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It was getting late and you knew I had to work tonight. Earlier we had made plans for a romantic dinner, a walk on the beach. The moon was going to be full tonight and you always loved the way it shimmered over the ocean like sparkles dancing on the swells. But most of all you were looking forward to candle light, wine and a warm bubble bath. “Of all nights he has to work late” you muttered to yourself as you put the dishes away. “Well at least I can enjoy a bubble bath” as you filled the tub with bubbles and hot water.

Locking up the office I anxiously unlocked my Porsche, got in and headed home. I thought to myself “I’ll surprise her with flowers” I felt wonderful about finishing work early and knew how much she was looking forward to tonight. As I drove up I turned the lights off and parked the car, grabbed the roses and quietly entered the house. I had been thinking about her all day and wanted to surprise her with the flowers, so I softly opened the bathroom door.

She was beautiful as she lay in the tub. I watched as you soaped your shoulders, your neck then run your hands over your breasts and down your stomach. As your hand disappeared in the water, I watched as your knees raised, your eyes close and your head lean back and rest on the tub. My heart pounded as I watched you start to writhe and softly moan……What!!…like you’ve never done that before!! Anyway I quietly walked over to the candles and lit each one. I came over to the tub and kneeled down. “I love you baby” I whispered as I put my hand on your cheek. Our lips brushed softly as I playfully bit your bottom lip.

“You made it” you whispered as you unbuttoned my shirt. Standing up I undressed and got in behind you, kissing the back of your neck and bringing the bubbles under your breasts. Caressing them and teasing your nipples, feeling them slip easily through my fingertips as I pinched and pulled gently upon them. I loved the way you leaned back against me, the total relaxation you felt when you were close to me. I could feel you snuggle back against me, your head laid on my shoulder. I kissed your temple as I continued to squeeze and massage your full breasts.

After a while your hands dipped beneath the water and I could tell that your fingers were once more sliding izmir escort across your clit and dipping into your wet cunt. I could tell because your body was pressing against mine and shuddering with pleasure. I kissed your shoulders and ran my hands down your arms, just holding you as you pleasured yourself. Suddenly you stopped and took my hand in yours, leading it down beneath the water. I slipped my fingers into the creases of your pussy, sliding across the firm nub of your clitoris.

With your hand, you guided me, showing me how hard I should press and how fast you wanted me to rub you. I could feel your body responding to my touches almost immediately, and as my fingers ran back and forth across your clit, your legs opened and your body trembled against me. Your head pressed against my shoulder as you began to writhe against my fingers, your hips jerking and pressing your clit harder against my fingertips. I kissed and bit at

your neck gently as you moaned and squirmed against my fingers. Faster and faster I rubbed, my fingers slipping easily across your clit until your body began shuddering and you began crying, “Yes, Russ, yes….oh my god, baby, I am going to cum” I increased the pressure of my fingertips and could feel your body shaking against me as you gave in to the intense pleasure of orgasm.

I continued rubbing at your clit, bringing you to the peak of pleasure again and again, loving that I could bring you so much pleasure. Finally, after what seemed like a blissful eternity, I stopped and held you in my arms, your body shaking still from cumming over and over. You laid back against me, your arms laced with mine until your breathing slowed to normal. Kissing your neck, I said “How was that, Mary? Did you enjoy that, my love?”

In response to my question, you turned in my arms, both of us slippery with bubbles, elbows and knees thrashing about as we settled into a new position, you in my lap facing me, your legs around me. I pulled you close and held you, your breasts smashed to my chest, slippery and firm. You took my head in your hands and cradling it thus, you pulled it forward into a passionate and intense kiss.

Your lips crushed to mine, both mouths opening and our tongues toying with izmirescort.asia each other. I could feel your tongue slide along the edges of mine, feel you sucking my tongue into your mouth, feel your tongue slipping along my gum line, you sucking my lower lips into your mouth, both of us crushed together in a tight embrace. “Russ, my sweet, I enjoyed that as much as you are going to enjoy this” you said upon breaking free of our kiss.

I could feel you pull back off of my lap your hands dipping under the water in front of me, and circling around my stiff cock. Your hands slid along the shaft of it, teasing me, pulling it and sliding your thumb across the tip, stroking it gently, and slowly, until you felt me start to respond and press upward into your hand. It was then that you pulled yourself forward with your legs, and slipped my cock into the lips of your pussy.

I was so ready for you, but you teased me. Slowly you worked yourself forward upon me. I could feel the lips of your cunt pulling against the shaft of my cock. I could feel your pussy clenching and holding my cock, the lips of it barely covering the tip of my cock now. I tried to press deeper into you, wanting to climb inside you, wanting to press into you, knowing that buried deep inside you was the only place I felt was home.

Every time my hips would press against you, you would pull back, never allowing me to slide my cock in. You were so in control of my pleasure, I finally surrendered to you .

As you kissed me deeply, you would slowly inch your way onto me. I could feel your pussy clenching around me, slipping a little more inside each time you pressed forward. Finally with one swift and startling lunge, you buried my cock deep inside you.

I could feel you grinding against my cock, the hot water sloshing into you, as you pressed your body to mine and began sliding it in and out of you. I could feel your pussy clenched around it as you pulled from me, and as you reached the tip of me, you would plunge back down, grinding me deep. I felt my cock straining against the depths of you. Together, we climbed.

Your body now a prisoner to the same passion you had earlier aroused in me. You slammed my cock into you over and over, kissing my neck and clawing at my back until I could feel your pussy swell around my cock, could feel your muscles clenching in pleasure. You cried out in pleasure, pressing yourself to me, clinging against me as your pleasure climbed. The hot water sloshing in and out with every plunge, your moans in my ear, your full breasts pressed against me and your soft velvety pussy gripping and clenching around my cock as you came, became too much for me and I could feel myself beginning to cum.

My cock swelled within your hot pussy, filling with cum, and I arched up into you, fucking you hard, my hands on your shoulders now, pushing you onto me as my cum spurted out into your cunt. I jammed it into you, the pleasure so intense, I felt myself cumming and cumming, a steady stream of my cum spraying into your hot clenching pussy. Together we slammed against one another, lost in pleasure, we the only people in existence. Our love for one another surrounding us, much like the water of the tub we were in. Waves of love lapping at us, crashing down upon us, filling us with one another’s passion.

Finally we slowed, our bodies still moving together, both of us crushed against one another, holding tight. I took your face in my hands, and kissed your forehead, kissed each eye, with my forehead resting against yours, I looked into your eyes, so blue and deep, knowing that I was looking into the eyes of the woman I loved, and knowing that those blue eyes were looking back at the man she loved as well.

My cock still buried in you, your body shuddering against me, I pulled you close, my arms around you and slowly rocked you. I could feel your body relaxing in my arms. Kissing your neck and shoulder, I ran my hands up and down your back, bringing cupped handfuls of warm water and trickling it down your back.

We lay close like that until the water started to cool, and as you slowly rose off my body, my cock stretching with you for a moment as you pulled off of me, you climbed from the tub. I watched your soft and womanly body, as you took a towel and held it out toward me. I climbed from the tub and stood before you as you dried my body, your hands exploring me, running over my chest and shoulders. You pressed your naked body to mine as you brought the towel around behind me to dry my back, and as you kissed me, you dried my hair, lovingly.

Together we left the bathroom, soap bubbles gone now, but the haze of passion still thick in the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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