her up standing her up to face him.

“My angel” he purrs his voice soft and gentle now “You have been working so hard and have truly shown me your love without exception. I now want to do two things for I feel you are ready and deserving.” With that her reaches up and removes her collar. She lets out a small gasp feeling she has wronged him for her collar has not been off in over two years now. “This wont be needed any more” and he drops it to the floor. She so wants to drop to her knees and pick it up kiss it and beg him to replace it around her neck when she feels his hands there and something else as well. As his hands move away she can feel it another collar in its place but this one different it is metallic not leather and she turns to look in the mirror over the fireplace mantel to see a small diamond studded collar there. As she gasps her fingers coming up to touch it she notices her Master completing something behind her and then he smiles.

“There this is much better and note also love only I can remove this,” showing her that it is a complete circle no clasps nothing to open or close it may never come off. Next her lifts her left hand and slips something over her üsküdar escort ring finger. Drawing her hand back she is shocked to see a lovely perfect diamond solitaire. She looks up into his eyes lost now in the soft deep blue of them always in wonder of how they change. “Angel will you now also be my wife?” Smiling tears streaming down her cheeks she whispers “Yes Master Yes this is all I have ever wanted in my life. Too serve my Master and be his lover, slave, wife and companion. Today you’ve made my life complete.” She leans against him her body racked with sobs as all her emotions are finally let go.

“Now this does not in anyway mean you can get away with leaving messes like the one in the office. Now again assume the position.” “But Mas…”She stops seeing the resolve in his eyes and she returns to her position lifting exposing her ass even more for him somehow feeling pride in his punishments.

The first strike of the switch stung her cheeks still sensitive from earlier. She bites her lip so as not to cry out knowing that it only means more for her Master. The Strokes rain down on her ass hard deliberate strokes each one sending new fire through her loins. Despite herself she can feel her own excitement her lips swelling the moister present now moving down her thighs. A she tense slightly hoping Master does not see this wanton expression of lust. As he pauses at ten her heart skips a beat as her body shudders in a silent intense orgasm a small squeaking moan escapes her mouth as her body releases unable to control herself.

“And what is this?!” Her Masters voice rings out “have you no control no pride that you cum now like a cheap whore did I not teach you train you well?”

“I am sorry Master so sorry I…. I just cannot stop with the joy the pain all so… so overwhelming.” Sobbing her body trembling as her orgasms flood through her.

Her Master stand behind her and again the strokes begin harder and faster another ten are rained on her now fiery red and tender cheeks. They stop but she knows not to move but whispers through her tears “Thank you Master for all you have taught me.”

As she kneels there bent over ass high she now feels him move closer and she stifles a cry and moan as she finally feels his cock her Master member as it pressed against her. She sighs relaxing as her thrusts forward and she feel him filling him completing her making her one with him. Every thrust forward his hips slap against her cheeks the pain stinging but enlightening making her so aware of each stroke every movement intensifying the experience even more.

Finally his stokes being to quicken the thrusts becoming urgent and she hears his growl as he thrusts hard the head and shaft of his cock swelling throbbing inside her she feel him cum each thrust his cock spewing itself into her. She cannot hold back and screams as her own orgasm explodes freed from her, her body convulses under his and soon they are both lying on the floor together spent.

She moves slowly sliding out from under him sighing as his member slips from her. She gathers some pillows lifting and placing his head on them and then draws a blanket from the corner and as she cuddles back in his arms to sleep she let the blanket softly fall covering them both. As the final few embers of the fire dim and go out she closes her eyes turning her head first to kiss her Masters cheek feeling his even steady breathing and with a smile of contentment drifts off to sleep safe and secure in her Master’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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