As It Seems Ch. 03

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This really was a bad day, first her car, then Shanae now him. Him! The first few minutes after Jerome left she spent her time checking him out, as much as she could with him rolled under the car. There was something so hot and masculine about it; the way his pants sagged slightly showing a hint of the deep ‘V’ under his tight abs. His blue-gray mechanic shirt was open revealing a grimy white wife beater scrunching its way up his stomach, showing off the smooth taut skin. Her panties weighed down with cream when she spotted the coiled cobra tattoo just above that tight ‘V’ cut. Coiled and ready to strike her. His steady breathes making it undulate hypnotizing her with the smooth movements. Begging her, challenging her to come to it, to touch it, lick it, suck it or just lay back and let it strike. That was when she decided to tour the garage walking around idly, holding her hands firmly behind her back to keep from reaching out to him, or that taunting reptile etched into his flesh.

She couldn’t keep her eyes from wondering back to him; not that she had much choice a bunch of weird alien tools or that gold cobra, or the steady rise and fall of his almost rippling abs. She felt herself tuning into his breath. Breathing in as he did, exhaling as he did. His grunting made him more animal than man, as he worked on the car above him.

And now she was face to face with him. His sapphire eyes burning into her, he didn’t look too happy to see her either. He glared at her before rolling under the car again. Great how much better could this day get, maybe her apartment caught fire, what else could happen today? She sat on her heels for a few minutes after he rolled back under, trying to figure out how to get someone else anyone else to help her. Noting with exasperation that Connor and Shanae were Jerome’s only two employees. She sure as hell wasn’t about to let that trifling skank work on her car and this fool though he didn’t like her; seemed the most neutral of the two. She sighed with resignation and stood taking another tour.

“You ready?”

How long had he been watching her?

“Um, yeah sure,” she shrugged rolling her eyes and sighing again. That sigh was getting on his nerves; she was getting on his nerves. Just a big ball of attitude! What a fucking bitch!

“What’s with the attitude?” Conner clasped his hands behind his head while still lying on the roller.

“What attitude?” she demanded hands on her hips she tapping her foot.

“The attitude you had the other day, and the attitude you have now,” he stood placing his hand on his hips tapping his foot, “This!”

“Dude you so don’t know anything,” she laughed bitterly, “if you want attitude I can give you attitude,” she pointed her finger in his face.

“Move that finger sweetheart or I’ll bite it,” he wished he hadn’t said that, all sort of images came to mind, different places he wanted to bite, like that drenched-No! He was not going to let his mind go there; not with her. No telling where or who she’s been with, today he thought bitterly.

“You’re right that’s rude try this finger instead!” she offered him her middle finger and flounced away. He knew it was childish, he knew it was wrong, he even knew that he wanted to piss her off, but he couldn’t resist that childish urge. He also knew that his anger was disproportionate to her attitude. As she walked away he grabbed the fleshy peach of ass.

She turned back shaking with rage, an unholy anger making her ears burn bright red, making her nose flare. He grabbed my ass! This fool motherfu-grabbed my ass!! Her mind screamed. She caught sight of his greasy grimy hands, down to her dress; she started chasing her tail looking for the big black hand print. My dress! My favorite dress! She whirled around her hand ready to connect with any part of his body.

“Not so fast baby-girl,” his voice low and perilous as he grabbed her wrist pulling her to him; twisting her arm behind her back.

The burn in her shoulder started to spread becoming a dull iciness and still he stretched her arm further behind making her back arch deeper into him. She held her breath so no sounds of discomfort could escape. Her vision blurred with pain and fear. The room swam as dark and light spots dance in front of her eyes. She didn’t see the anger, or lust in his eyes daring her to scream or cry out. She couldn’t even process the pain in her wrist. Her pulse searing her flesh with each beat. Her nose flared as a rash of color spread across her cheeks.

She couldn’t tell if it was her whole body quivering or just her arm, she couldn’t feel anymore. She was becoming numb and light. She was seeing the world in a strange dull Technicolor.

He knew how bad he was hurting her he could see it in her every struggling breath, or at least he thought he knew. His cobalt blue eyes burned into her. Yes fucking damnit he was hurting her! He was going to keep hurting her! She deserved it for hurting suadiye escort his sister; he knew he was being unreasonable, but dear god if he didn’t hate her. Every thing she stood for, everything she was. His breath came in short animalistic huffs and snarls pulling her arm deeper behind her. Making her arch even more. He ignored the voice in his head telling him to stop, calling him the bully he was quickly becoming.

“Let me go,” her voice shaky and raw, between clenched teeth. Her chest burned with the effort to control the tears flooding in her lungs, drowning her. She was weak she couldn’t fight him. That thought scared her more than even he did. She was weak and vulnerable just like when she was little girl. She couldn’t fight him, the sob climbed higher, she couldn’t fight.

“Oh, no you’re going to learn what happen to little girls with big attitudes.”

His hand tightened on her as he bought her in closer, in deeper until heard a grinding pop and felt two marbles moving with his fingers on the inside of her wrist. Realization hit his cerulean eyes as he searched her face, her eyes round and tear filled, her face slowly drained of blood. All of it seemed to meet at her wrist, burning hot under his hand. Then as though her blood couldn’t figure out what it should do her cocoa skin flamed in color.

Conner instantly let her go, an apology dying on his lips as he watched her try not to cry, realizing for the first time how panicked she had become. He couldn’t suppress the admiration he felt just then. She didn’t back down, no matter how much he hurt her she didn’t back down.

She glared at him her breathing coming in short shallow breaths. Her mouth opened, he was sure to give him a traumatic tongue lashing but she didn’t. She closed her mouth and turned away; walking shakily towards the tow truck her fist balled so tight he wondered if she was cutting into her skin with her finger tips.

She deserved that. He chanted to himself but guilt took over when he got in the truck., seeing Alexa’s head leaning on the window, her full mouth pouting as she held back tears. She cradled her wrist until he hopped in; quickly moving her hands so they folded gently in her lap.

Conner forced his eyes away.

“Where’s your car?” he asked glaring at the road ahead of them. He was going to ask again when she didn’t respond.

He heard her take a few deep breaths before she answered, “410 and San Pedro in the north star mall parking lot.” Her voice was a stifled mumble; he glanced at her again when he heard her sniffle. He wished he hadn’t. One of the tears she held back so hard escaped; she roughly wiped it away staring out the window as he drove.

Alexa hated herself for being weak, she was trying so hard not to break down, and she would not, WOULD NOT CRY! She would not look at him, he didn’t exist. She resisted the urge to massage her useless arm. She wasn’t going to let him see how much he hurt her. I can’t let him see, she chanted in her mind it doesn’t hurt, he can’t hurt me. No one can hurt me. She had to think about something else; as much as she denied it she was crowded in the truck with him. The way he smelled, so much like the heavy musk before a good rain, mingled with fresh sweat and light cigarette smoke. His hair was a shaggy, tousled blonde. Alexa knew he had a habit of running his fingers through it just by the way it looked, agitated and untamed like him. His skin holding a slight tan, hiding his rosy cheeks. His eyes were such a hard blue it made her flinch and shiver every time he glanced at her. She instinctively pulled her arm closer to her chest.

His lips were full and pink, his tongue peeking out to moisten it, she was perplexed by a shiny metal looking object. Her panties flooded at his tongue piercing. She thought she saw it earlier but was too distracted by wanting to kick him in the nut sack. Her gaze traveled to his strong veiny forearms to his dirty hands. The hands that fucked up her favorite dress! The baboon hands that just popped her wrist! How desperate was she to sit here checking out this bullying jackass! Agitated she stared out the window again; he could be so handsome if he wasn’t such an asshole.

Conner felt her eyes on him but couldn’t bring himself to meet the heat he felt in her gaze. His guilt weighed heavy in his chest. Touching her dress wasn’t the most dickhead thing he’s ever done; it was pretty close though. But grabbing her the way he did defiantly was on the very top of his “dickhead things I’ve done list”.

“I’m sorry about your dress.” He sighed. She shrugged not trusting herself to speak to him, “I’ll pay to get it cleaned.” He risked a glance over and cringed at the dark look she gave him.

“It’s grease asshole it’s not coming out. And there’s my car.” She rolled her eyes and frowned at the only friend she had in the truck; her reflection in the window.

Alexa stayed in the truck while he got the car on the yakacık escort tow. When he came back he was huffing and sweating, he slammed the door closed.

She must be an expert at making men feel ridiculous. He was finding himself impressed that she stood up for herself. A few things about her nagged him; he had to ask “How’d you break your wrist?”

“What?” she frowned giving herself whiplash turning to face him so fast. Her long pony tail whipping around smacking her cheek.

“Your wrist” he said slower and pointing at it.

“Who said it was broken? And what do you care if it was?”

“What ever?” he tossed out his cigarette “What did your boyfriend get tired of you running your mouth and decided to teach you a lesson?”

She gasped he was close enough to the truth to make her uncomfortable. He realized his mistake he should have known enough not to say something like that; even as a joke. How many times had he stopped shit like that from happening? But he didn’t take Alexa as the type to let anything like that happen. Again he shouldn’t be surprised he’s seen tougher girls let their boyfriends rough them up. Did David do this to her? He didn’t know much about David never met anyone in his family. Was he the type to hit a woman? He had to get the information from her; he had to know that Jenny was at least safe with him for now. Though some things did clear up, like why she ripped into D.J. last week, maybe that was why David kept touching her arm. As he thought back he remembered her rubbing it on her way to the Deli.

“Are you still with him?”

“Mind your own fucking business, just fix my fucking car.” She jumped out before he came to complete stop in the shop’s parking lot.

“Jesus do you wake up with a nasty attitude or does it warm up through the day!” he shouted after her. He felt helpless, it was his fault she was so angry, what could he do about it now? Fuck her; it’s her fault for being such a bitch. He couldn’t even convince himself of that lie as he thought it up.

Conner checked her car and knew he’d need to order some parts.

“So what’s wrong with it?” she demanded after watching for what seemed like forever

“Would you understand if I explained it?” he glanced up at her, slowly studding the rapid rise and fall of her breast, the heat burning in her ears, and knew he was in for an outburst.

For the last 3 hours Connor thought she made it her mission to annoy him. Constantly asking when he was going to be done. Demanding to know what he was doing to her car any time he pulled something out or took notes. He tried to keep his cool. He had to be fair; he gave her more reason to distrust him than the other way around, at least as far as she knew. Somewhere a long the line he lost the patience he promised himself he would keep.

“You are such an a-“His eyes went back to the car.

“Asshole? I know; you’ve been calling me that all day. Can’t think of anything more original?” he taunted not bothering to look at her as he unbolted something under the hood.

“Okay fine you are the most arrogant, belligerent, contentious, hostile, jerk I’ve ever had the bad luck running in to, better? I just use asshole cause it suits you much better.” she huffed crossing her arms and legs, in his old worn office chair.

Conner leaned against her car his eyes meeting her again, “So how long have you been sleeping with Jerome?” He didn’t know where his question came from, but if Jerome was having him fix her car, for free she had to be giving up the goodies. Jerome never told him to take care of any one and didn’t he call her his baby or something like that?

“Fuck you perve!” What the hell was wrong with him? She wondered pulling out her cell, she had just about all she could take of this chump. “Hey David, sweetie call me when you get this message.” she said glaring as Conner’s smug expression went cold.

“What is that another married boyfriend,” he folded his arms across his chest to keep himself from losing his temper again.

“Yeah sure, “she rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Why are you so interested in my love life or my life in general, you want my social security number next, or my work schedule?”

“Nah, sweetheart just wondering why you’re such bitch” he shrugged going back under hood. “Maybe if you had a steady man at home, he could pull that stick out your ass,” he smiled and looked up at her again his eyes bright with another insult ” or is that what you need a big stiff one?”

“I hope that’s not an offer? If I did need anything from any one it wouldn’t be you. Now keep your nose out of my affairs-“she froze, swallowing hard at his frosty glare “and fix my car we can part and never see each other again.” She demanded with as much bravado as she could muster.

“Sounds like a fucking plan.”

Another two hours passed.

“Fuck!’ he grunted in frustration at least it wasn’t to her şerifali escort this time. She winced he’d been swearing and cursing as soon as he started working on her car. Now it was dark outside, she called all of her friends to try and come get her, but they either didn’t answer or were too busy.

“Are you almost done? How long does it take to fix a car.” She pouted sitting in that ugly tattered office chair in front of this huge tin case that held all kinds of tools she didn’t understand; boredom and fatigue taking over.

Funny she almost preferred Connor to what awaited her tonight in her bed, almost. There was comfort and security in being with someone even if you hated each others guts. Easier than being alone.

“Crap!”She forgot she needed to pick up a light bulb for her night light.

“What’s the matter baby? Run out friends to annoy with your whining.” he grunted under the car, “goddamnit!” He shouldn’t have gotten caught up in her; he was too rough and ripped a valve. She was distracting him with her pacing and calling and just being there. The way he watched her smooth umber legs while she passed by, the softness in her voice when she talked to her friends, even the way she pouted. Her lip sticking out waiting for him to lick it.

“It’s late, I’m tired and you’re not the best company!” she snapped “all you’ve done is insult and criticize me, and attack me and I don’t even know you! So excuse me for wanting to get away from you as soon as possible.” Not to mention it was way passed time for her medication which was at home. Fuck! This day sucked ass!

He sighed and rolled from under the car hearing the strain in her voice he softened slightly, “look go in the office and wait for me I’ll take you home as soon as I fill out an order for parts.”

Her eyes were getting heavy and Shanae was gone for the day, it was way passed closing, how long did it take to fill out paper work. She wondered as her eyes drifted closed.

Conner watched the slight rise and fall of her chest; her lip must be in permanent pout because it was sticking out now. Her cheeks flushed slightly under her auburn stained skin. Chewing her lip she moved her head.

“Wake up honey,” he said softly shaking her.

“Ahh!” she screamed jumping back on the couch, she would have fallen if he hadn’t caught her. “Don’t do that!” she screamed her heart was trying to escape from her throat. For a few seconds she thought she was reliving that bad night with her ex-boyfriend. But was this really any better?

“God damn don’t you get tired of always having attitude? I didn’t figure you’d really wake up with it.”

It was the second time she broke his gaze giving him another small victory in their constant stale mates. She didn’t want him to see that she was hurt. She didn’t want his shrewd azure gaze to see what happened to her wrist in her own sleep clouded eyes.

“Is my car ready?” she asked clearing her throat hugging herself against the chill in the waiting room. Finally noticing a heavy black leather jacket draped over her shoulders. Smelling just like him. He offered her a half smile “you looked cold,” he shrugged standing from his kneeling position he wasn’t going to tell her she was shivering so hard he thought she was having a seizure.

“Thank you,” she cleared her throat again, “you shouldn’t have done that, I could have ruined it. Drooling or something,” He smiled as she toyed bashfully with the hem of her dress. He saw a glimmer of the softness and beauty she tried so hard to hide.

“Come on I’ll give you a ride home,” she was going to argue. She inhaled ready to tell him no put stopped, he was making an effort to be nice she should do the same. It was a small brittle truce but a truce all the same. “It’ll take a few days to get all the parts in for your car.”

“So where’s your car?” she asked when they were outside next to a dangerous looking two wheel death trap; that of which she was not about to be a passenger.

“Baby, this is my ride,” he laughed she stared at the orange glow of his cigarette in the cool darkness of the evening. The wind shifted making; Alexa’s dress dance to nature’s rhythm.

He has to be joking

“I’m not getting on that scooter.”

He stopped laughing; flicking his cigarette on the ground suppressing the embers under his foot “it’s a motorcycle.” His eyes and voice loosing all humor.

“I don’t care.” she shook her head violently.

“What you scared?” he taunted not expecting her to slap him with the truth.

“Yes! It barely looks safe for one person to ride!”

“It’s completely safe,” he wasn’t going to loose his cool, he was going to stay calm and get her on that fucking bike. She lifted an eyebrow offering an incredulous snort. “So, uh, do you wanna tell me where you live? Or should I just guess?” He leaned on his bike looking at her expectantly.

Alexa looked up at him gnawing her lip, “Why?” she demanded suspiciously; trying to block out how ridiculously sexy he looked just then. The way the wind blew his already disheveled hair, that mischievous sparkle that seemed ever present in his cerulean eyes. Even the way his full pink lips quirked in a half smile.

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