Anthony and Gracie – La Etapa

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“Where you want to go?” asked the driver in his heavily accented English.

Anthony opened his mouth to answer but before he could speak, “We want a club, something fun, something exotic,” said Gracie as she gave Anthony a sideways glance and a smile. “Too slow, loverboy…now it’s my choice,” she added with an adorable smirk.

“Something exotic…I know a place, but it is expensive,” added the driver.

Anthony rolled his eyes, “Oh, here we go…”

“Hush,” shushed Gracie, nudging Anthony with her elbow. Turning to the driver, “Tell us about this place.”

“La Etapa…The Stage…it is a dance club, but on Thursday nights they put on a show…something exotic,” he added with a laugh.

Anthony glanced at Gracie who was looking at the driver with slightly squinted eyes —a look he knew meant she was trying to decide if she could trust him. After a moment her expression softened and her playful smile reappeared. “Okay, take us there and we’ll decide when we see it.” She settled back against Anthony, her hand slipping up his leg to rest on his thigh, getting comfortable for the ride.

Anthony looked out the window as the cabbie navigated through the twisting streets of Mazatlan. The streets were filled with people, even this late on a Thursday night. Through the tinted windows of the cab, Anthony could see couples and groups walking from late dinners to the many clubs and bars that populated this part of town. It’s always amazing to see how population centers grow and are used by their populations of various genera—-Hello!

Anthony was pulled from his reverie by the feeling of Gracie sliding her hand up his linen pants, her fingers quickly traversing the short distance from mid-thigh to more interesting territory between his legs. Anthony glanced down at Gracie who was looking out the passenger-side window feigning ignorance at what was happening below in the darkness of the car. Gracie slipped her hand between Anthony’s thighs, flexing her fingers apart to encourage him to open up. Anthony slid down slightly in the seat, legs widening, as Gracie’s hand cupped her intended prize. She paused there, his fullness filling the cup of her hand, even in its current quiescent state. Trying not to draw the driver’s attention, Anthony looked out his side window and exhaled with a barely perceptible groan as Gracie gently tightened her grip, squeezing slowly and softly, first once, then repeatedly, kneading as she felt him grow from tumescence to something harder, more expectant.

“She knows exactly how to get me,” thought Anthony as he involuntarily pushed up into Gracie’s hand, bringing her more fully into contact with his hardness. Gracie slid her fingers up Anthony’s now rigid shaft, tracing the shape until she found the sensitive spots near the top, her fingers beginning a tantalizing massage through the thin linen fabric. She could feel Anthony begin to grind his hips gently, almost automatically, in time with her movements, trying to get the most out of each touch. Then, all of a sudden, Gracie moved away settling her hand in her lap.

Stifling a giggle, Gracie leaned in close to Anthony and kissed his neck before moving her lips to his ear. “That will teach you not to stare off into space and ignore me,” she quipped as she took the lobe of Anthony’s ear momentarily in her teeth for playful tug.

Before Anthony could react, the driver, thankfully oblivious to the whole exchange in the back seat, spoke up. “We’re here—La Etapa. I think you’ll find this a place that is nicely exotic.” As they pulled to a stop in front of the club, Anthony and Gracie gave the place the once-over, then paid the driver and stepped outside.

La Etapa

The club was posh, to say the least—far beyond anything Gracie and Anthony had seen thus far in Mazatlan. The building was obviously an old Mission-style theater, yet the expected and ubiquitous warm stucco and red Spanish tile roof had been traded for deep chocolate brown walls and cobalt blue tiles.

Inside the club, Gracie and Anthony waited just inside the velvet curtains, letting their eyes adjust in the carefully controlled lighting. Anthony moved his hand to the small of Gracie’s back, letting her feel his presence as they surveyed the club.

All of the tables were filled with couples, leaving only a lounge-like area in the far corner open for seating. Three low, wide, almost bed-like sofas surrounded a leather topped wood table in a “U” shape, leaving the side towards the stage unobstructed. Thick burgundy velvet drapes surrounded the space, muffling the sound and furthering the sense of enclosure. Up lights in the corners splashed cones of low light on the wood-beamed ceiling above. The only other illumination was provided by three-dozen thick candles dotting the space in candelabra behind the sofas and on large platters on the table.

Gracie and Anthony settled on the sofa at the side of the “U” with the best view of the stage. Almost at once, the house lights Escort Pendik dimmed and a slow, sensual, and very Spanish music with an almost club-like bass-line filled the club. The curtain parted, revealing a man in a tuxedo—obviously the MC for the evening. In a rapid staccato, the man launched into his monologue, gesturing grandly at the theater, and the audience, the stage, punctuated by rather enthusiastic applause by the audience. The message, however, was lost on Gracie and Anthony as it was delivered in Spanish. Even so, with their limited understanding, they gathered that tonight was a talent show of sorts and members of the audience were to perform on stage. It appeared to be voluntary, so there could sit back and observe.

“Can I get you two some drinks?” The waitress asked, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

“Oh, you speak English!” exclaimed Anthony, noting the obvious. With a slight roll of her eyes, the waitress made it clear that fact wasn’t lost on her either.

“Let’s make it simple, two long island iced teas, and, could you translate what he just said?” Anthony replied.

“You’ve never been here before?” the waitress said with surprise, glancing quickly at the sofas. “Ah, well, you’re in for a treat. Tonight is an all-volunteer talent show—we have the best audiences, you know—although pretty much everyone will participate. I think you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy this.”

With that, the waitress turned and went to the bar.

“Are you going to get me drunk tonight?” Gracie asked archly. “I never should have told you about the Long Islands. That knowledge is too dangerous in the wrong hands,” she teased.

“You mean these hands?” asked Anthony innocently, before sliding his hands quickly to the sides of Gracie’s face and pulling her in for a quick but breathtaking kiss. “I have no idea what you mean,” he added with a devilish grin.

“You behave — I’m not through punishing you for ignoring me,” retorted Gracie with a smirk.

The waitress returned with the drinks. “I’ll start you a tab,” she said. “Oh, and the best performance of the night drinks for free, so if you’re feeling…talented…you may want to give it a try.” With that, she sauntered off to the bar leaving the two alone in the lounge once again.

Long Island in hand, Gracie nestled against Anthony, his arm wrapping around her, her palm again resting on Anthony’s leg, mid-thigh, fingers lightly stroking. Up to this point, the man on the stage had been conversing with the audience in Spanish, obviously negotiating who should be the first act. Applause rang out and it was obvious a decision had been reached.

Instead of just one person, the first couple climbed on stage. Even from their vantage at the back of the club, Gracie and Anthony can see that she’s flushed at the thought of performing in front of even an eager crowd like this one. She is a willowy Mexican girl with pixie hair, about 5’4″. Her companion is well built, also Mexican but darker in complexion, and not much taller than she. They appeared to be in their early twenties, well dressed, she in a rather conservative white sundress, and he in a tight designer t-shirt and jeans.

“She’s cute,” said Gracie. “How’d you like to see her up here with me on this couch?” she teased. “If you’re really good, I might let you join us.” Gracie laughed and slid her hand farther up Anthony’s thigh to emphasize her point.

The young Mexican couple stood awkwardly for a moment, looking at one another. From somewhere in the darkness, the DJ began a traditional tango, but with a club bass-line. At the first notes, the man moved behind her, pressing into her from behind, their hips beginning to sway. The spotlights swung around to cover them, as his hands moved up to cup her smallish breasts, pulling her tighter against him.

Gracie turned and looked up at Anthony with eyebrow raised. “Looks like we’re in for something intere…,” Anthony started to say, then stopped, mouth slightly open.

At once the man tore his willowy companion’s dress straight down the middle, the buttons of the little sundress exploding out into the audience, the crowd erupting in applause. The parted dress fell to floor and the real show began.

The girl was now completely bared to the audience, her breath coming in gasps of nervousness. Her small high breasts were capped with dark areola and visibly hardened nipples. Her bare mound, accentuating her youthfulness, is only visible for a moment before the man pushed her to her knees in front of him. He pulled his own shirt off revealing a trim but muscular torso. With shaky hands and a glance back to the rapt audience, the girl unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them down as he stepped out of them. Now clad only in a pair of tight boxer briefs, the girl slid her hands up and down the man’s legs, up onto his chest, brushing the obvious bulge in his briefs. She repeated the caressing circuit once, then twice again, first stopping to toy with his nipples, then pausing to slide his growing bulge between her hands. He stood proudly, letting the audience see her submissiveness, before moving her hands to the waistband of his briefs. She paused just for a moment, then pulled them down and off to the surprised murmurs of the audience. His cock is short, 4-1/2″ to 5″ at most, but impressively thick, just like the rest of him. The girl reached up and grasped its stiff length, massaging the shaft, stroking him. She looked up at him, and he down at her, then she took his fullness in her mouth. In spite of his girth, she’s able to take almost his full length in one try. His legs trembled at the intensity of the contact.

The girl began to work him with mouth and hands, managing to engulf his entire length in spite of the thickness. The young man’s stomach contracted and relaxed, his abs undulating as she brought him closer to climax. She’s obviously enjoying this experiment in exhibitionism, as she slid one of her hands from his turgid cock down between her legs where, from beneath her rounded ass, just her fingertips could be seen strumming her clit, then slipping inside and returning to her clit, glistening with wetness. Moments later, her oral skills produced exactly the effect the audience was waiting for—even from their vantage Anthony and Gracie could see his balls tighten against his body as he began to shudder, holding the back of the willowy girl’s head. With an amazingly theatrical flourish, the girl pulled her mouth away from his cock just enough to allow the audience to see him explode jet after jet of white, creamy cum into her mouth before engulfing him once again to the finish. The audience, their appetite whetted by this spectacular appetizer, roared their approval with a standing ovation, revealing that several of the guests, in various states of undress, were beginning to put on somewhat of a show of their own.

The applause ended and the Mexican couple left the stage, but instead of returning to their seats, they were ushered to the lounge where Anthony and Gracie were seated. The couple looked flushed and the girl, still quite aroused and far from spent. They took a seat on the sofa across the table from Anthony and Gracie, clad only in kimono-style robes provided by the club. Gracie was noticeably affected by their presence, although Anthony suspect it was the willowy girl, and not her companion, that piqued her interest.

Drinks were provided to the couple with a congratulations and then Anthony, Gracie and the other couple are left alone. It was obvious that the coupe didn’t speak English any more than Anthony and Gracie spoke Spanish. The couples smiled, and nodded appreciatively at each other. The young man pointed to himself and said “Javier,” then to the girl and says “Amandina.” Anthony and Gracie introduced themselves with nods and smiles. As Anthony and Javier turned away, Gracie and Amandina exchanged rather heated looks with one another, Gracie following hers up with a knowing and slightly wicked little smile, then they both turned to the stage once again as another volunteer act took to the stage.

This time it was a statuesque blonde, with the face of an angel, and her two companions. The two men are older, in their mid-thirties. One of the men, the brunette, looked confident, like he might have done this before–the blonde man looked scared….Again, the lights in the club dimmed as the DJ began to play….

The angel-faced woman stood, arms outstretched, waiting, as her companions moved to her side. They reached up and begin unbuttoning her long black dress, revealing a skin-tight black PVC catsuit beneath–stunning with her platinum blonde hair and ice-blue eyes. She motioned to the men, who began to strip, swaying to the music. The brunette man seemed to relish the attention, stripping quickly and arrogantly to tiny briefs. His counterpart disrobed more reluctantly, almost as if being coerced, but eventually stripped to a matching garment.

Anthony and Gracie were fixated, wondering what sort of permutation of coupling they would be witnessing next. Out of the corner of her eye, Gracie caught a motion across the table–Amandina and Javier have turned slightly to watch the show. Amandina moved in front of him, her knees under her, back to him. Her kimono parted somewhat, revealing the side of her breast to Gracie’s voyeuristic gaze. Amandina pushed back, close to Javier, her ass pushing into his crotch, applying pressure to rouse him. At this overt action, Gracie squeezed Anthony’s thigh to get his attention. Looking down at her, Anthony then followed her gaze to this new event unfolding before them.

Gracie gasped slightly as she saw this second show so close to her–almost just for she and Anthony, as the rest of the audience was still looking at the threesome unfold onstage. Aroused and emboldened by the sense of privacy, Gracie’s hand moved higher into Anthony’s lap, first tentatively stroking, the cupping him as she did earlier in the. At Gracie’s touch, Anthony bent down and started to kiss the side of her neck, his hands slipping down the side of her black and white sundress, feeling her curves flare out under his fingertips. Anthony pulled Gracie in front between his legs, still sitting, but in almost a mirror of their lounge-mates just eight feet away.

Across the table, Javier has slipped his hands around Amandina, untying her robe, pulling it down her shoulders, baring her to the waist…Gracie’s hand tremble a bit on Anthony’s thigh as Javier’s hands moved around her to cup those same smallish breasts they watched on stage just moments ago. Javier’s own arousal became visible through his parted robe, as thick and squat as it had appeared on the stage, almost an angry red from so recently being put to use for the club’s enjoyment. Gracie pushed back against Anthony, mimicking Amandina’s earlier motions, feeling a similar reaction already present in him. Feeling Gracie grow bolder in spite of being quite on display, Anthony slipped his hands up and unzipped the back of her sundress, giving him additional access to her impossibly soft skin.

Anthony slipped his hands up and around Gracie under her dress, cupping her full breasts through the lace of her bra–her breasts already tightening from her arousal, her pale pink nipples hardened beneath the lace.

Gracie moaned slightly at the contact although she was still inaudible over the music. As she pushed her breasts further into Anthony’s hands, she slipped her hands around between them and begin to undress Anthony from the waist down.

Across the table, Amandina, now fully revealed in spite of the kimono draping uselessly around her waist, was rocking her hips up and down, lining Javier up, before pushing backwards and plunging him deep inside her. Groaning an almost feral growl, he thrust forward abruptly, pushing her down, her face crushing into the sofa cushion as he grasped her hips in his thick hands. After adjusting to the sensation for a moment, he began to fuck into her with slow, measured strokes. Amandina started a low, moan, muttering something in almost melodic Spanish as he slowly and stylishly continued to plunge into her from behind.

With that, Anthony and Gracie’s inhibitions begin to crumble. Anthony moved his hands to Gracie’s back and unfastened her bra, pushing the straps and her dress off her shoulders, baring her magnificent chest to the club. Anthony’s hands slid up around Gracie, cupping the fullness of each breast, her taut nipples captured lightly between his fingers. Gracie completely unfastened Anthony’s pants, spreading them wide as she began to massage the bulge she find inside. She started to make little sounds of encouragement, as Anthony let one hand drift south, making one slow circle of her delicious tummy before dipping his hand between her thighs. Gracie gasped at the contact as Anthony cupped the whole of her smooth sex, squeezing slightly, feeling her wetness drench his hand and seep through his fingers as if he were milking her. Anthony slipped two fingers effortlessly into her just a fraction of an inch. Gracie grasped his cock tightly in her hand using it almost as leverage as she pushed down on Anthony’s hand and rocked her hips, at once forcing her hard little clit against his palm as she pushed onto his fingers plunging him deeper into her.

At Gracie’s gasp, Amandina and Javier turn as if noticing them for the first time, their faces flushed with lust. Javier took in Gracie’s pale white breasts and flushed cheeks in on one glance and pulled out of Amandina, his stubby thick cock glistening with her wetness. He was obviously close to climax, as Anthony and Gracie could see his heartbeat pulsing through the turgid shaft making the leaking tip dance up and down. Javier said something to Amandina in Spanish and she moved from the sofa on to the leather-topped table, her face mere inches from Anthony and Gracie. Javier moved behind her, slipping his slightly deflated erection back inside. Her face contorted with pleasure as he bottomed out in her.

Gracie immediately saw the possibility of this arrangement and was completely caught up in the moment. In one move, she stood slightly, her hands moving under her dress to pull her soaking panties to the floor. The dress still gathered around her waist, she pulled on Anthony’s pants, indicating that he should lose them. He quickly complied, and Gracie moved back against Anthony, his crown of turgid cock coming into contact with the wetness he was just enjoying with his fingers.

Gracie reached down and slid Anthony’s cock into position as she lowered herself down on him, sliding him into her inch by inch until she was completely impaled. Gracie began to finger herself lightly as stretched her legs wide and locked them outside Anthony’s, increasing the tension on her thighs while also revealing their union to their neighbors. Amandina looked down at Anthony’s cock sliding ever-so-slightly in Gracie and motioned Gracie forward. Gracie paused for a second, then felt Anthony’s hands on her hips, supporting her.

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